The Predictable Midterm Election Day Media Narrative Operation….

Based on an overlay of how the media narrated the November 2016 presidential election; and accepting an exponential doubling-down for their midterm election effort; we can forecast how the media will push a midterm narrative to bolster their overall efforts.

Starting around mid-day tomorrow the corporate media (majority left-wing) will draw attention to pre-selected races they are confident will turn from Republican to Democrat control.  The goal of this media effort will be to aid a surging ‘Democrat wave’; and, as a consequence, attempt to influence the mid-west and western state turnout.

Example: As soon as polls close on the east coast; those selected race outcomes will be used to push and deepen the disenfranchisement narrative.  Republican redistricted seats like Dave Brat (Virginia CD-07), with Democrat governors (Ralph Northam), are targets for use in advancing the narrative.   Should Brat lose to his Democrat challenger Abigail Spanberger, the media will use the example to push the ‘Democrat Wave’ headline, forecasting doom for the GOP House majority.  This is how the media operates.

Close races all along the east coast states will be used as examples to push a media story-line intended to suppress mid-west/western state republican voters from going to the polls; even though there are several hours of voting still available.

Additionally, close eastern time-zone senate/governor races will also be used for these purposes.  The goal will be to diminish turnout in states where polls are still open.

Any election outcome that does not that align with this narrative will be down-played.  If there are strong republican election wins in the eastern time-zone (House, Senate or Governor) those races will not be called, and the results intentionally held back.  This is how a specific narrative is framed.

These insufferable efforts were visible in the 2016 presidential election (Trump v. Clinton), and can be predicted to be deployed again in the midterm, this time with stronger intensity.   Media “exit polling” is always used to advance a narrative; lift their allied candidates and diminish any victory by their political opposition.  Remember, most media are glorified corporate lobbyists for ideological intents and purposes.

As the evening progresses, and more state polls close, any race that supports the Democrat ideology will be emphasized.  Any race or victory that does not advance the agenda will be downplayed and/or ignored completely.

To avoid falling into the trap, everyone should ignore all ‘exit polling’ and continue to vote regardless of the inbound barrage of structured disinformation from media.

If you live toward the western U.S., or in a time-zone that is hours behind eastern time, it is critical you continue to turn out to vote regardless of what you hear pushed through the media.  There are dozens of key races that will come down to a few hundred votes.  Make sure your voice is counted.

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451 Responses to The Predictable Midterm Election Day Media Narrative Operation….

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  2. Pam says:

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  3. Giant Ground Sloth says:

    I can’t believe that tomorrow is the midterms and we’re still waiting for documents related to FISA-gate to be declassified.

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  4. zooamerica says:

    Sundance was right…the media hatchets are out in full force tonight.

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  5. michael loehrer says:

    Remember how Dan Rather called Florida for Gore when the Panhandle(Central time) hadn’t yet voted.

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  6. efilnikcufecin101 says:

    A post I found on my page. is the new Conservative Facebook alternative that is growing like crazy, Join Today!!!


    From the Chan:

    ‘Pelosi making threats in DC
    Just had lunch with a good family friend on leave from D.C. He is high ranking military at the Pentagon. Apparently Pelosi is making threats around D.C. that if the Dems win the majority and she takes Speaker of the House, the first order of business will be to cut 46 Billion from the Department of Defense. She wants to use that money for programs she supports (planned parenthood, slush funds, etc.) Pelosi has also said she wants a tax increase. I guess We the People haven’t been padding her slush fund to her liking. She must want a bigger jet. She must not care about neutering our military and leaving our country vulnerable, again. The Pentagon has been having non-stop meetings about finding different programs to cut, just in case WE don’t show up to vote and get this situation under control. The military is trying to find programs to cut that will cause the least damage should it be necessary.
    Anyway, the Pentagon knows that if every conservative went out and voted, there would be no problem taking the house. But we all know that not everyone votes. People get complacent and think their vote won’t matter. That is not true at all! We need every vote.
    Also, the governorship of Georgia is a hot topic right now. White hats do not want Georgia slipping into the hands of Democrats (Soros backed Stacey Abrams).
    I cannot stress enough to contact every person of voting age and remind them to vote tomorrow.
    Q said the midterms were safe. To me that means they have the voter rigging stopped and will watch over the process to make sure it’s done legally. We still need to pull this off with our numbers. BTW, the Pentagon knows all about us, the silent army, and they are relying on us to swarm the polls. less
    Not sure how true or real it is, but it is an interesting angle and absolutely true! Get Out And VOTE!!!

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  7. zooamerica says:

    The Closer

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  8. covfefe999 says:

    If the GOP holds the House then I think traditional polling is dead.

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  9. jogreggre says:

    Vote. Get your friends and family to vote. If needed, drive them to the polls. And pray.

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  10. Monticello says:

    Good words. We know to expect every dirty trick to be deployed to the last minutes of this election.
    Plan on it, tune out the news tomorrow until after you vote.

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  11. MAGADJT says:

    I’m sorry, but tuned in to Ingram to watch Brian Kemp. She is a terrible interviewer. She is all but interrogating him by questioning him about all the liberal groups’ last minute attacks against him, and she’s asking like they are serious issues, and not just election eve tactics by the left.

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  12. frangelica1 says:

    I am very optimistic here in NJ that Bob Hugin will get elected as NJ Senator- the first republican Senator in over 40 years! Even in hard Democrat households that I canvassed, many offered up to me that their whole family was voting Bob Hugin for NJ Senator!!! The important thing is for everyone to get up and go vote!!!

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    • BebeTarget says:

      Here in Massachusetts there aren’t that many Warren signs . . . .she’s very confident that she doesn’t need them. We have a good candidate in Diehl and believe he has a good chance. The JFK Democrats are a dying breed . . . if they were around we would have a good chance. They have been replaced by indoctrinated Socialists. Only a miracle can win this one

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      • steph_gray says:

        Bebe I so hope there is a chance! Diehl has been MAGA from the getgo. I wish he had a PDJT endorsement. But I’ve seen a surprising number of signs for him. It ain’t over til it’s over!

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        • MassConservative says:

          I live in a deep blue area, and still haven’t seen many Warren signs. I would have put up a Diehl sign, but apart from the fact it would be vandalized or stolen, I don’t want to do anything around here to remind the libs that Warren has competition. Scott Brown won the first time because they couldn’t imagine a republican would win, and I hope the dems are just as complacent now. Fortunately, the weather won’t be good, so a lot of lazy dems won’t vote. Meanwhile, there are a lot of Diehl supporters who would crawl over broken glass in a hurricane to vote. I’m just praying there are enough.

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    • Victoria Volonino says:

      Wonderful news!


    • Momcat says:

      OMG,I hope so….but the Dems are so corrupt!

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  13. East Indian says:

    I am quite surprised that America does not take the basic precautions to prevent such manipulations.
    Advance voting
    No voter ID cards
    No end to campaign 24 hours before the polls
    Counting votes while other areas are still voting

    These need to be looked into.

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    • I concur!

      But I guess U.S. being a large country and more importantly originally being more honest, it never feel the need to impose such rules.

      In today’s age of 0bamas and Clintons though, maybe they do need to look at the rules you mentioned, because like India, here too there is quite a bit of “booth capturing” happening in its own sophisticated (electronic voting machines switching votes from Rs to Ds) as well as the good old fashioned ways of ballot stuffing (e.g. lost ballot boxes found in car trunks tipping the election to D or 300 votes for Hillary in MI where the actual precinct has only 50+ voters) and who can forget the traditional booth capturing in 2008 by black panthers?


    • All for naught in WA State–someday!

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    • platoriusnepos says:

      Changed my mind on early voting; older people do well with it, no lines, no crush of voters like we see in NY today. Voter ID’s a must; cleaning the rolls a must. In NC we saw this waiting in line for early voting in Granville County: it was “bigly” voting republican, and for conservative judges.


  14. Westsyde Walkaway says:

    Just got done with 500 calls in rural *Western* WA (not eastern) for Susan Hutchison in WA-SEN, lots of enthusiasm for her. She will be the shocker win of all

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Oh that is music to my ears! I am praying for her.

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    • rayvandune says:

      I have been thinking about who could be the D “shock” loss, and it could well be Maria Cantwell, taken down by Susan Hutchison, in Washington state. You can bet that thousands of votes from illegal Democrat registrations are being proactively “lost” behind filing cabinets and in automobile trucks across King County (Seattle) as we speak, in preparation for the time-honored method of ensuring the liberal left wins in Washington: “Keep counting until the Domcrat is far enough ahead in Seattle to override the rest of the state, then certify the result!” That’s how we got the execrable Jay Inslee as Governor, and “box o’ rocks” Patty Murray as Senator.


      • sturmudgeon says:

        Drove through Spokane Indian Reservation yesterday, and noted many Lisa Brown signs there… guess she is spending her expected healthcare taxpayer dollars in her promises… I hope there are SOME natives? who do not listen to her “forked tongue”, and vote R.!


  15. I have been taking Sundance’s comments and posting it every where….
    and so far…. 3 huge comment grabbers on Breitbart and the hill…. And I encouraging people to pass it on… right now its the number 3 comment on Breitbart on the lead story
    I gave Sundance full credit on each

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  16. Do Stop Thinking About Tomorrow says:

    43 smacked at preditit on retaining the house.


  17. We need our praying Treepers. I know that made a difference in 2016.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Absolutely. Prayer is so powerful and something we ALL can do.

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      • Peter says:

        Not all – the FIRST REFUGE! I was reprimanded by my sister in the UK who loves PDJT and she scolded me saying “It’s the FIRST thing to do not the ONLY thing ( usually said with hangdog expression) we can do now.” We must pray and vote for the enemy is Spiritual – this is the first full on spiritual war I have seen played out in an election; even more so than in 2016.

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  18. Nate Silver just updated his page…..
    “Final Election Update: Democrats Aren’t Certain To Take The House, But They’re Pretty Clear Favorites”


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  19. Another Scott says:

    The media are like the guys yelling “miss it!” in Caddyshack


  20. TODAY—>VICTORY is at HAND!!—>Go VOTE and let it be a BIG-ONE!!
    ~Heavenly Father, I Beseech Thee, Let all OUR Efforts be Successful, Thy Will Be Done…..In Jesus Holy Name I pray….Amen~

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  21. Tottie Mitchell says:

    It has occurred to me that the military votes. Some are on ships at sea, deployed outside CONUS (Continental US) and these people are not polled at all to my knowledge. So any talking heads- red or blue – cannot see the whole picture. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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    • rayvandune says:

      You are correct, BUT many states still may have rules that make it difficult for overseas votes to get in “under the wire”. You can bet that any state with a Soros-implanted Secretary of State is going to have tight deadlines, because they know the troops vote strongly R. I don’t know if this situation has gotten better, but it used to be disgustly common, and blatant.

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  22. VegGOP says:

    Sundance–Are you say “everyone should ignore all ‘exit polling’.” I understand that we should ignore the broadcast projections based on exit polls. You have not been clear, however, what we should do when walking out of the polling place and approached by exit pollers. Should we tell them how we voted? Or ignore them? Please advise.


  23. Kuhl Brieze says:

    Via The Daily Caller … NYT Makes Changes to Election Needle so Readers Won’t Get Upset” … “the election needle duped them into believing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would easily win” I agree with “Peter” in this post … ” We must pray and vote for the enemy is Spiritual I agree with “Peter” in this post … ” We must pray and vote for the enemy is Spiritual – this is the first full on spiritual war I have seen played out in an election; even more so than in 2016″. – this is the first full on spiritual war I have seen played out in an election; even more so than in 2016″.
    Remembering the 2000 Presidential Election when the media “called Florida” for Gore before the polls had closed on the West Coast.
    I live in East Central Florida. I too have been praying, agree, and know that prayer is most powerful and God is Almighty. I agree with “Peter” in this post … ” We must pray and vote for the enemy is Spiritual – this is the first full on spiritual war I have seen played out in an election; even more so than in 2016″.
    Well, it’s 10:00am and Andrew Gillum has just arrived to vote. What a bad guy he is.
    Going to take my father to vote. He’s a Veteran of the Korean Conflict and will be 89, Jan 1.

    Lot in common with 2016. Namely, the Democrats/Left are using the same old tired lines as they have since the 1960’s with nothing to offer, old, new or otherwise. Acting as if they have “taken over” already. And, like Hillary Clinton in 2016 … Arrogance Shall Be Their Downfall.


  24. Kuhl Brieze says:

    I am so sorry for my jumbled post! My screen started bouncing around and the post repeats and has little continuity.


  25. Doug Amos says:

    May they burn in hell and let their dupes forever be denied a true leader, the most worthy of men and someone who truly left it all on the field.


  26. tonyE says:

    I recall ’81 when Carter conceited the election BEFORE the West Coast poll stations had closed.
    Imagine what that did to polling in the West.

    IMHO, No polling data such be released until all polling stations in CONUS have been closed. Hawai’i, Alaska and Guam will have to deal with it, sorry. Hawai’i is always on Hawai’ian time anyhow. Aloha.

    That means, just like you guys put World Series games on TV at our 5PM and we end our games at your 2AM… we all got to deal with. No data out until 11PM East Coast, 8PM West Coast.

    They can run reruns of Gilligan’s Islands for three hours ( get it?).


  27. Doc Moore says:

    This so-called media strategy seems to occur, but I do not get it. If I’m a Democrat sitting in the office thinking about whether to get off my butt and vote, and you tell me “Hey, the Democrats are winning, winning…oh boy are they winning….BLUE WAVE…Yippee for us Democrats…” Chances are I will do the logical Democrat thing and rely on OTHERS to do my voting for me. My vote will not matter because we’ve already won. Great. I’ll go home, diddle my daughter, beat my wife and relax into my regular Progressive evening do nothing routine.


    • sturmudgeon says:

      Doc… Actually, in the past, it seems to me that it is the Repub voter that is lax in their “privilege and duty”… imho


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