Senator Chuck Grassley Sends Criminal Referral of Avenatti and Swetnick to DOJ/FBI For Investigation….

Today Senator Chuck Grassley has sent Attorney General Jeff Sessions an extensive 29-page criminal referral (full pdf below) requesting an investigation of sketchy Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick and her Creepy Porn Lawyer, Michael  Avenatti.

Chairman Grassley outlines three potential violations: (1) Providing False Statements; (2) Obstructing Congressional Investigations; and (3) Mueller and Rosenstein’s favorite DOJ charge: “Conspiracy”.

WASHINGTON Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley today referred Julie Swetnick and her attorney Michael Avenatti to the Justice Department for criminal investigation relating toa potential conspiracy to provide materially false statements to Congress and obstruct a congressional committee investigation, three separate crimes, in the course of considering Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States.

While the Committee was in the middle of its extensive investigation of the late-breaking sexual-assault allegations made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Avenatti publicized his client’s allegations of drug- and alcohol-fueled gang rapes in the 1980s. The obvious, subsequent contradictions along with the suspicious timing of the allegations necessitate a criminal investigation by the Justice Department.

Grassley referred Swetnick and Avenatti for investigation in a letter sent today to the Attorney General of the United States and the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The letter notes potential violations of 18 U.S.C. §§ 371, 1001 and 1505, which respectively define the federal criminal offenses of conspiracy, false statements and obstruction of Congress. The referral seeks further investigation only, and is not intended to be an allegation of a crime.

The referral methodically details the issues with Swetnick’s allegations as relayed by Avenatti, the immediate diversion of committee resources to investigate those allegations, the subsequent contradictions by both Swetnick and Avenatti, the lack of substantiating or corroborating evidence, and the overarching and serious credibility problems pervading the presentation of these allegations.  (read more)

Press Release from Senate Judiciary – Available Here

Letter to DOJ/FBI – Available Here and pdf below

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164 Responses to Senator Chuck Grassley Sends Criminal Referral of Avenatti and Swetnick to DOJ/FBI For Investigation….

  1. packysite says:

    Investigate the Investigators

    NOW PLEASE!!! No later than tonight. Order by Subpoena Rosenstein and Brennan, Klapper, etc etc

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  2. packysite says:

    Investigate the Investigators

    NOW PLEASE!!! No later than tonight. Order by Subpoena Rosenstein and Brennan, Klapper, etc etc


  3. Richard Whitney says:

    CTH goes into the HoF when this happens:
    Prosecutor: “Your Honor, the prosecution calls on Creepy Porn Lawyer to take the stand.”
    Bailiff: “Creepy Porn Lawyer will now take the stand.”
    A clip of that will blow up YouTube.

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  4. Monticello says:

    Such pessimism on here today!
    My only observation is that you will never have justice unless if you don’t even try.
    Give the Senator credit for following through.

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    • Monticello says:

      * delete unless above


    • Cheri Lawrence says:

      Agree, thankfully we don’t live in a society of dictators arresting people before the proper procedures are followed. These things take time to amass the layers of involvement and keep the process clean so the juries aren’t tainted. Due process takes time to get it done right! I am very happy with the progress being made, let the evil doers squirm! They reveal themselves. It is great to see our lawmakers stepping up as law and order and common sense return to the forefront. Everything moving at the warp speed of our great POTUS! There is enough negativity in this world! For me, I am totally optimistic with eyes wide open as truth and transparancy prevails once again. Vote em out and let’s MAGA!

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    • znoxide says:

      That is something that seems to be lost in the instant solutions that many are expressing. Getting the process on track involves the politicians doing their jobs. Senators and Congressmen have skirted their duty or politically difficult choices for decades. By performing their role and allowing other organizations to perform their role will help make the system stronger and leaner.

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  5. Neural says:

    “…has sent Attorney General Jeff Sessions… ”

    Well, so much for anything being done about that.

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  6. As I’m reading Grassley’s very thorough letter and meticulous footnotes, I can’t help but wonder if he’s been reading some of Sundance’s articles on the subject.

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  7. Margarita says:


    Christine Blahblah Fraud should be first to be investigated. She started all this.

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    • Rachel Guess says:


      ‘chrissy’ ford should be investigated because she lied at least four times under oath before the Senate committee:

      1. She is NOT claustrophobic.
      2. She lied about why she had another exterior door installed in her house.
      3. She lied about being able to fly.
      4. She lied about her experience with polygraphs.

      She also claimed that her attorneys did not tell her that the Committee offered to come to her to take her statement, so either ford is lying or her attorneys failed in the requirements of providing all options to their client and should at least be censured.

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      • Avi says:

        if they dont, over the next twenty years the MSM by referring to justice kavanaugh as a rapist will convince the majority of the public that he is.
        they did it with the plagiarizing Anita Hill

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  8. RedEchos says:

    Git’er done!

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  9. Department of “Justice” where truth and transparency go to die.

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  10. wendy forward says:

    Really great letter.

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  11. TwoLaine says:

    I hope the CREEPS at The Circus, MSNBC & CBS get swept up in this fraud investigation. They are the ones who are perpetuating CPL and his fraudulent acts against this President, his administration and his Supreme Court Justice pick.

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  12. yy4u says:

    My guess is everyone is waiting for the midterms. IF the GOP keeps the House and Senate, they MIGHT wake up. If the Dems win, they’ll stop everything cold and for the next two years POTUS will be defending against unlimited investigations. I don’t think anybody knows what’s going to happen. You can’t trust the polls. Many of us Trumpsters won’t talk to them (which is how they missed the election so badly). They over sample Democrats anyway hoping to keep us away from the ballot box. Then there’s the Demo. voter fraud that always occurs. So no way to know until the votes are counted.

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  13. Blaze says:

    Referred to Sessions… quick! where do I click on the little man rolling on the floor emoji?


  14. Heika says:

    It is about time. Blasey-Ford and her two skunk lawyers should be issued the same.

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  15. huskerheart says:

    the fact that Avanetti will forever and ever and ever and ever be know as Creepy Porn Lawyer is almost enough for me! Can you imagine…. oh I am laughing all alone right now! Darn funny! He’s out to eat and some kid walking by his table with his family and he says “Look Mom, Dad. There is the Creepy Porn Lawyer!” Yeah, thats good stuff!

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  16. ezpz2 says:

    Good going, Grassley!
    ( Senator Grassley, but that would have ruined the alliteration.)

    Actually, we kind of owe CPL a dept of gratitude. It was his and Swetnick’s over the top and very egregious accusations that helped to expose and ruin ChiSpy’s plan.

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  17. Bill Henslee says:

    Time to stop this surge of reckless accusations by activists and publicity seekers which can derail the Congressional oversight of nominees. Even the threat of criminal prosecution should slow down the ardor for people like Avenatti and Swetnick.

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  18. f.fernandez says:

    Wait til after midterms to hit Ford with indictment. Feinstein and Schumer should be censured at the very least.

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  19. Rose says:

    Keep in mind his client said she witnessed rape trains, she was a legal adult the children she said she witnessed being allegedly raped were not. If anyone is in legal trouble it’s her and her scumy lawyer.

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  20. Hey Treepers- did anyone read Julie Swetnick’s sworn statement that was attached to the letter? It is freakin’ unbelievable. JULIE IS A GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE. Here are some quotes :

    “I presently hold the following active clearances associated with working within the federal government: Public Trust-US Department of Treasury (DOT), US Mint (USM) Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

    “I have also previously held the following inactive clearances: Secret- US Department of State (DOS), US Department of Justice (DOJ) and Public Trust- US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

    AND- there is much more on Page 16 of the attachment.

    This is incredible. Why didn’t anybody reveal this BEFORE THE HEARING, BEFORE all the damage done to the Kavanaugh Family and Mark Judge?? TOTAL CORRUPTION.

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  21. Zorro says:

    From Creepy Porn Lawyer to Craphole Prison Lawyer,


  22. jeans2nd says:

    Well, let’s see, Sen Grassley is retiring and out of office on 3 Jan 2019. AG Jeff will most likely be canned after the midterms.
    Which means Sen Grassley’s request will be investigated in exactly…never.


  23. Rajabesar says:

    Why do I have this nagging sense that all this will be swept under the rug and no accountability enforced on a single person??


  24. Rajabesar says:

    Why do I have this nagging sense that all this will be swept under the rug and no accountability enforced on a single person??


  25. Bendix says:

    I a way Creepy Porn Lawyer did Justice Kavanaugh a favor.
    There were those pretending to stand up for poor little Blasey Ford, because she was so ‘credible’. Well then, along comes a sleazebag lawyer with a festering lunatic of a client, telling outrageous stories of rape parties.

    I’m thinking some of the pious celebrities taking in hushed, serious tones about “these women” got awfully quiet when people learned more about Swetnick.
    HAHAHAHAHA Candice Bergen, you made a fool of yourself, pretending to take “these women” seriously!


  26. covfefe999 says:

    This is one of the few things Sessions is not recused from. And yet why do I find myself doubting that anything will come of it. :-/


  27. Dick_Turpin says:

    Memo to Swetnick:
    Are you regretting it yet?
    Was it worth it now?


  28. Doc Moore says:

    Avenatti is now the Perfect Democrat operative. He owes millions. He is low-life scum in desperate need. He has no moral or ethical values, at all. He is frantic, vengeful, hate-filled, and eager to do ANY job the Dems need. Framing people, sending bombs, lying, manipulating evidence, organizing riots, payoffs and bribes, obstruction, false flags…he is the go to guy.


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