Tribal divisions, based on political ideology, exist within all government institutions – including the intelligence community.  To dismiss this truism is to be intellectually dishonest.  Our recent American history has provided us a clear reference in the example of President Obama weaponizing the DOJ, FBI and CIA  to target his political opposition, Donald Trump.

Former NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers discusses the Khashoggi murder and the role of Saudi Arabia.  Notice the use of the word “elements”…

One theory is that Jamal Khashoggi held a strong alignment with Brennan-minded U.S. intelligence officials, hence his working relationship with the Washington Post. Under this premise Khashoggi would be negotiating with officials inside Saudi for a meeting in Turkey specifically because the Pro-Iran sketchy Brennan types have close relationships with corrupt Turkish intelligence officials and could monitor closely.

After setting up the meeting at the Saudi consulate in Turkey and coordinating therein; U.S. and Turkish intelligence were closely monitoring the visit anticipating the outcome.

Brennan-aligned Saudi ideologues like ostracized Prince Alweed Talal; who use massive amounts of money to corrupt U.S. politicians and intelligence officials; coordinated an opportunity to strike back at Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MbS) through the death of Khashoggi.

This theory would explain the outcome and massive attention therein.

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  1. Burnt Toast says:

    What kind of embassy doesn’t have an incinerator or decent commercial grade garbage disposal?

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    They used him like bait. They knew that once the Crown Prince and his people caught wind that he would be in the Consulate that day in Turkey 🇹🇷, they would kill him. I wrote the tweets below five days ago. Everything is at stake for them. November 4th and the crippling sanctions are right around the corner.

    The Saudis were absolutely smart today to announce that they will makeup every ounce of oil that Iran 🇮🇷 no longer produces. The price of WTI went down by 4% on that announcement and sits at $66.31 a barrel. I think our LION 🦁 is using LEVERAGE over the King and Crown Prince 😉.

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    • AH_C, Boofer says:

      “Threading the needle” is the money quote!

      Trump has his hands full with so many vectors of attack arrayed against him that a lesser man would just roll over and play ball with the globalist. For every action he takes, there are umpteen reactions, some more critical than others. To wit; the assassination of Jamal could throw the world into a fuel crisis.

      So while I would have no problem with him bending a rule here or there (Constitution is not a suicide pact), I appreciate his desire to ensure the rule of law is followed, even if the path is tedious and fraught with danger. But I also believe his power to declassify is the trump card which he can use at anytime if he feels things are spiraling out of control.

      The problem with our deep state is that they weighed nationalism vs globalism and put their money on the “inevitable” winning horse. The mere refusal of Trump to bow to globalists makes them all the more desperate and dangerous to him and us. With all that, far be it for me to Monday-morning-quarterback him. Put another way, what alternative do we have but to follow Trump’s lead? All we can do is pray for him that God protects him and gives him strength, courage and wisdom.

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    • Red Tsunami! says:

      Fle, you are spot on as usual. A little late to the CTH party here; however, I did want to acknowledge your foresight in this matter.

      Also wanted to thank SD for posting the article hedlined “elements” as that is the key word in everything Adm. Rodgers said. PDJT of course knows what “elements” and is waiting to see what action SA will be taking as well as waiting all the evidence to be presented.

      SA first action was to push the price of oil down (~$10/barrel) with an announcement just days after the event. US/SA relationship will come out ok and US/TUR relationship will improve.

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  3. Pyrthroes says:

    Wahabist billionaire Prince al Walid bin Talal, Saudi Ambassador to Washington through Bush II’s administration, is on record as leaguing with Soros’ multifarious subversives to implant Indonesian national Barack H. Soetoro (registered by that name in DC from 2017) as a no-show Foreign Exchange student at Columbia and Hah-vahd.

    Among other things, bin Talal commissioned two (count ’em!) Little Prudy “autobiographies” by murderous “free as a bird” Weather Underground subversive Big Bill Ayers, positioning a black Iranian-born agent-of-influence called Valerie Jarret (with affinities to BHO’s true father, Hawaiian Comintern pedophile Frank Marshal Davis) as liaison with whole spectra of post-9/11 Muslim thuggeries from Baghdad to Riyadh and Teheran.

    Comes now young Saudi Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman (MBS), walking an ostensible reformist line with Trump’s support to stave off Iran’s Shi’ite regime allied with anti-Israeli pincer movements in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. As an Obama acolyte, bin Talal encountered headwinds (reportedly hung head-down and flogged in a 5-Star hotel suite)… but through Egyptian offices, his Muslim Brotherhood Wahabists effected his release via Saudi Court insiders such as Brotherhood factotum Jamal Khashogghi (whose deceased wheeler-dealer cousin Adnan was thick-as-thieves with King Salman bin Abdul-aziz).

    Once off-the-wall (so to speak), we posit that al Walid bin Talal extruded Brother Jamal to DC venues, coordinating with Obama-era’s CIA Director William Brennan, a raging anti-Semite, Putin ComSymp, and virulent anti-Trumpster, to disrupt bin Salman’s American support by journalistic agitprop in league with BHO holdovers. Alas for Khashogghi, competing factions in Riyadh persuaded MBS to take preemptive action, due not only to Turkish intrigues stirring Russo-Syrian pots but to Jamal’s PR inflating oil prices, thereby devaluing FX, via U.S. sanctions on Teheran.

    Yeh, it’s a mess. All any appalled bystander needs to know is that when despotic regimes’ foreign-exchange and extractive industries lose value, savage violence is a first resort.

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  4. stablesort says:

    I don’t understand why we (USA) have to do anything at all; Saudis will be Saudis as they damn well should and Turks will be Turks. Is Trump running up a big splash for the home crowd’s consumption?

    MbS, Israel and the Trump administration seem to have been working very well together since MbS’s assumption of power while Turkey has been out and about dating Syria, Iran and Russia and thumbing his nose at NATO.

    Turkey must be threatening the US with a video or something, otherwise the US would just slap some wrists and call it a day.

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    • AH_C, Boofer says:

      We don’t and if Trump had his druthers, he wouldn’t lift a finger in MBS’ direction for exactly what you said – domestic affairs/internal coups and counter-coups.

      But, he is being forced to act by stupid politicians that have a knee-jerk need to react to MSM/DS criticisms of Trump and by their need to grandstand, hypothesizing what they would do if, big if, in command. Hey, GOP, just shut up and follow Trump’s lead. More so for those that competed against Trump and were blown out of the water by the Trump Train.

      For all the praise/respect Lindsay got from the Kavenaugh hearings, he’s about to piss it away if he and like-minded neo-cons insist on punishing MBS.

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  5. PatriotKate says:

    Additional details according to Dave Janda. Some I hadn’t heard elsewhere. Claims Russia involved.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Allow me to go to a slightly higher view level if I may……

      First of all I do not give a rat’s behind who did this ……..the why they did this is somewhat obvious…..

      But going back to Sundance’s comments on “Tribes”

      Everyone should understand, that most of humanity since the beginning of time has belonged to “Tribes”..

      Tribes for protection, to ensure your bloodline and ensure loyalty.

      If you look deeper into Saudi Arabian history, up until recently it was an area full of tribes.
      Virtually all of them fighting each other…mostly over water….then over oil…

      View the movie: “Lawrence of Arabia…..where he saved Arabia from the Turks….well duh…how about today? Turkey involved in the Saudi stuff…..hmmmm

      There is still the “Tribe mentally” and splits …in the Saudi Government because of different Tribes.

      And thinking of Rogers……I have listened to his interview a few times and go back again to Sundance’s comment of Tribes…..

      Tribes in the Intelligence community, the DOJ……all of it….and why?
      Tribes protecting themselves….Sessions….Rogers….all of them…into their tribes…
      See above.

      On the surface, I will blame that Spud Spanker, Rope Smoker, Obama…
      (Hat Tip De Oppresso)…he was attempting to divide all of us into groups….so the Globalists could take over…..he was very successful in many ways…

      The Deep State…

      But then……We the People came along…and screwed it all up…..We Are Not a Tribe….

      We are Americans…..Red, White.and Blue
      And we have our President who thinks the same…..all this is an attempt to divide us…

      And in my opinion Rogers saying those things about Russia is doing the same thing…..If I am wrong..so be it…

      Oh yeah…..the Chinese and Russians have always worked the same way and will not change.

      The Chinese buy influence or what ever they want…..the Russians do it thru Revolutions..and violence…..same story ….different day….for centuries….

      Look at it from that level and you can see it clearly…
      All they are trying to do is separate us.S eparate us into Tribes……

      Screw them…..none of our business

      Take the mid-terms….then the time will be ” beer thirty “……yeah baby…😎

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      • YvonneMarie says:

        Right !


      • Scooter says:

        I like Beer :))~

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      • Anonymous says:



        • AH_C, Boofer says:

          The difference is “right-wingers” have history and facts to support how things ought to be, while democrats hope that this time, with the right leader, all will be well, even though it has failed spectacularly each and every time.

          This is also why the left fail at memes. Memes work by juxtaposing truth with irony. Where’s the irony in “right-winger” basing their opinions on facts? The issue is not that we are in agreement, the irony is that you libtards believe things that simply aren’t true. And when challenged to back up your beliefs, you go all explodey-headed on us.


  6. apfelcobbler says:

    There are somewhere near 1500 princes in Saudi Arabia. Not a recipe for long term stability!

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    • AH_C, Boofer says:

      And there’s the adage that if you’re going to take down the king, you better make sure you kill him. MBS didn’t kill Alaweed and might end up paying for that mistake yet – especially if our neocons persist.


    • yucki says:

      Full-brothers vs. half-brothers.
      And the combinations of first cousins, different uncles…
      Polygamy and inbreeding => tangled, tribal mess


  7. weareallandrew says:

    Cant believe the MSM is still flogging this story. But then they keep flogging Hogg the Wonder Boy.

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  8. Kaco says:

    Okay, so now it’s questionable if MbS will remain in power. We’ve got Lindsay Graham saying he needs to go among others. That’s what the neocons want. Why? Because he was going to go after terrorists with his new spy network? If he is a good guy who was trying to clean out the trash.

    So then we sell billions of weapons to whom if he is ousted? Certainly hope that Alweed doesn’t come back. Is that what they’re aiming at?

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  9. Fools Gold says:

    Does anyone believe the caravan coming out of Mexico was organized by a few nationals on the other side of the Mexican border and at this time? For those that do, Sundance during his writings has warned us over and over about trillions and trillions being at stake with DJT being in charge. China, EU, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Japan, the entire EU, and of course the globalist cocks and democraps and communist in the US are all to blame. These evils have put this together as a desperate measure to rid us of DJT. They are hoping for massive bloodshed on our border to spin votes against republicians via hate for POTUS. Right now everyone seems to be blaming Soros but it goes far beyond him even though I wish him death. Remember folks, MONEY talks and BULLSHIT walks! Vote red no matter what you see happening at the border in the near future! It’s a setup by all of the aforementioned groups not just Soros!

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    • Sprawlie says:

      Absolutely agree. This is why I 100% support the hands-off soft containment approach that the Mexican government has adopted. If they want the full benefits of the USMCA then they need to demonstrate that they are a nation of laws and order. The axis of evil (chicoms, globalists, uniparty) would like nothing more than to break the new bond between the United States and Mexico cemented in USMCA and nothing would accomplish that faster than creating civil strife to split Mexico by reigniting the Zapatista movement.

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  10. Sprawlie says:

    Al-Waleed bin Talal would have plenty of motivation and Saudi allies to strike back at MbS and President Trump after getting locked up at the Ritz-Carlton Riyadh on the one year anniversary of the 2016 election.

    One aspect of this that I have not heard brought up is that the first attempt to damage the international reputation of the MbS regime over human rights was attempted after the incident created by the TruD’oh administration via the sausage casing FM’s tweet. In that case, just as in the Khashoggi case, the outcome pushed by the media was for the cancellation of weapons contracts.

    These events may not be connected. But, having the same narrative surface at the very least suggests that there is vested interest shaping a narrative around Saudi events.

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  11. mark says:

    I thought I heard yesterday that CIA Director Jeena Haspel was in Turkey. Doing what? Maybe we’ll get to see if she is a White/Black hat.


  12. Mike diamond says:

    The Russians tried to influence our elections!???????? Our own news media tries to influence our elections!


  13. completelytrue says:

    “elements” = Nobody is buying the “false flag” BS


  14. digleigh says:

    Wasn’t Talal Aweed one of the FBI informants (provocateurs???)


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