First Lady Melania Trump Visits Malawi and Kenya…

First Lady Melania Trump has visited Ghana, Malawi and most recently, Kenya.  The White House official Flikr Stream has incredible pictures – SEE HERE.  Each picture has a brief paragraph explaining the context and subject matter.  Very enjoyable review.

Stunning Images Here

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142 Responses to First Lady Melania Trump Visits Malawi and Kenya…

  1. Jerry says:

    Liberals don’t like being co-opted by elitist white people. They think only liberals should be visiting the African continent. White people cannot be interested in black children.

    Why are the kids learning English? That should tell the liberals something — but what? That it is time to get on board with real progress, which means take care of yourself. Stop depending on race baiters and politically ambitious ideologues who only worship centralized state power.

    Raise them up, Africa. Don’t hold ’em down.

    That’s what I see in these pictures.

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  2. tampafan says:

    So exciting to see Melania visiting Sheldrick Wildlife! This is on my bucket list if I ever visit Africa!

    One of their posts showed up on my Twitter timeline last year and I was hooked! They do wonderful work, and have a long, family history of elephant conservation. I have become a “foster parent” an orphaned elephant from this group ($50), and get great email updates. Animal lovers will enjoy following them on Twitter @DSWT (I will try to post a Tweet!)


  3. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Former First Lady visiting Sienna Cathedral exhibiting her modesty and respect.

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  4. Constitutionalist56 says:

    Perhaps Melania will come back with Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate and one of his biological brothers as witness!


  5. Kay123 says:

    Too bad Melania can’t look up records of the
    Big O’hole …..birth ….at the Kenyan hospital
    to see when his mother actually gave birth.
    since Hawaii has no record of her being there.
    Only O’s fake records show he was born there.
    But those documents have been analyzed by
    forensic experts to be photo-shopped.
    “”Oh what a tangled web we weave……..when first we
    practice to deceive “”

    In fact, we need to remove the Sealed Files and have the
    investigated by FBI not appointed or affiliated with
    the Big O or was it Mothers nude photographer, who
    donated some “Davis DNA”?????

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