Sunday Talks: John Ratcliffe Discusses Florence and DOJ/FBI Corruption….

Representative John Ratcliffe appears with Maria Bartiromo to discuss Hurricane Florence response and his knowledge of details from congressional investigation of the FBI and DOJ.

This interview is important from the perspective of understanding the position of congress in the last few weeks leading up to the election.  Congress is attempting to provide information while the executive branch leadership in the DOJ and FBI do nothing to help inform the American electorate or the president.  Really, quite stunning.

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57 Responses to Sunday Talks: John Ratcliffe Discusses Florence and DOJ/FBI Corruption….

  1. duchess01 says:

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    • G. Combs says:

      Of the few vehicles I saw, three were trucks hauling big generators and one was a ‘water’ guy, I talked to who was grabbing some snacks at the local old fashion general store.

      The water guy said that Raleigh releasing water from Jordan Lake all last week was part of the problem for the coast. The River was ALREADY several feet higher than normal BEFORE the storm hit. He is correct. I noticed it last week but did not make the connection.

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      • duchess01 says:

        SMH, G. – cannot imagine why they would do that when they knew what was coming!


        • Normally Quiet Observer says:

          +duchess01 – having been involved with some of this kind of thing in the past I might be able to shed some light on “why” … Government agencies (city, county, state & federal) who are in control of dams, reservoirs, etc. will OFTEN release large amounts of water BEFORE a ‘confirmed high volume of water storm event’. Yes, if fills downstream lakes, rivers and streams to high levels before the rain comes. WHY? Because they fear if they do not lower the levels in these huge volume storage places the high volume event will cause them to become rapidly “overfilled” to the point of failure, and cause catastrophic losses “down stream” from a failed dam. A burst dam will cause significantly MORE down steam damage than the flooding that MIGHT come from the actual high volume rain event in already swollen rivers etc.. A few years back (10 or 15) we had a local water master who did NOT release water from a reservoir before we were to get a big rain storm. We got the storm, the dam FAILED, and poured tens of millions of gallons down stream in about 45 minutes. It took out a full half of the homes and businesses in a small country town, a major highway bridge, and luckily only a few were injured or died – one of only two major highways going north / south in our state. Both of those highways were used by truckers (thousands of them on each one, every week) and people from all over. Fema took over a month to get us a temporary bridge (causing truckers, and people, to detour over two hundred miles to get from one side of the river to the other), and it took another two years to get a ‘real’ replacement. The dam took another three years to get replaced (it was actually only a small one) which significantly affected the homes and hundreds of large farms in the area. Most of the farmers lost their group of crops for the entire year, as most of them had three or four ‘plantings’ and crops each year. All of a sudden … NO water! Had the town been a larger one the damage would have been much, much more. Needless to say, the water master lost his job. Had he decided to ‘dump’ a significant amount of water BEFORE the rain storm hit (as had been done many, many times in the past) none of this would have happened. Does this help explain the why?

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  2. duchess01 says:

    “The sooner these transcripts become public, the more people will see there was nothing there.” – Ratcliffe paraphrased – more than 70 witnesses appeared and asked the same questions – batted a thousand – “we don’t have any evidence” – uh, oh!

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    • dd_sc says:

      But he follows that up with (paraphrasing) I’m all for Bob Mueller doing his job, but I want to know what that job is.

      Too many Republicans – Graham and Gowdy also come to mind – wanting it both ways; criticizing the Special Council investigation, absence of evidence etc … but saying they’re fine with the Special Council continuing.

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      • duchess01 says:

        Agree, dd! why I said sorta kinda – 🙂


      • BetsBets says:

        I’ve been wondering what to make of that weird comment that Gowdy made months ago about the FBI doing and behaving exactly how we, the people, would want them to. What was that all about? I still am unclear.


      • starfcker says:

        Congressman, I can help you. I had a copy leaked to me of the August 2017 scope memo, might as well publish it here. “Dear Bob. Get Trump. I don’t care how. Just get him. Money is no object. Hildabeast and Barky are getting nervous. Love, Rod.”

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      • ANSWER: Lawyers. They protect their privilege above all. ANYTHING that empowers lawyers they are in favor of. No matter how destructive, controversial and/or dissonant.

        As Coolio sang:
        “We keep spending most our lives
        Living in the [Gangsta’s] Lawyers Paraside
        Power and the money, money and the power
        Minute after minute, hour after hour

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      • GB Bari says:

        Representative John Ratcliffe also said he’s “never questioned [Mueller’s] integrity but I have questioned his judgement.”

        Rep. Ratcliffe, newsflash. Integrity and judgement are unavoidably connected. One cannot claim integrity while making decisions using poor judgement.

        These politicians’ practice of compartmentalizing their morals and ethics in their attempts to avoid criticism is simply breathtaking, if not totally disgusting.

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  3. duchess01 says:

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    • duchess01 says:

      Ratcliffe sorta kinda agrees with Trump – about Mueller and his ragtag team – *Smile *


      • Ditch Mitch says:

        Ahhh the ole “sorta kinda” again. Makes me wonder why so many say “there is no there there but lets continue.” A few options for saying this:

        1. Actually hope for something to lead to PDJT;
        2. Sticklers to procedure and want Mule Paddy to put out a report;
        3. Want to slow/distract from the PDJT agenda;
        4. Know continuing the investigation will lead to Bozo and Killery.

        There are some in each of those camps. Mueller releasing a report would remove options 1, 2 and 3. And the traitors would hope it would stop option 4.

        With the releases coming in the next few weeks I believe option 4 will become more viable forcing Mule Paddy to put out a report and close out the Special Witch Hunt. Gotta protect his masters.

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        • duchess01 says:

          Maybe, Mitch – maybe, all of this leads to the biggest revelation – the MOAB – we might not trust the system – but, that is all we have at present – work the system to the final conclusion – the best of all conclusions – death of the Deep State!

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        • Dutchman says:

          Suggestion for #5; Covering all the bases. If DJT ultimately prevails in this fight, or if he loses and goes down, they can say to the winner “hey, I was with you. They don’t want to take a stand, one way or the other, and find themselves on the ‘losing’ side.


          • Ditch Mitch says:

            That is an option, but it is also covered by “There are some in each of those camps.” In other words each can subscribe to whatever option they think will succeed.


          • cali says:

            @Dutchman: President Trump is the black-belt type Sun Tzu that will not give an inch!

            He is 12 steps ahead continue to be.
            He knows that if he would give into these demons he and his family would be destroyed.

            They tried to assassinate him in Vegas and again coming back from Singapore. President Trump will not forgive or forget: He will be brutal when justice arrives. Be sure off that!

            They miscalculated in their treason.

            On a side note: Please remember Mike Flynn’s court date today where Mueller must appear despite his numerous delays!!!!! 🙂

            Also don’t forget the presidents/NSA text on the 20th. This is a test to see if the COC can directly take a detour from the fake and lying news media. It will be under the careful watch of the NSA and MI.


  4. DanO64 says:

    Any kind of sign. I’ll be watch for it.


  5. Maria would be the only reason I would start watching TV again.

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  6. Gil says:

    Now I understand why no one knows what mueller is doing since RR wrote a memo outlining his directive AND NO ONE HAS SEEN IT. Astoundingly suspicious. Millions of dollars spent on what kind of investigation? I want to see that memo too.

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  7. James Hilton says:

    Why would you seriously expect the executive branch leadership of the DOJ and FBI to help inform the American electorate or the president when those departments and the leadership are overrun with progressives/neo-Marxists who absolutely hate America and the president?

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  8. pgroup says:

    O/T: The author of the letter accusing BK has given her tale to Washington Compost.


    • Whatever. Dirty Diane absolutely messed up that smear campaign. She sat on it for 3 months. If it was soooo important she should’ve brought it up immediately. The FBI turned it over to the Administration with one destination: round file. It won’t make a difference. BK is going to be a SC judge. Thank goodness Harry Reid changed the filibuster rule on SC judges. For posterity: they never thought she would lose.

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  9. missilemom says:

    Have appreciated Ratcliff’s questioning at hearings; but he is milk toast here. The FBI/DOJ in cahoots with the Clintons and Obama adminstration dumped false stories to spy on an American citizen to get to surveil a political opponent.

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  10. magatrump says:

    I can’t believe that Congress who is supposed to have oversight over Mueller still have not seen the second page of the order from Rosenstein outline just in fact what Mueller’s investigative scope is.

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  11. PR’s (Phony Republicans) will not publicly support PDJT until they, Mueller and the media are 1,000% sure he’s “not guilty” of any crime. When its all over, I hope the President extracts a revenge on those PRs that “their survivors will remember for ages”. (I think that’s similar to a General Mattis saying.) MAGA

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    • Dutchman says:

      Or, they will not support POTUS until they are SURE He’s gonna win, and his opponents are gonna lose. THEN, they will all want to be his best buddy!

      So, while they are now seeing its POSSIBLE he’ll prevail in this,…contest, they aren’t SURE, yet that he’ll win.

      So, they are trying to play it both ways.
      The midterms will determine who wins, and with a RED wave, these cowardly Rinos will come over, in a heartbeat because,..when they come up for reelection, they want DJT’s enthusiastic endorsement, and, they DON’T want him to endorse a primary opponent.

      Gotta recognise, these politicians are watching a fight between 2 -800lbs. Gorillas: DJT vs. Deepstate. They DON’T want the winner to turn on them!


  12. Steve Saaf says:

    This is NOT an “investigation”……it is a War of the Worlds, the one attempting to overthrow the president and to establish a dictatorship by any means necessary. If Trump hadn’t shown up, we’d all be unaware of the slow process to “1984” (read the book), but he’s here and the Deep State is in panic mode and so they’ve accelerated the process. They can not allow an outsider in the kitchen, because he is an outsider and so isn’t bought and paid for and so is unreliable. And don’t think that it’s only about Trump. His friends and supporters will be next. Look at the increasing physical attacks and threats.

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  13. Jimney says:

    Doesn’t Mullers funding run out this month. How will he go about getting more funds? Can or will he have to bring people up to date with what he has or what? Curious to how that works? Please and thanks for the knowing Treepers.

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  14. Piggy says:

    They could always start naming the low level gate keepers. We tend to focus just on the “leaders” and for the most part they’re the problem. They’re also political appointees so some idiocy should be expected.

    But if the organization is corrupt like we know it is, the un-elected, un-appointed bureaucrats are a major part of the problem.

    Expose the whole chain.

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  15. free73735 says:

    Thanks to Sundance & Team for keeping us informed. Also “luv” those cats…!

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  16. SmilinJackAbbott says:

    That leaves 3 possibilities:

    – The investigators told Rosenstein there was no evidence -> Dissolve SC, fire Rosenstein.
    – The investigators lied to Rosenstien -> Dissolve SC, fire Rosenstein (incompetence).
    – Rosenstein never even asked for evidence -> Dissolve SC, fire Rosenstein.

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