Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Blasts John Kerry’s Intervention in Iran: “literally unprecedented”….

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a press conference today reacting to how Obama administration officials were intentionally undermining current U.S. policy.  Those actions include former Secretary of State John Kerry traveling to various hostile nations, specifically Iran, and telling our adversaries to “wait out the Trump administration”.

There’s a bigger, biggger picture here, that few are paying attention to.  We shall outline that in greater detail.  However, for now here’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responding to John Kerry’s intervention(s).  WATCH:


This is in keeping with a pattern.  Obama instructed Trudeau (Canada) to oppose Trump on trade and wait-out the mid-terms.  Obama officials have instructed China to oppose Trump on trade and wait-out the mid-terms.  Now John Kerry is not only instructing Iran to wait-out mid-terms, he is instructing Europe to rebuke U.S. sanctions on Iran and wait out the mid-terms.  Hopefully, everyone can see what is happening here.

My advice to POTUS would be to review the legal processes to revoke former official’s passports; and use all tools available to monitor the communications of former officials who are engaged in conversations with foreign entities hostile to current U.S. policy.

More will follow on this…. This is beyond serious.

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409 Responses to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Blasts John Kerry’s Intervention in Iran: “literally unprecedented”….

  1. Donzo says:

    I hope that Pompeo runs as Trump’s VP in 2020. There is no man or woman I would rather see set up for 2024. Pence can move to a cabinet level position. He’s not the right man to carry on after Trump. Pompeo 2024.

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  2. PaulM says:

    I wonder if PDT can get his good friend in North Korea to arrange one of those airport face wipes for Kerry like he arranged for his brother.
    That could send a message.

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    • DD More says:

      Paul, maybe POTUS.45 can round up a handful of fake war metals, go down to the back fence and throw them over. “Hey, Johnie Swift B, here’s your metals back, they are no good here!”
      Not the first time he has talked out of turn with our ‘At the Time’ enemies.

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    • Jan says:

      Otherwise, we have to rely on the Clintons for the double shot to the back of the head suicide or dumb bell to the throat accident.


  3. Lannyd says:

    President should find a loyal fbi official to ask Kerry some point blank questions about his recent discussions. Kerry either refuses to answer (public cowardice), says no which can be seen as a lie like they did to Flynn, or admits it. Either of the latter is followed by a Weissman-like response. (And unlike Flynn, if he runs short of funds he can always find still another rich widow to fleece.)

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    • vexedmi says:

      Ah…and there lies the rub. There are obviously NO loyal fbi officials.

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    • anthony earl says:

      maybe POTUS can find a loyal IRS person to look into JK’s bank accounts? does JK still have security clearances? if so, why?


    • cali says:

      @Lannyd: When the president blasts any of these coup plotters you can be assured that Huber et al has been applied.
      Kerry – always like his buddy no name aka John M – traitors going back to Vietnam riding that fake schtick into a long political career.

      Kerry also told the Palestinians not to make any deals with president Trump because he would be removed before the year is up.

      When he met with the rogue Iranian leadership in Paris trying to conspire and safe the deal there were two Americans sitting right next to him in that café they met.

      These people are so stupid because they are so arrogant that they believe to be untouchable.
      Again FISA works both ways and stupid Kerry thought nobody knew what he has been doing.

      I read the Iranian patriots twitter feed and learned that Kerry bribed the rogues in Iran to be silent while giving them 150 billion dollars. I suppose the 5 planes and the many pallets of stolen cash really did come in handy. The Iranian patriots putting the Hussein and Kerry gang on blast. You can learn a lot that is not reported by our corrupt media.


  4. meow4me2 says:

    So if Republicans start screaming about these jerks colluding with foreign governments like the Dems, would we then have the Dems admit collusion is not a crime, as Dershowitz often says?

    So for a real crime, what would fit best? Let’s presume the Logan Act is out, since “no one has ever been prosecuted under it”. Is this sedition? Treason? Something else? Curious and not a lawyer.

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    • Jan says:

      Sedition and treason are almost the same thing except that in treason, the US is in war against a country and your US citizen is conspiring with your enemy combatant country. Since we’re in 2 wars without officially being at war, the “treason” is hard to define, but SEDITION is clear:

      Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent towards, or resistance against established authority. Sedition may include any commotion, though not aimed at direct and open violence against the laws. Seditious words in writing are seditious libel. A seditionist is one who engages in or promotes the interest of sedition. Typically, sedition is considered a subversive act, and the overt acts that may be prosecutable under sedition laws vary from one legal code to another.

      When you consider the many “socialists/communists” who are looking to impeach or otherwise terminate a duly elected President, we’re no longer talking about an “insurance policy”…we’re talking sedition. So pray for my (& your) President,…that he is safe and well-protected from our unAmericans. And that those wishing for the immediate demise of our country, go to the H**L they deserve.

      Thank you Sundance & all you treepers. Without the truth, where would we be?

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  5. uptothere says:

    We’re fortunate here at The Treehouse to be aware of how these Progressives/Socialists are seriously harming not only all Conservatives, but the Liberals as well. America as whole is a better way of putting it.

    POTUS and his Cabinet have got to find a way to translate what’s happening to our country so that ALL the people on the street will understand we’re being played for suckers. Time is growing short. We can’t allow our movement to die two years in.


  6. patti says:

    Saw this last week….disturbing as well.

    Obama’s slimy little Deep State environmental cabal is at it again

    According to the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard:

    A shadow government made up of former Obama climate change aides and funded by wealthy environmental advocates is supplementing liberal governors in an “off-the-books” operation to help them win approval of sweeping global warming changes and defy President Trump, according to a new investigative report.


  7. Hittman says:

    It is Sedition and should be handled as such. Wish POTUS and his team would grow a pair and finally do something to fight this coup.

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    • Sharon says:

      Hittman you need to grow a pair duh!!

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    • ann says:

      That would be our crooks at Justice. The DoJ shouldn’t need enforce the spirit and letter of our right as citizens to chose our President. We are owed an authentic transfer of power. Where did this public expectation evolve is normal.for POTUS, Congress and the public to have to beg, plead and basically substantiate the entire case in order to get some cryptic law off from.the smug rats a.k.a federal court officers& agents..
      i.don’t believe the a justice dept is capable of honestly boring my a case to a successful closure against any hooked up politico. Judge or high status Democrat…

      Without proactive prompt punishment for intell violations, conspiring against our country, as Obama, Kerry, McCain and many others are doing, we have no authentic

      All this requires is the balls to prosecute some of this rich crop.of creeps to collapse their stupid Resist narrative. Uranium One springs to mind, or Feinsteins Chinese caper…

      Our nation’s intell, economic and geographic security are undermined with every day of delay.. what is more important, our country or propping up the thievery and oppression created by this Beltway’ caste of bureaucrats and political.operatives?


      • skifflegirl says:

        President Trump would never publicly admit this, but he is not in control of our government, only portions of it.

        The Obama stay-behind networks, filled with socialist/communist bureaucrats who have been installed at every level and department of the federal government over the past three decades, are collaborating with Obama and the financial/media globalists. The plan that Hillary was going to execute after she was elected is still being carried out: censorship, violence, unfettered illegals, etc.

        I’m not sure what the President has planned in order to overcome the entrenched corruption, but he has allowed the public sentiment against Sessions to grow to the point where even Lindsey Graham supports his firing. It seems that with a win for Republicans in November, he will appoint new leadership at the DOJ and let the chips fall where they may.


        • cali says:

          @skifflegirl: Your comment about president Trump not being in control is not only wrong but misguided on your part!

          You obviously don’t know that president Trump has been prepped to take down the swamp before he was elected.
          When you learn how read military comms or the tweets of the president you will notice that their is a strategy planned long ago afoot.

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  8. Kokanee says:

    Kerry did this to the Nixon admin. While Admin officials were negotiating the end of the Vietnam war, Kerry was meeting with Vietnamize officials in Paris telling them just to wait because it is a very unpopular war and we will end up just leaving. I think Kerry has really outlived his usefulness.

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    • ann says:

      While we had men in combat, he was badmouthing our soldiers on patrol, getting ambushed, jungle rot.and fighting against two totalitarian states, N Vietnam and China.

      In my bitter opinion, our militant anti-war protesters validated and emboldened murderous movements like the Khymer Rouge and Shining Path..

      Iran/Hamasetc is yet another redux .

      My perspective, admittedly emotionally invested: brothers are fighting, and dying while these wimps are deconstructing and nit picking , the same agenda, without any sign of learning some humility after 40 years..

      Faugh. Another slap n the face by Resist: Obama’s sneaky little attempt to twist their decision to abandon all those men there to die in Benghazi into a “conspiracy%. When did it become okay to get insult Americans? Resist rhetoric is abusive..


  9. daughnworks247 says:

    I’m ready to get into the gutter with Kerry.
    Let’s go. I can take him. Heck, I’m a girl and I could arm wrestle him to death.
    We need more fierceness, bulldogs on our team.
    Husband, the trial lawyer, can be really nasty when it comes to legal procedure. We need more nasty guys on our side.

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    • PaulM says:

      This is what I’ve been saying for some time. The conservatives have to quit thinking they’re in a fair fight, we’re not. If they don’t catch on, I can envision at some point conservatives are going to be sitting on their couchs watching their own neighborhood burn down on CNN while twittering “Ooh, look what their doing now!”

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      • aumechanic says:

        Wich conservatives? Ben sasse,mitch the bitch,Richie burr,little Marco the full throated,thune,corker,flake. I digress, Sundance said it best when he said Trump was his murder weapon and as soon as THESE conservatives are buried then maybe we can find some AMERICANS to replace them and we can get back under the rule of law.


  10. Fools Gold says:

    Revoke Kerry’s clearance and charge him with interfering with US goverment foreign policy on the grounds of national security breeches. Jail the bastard in gitmo…

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  11. SR says:

    It’s s Obama running the show. I may not surprise Obama may run again for President.

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  12. daughnworks247 says:

    FACT: Ages ago, Kerry used to sell notions at the market at Faneuil Hall in Boston. He was a barker.

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  13. 4EDouglas says:

    Been thinking about Kerry. this is the equivalent of negotiating with Hitler in WW2-behind FDR’s back. High treason. The Mullahs are our sworn enemy . The want to kill
    US and Israel.
    One other thing is he sure that the Dems will win the mid terms?
    I do not think America does not want to go back to the Dem formula of:”The beatings will continue until morale improves..”

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  14. Sprawlie says:

    Dollar to donuts that, then Director now, Secretary Pompeo and President Trump knew the exact moment Kerry made contact with the Iranians and have tracked it all along. Is creating a scenario were Kerry has the full force of the U.S. intelligence apparatus trained against him the play here? Create a scenario in which President Trump has to lawfully apply the apparatus against U.S. citizens. Use this to create a false equivalence to ‘excuse’ the unlawful, unconstitutional application of it against President Trump and his campaign staff.

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  15. dio says:

    Bummer for Mr. Kerry that he’s now on PDJT’s radar. Bad things seem to happen to those types. Patience.

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  16. Hopper Creek says:

    I can t believe the arrogance of these people, Kerry publically admitted a seditious act against the USA, openly admitted it ! I truly believe this whole bunch is in 4 a very big surprise,,,
    “Vengince is Mine sayeth the Lord” Psalms 21:11 . “Woe to those who scheme iniquity, Who work out evil on their beds!”
    Our Commander and Chief wields the Sword of Justice !
    Pray 4 victory in the mid terms Patriots…..Pray Hard,,..Amen

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  17. Piggy says:

    Kerry proves the Logan Act is not to be taken seriously. They should charge Kerry or get rid of the law.

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  18. Danima says:

    Most importantly, revoke his SECURITY CLEARANCE! That is how they all wield influence after ‘service’.

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  19. txjohn says:

    Ok Mike…then put the sorry long-horse-faced SOB in front of a judge.
    Don’t just piss & moan. Arrest him. Charge him. Convict him & his sorry ex-boss the magic negro..

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      I have no idea what the fine, or jail time might be, but if I am ever blessed to find myself within arm’s reach of this bassturd, I’m going to try my absolute best to break his phouckin jaw with one punch. I know I can still do it, even though it’s been a few years, but I’ll crack that big, ugly mug and make him eat through a damn straw.

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  20. fredh49 says:

    This is treason pure and simple. 150 years ago this ba$tard would have been hung. But nothing will be done because that POS Kerry is a liberal and member of “The Big Club”. Somethings gotta give folks. The left and Never-Trumpers have jumped the shark.

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  21. zozz1 says:

    When does this get labeled a plot to overthrow the government? I hope Mattis is loyal.

    Note also the tone of almost all editorial cartoons and that of the late-night TV shows and of Hollywood events; one of Alinsky’s main tools: ridicule.

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  22. scott467 says:

    “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a press conference today reacting to how Obama administration officials were intentionally undermining current U.S. policy. ”


    Don’t talk to us about it Mike, ARREST these MFers for TREASON.

    YOU have the power, not us.

    Unless you give US the green light.

    Give us the green light Mike, we’ll take the MFers down.

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  23. scott467 says:

    “Those actions include former Secretary of State John Kerry traveling to various hostile nations, specifically Iran, and telling our adversaries to “wait out the Trump administration”.”


    It’s real simple, Mike.

    A) cancel his passport, so he can’t reenter the country

    B) send out a SEAL team

    C) drop him like a water buffalo on the Serengeti Plains

    D) throw him in the trash

    Any questions?

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  24. Linus in W.PA. says:

    I’ve got two options to offer to the Trump administration, both of which I feel are legal and viable:

    1) Throw the mother loving book at Kerry as hard as possible. Seize his assets and lock him under house arrest.

    2) Grab him up in a rendition program and put him in a deep hole.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      I support both these options, but either one this needs to happen! Put him on house arrest until the legal stuff gets worked out! He clearly is a national security threat!

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  25. LibertyONE says:

    Kerry Boy , the emissary, for his Muzzie pal Obungo KNOWS the SH*T is going to hit the fan IF Pres. Trump orders the release of ALL the side Iran deals that were made by these TRAITORS!

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Maybe that’s the best response before the mid-terms. Release all the SECRET portions of the Iranian deal. And then sit back while the Mullahs burn the bribe takers.


  26. Coast says:

    President Trump gets a big fat “F” in reference to restoring the Rule of Law. A corrupt and ineffective DOJ and FBI, along with a malicious and political Special Counsel….and you can no longer blame Obama. It’s way past time to take corrective action Mr. President.


  27. I won't back down says:

    We’ve had a former CIA official go on to be president. I am not sure what the migration from CIA to Secretary of State has as its precedent. It kind of took my breath away when it happened here. I don’t think that I ever really thought about how profound of a move it was until today. Swamp creatures have got to be sitting up and taking note of this . . . Have we got their attention yet?

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    • I won't back down says:

      That Pompeo’s former deputy, Gina Haspel, is now also in place at CIA has also gotta be making swamp creatures nervous too. The statement at the press conference “I’ve got my team in place” I think included her too.


  28. powderdayrules says:

    I have a creepy feeling the dems are going to go all out to corrupt the election results. What can the average person do to true the vote?

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    • thinkthinkthink says:

      If you need some ideas, follow this guy’s lead.


  29. Jedi9 says:

    Kerry is one person that should face legal jeopardy for his treasonous behavior. I have been saying it for a while now and that time has come that things are really getting serious and revoking clearances, passports and possibly issuing arrest warrants might be a good starting place for Trump and company to get everyone’s attention. Something along these lines needs to happen soon!

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  30. TXGirl says:

    It is not only Kerry, Obama is in every Country right before Trump or right after. We as a Country can not put up with these people any longer. It is time for JUSTICE…The 70 years of Liberal Order must end and end with a bunch of people going to Jail…we have laws for a reason!

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  31. TXGirl says:

    I’ll tell you what Sundance, I don’t see how every day people do not see these people for what they are. Can they not see all the big houses they own, while they take our homes away and our jobs. Do they not see the bank accounts of these people, as they crash the banks and make us pay. I just do not understand how so many people can follow them. It is not only the Dems….The Bushes, The Mccains, The Ryans, The McConnals…it is all of them. They have robbed our Country blind and we let them. So now How In The Hell Do We Get Them Out….they have had the last 70 years to stack our government with these crooks….I feel sick that I have not paid close attention until now….just sick!

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  32. Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

    Seems like Kerry is practically begging to be the target of a FISA warrant. I’d be very disappointed if the Trump admin hasn’t made use of Lurch’s actions to surveil him, and all the “important” players up to two hops out from him.

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  33. anthony dincecco says:

    let’s not forget that Kerry’s daughter married that high ranking Iranian official, who’s best man at that wedding was the negotiator for the iran deal. that plane full of cash 150 billion was light about 100 million that johnny received for pushing the deal. now they want the money back.


  34. CountryDoc says:

    First we have to win the mid terms with good people in order for Congress to be a body that represents our people. Win the Supreme court so that the Highest Judicial Branch backs our executive branch — all with legitimate power stemming from our foundational U.S. Constitution. Then — declare war on the enemies of our people and the U.S. Constitution. We are in a civil war currently. Not with guns, and jets, or even nuclear threats — it is an economic war.

    Then bring to light for the voter of the Republic to actively see the whole treasonous plot: Expose it all, in all its dirty treasonous, seditious, traitorous detail. The people and their actions, the flow of money – from China, from Russia, from big international corporations, flowing to actions of other big corporations (Media conglomerates, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, the Wall Street machines, Federal Reserve, US. CoC, the boards of Wal Mart, Ford, GM, Chrystler, Steel conglomerates — all the way to Al Queda, ISIS, MS-13. Show the communications, the flow of money, the actions, and the consequences to our paychecks and opportunities that have taken advantage of of the Goodness of the American Taxpayer dollars and thwarted our Life, Liberty,and Pursuit of Happiness.

    Then… Take it all down, and legally neutralize them all– by whatever means necessary.
    Seize the Clinton Machine and all its assets. Neutralize all contacts.
    Seize the Obama/Kerry Machine and all its assets. Neutralize and/or expose contacts
    Seize the Bush Machine and all assets. Neutralize/expose contacts.
    Eliminate every deep state mole with questionable actions and strip security clearances
    Seize the dirty Tech giants and their assets, and neutralize their power to propagate lies and conduct psychological warfare.
    Seize the Media conglomerates and all their assets
    Seize the complicit Unions – Public and private and their assets.
    Create effective laws that eliminate lobbying influence that overshadows the will of the people.
    Set term limits, and create a visible system of electing candidates based on proven track records of being good stewards of the best interest of their constituents.
    Eliminate the stranglehold on the education of our children that exists in our Universities, Educational Institutions, and public Schools, and ensure that sound basic moral, ethical, and economic principles, sound science and economically valuable skills, and true history are taught in our educational systems, so that we may raise and educated voter base that would make Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Adams, and Mr Franklin proud. That would produce a love and loyalty to our country equal to Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, and our VSGPDJT.

    That is my dream.


  35. ebenezeer Jones says:

    Is it time to test the Logan Act?


  36. Cankles Clinton says:

    Demosocialism is a bankrupt lawless ideology.


  37. Anonymous says:

    Lest we forget about the last admin:


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