CBS CEO Les Moonves Will Step Down Following New Sexual Harassment Allegations and Lawsuit Settlement…

Three hours after Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker outlined another six women coming forward with harassment claims against the embattled chief executive of CBS, bringing the total number of accusers to twelve, CBS unofficially reports a deal reached with CEO Leslie Moonves and his exit from the media company.  An official announcement is expected on Monday.

The CBS Corporation was already in litigation over control of the organization with the controlling shareholder Shari Redstone.  The new allegations of sexual misconduct presented today by the New Yorker appear to have spurred a settlement of the already existing lawsuit.  The terms of the settlement are reported to be announced on Monday.

Reuters ReportNew Yorker ReportFox News Report.


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288 Responses to CBS CEO Les Moonves Will Step Down Following New Sexual Harassment Allegations and Lawsuit Settlement…

  1. bigela says:

    i wonder what les moonves thinks about keith ellison getting away with his accusations and having the media sweep them under the rug

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  2. Colle Bay says:

    Read this article.

    A female doctor reported him to her UCLA superiors 19 years ago. So it’s documented that he unexpectedly attacked a female doctor during an examination.

    Les Moonves Admits to Unwanted Kissing of His Doctor 19 Years Ago

    Farrow’s initial piece on Moonves presumably helped him surface other women who claimed similar stories. Shortly after his first New Yorker story was published, a source familiar with the situation told me that Moonves was the anonymous subject of a recent article published this past May by Dr. Anne Peters in the Annals of Internal Medicine, under the headline “A Physician’s Place in the #MeToo Movement.” In her article, Peters recounted an incident with a patient from the past. “It happened many years ago in an examination room where I’d been asked to see a V.I.P. patient early in the morning before regular business hours,” she wrote. “I remember the early-morning light filtering through the blinds.” She and her patient sat at a small table as she conducted her initial interview. After that, when she and the patient moved to her examination table, “he grabbed me as I stepped forward,” Peters wrote. “He pulled himself against me and tried to force himself on me. He did this twice; when I rebuffed him, he stood beside the examination table and satisfied himself. After he finished, he reassembled himself and left.”


    “According to Peters’s article, the patient called Peters the next day to apologize. “He said that he had a terrible problem and that he had done the same thing with many other women,” she wrote. “That he basically couldn’t control himself when alone with a woman.” Peters wrote that she told the patient to get counseling immediately and to never allow himself to be alone with a woman in a room. She never heard from him again. “However, he has become ever more powerful and venerated in his professional world,” she concluded.”

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    • Mary Angela says:

      Can’t wait to see the CBS This Morning Idiot commentators, gulp and hymm and hawe and say awe shucks again. Lets see There was Charlie Rose and now… bet the gals are a little goosey lucy too.

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      • Colle Bay says:

        Well, I won’t be watching since I can’t stand just about all television but especially hate the morning propaganda seminars, aka, news shows.

        But I expect they will fall all over themselves being ‘all shocked’, ‘we had no idea’, ‘we’re devastated’, ‘it’s a tragedy’ crap they always spew when one of their comrades get caught. They all know, they all knew but they always accuse us of what they are all guilty of.

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  3. Colle Bay says:

    This is what UCLA told the female doctor (who was just doing her job when attacked by Moonves): Now this is a doctor, at work, in her environment, her office, her milieu, and even she was told not to report it to police and she was the one put on the defensive.

    Imagine if you are just some underling worker and a guy as powerful as Moonves attacks you.

    “She recalled that “the person” who answered her call in the UCLA administration “explained my rights” but also said that the patient had “more money for lawyers” than did UCLA and cautioned her “to refrain” from reporting the incident to the police “because I would lose in court.”

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  4. Southpaw says:

    Great now next week I have to hear Stormy is repaying Cohen and this is what happened to me. Impeach! No Kavanaugh! Tune in! It is the new tv season after all.

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    • MelH says:

      EXACTLY! The entire movement began in the first place to GET TRUMP! And that’s the drumbeat you will hear for the next week, after a one sentence mention about the CBS exec., thrown in to justify anti-Trump-outrage.


  5. Paul says:

    Who cares!

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  6. scslayer says:

    What is up with these powerful mean “pleasuring” themselves in front of these women? Women watch while dude looks like an idiot.

    Why not just pay a hooker? Gross, I know but a fair question to ask.

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    • Deb says:

      They get off on exerting their power. Its a form of sexual assault for perverts who would like to rape women, but do this instead.


    • BebeTarget says:

      I agree. How can any woman stay in the same room while such a spectacle is going on. You would think emotions would supercede rational thought.

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      • ann says:

        I can not engage in these conversations for precisely the reason you state. I loathe me too. It is an attempt to politicise a human behavior which is a constant, varying only in frequency and intensity given context and norms.

        No one speaks for me about experiences I may or may not have had. Such things are intensely private, not fodder for making political capitol or launching bullying campaigns against males.

        One more item I’d like to add: We are not survivors, nor victims. We were targets. One must try to not permit these challenges define who you are or subsume ones identity.

        I posted this to you BeBe, because your reaction felt right and good and it felt, at long last, safe to share my opinion.

        🌸 ann


    • New Nonna to Be, Again!!! 🤗 says:

      Why stand there and watch???

      Why not just LEAVE THE ROOM???

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      • Grassleygirl/Breitbartista says:

        What exactly does VIP stand for?
        Very important p€n!s


      • Colle Bay says:

        I think it’s hard for us to evaluate situations correctly because a lot of the descriptions are generally vague and we can’t see the full picture.

        Like in the case of the female doctor being attack, those examination rooms are small and he was probably standing in the pathway of the door doing what he was doing. And it was probably over quickly and she was probably in disbelief as to what was occurring.

        Predators like to corner their prey making it difficult for them to leave.


  7. Ken says:

    Does anyone hear at Treehouse care? I NEVER watch CBS. Who cares about this? They will just replace him with another lib.

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    • Colle Bay says:

      I care. I care very much. I love seeing the media exposed. Moonves has spent his entire career trying to destroy this country. Spent the last few years trying to destroy Trump. Same with Weinstein. Same with…

      When they go down, it’s a wonderful thing.

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      • Ken says:

        Understood. But, IMO, unless it actually benefits our country, it doesn’t matter.


        • TatonkaWoman says:

          Re-read Colle Bay’s comment. This does benefit our country.
          When the leadership of our media resources are truly lying, deceitful propagandists, exposing them for who they actually are helps our country.

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          • Ken says:

            What I am saying is that CBS will only likely replace the CEO with anoth lying, deceitful propagandist. No change.

            Now, if CBS was to make a change of leadership due to the fact that they realized the previous leadership was not offering the public an unbiased news offering and that they could actually increase market share and profits for their owners by going with a more balanced approach… now, THAT would be something good.

            I do get your point. Hope that you get mine.

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      • New Nonna to Be, Again!!! 🤗 says:

        They tried to destroy our then candidate, and now President, with allegations and ‘aghast’ reactions. Shoe’s on the other foot now, MSM.

        What will you do? What WILL you do!?

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    • vexedmi says:

      The ‘Great I Am’ (BO) is in need of a job.


  8. Don’t know who this scumbag is, never watch cbs so ….. shrug….?

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  9. WSB says:


    Always bothered me. From childhood.

    Did it you?

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  10. New Nonna to Be, Again!!! 🤗 says:

    Did I miss it, or has Miss ‘I’ll Stand Up For You, Sweetheart’ Allred come forward to defend the victims against Moonves and fight for their vindication from/of (?) their allegations against him??

    Hmmmm, I won’t hold my breath. 🤨

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  11. California Joe says:

    CNN is gloating about this, too! I remember how CNN destroyed Don Imus about his comments on the women’s basketball team. It was blown totally out of proportion and CNN pounded Don Imus every day until he was destroyed. All of his philanthropy meant nothing to them!

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  12. thinkthinkthink says:



  13. American Male says:

    Everyone should be heading over to registered Democrat and rabid anti-Trumper Les Moonves’ wife’s FB page, her name is Julie “Love You Long Time” Chen, after being his mistress she became his wife, she was quickly rewarded with not only a major role on a panel show, but morning show appearances, and was named hostess of a primetime show.

    Julie “Me So Horny” Chen knows all about her sex predator husband’s actions, she accompanies him everywhere and the rumor is she not only likes to observe his lechery but threaten his victims as well.

    It is a fact that Julie “*ucky-Sucky For Fife Dolla” Chen was “With Her” and used her position to repeatedly savage then candidate Donald J. Trump when NBC released the Access Hollywood tape yet defended and made excuses for her coworker, serial pervert Charlie Rose and other entertainment industry elites so drop by, leave a comment, include a link to this tale of depravity and rape, use an article from one of the Fake News outlets so no “warning” appears and by all means give this callow bitch what for, hold nothing back, she can’t delete and block us all.



    • MelH says:

      Maybe she can’t delete and block us all but go ahead and try and wade through miles of positive girl talk like she is some Fairy Princess, and then get stuck with a banner that asks if you want to leave the page or stay on, but too bad if you want to stay on, you are stuck with the next page of her preening, total waste of time.


  14. John smith says:

    Bill is a good guy and what Sundance did to them publicly is stupid and unfair. They have done nothing but positive stuff for the MAGA movement. Just because they don’t agree with Sundance that Sessions is out to get Trump does not mean that they are doing something evil. I think there is some jealousy here since Bills YVA network is taking off and they are getting bigger and bigger stories.


  15. Hoop says:

    Moonves is an MSM GENERAL….

    This is one of the enemies steering the MSM Boat… Right Side News should be INVESTIGATING HIM 100%….

    We should be running stories on him every day…. the victims, the lies, what he did when he did it – children involved??? Lolita Express?


  16. ❌Kel❌ says:

    live by the anonymous source…die by the verified source 🙂


  17. Pete C. says:

    C’mon, he said he will go to counseling and treatment. Weiner said the same thing and look how well he’s doing! Sounds like he has a premature ejaculation problem to me among other things. They are all evil Luciferians!!! Must be purged by fire! Sick!


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