Bruce Ohr Testifies To Closed-Door Joint Session of Congress (Oversight and Judiciary)…

Today DOJ Official Bruce Ohr is testifying in a closed-door session to a joint House Oversight and Judiciary Committee.  The republican representatives asking questions were selected by Chairman Bob Goodlatte.  Democrats are relying on staff.

According to Kyle Cheney (Politico) Bruce Ohr has four lawyers with him, personal lawyers and lawyers representing the interests of the DOJ.  Initial indications are Ohr has provided testimony that directly conflicts with Fusion-GPS Glenn Simpson, and prior testimony from witness Lisa Page to the joint committee.

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370 Responses to Bruce Ohr Testifies To Closed-Door Joint Session of Congress (Oversight and Judiciary)…

  1. Deplore Able says:

    I want to hear what Nellie has to say. She is not a DOJ employee and can’t hide behind DOJ lawyers.

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  2. StanH says:

    We must all remember this is the swamp, and they are in full protect mode. However, we have an Ace in the Hole, President Donald J Trump. He has incredible power and at his time of choosing he’ll drop the hammer. These hearings will lead to nothing, when President Trump enters the game, buckle-up Buckaroos, it’s gonna get bumpy.

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  3. LafnH20 says:

    Halper… Not hill?

    In the Holiwood squares pic above ☝

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  4. Tipper says:

    John Solomon’s out with a new one, folks….

    Russian oligarch, Justice Department and a clear case of collusion

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    • Tipper says:

      The way I read this new Solomon article is if Deripaska is to be believed not to have had any involvement in being a source for Dossier info, Steele (and by proxy Blumenthal & Shearer) used just the mere relationship with Deripaska to kinda, sorta let people believe he was the “source” of the wild claims? Basically, all the wild claims were made out of thin air but because Steele had a close relationship with Deripaska it was just a wink wink he was the source?

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      • DanO64 says:

        Hence the chicken feed payment to Steele. $186k just for his signature.

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      • V says:

        Yes, Tipper, looks like Deripaska and Millian are both being used by Deepstate as cover for the real Dossier sources. In one MSM article Millian’s name was used 73 times!

        This looks more like the real McCoy to me:


        (This is from the American Spectator, with very good researchers, not the UK outlet with same name.)

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        • Tipper says:

          Thanks for the link!


          • V says:

            More here:

            See Skripal’s visits to Estonia and Prague.
            Brennan’s Estonia connection re Trump investigation
            Bruce Ohr and Steele’s messages January 2017 re “our guy” local to the UK

            27 Jan 2017 – Steele – “Our guy’s OK for the time being but I would like to keep our channel open on him and his situation if that’s all right? …”

            27 Jan 2017 – Bruce Ohr – “Understand. We will be available if needed. Just or [sic] me know.”

            31 Jan 2017 – Steele – “…Just wanted to check you are OK, still in situ and able to help locally as discussed, along with your Bureau colleagues, with our guy if the need arises?…”

            31 Jan 2017 – Bruce Ohr – “…I’m still here and able to help as discussed….”

            31 Jan 2017 – Steele – “…We can’t allow our guy to be forced to go back home. It would be disastrous all round, though his position right now looks stable….”


            “Forced to go back home” – sound like Skripal much?
            Steele and Skripal are both in the UK – “our guy” “locally” as in local to Steele in UK.
            WHAT WAS “as discussed”?
            Were they planning to murder Skripal to shut him up? Was Brennan involved?
            If it was UK/US deepstate who acted to silence Skripal and blame Russia, there will be other evidence, too.


          • V says:

            The Skripal attempted murder occurred on March 4, 2018 and a few weeks later, on May 14, 2018, up pops the ex-President of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, ally of Obama and Biden, grew up in NJ, now living in the US, to cover up re Skripal and his interactions with Estonian intelligence.

            The same Toomas Hendrik Ilves mentioned in this:

            March 28, 2017 John Brennan and Baltic Spies [Estonia] Teamed Up to Defeat Trump

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            • gsonFIT says:

              What is really crazy is that Toomas Ilves is about 2 years older than Brennan. They grew up within 5 miles of each over the bridge from Manhattan in New Jersey. They were and are 2 liberal guys that went to college in New York in the mid 1970 (Columbia and Fordham). And they were junior politicians in D.C. during the 1990s. That is about 5 of the 6 degrees of separation right there.
              Oh, one other thing Michael McFaul, Obama’s go to guy on Russia, got Ilves a job teaching at Stanford. That is the sixth degree.

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      • hanna693 says:

        Heard all this several months ago. It was Strozk who was the FBI


        • hanna693 says:

          ……that met with Deripaska. However, what was left out in this report; when they asked him about Russian collusion with Trump, he laughed in their faces. They answered back, we need to keep all options open. This story never went anywhere, and this one won’t either. Solomon is just releasing it again, because evidently people forgot all about it. The left will just ignore it again and Mueller could care less.

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        • I remember it too. But this time there’s documentary evidence.


      • All Too Much says:

        Nice summary.


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      “U.S. officials told me they assumed Deripaska let Putin’s team know he was helping the U.S. government, and that his motive for helping was to keep visiting America.”

      So the FBI visits D in Fall 2016 and tell him they think Manafort is working for Putin?

      Thereby spilling the beans to Putin by proxy that they were onto the the “collusion” (as they assumed he communicated with Putin)

      Oh and as a bonus……Putin knew the FBI was investigating Trump’s campaign before Congress did. (See Comey’s Throw Priestep under the bus testimony Mar 20 2017)

      Truly interesting field work by these counterintel pros at the FBI

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    • Mary Morse says:

      Also this from Sara Carter:

      Halper’s had his own links to Russia, former Director of Russian Intelligence Gen. Vladimir I. Trubnikov, Cambridge Professor Neil Kent, and Russian billionaire Andrey Cheglakov.


      • Mary Morse says:

        From the article:
        …”Dearlove was also concerned “that Russia may be seeking to use the seminar as an impeccably credentialed platform to covertly steer debate and opinion on high-level sensitive defense and security topics,” according to the Financial Times sources.
        A former senior intelligence official told this news outlet, ‘It’s all smoke and mirrors. Halper was well aware when he was bringing in Trubnikov in 2012 that the Russian’s were already there at his invitation. The FBI uses Halper to get more information on Trump aides but it’s Halper who has the real connection to Russia.'”…

        Halper, Dearlove, and Peter Martland resigned from the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar as a result.


        • mr.piddles says:

          Listen to the Bongino podcast linked to on the previous page. He breaks Sara’s article down, and links everything (in theory) back to Flynn. Interesting angle.

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  5. simicharmed says:

    I now appreciate the fact this Hearing is Closed.

    According to Joe DiGenova – Per Congressional Rules, Closed Hearings are the best. He stated that in closed hearings party members there are limited who can ask questions; moreover, each member can do an actual cross examination of the witness like you would expect in a court setting – with lengthy time limits if approved by the Chairperson. Versus the CIRCUS we see in these Open Hearings where every member gets 5 minutes – where one side actually asks meaningful/legitimate questions and the other side makes SJW statements, cheer-lead for the witness, recommend Purple Hearts, etc. .

    One setting can accomplish something and the other setting accomplishes nothing – IMHO

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  6. Concerned says:

    Sense they are hiding the testimony behind closed doors you know it’s unlawful. Add to this the fact that the DOJ is protecting Bruce Ora. He is not permitted to have government lawyers.

    The smell of corruption continues.

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  7. Scott says:

    “…no question at all, we’ll have to go back through the loop and see which one (Ohr/Page) will be willing to change their story or face perjury”.

    Hmmm, interesting. Not sure I like the sound of that, but nice little cliff hanger at the end of the Issa interview. Stay tuned.

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  8. Ken says:

    Looks like it is time for Muller and Rosenstein to quickly grant immunity to Ohr.

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  9. Ventura Highway says:

    Ohr looks much thinner. Possibly shaking in his shoes, stressed out and scared.


  10. Ventura Highway says:

    What’s the frequency Bruce ?

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  11. HdwJunkie says:

    If he’s actually answering questions, my hope is that he turns out to be a cooperating witness getting a plea deal or some level of immunity. He has been presenting as worried and looking to protect his pension, so we shall see. That would explain his continued presence on the payroll/

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  12. Firefly says:

    We now know how Gina Haspel operates.

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  13. Cankles Clinton says:

    None of this horrid mess would have been possible if the DOJ, FBI, etc. wasn’t 90% Demosocialists. If the Demosocialists were only 50%, then there would posibly be enough checks and balances to foil the execution of the plot, some people would say something, etc. We need diversity of party in the DOJ and FBI .I’m sure the enlightened, open and tolerant Demosocialists will be in favor of that diversity.

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      It’s difficult to get Republicans and life-long conservatives to make a career out of government service. It’s an anathema to many of them.

      Think of it this way: How many vegetarians do you think seek out employment in sausage factories? It’s the same thing.


    • Rhoda R says:

      Someone DID try to say something, but he got is clearance revoked and is now fighting for his job. So much for whistle blower protections.

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    • This is why you need a fighter who will clean house. Where there is a will there is a way.
      The people at the top in these organizations are over 90% partisan democrats. Republicans, being the stupid party they are, have sat on the sidelines for a generation and let all this happen.

      Say what you will about Bill and Hillary, they were fighters. Same with Obama. Republicans could learn a lot from them.


  14. HHC - 2nd 16th says:

    Nothing is going to happen until Rosenstein is neutered.

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    • I am not a prophet, but I predict that after the elections Sessions will be removed and a temporary AG will be appointed to take over until a nominee can be approved. He will take over RRs supervision of Mueller and tell him to wrap the collusion charges and turn the rest over to DOJ.

      A cabinet level appointee who has already been approved by the senate can do this for so many days, I forget but I think it is about 300.

      An announcement will likely be made that RR needs to go because he should have been recused in the first place since he has huge conflicts.

      The next thing is a republican will be put back in charge of southern district of NY where Trump and family are vulnerable. RR made the republican recuse himself and turned it over to Obama democrats who are now running things. Thanks a lot RR!

      What does that tell you about RR? Tells me all I need to know, especially when he is as conflicted as he can be but did not recuse himself. Why? Because he loves this power is is not friend of Trump. (and never was)


      • seekingthetruth2 says:

        Perhaps you should learn about a lawyer by the name of Geoffrey Berman, a former partner of RudyG, who is the USA SDNY, in place since January 2018.


  15. Firefly says:

    Wow! DiGenova says Ohr wasn’t interviewed by Huber or Mueller. The American people are being scammed- there’s no fisa investigation. If true – Sessions duped the American people and congress.

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    • Doreen Scott says:

      Huber is a prosecutor. Prosecutors only talk to the accused lawyers after they are arrested. I expected to see people in handcuffs soon.


  16. Troublemaker10 says:

    Sarah Carter said that Bruce Ohr testified that he knew the dossier could not be used in a court of law.

    If it wasn’t good enough for a regular court, why would it be good enough for a much stricter FISA court? It wasn’t, if course.

    Also said Lisa Page, Strzock, McCabe knew about what he was doing. I can’t remember if she said Comey knew or not.
    I don’t think Rosenstein’s name was mentioned.

    Mueller never questioned Ohr.

    Has Huber?

    What the h3ll is going on at DOJ?

    Sessions? Hello? Anyone out there?

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    • Firefly says:

      Nunes went to London to talk too intelligence folks and was blown off
      It was reported Pompeo was being spied on by CIA and wanted out of being the director.
      Gina Haspel was London Chief Of station under Brennan

      It’s clear PTrump isn’t really in charge of doj, fbi, cia, dod…he’s just tweeting.


  17. Cathy M. says:

    “Justice Department official Bruce Ohr told House lawmakers on Tuesday that the FBI doubted the credibility of a salacious anti-Trump dossier used to obtain a surveillance warrant for a member of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign team, according to a key Republican.

    “Not only did the FBI know the dossier was unverified, but they also knew there were real credibility issues where it would never end up in a courtroom,” said Rep. Mark Meadows, North Carolina Republican.”

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  18. HHC - 2nd 16th says:

    I think AG Sessions put PDJT about six months behind his plan to drain the swamp. SAD


    • formerdem says:

      as with nafta, i think we will find later that Trump has made good use of this situation. In fact I have a private idea of what it is, no doubt each of us does.


  19. LibertyONE says:

    Ohr looks like a Chinese spy. Walks into the hearing w/o a care in the world. Just like ALL the other lying, corrupt POS who gave testimony. They ALL know NO ONE will be charged with anything.

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  20. namberak says:

    Ohr showed up with not one, not two but *four* shysters? If you show up with four of them, whatever it is you think you’re going to sell? It’s already past its sell-by. … four. Wow. Four …

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  21. Craig from Scotland says:

    Couple of comments on the noted Atlantic article ref Devin Nunes.
    I’m sure Nunes would never ask for an audience with individual MI5, MI6 or GCHQ bosses mostly due to protocol but what is even more significant is he did have a meeting with their collective operational boss, deputy UK National Security Advisor, Madeleine Alessandri!!
    Ms Alessandri as a ‘former’ MI6 officer was until recently Director General of Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO). Why is FCO relevant? FCO manage and operate MI6.

    What I see is Nunes meeting with the top of UK services and matters being taken very seriously.
    I am in no way defending UK services as I believe they are complicit in what has went on but they will be terrified as much as anyone to now throw Steele & co under the bus.
    VSG Trump has got this.

    In my view the Atlantic article is a perfect example of how a dishonest, agenda-driven journalist completely frames the article as a negative hit piece against Devin Nunes while concealing the relevance.


    • rbrtsmth says:

      Thanks for the background info. I think what this article shows is that Nunes is going to extra mile to try to track down as much information as he personally can.


  22. scott467 says:

    Why is ALL of the media (including here) using Lisa Page’s glamour shot photo, instead of her excellent goof photos we used to have?

    Do all the criminals get to submit their best mug-shot photo?

    If Chrystia Freeland does her own version of Lisa Page channeling one of Charlie’s Angels, are you going to use that instead of her purple people eater picture?:


  23. Lampstand says:

    Nothing new, again. Blah, blah, blah. I did my job, I didn’t do anything wrong. There I just saved congress a lot of time and money. And stopped you from a lot of useless reading.


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