“Our Guy” – The *REAL* Russian Collusion…

Released documents show dossier author Christopher Steele and Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr discussing the need to protect “our guy”, January through March 2017.

Who is “Our Guy”?  That would be Oleg Deripaska, the Russian dossier source, and likely employer of Christopher Steele.   The same Oleg Deripaska the FBI went to for help in framing Donald Trump through Paul Manafort in September 2016.

♦In 2009 the FBI, then headed by Robert Mueller, requested the assistance of Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska in an operation to retrieve former FBI officer and CIA resource Robert Levinson who was captured in Iran two years earlier.  The agent assigned to engage Deripaska was Andrew McCabe; the primary FBI need was financing and operational support.  Deripaska spent around $25 million and would have succeeded except the U.S. State Department, then headed by Hillary Clinton, backed out.

♦In September of 2016 Andrew McCabe is now Deputy Director of the FBI, when two FBI agents approached Deripaska in New York – again asking for his help.  This time the FBI request was for Deripaska to outline Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort as a tool of the Kremlin.  Deripaska once hired Manafort as a political adviser and invested money with him in a business venture that went bad. Deripaska sued Manafort, alleging he stole money. However, according to the article, despite Deripaska’s disposition toward Manafort he viewed the request as absurd.  He laughed the FBI away, telling them: “You are trying to create something out of nothing.”

John Solomon reported that Deripaska wanted to testify to congress last year (2017), without any immunity request, but was rebuked. Who blocked his testimony?

In 2017 Oleg Deripaska was represented in the U.S. by Adam Waldman.  Mr. Waldman was also representing Christopher Steele, the author of the Dossier.  When you reconcile that Deripaska was likely Steele’s source/employer; of course Waldman would be representing both of them.

Adam Waldman was the liaison/go-between Senator Mark Warner (Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman) was using to try and set up a secret meeting with Christopher Steele {Text Messages} without a “paper trail”.

Yes, that’s Senator Mark Warner trying to set up a ‘paperless’ back channel to Christopher Steele in March 2017.

Not coincidentally, Lobbyist/Lawyer Adam Waldman also needs to protect the other half of the Steele/Deripaska partnership, with messages about Oleg.


As you can see from the text messages (more here), the House Intelligence Committee wanted to interview Oleg Deripaska.  However, based on their ongoing contact and relationship Deripaska’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, asks Senator Mark Warner for feedback.

If Deripaska was blocked from testifying to congress, it was obviously not from the HPSCI (Nunes Committee), but rather by the Senate Intel Committee, Mark Warner.   Why?

Why would Adam Waldman and Oleg Deripaska (personally) be reaching out to John Solomon in May 2018, to share the story of the FBI conduct in September 2016?

You see, the unanticipated November 2016 election outcome created an entire set of new risk factors for all of the players.

Attorney and Lobbyist Adam Waldman represented both Oleg Deripaska and Christopher Steele.  Now, watch the first minute of this video. February 13th, 2018 Hearing:


Deripaska was obviously willing to finance, facilitate, and provide sourcing for the Steele Dossier – from a distance.  Yet when asked directly to participate by the FBI he didn’t want personal attachment on dubious endeavors.

Did Robert Mueller omit any mention of Oleg Deripaska from his 2017 Manafort indictment purposefully because Mueller knew the involvement of the Russian Billionaire? …or was this Robert Mueller hoping to hide his prior professional work relationship with Deripaska?…. or both.

Remember, on February 9th, 2018, Senator Chuck Grassley asked Deripaska’s London Lawyer, Paul Hauser, questions about Deripaska and his connections to Christopher Steele:

(Link to Grassley Letters)

Oleg Deripaska’s British lawyer, Paul Hauser, responded with the following letter:

A very lawyer-ish response.  However, based on the 2017 text messages unknown at the time Grassley made the inquiry, it would appear Chairman Grassley asked the wrong lawyer:

In February Senator Grassley should have asked Adam Waldman who was obviously representing Deripaska’s interests in the U.S.  {text message links}  But Senator Grassley is no dummy… he caught on; and he did ask Adam Waldman for testimony.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley requested testimony from Mr. Waldman surrounding his contacts and engagements throughout the 2016/2017 operation to undermine and remove President Donald Trump. In a response letter released today (full pdf below) lawyers representing Mr. Waldman are trying to keep their client from forced testimony; and it appears likely he is remaining outside of the country to avoid being captured in the investigative net.

Here’s the letter from Waldman’s lawyers:


It appears a little hypocritical for Mr. Waldman to be evading questioning considering it was Waldman who contacted journalist John Solomon earlier in the year to present a story conducive to his client Oleg Deripaska. He was full of information in May, 2018, but when facing questioning about that information in August – he disappears.

Waldman’s current triangulation is part of the reason for our earlier emphasis/warning on the construct of the May 2018 Solomon article. After all, everyone involved in the ‘soft coup attempt’ is desperate to safeguard their own interests.

Now, think about this…. Yes, with Oleg Deripaska in the picture there was indeed Russian meddling in the 2016 election; only, it wasn’t the type of meddling currently being sold. The FBI/DOJ were using Russian Deripaska to frame their Russian conspiracy narrative. It is almost a certainty that Deripaska was one of Chris Steele’s sources for the dossier.

Now, put yourself in Deripaska’s shoes and think about what happens AFTER candidate Donald Trump surprisingly wins the election.

All of a sudden Deripaska the asset becomes a risk to the corrupt Scheme Team (DOJ/FBI et al); especially as the DOJ/FBI then execute the “insurance policy” effort against Donald Trump…. and eventually enlist Robert Mueller.

It is entirely possible for a Russian to be blackmailing someone, but it ain’t Trump vulnerable to blackmail; it’s the conspiracy crew within the DOJ and FBI. Deripaska now has blackmail material on Comey, McCabe and crew.

After the 2017 (first year) failure of the “insurance policy” it now seems more likely President Trump will outlive the soft coup. In May 2018, Oleg tells Waldman to call John Solomon and tell him the story from a perspective favorable to Deripaska.

As the story is told, in 2017 Oleg was more than willing to testify to congress… likely laughing the entire time… but the corrupt participants within congress damned sure couldn’t let Deripaska testify.

Enter corrupt SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner:


Senate Security Chief, James Wolfe –  We know from overwhelming circumstantial evidence, conveniently overlooked by media, that one of James Wolfe’s specific leaks involved sending his concubine Ali Watkins a copy of the 82-page FISA application used to gain a Title-1 surveillance warrant against U.S. person Carter Page.   {Full Backstory Here}  Some key things about this leak:

  1. It is highly likely there were no redactions in the copy Wolfe leaked to the media.
  2. It is highly likely Wolfe was caught in a leak hunt, and the copy given to him included a specific, and intentionally wrong, internal date using October 19th as the origination date for FISA application approval.  (The actual date was Oct 21st).
  3. The October 19th date then shows up in subsequent media reports which were based on the leak.  The New York Times and Washington Post used the wrong date; the concentric reporting of the NYT and WaPo spread the wrong date like a virus.
  4. However, despite overwhelming and easy to prove evidence against him, Wolfe was never charged with the Carter Page FISA leak.  The DOJ/FBI have him dead-to-rights on that leak, but he was charged with the more disingenuous crime of lying to the FBI.

These explosive details have been largely ignored by media, and two recent legal filings add even more layers of intrigue.  Last week a federal judge denied a request by Wolfe’s lawyers to put a gag order on the entire U.S. government; to include President Trump:

The scant media coverage all focused on a narrative that Mr. Wolfe was requesting a gag order against President Trump in his case.  However, as you can see above, that was not the request.  More broadly Wolfe’s attorneys were attempting to bar any government official from any public statement.  This is Key…. keep that in mind as you look at the second development.

After losing the gag order request, lawyers for Mr. Wolfe have sent letters to every Senator who sits on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  [As we have shared for years, the SSCI is the deepest and most corrupt part of the Deep State swamp.]

The lawyers for Wolfe are putting the senators on notice they might be called as defense witnesses. Read carefully, including between the lines (emphasis mine):

WASHINGTON—Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee have been notified they may be asked for testimony as part of the criminal trial of a veteran Senate staffer accused of lying to the FBI while working for the panel.

Attorneys for James A. Wolfe sent letters to all 15 senators on the committee, notifying them that their testimony may be sought as part of Mr. Wolfe’s defense, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Wolfe, who for nearly 30 years served as the director of security for the intelligence committee, was arrested last month and charged with lying to the FBI about his contacts with reporters while the bureau was conducting an investigation into leaks of classified information to journalists. Mr. Wolfe wasn’t charged with leaking any information.

Mr. Wolfe’s defense lawyers are considering calling the senators as part of the proceedings for a variety of reasons, including as potential character witnesses and to rebut some of the allegations made by the government in the criminal complaint, these people say.  (link)

Remember, Wolfe isn’t charged with the leaks, he’s charged with lying to the FBI.   His lawyers inferring that Senators might be called to rebut the allegations, seems to imply that Senators might have authorized the content of those allegations; or, put simply, Senators might have authorized or instructed Wolfe to make the leaks to the media.

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271 Responses to “Our Guy” – The *REAL* Russian Collusion…

  1. Col from OZ Australia says:

    Our Guy Can be Sergi Skripal. See the blogmire
    That site only hints in one of mnay posts that Christopher Steele and MIller KNEW and worked at the same security company in the UK. Analyzing the words, local coming from Steele means , ‘our guy’ would be located in UK where Steele is when composing the email. So ‘our guy’ has to be local to where Steele is. “-still insitu and able to help locally as discussed” C. Steele.

    “We can’t allow our guy to be forced to go home”, C Steele
    Interesting I say Steele DOESN’T mean USA but Russia.
    Who would not like to go home ( Sergi Skripal) who was the ghost writer for the dossier. In one analysis the dossier was said to be set up like a ex KGB agent report with it’s time date and methodology.
    I am afraid you are going to have not enough lampposts when this goes ‘north’.

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    • V says:

      Ooooooh, astute. Here’s what I was pondering at the same time you wrote the above:

      Following on from the thread by daughnworks247 at August 20, 2018 at 11:46 pm
      bonkti, Rhoda R on page 1 of the comments.
      Also Jenny R. says at August 20, 2018 at 11:38 pm and Angel Martin
      Deripaska – is he or isn’t he “our guy” and is he or isn’t he a source for the Dossier


      Sergei Millian meeting with Oleg Deripaska at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum June 16-18, 2016. Photo on Millian’s Facebook page was dated June 17, 2016.

      (The caption under the picture at the Dailycaller seems to have them the wrong way round: “Oleg Deripaska (right), CNBC anchor Julia Chatterley (center), and Sergei Millian (left)” Comparing to Sundance’s picture of Deripaska with the beard, he’s the one on the left.)

      (This article, published on 3-17-17, was written before it was known that Clinton and the DNC paid for the Fusion GPS dossier. The article just says “hired by a Clinton supporter.” Also, it was written two months before Mueller’s appointment. So, it didn’t have all the latest data we have now.)

      Am just linking it here for the interesting info on Dossier Source – Millian – Deripaska connection.

      Do we know if Deripaska was a Clinton supporter? Is there proof he was a source for Steele and Fusion GPS re the dossier? Its contents seem so amateur, almost beneath the intelligence of a successful billionaire businessman, whether he’s ethical or not.

      I’m still pondering this “our guy” reference. Could be Deripaska as in Ohr and Steele’s mutual financial interest with regard to getting him his US visa. Or could be Deripaska as dossier source.

      Or “our guy” could be someone else – someone within US gov (e.g., Strzok) or operatives like Glenn Simpson, Mifsud, Halper…

      Possibility: If Bruce Ohr and Steele are CIA and MI6, respectively, and we know Strzok is CIA, they may be referring to him as “our guy” – as in “one of us.” i.e., deepstate spooks embedded in US gov.

      I’m going to re-read those texts placing these names in “our guy” spot and see if anyone other than Deripaska makes sense.


      • V says:

        13 Dec 2016 – Date of last item in Dossier
        10 Jan 2017 – Buzzfeed publishes Dossier
        20 Jan 2017 – Pres. Trump inauguration
        23 Jan 2017 – GCHQ’s Hannigan resigns in the UK
        27 Jan 2017 – Steele – “Our guy’s OK for the time being…”
        31 Jan 2017 – Steele – “Just wanted to check you are OK, still in situ and able to help locally as discussed, along with your Bureau colleagues, with our guy if the need arises?”
        31 Jan 2017 – Steele – “We can’t allow our guy to be forced to go back home. It would be disastrous all round, though his position right now looks stable.”

        Jan 2017 – What was Deripaska’s whereabouts and situation?

        Your Skripal idea works! None of those I mentioned – Strzok, Simpson, Mifsud, Halper would be inconvenienced by going home, ha, unless they’re Russian or Chinese agents.

        So, if “our guy” really was Skripal, are they planning to get him out of the UK to a safehouse in the US with Ohr’s or the FBI’s help or is it a case of “Strangers on a Train” – we spy on Trump for you, and you dispose of Skripal for us so he can’t be forced to talk about the Dossier !?

        So, with Skripal dead, he can’t talk, plus Russia can be blamed AGAIN a la muh-Russia Dossier, muh-Russia investigations, muh-Russia press, muh-Russia hacked the DNC, muh-Russia Guccifer 2.0 thanks to Crowdstrike, muh-Russia the whole world.


        • dbobway says:

          Every morning the Communist left wakes up and goes to the mirror,

          And his reflection decides what to blame our President for today!

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          • G. Alistar says:

            And here’s how I think they do it: Let’s throw some “crap” on the wall today and hopefully with the help of the fake news media, something will stick. Russia, Stormy, Omarossa, Mueller’s got Manafort, Trump is insane, the tariffs are bad, the tax cuts are bad, the economy is bad, I hate Trump, and on and on.

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        • Col from OZ Australia says:

          Yes the official story of the positioning of Sergi and Yulia Skripal is a farce. None of the timelines of behavior make sence. For instance ealry in the day they both go the cementry to pay respects to Sergi Son and wife BUT they turn their phones of for 3 hours, who does that, ie they didn’t want MI6 to know where they were…
          C Steele and was Sergi handler and they worked together at a security company, so is such a big turn that Sergi helps put together Russian fake Dossier. Whats the chances if Sergi helped put together the dossier AND then he and his daughter are poisoned and left for dead, to blame the russians again.


        • JAS says:

          You are correct on the DC picture. This is Deripaska:


        • Flubber says:

          Skripal isn’t dead, but he has been officially disappeared.


        • Mike says:

          John Solomen reported on Mark Levin’s radio show that Glen Simpson told Ohr the Russian source was not from Moscow, but was a dissident, or ex-spy, “currently in the US.” The Steele/Ohr “our guy” texts are January 27-31 2017.

          So the Russian source had to be in the US January of 2017.


          • V says:

            Simpson could be lying to cover the truth about Skripal. It was probably a bit of this and a bit of that, in true amateur fashion. A bit of second-hand Millian, a bit of Skripal, a bit of Nellie Ohr, a bit of Steele, a bit of fabricated DNS logs re “Alpha” Bank, a bit of Estonian fakery, a bit of Cody Shearer, a bit of NSA surveillance data on names and travel dates (even then they got the wrong Michael Cohen in Prague), etc. ending up with an amateurish, laughable dossier. Brennan and Fusion GPS never dreamed it would be scrutinized by the FISA judges, Congress, IG and the public.


          • V says:

            Mike, do you have a link where Simpson says this to Ohr? I’ve read the “ex-spy in the US” reference, too, but was it Simpson to Ohr or Simpson testimony to Congress or.Simpson to the media?

            In my search for a link, I found this – more info on Millian as dossier source. Millian denies it. Methinks Millian is being used as a cover for the real sources.



          • V says:

            Found it. Article dated 8/9/18 by John Solomon

            Ohr’s note re Dec 10, 2016 meeting with Simpson:
            “Simpson allegedly acknowledged that most of the information Fusion GPS and British intelligence operative Christopher Steele developed did not come from sources inside Moscow. “Much of the collection about the Trump campaign ties to Russia comes from a former Russian intelligence officer (? not entirely clear) who lives in the U.S.,” Ohr scribbled in his notes.”
            Still, could be a lie. Ohr was “(? not entirely clear)” – about what? US or UK? Since those are parentheses, it indicates Ohr wrote that. If John Solomon added that, those should be square brackets. There’s no link to the original Ohr handwritten notes in Solomon’s article that I could find. Want to see these notes for myself.

            Where do these Ohr-Steele notes come from? Have they or some of them been planted as disinfo? Did Ohr misspell Glenn as “Glen” throughout or just in the Dec 10, 2016 note?

            Solomon wrote: “…the official’s handwritten notes — a contemporaneous record that intelligence professionals tell me….”

            Hm, so it seems Solomon hasn’t seen them with his own eyes either. One cannot trust these deepstate serpents. There are so many possibilities of foul play. Ohr could be writing notes now and back-dating them. “Intelligence professionals” could be planting false data – to Solomon.


    • icehole3 says:

      Where is Sergi Skripal? I see he pulled through the murder attempt.


      • V says:

        Sergei Skripal and daughter poisoned 4 March 2018 – still alive – and still Russia got sanctioned.

        Interesting paragraph with footnotes:
        ” In May 2018, the New York Times reported that Skripal, though retired, was “still in the game.” While living in Britain he had travelled to former Communist countries, meeting with intelligence officials of the Czech Republic and Estonia, most likely discussing Russian spying techniques.[40] In June 2016 he travelled to Estonia to meet local spies[41], and it was later reported that he had links to Christopher Steele, the author of the Steele dossier[42].”

        This ties in with the Brennan – Estonia info.

        March 28, 2017 article – John Brennan and Baltic Spies Teamed Up to Defeat Trump


        More from Wiki
        The backlash against Russia

        “On 12 March 2018, Prime Minister Theresa May identified the nerve agent used in the attack as a Russian-developed Novichok agent and demanded explanation from the Russian government.[55][56] Two days later, May said that Russia was responsible for the incident and announced the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats in retaliation.”

        US Sanctions:

        April 2018 – as referenced above re Deripaska and others added to the sanctions list

        9 Aug 2018 – new sanctions about to be deployed re Skripal

        “State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Wednesday the administration would impose the sanctions later this month, on or around August 22.

        The sanctions will limit Russia’s ability to purchase sensitive national security goods from the U.S., such as engines, circuits and other items.”


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Sd…..Put together well.

      For those who wish to read the behind-the-paywall WSJ…..within a day or two of the article, put the URL into here: https://outline.com/ and you can get access to it.

      So in this case: https://outline.com/LY6MHj


  2. Howard Richman says:

    In the news stories about Deripaska, the fake media insinuates that Manafort and Deripaska may have been colluding with Russia against Trump. Actually, they have been legal antagonists for more than 7 years due to a failed business deal. See:


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  3. boutis says:

    One of the primary reasons for removing or temporarily suspending a security clearance is mental problems. From the regulations I was able to find on US government or contractor websites it is very specific. Physical illness such a stoke, head injury, etc will result in an immediate suspension. Psychiatric problems, medically diagnosed or just observed, such a uncontrolled anger, substance abuse, irrationality, lack of self control, recklessness, etc are the first reason given in pulling clearances. President Trump is specifically calling out Brennan et al because that is the first reason to yank it, he knows it (as does Rand Paul), and is calling Brennan on it. Profiteering or cashing is the second reason to pull it. So Brennan and company can go down the list for the many reasons they violated being granted a security clearance and certainly keeping it. Lawsuits will be thrown out as all they have to do is point out the rules. He meets the criteria for losing it. As do his co-conspirators.

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    • V says:

      Thank you for your research!

      Sounds like Hillary Clinton is number one candidate for losing her security clearance.

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    • L. Gee says:

      So according to your research, boutis, this means that No Name McCain’s security clearance was revoked shortly after he was diagnosed with brain cancer???????


    • Jederman says:

      “Profiteering or cashing…” through the retention of a security clearance seems to be reserved, mostly, for senior SES types and flag officers (elites). For the rest of us, when we leave the service, we move on to other things and no longer give a rat’s rear about the clearance.

      I hope Brennan (and the other elite buffoons and hacks ie McRaven) try to make this a 1 amendment issue. It will not go well. Particularly in Brennen’s case. A former communist who became (only in obama land) the CIA director accuses the sitting president of treason. A very big deal, even in our hyper partisan times.

      If PTrump merely outlives this attempted coup without bringing sever justice to the perps he will have let the country down and sent the msg to the rest of the haters – there are no consequences, please try again when you’re in the mood. And they will.


      • MGBSE says:

        I believe Trump must expose all of them or they will continue with their plan once he is out of office – destroy his reputation, his business, bankrupt him & his family and send him to prison (or at least a holding cell where he will die of a “heart attack” like mcdoogle)…this is a take no prisoners war against the deep state!!!


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      OR….boutis….Let Brennan sue. That will mean “discovery” and we’ll get lots of info on what Brennan has been doing.

      Back to the subject at hand……


  4. CopperTop says:

    Why the heck doesn’t Yaacov Aplebaum research mention a single Deripaska thread? He & Steele seem linked enough to appear in his blog showing how data mining and facial recognition links all the players and reveals groups not otherwise easy to put together.

    From his comment thread…(nope I’m not the one asking the question)
    What an outstanding piece of work ! Congratulations !
    One question I keep coming back to is: since Simpson ad Steele are supposedly so “anti-Putin”, why do they keep working for Kremlin or Kremlin linked entities like KGB Natalia and Deripaska ?
    More to the point. Why do Putin-linked entities keep hiring Simpson and Steele when they are such great “enemies” of Putin ?
    —Angel Martin , August 12, 2018 at 7:45 pm Reply

    Hi Angel, thanks for your feedback. Let’s take offline. Ping me at Apelbaum [@] …

    Yaacov Apelbaum , August 14, 2018 at 1:15 am


    • V says:

      Ha, maybe Deripaska is gathering national and commercial intel from Steele (into MI6) and Simpson (into the FBI/DOJ/CIA/NSA etc). Money talks. Steele and Simpson may think they’re the cat’s whiskers, but may have been played by Putin, long before Trump appeared on the scene.

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      • V says:

        Veselnitskaya could have put one of those little gadgets into Fusion GPS’ computers while she was in their offices on behalf of her client Katsyv. Wonder how deep the deep state can be penetrated through Fusion GPS. Right into NSA data bases?

        Release the unredacted FISA warrants. Redact Rosemary Collyer’s 99-pager listing who the contractors are who had direct access to NSA and FBI data bases!

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  5. Den says:

    This summary just posted on Reddit. It’s probably the most succinct description of this whole mess that I’ve read today and adds to what has been detailed on the site as well. It was just posted by QAnon

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    • Molly Pitcher says:

      We need to set up a fund to pay for as full page ad space in print news and start publishing these reports and articles from CTH and other places.
      People do still read newspapers and eventually the big corrupt MSM would find itself explaining why they don’t have any of this


    • Craig D says:

      Yes, we are getting greater insight on how the “swamp” operates. This “security clearance business” is an example of swamp business. All these ex government officials use their security clearance to gain monetarily. These ex government officials are hired by privately owned companies so that they can legally access classified government documents. And, as we know, the government (known as the swamp) classifies everything, so these ex government officials have lots of work. Then, we see how they abuse this security classification, like Andy McCabe’s $7000.00 dollar desk being blacked out on documents. But the real kicker to all this, even when caught doing illegal stuff like classifying Andy’s desk, “no one cares”! The swamp is not afraid of being exposed. To America, it is business as usual.


    • jmclever says:

      If Barsoomian is Rosenstein wife and is a CIA operative, then everything just really might be tied to Brennan. But this post, as interesting as it is, is mixing fact with conjecture.unless there is proof of Barsoomian’s status with cia


  6. DeAnna Vaughn says:

    You know. After following Q, Sundance and all this sordid mess for months, I’m so thankful for my “normal”, no drauma, stable, life. I can’t imagine all the stress these “players” in corruption must be going through just waiting to be hauled off to Gitmo.

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  7. LivLovely101 says:

    I wonder if Steele saying to BOhr, “a million thanks” (for finding him another Bureau contact on “OUR GUY’S” behalf should things go sideways), is a reference to ruble$ rather than his eternal gratitude….hmmm.


  8. gary lacey says:

    Like pieces of a puzzle, the more pieces that fit into place the clearer it gets, it appears a coup de’etat was in the working.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Absolutely. But, it turned into a Coup-de-fail. We MUST get these criminals prosecuted, or we will be dealing with kind of crap forever!

      It does not matter how long it takes either. There is an ongoing effort to slow all things down. (This is how the Clintonistas have survived this long, and Slick and the Hilldabeast have yet to be put in prison.)


  9. beach lover says:

    OK.. now my mind is completely scrambled … I know there had to be some major reasons to go to this much trouble to keep Trump out of office, but they went into overdrive AFTER the election to throw the focus on collusion to keep it away from what had been done.

    Can there be any hope a few good honest men in our government can possibly get to the bottom of all this? People like Strzok and McCabe look like peons in this thing now. And I wouldn’t be surprised they will be the ones they use to take the fall, so they can wrap it up and call it a day. To reveal what has really gone on, would shake our entire government to the core.


  10. Zippy says:

    SOMEONE needs to take what is found here and on Dan Bongino’s show and make a SIMPLE timeline of JUST THE ORIGINATION PHASE of this frame-up with FOOTNOTES so it’s not an unreadable mess!


  11. jmclever says:

    I wonder does anyone here think anyone on the Senate intelligence committee is smart enough to mastermind any of this coup against POTUS Trump? Me neither. So who is pulling the strings? Who is really behind the need to talk to Deripaska off the record? For whom is Mark Warner the liason?


  12. duchess01 says:

    “Our Guy” – The *REAL* Russian Collusion…
    August 21, 201803

    from The Conservative Treehouse:


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  13. G. Alistar says:

    Another reason for Mueller to wrap it up, end the witch hunt. McCabe/Comey, STrozk, Ohr and crew….well they waited too long. The early bird gets the worm when it comes to flipping. I think Ms. Page picked all the worms from the garden. Smart girl!


  14. V says:



    Title: More on the world of Christopher Steele and Russian agents, poisoned and un poisoned.

    “Just came across an intriguing theory about Sergei Skripal, the former Soviet/Russian military intelligence agent who spied for Britain, and, along with his daughter Yulia, was nearly killed this spring by a dose of the nerve agent Novichok in the town of Salisbury, England, where they live.

    In a March 21 interview on the John Batchelor Show, Gregory R. Copley, editor and publisher of Defense & Foreign Affairs, posited that Sergei Skripal is the unnamed Russian intelligence source in the Steele dossier.

    Copley further explained (or tried to explain) to Batchelor (who kept cutting him off): “The people who wished to see Skripal become quiet were people in Washington, the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton campaign, and people around Christopher Steele himself. I’m not saying necessarily that MI6 or the British government had a witting hand in it, but there are too many people who had an axe to grind to make sure that Skripal did not —”

    Did not… did not what? Batchelor steps on the end of Copley’s sentence to interject a question about whether the Novichok attack on the Skripals could have been a “gangland” hit.”

    What Copley surely meant was to say was — to make sure Skripal did not “talk.”

    Copley had already explained that in Skripal’s UK “retirement,” he did plenty of freelance work, providing researchers for a price with that perfect shot of authentic, but also custom-made, “Russian intelligence.”

    Copley: “He would write whatever people wanted. He would say, ‘What are you trying to achieve, let me help you,’ and he would do that. And he was apparently prepared to, if you like, to fold under pressure and admit that he had done that, and admit that what he had written about Trump in that dossier was pure fiction, written simply to provide his client with —”


    Batchelor steps on Copley again, this time to put in a question about legality. “… there’s nothing illegal about this, correct, Gregory?”

    Copley: “Not necessarily, until you get to the part where this was not just providing intelligence services to the Clinton campaign; it was providing a document for use in political warfare operations to influence an election. There, he was basically fabricating material purporting for it to be intelligence —”

    Batchelor steps on him again! He asks something about whether MI6 knew Steele was working with Skripal — a question that just might have been able to wait three more seconds.

    Even so, Copley’s assessment, which he said he had based on “conversations we’ve had with people familiar with” Skripal, came through loud and clear: In Skripal’s pseudo-country-gentleman retirement, the ex-GRU-MI6 double agent was selling custom-made “Russian intelligence”; he had fabricated “material” that went into the Steele dossier; and he was prepared to say so. By Copley’s logic, this meant that Skripal’s enemies were also Trump’s enemies: “people in Washington, the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton campaign, and people around Christopher Steele himself,” along with their MI6 and British government allies.”


    Excerpts cont’d:

    “After the poisoning, it turns out that the British government issued two related “D-notices” on the story — a big, fat chill on British press coverage. What seems to have been uppermost in these censorship “requests” was to ensure that the British press protected the MI-6 connection to Sergei, which is interesting all by itself. Such protection would seem to include the name of the retired MI-6 agent who recruited Skripal, first discussed here. As has been reported outside of Britain, that retired MI6 agent’s name is Pablo Miller. It has also been reported that Miller now works with another retired MI-6 agent. His name is Christopher Steele.”

    “Politely, the Telegraph nonetheless reported on March 7 [2018] on a security consultant, presumably Miller, and his connections to Skripal and Steele both.

    The Telegraph: [If anyone can find the full article, please post. Link only shows 3 paragraphs.]

    “A security consultant [Pablo Miller] who has worked for the company that compiled the controversial dossier on Donald Trump was close to the Russian double agent poisoned last weekend, it has been claimed.

    The consultant, who [sic] The Telegraph is declining to identify, lived close to Col Skripal and is understood to have known him for some time.

    The Telegraph understands that Col Skripal moved to Salisbury in 2010 in a spy swap* and became close to a security consultant employed by Christopher Steele, who compiled the Trump dossier.”
    *My note: The spy swap included Chapman and her group of spies, caught in the US, who was reportedly making contacts close to Hillary. So Skripal may have felt his freedom from a Russian prison to the UK was thanks to Hillary and Obama.
    Excerpts cont’d

    “The British security consultant [Pablo Miller], according to a LinkedIn social network account that was removed from the internet in the past few days, is also based in Salisbury.

    On the same LinkedIn account, the man listed consultancy work with Orbis Business Intelligence, according to reports.

    “The man” lives in Salisbury; he’s close to Skripal; he works with Steele. Did this breaking news start a stampede? Hardly. British press reaction was, in the main, to get out there and tamp the Telegraph story down.”
    Then the BBC, Guardian, Financial Times all issue damage control statements denying the Steele – Miller – Orbis – Skripal Dossier connection.

    Entire article very good.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. V says:

    Some local UK color to the story:

    10 March 2018

    The Covert Brasserie: How ex-Russian agent Sergei Skripal dined with ‘tweed suit-wearing MI6 handler every month at Salisbury restaurant’

    “Mr Skripal was also said to have been close to an unnamed intelligence expert who carried out work for independent security firm Orbis Business Intelligence.

    Orbis was founded by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, who was behind a notorious and controversial dossier on Donald Trump, which claimed Moscow had compromising information on the US President.

    But Orbis has denied having any connection to Mr Skripal’s work.”


  16. V says:

    So, if Russia and Deripaska have been unfairly sanctioned for unproven allegations about the Skripal attempted murder and if UK and US deepstate are actually responsible, things need to be set right.


  17. DesertRain says:

    Attorney Adam Waldman no longer represents Oleg Deripaska as of last April…

    View story at Medium.com


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