Weird and Sketchy Federal Behavior Surrounds New Mexico Terror Training Compound….

The story of the jihadist training compound in New Mexico takes yet another weird turn today, as federal authorities removed the partially buried trailer, bulldozed a portion of the compound in the process, and yet left key evidence including: ammunition, a bullet proof vest, birth certificates and notebooks, laying around. WATCH THIS VIDEO

This happens on the same day when the child’s corpse discovered within one of the terrorist tunnels was positively identified as the partially decomposed remains of 3-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, the son of Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, who is alleged to have kidnapped the boy from Georgia in December.

Human remains found at a New Mexico compound in a raid that resulted in several arrests earlier this month have been identified as that of a missing as the son of one of the people taken into custody. (read more)

The property owner and even local media covering the story are perplexed by the sketchy and haphazard investigative activity of federal authorities charged with investigating the events.  This follows earlier local reports of the feds clearing the compound, only to have the property owner discover tunnels, weapons and ammunition overlooked by the FBI.

What the heck is going on in New Mexico?

Local media are struggling to present an appropriate context for ongoing events, as the local courts have released the terrorist suspects without bail.

In releasing the suspects: where does the judge think they are going to live considering their previous residence was the illegal terrorist training compound?

The entire story is beyond sketchy, and unfortunately when things get this sketchy in the investigative process we are reminded of the fingerprints of the DOJ-CRS (Dept. of Justice, Community Relations Service).  The CRS is a secret institution within the DOJ Civil Rights Division consisting of very-far-left activists who are allowed to reach into the judiciary and justice system and essentially take over.  WATCH:

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622 Responses to Weird and Sketchy Federal Behavior Surrounds New Mexico Terror Training Compound….

  1. Donna in Oregon says:

    We should demand a Congressional hearing now before the rest of the plot is allowed to continue.

    Need sunlight to kill this Globalist disease.

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  2. Crystal says:

    Hmmm. I think they used the same “cleaning crew” after the San Bernadino murders when the FBI collected evidence from the killers’ townhouse, leaving pertinent papers and other possible evidence behind. What’s really going on here?

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  3. anarchopunkenragement says:

    I’m blown away that they just let these sick f-ers walk. Something seriously stinks about all of this.

    (Edited by Admin…)

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  4. Sigh2016 says:

    Here is a theory…They plan to leave that “evidence” behind on purpose, so that the local news media covers it. It’s a ruse to get people to question the abilities and trustworthiness of the agencies. So that then people will be not sure what to believe, and getting more and more information on the story creates more confusion. As these “mistakes” happen, thinking people who are paying attention think they are on to something and now are suspicious of every event—but not sure who the white hats and the black hats are. This causes low level nervousness, distrust, and paranoia—that grows with each “event”. Thinking people are much harder to trigger than those who just swallow what is served to them. They have to have a way for the wheels to come off at all levels for the ultimate takeover to occur. This is them just priming the public to be agitated, suspicious, questioning every thing and easier to trigger—especially the thinking public who pays attention and isn’t so easily fooled.
    When they decide there ready to “flip the switch” they’ll have a culture that has been on edge for years—ready to take down every one around them because they don’t know who they can trust.
    Essentially, the people will do the heavy lifting for them. They’ll just sit back and watch the public literally devour each other. I think more than anything else, it’s psychological warfare. It’s frenzy stew—they keep throwing more turmoil in and stirring the pot—politics, racism, terroristic fears, mass violence, civil liberties and constitutional rights at risk, pussy hats and tiki torches…it’s all to keep the subfloor beneath us moving at a faster, more frantic and frenetic rate. Maybe the decade of the 60’s was the dress rehearsal? Just a thought…

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    • Sigh2016 says:

      When they decide *they’re* ready to flip the switch (sorry-bad grammar)


    • Incisor says:

      OR they know exactly what happened because they “had this bunch of muslim terrorists in their sights” already and were about to let them go AGAIN to reek havoc on some more unsuspecting Americans. Seems the FBI see no credible threat in a good many folks who are actually a threat lately?

      Or am I just being paranoid and on edge???


    • Mike says:

      I absolutely agree with your theory…too much intentional diversion and distraction.




    • Covadonga says:

      At Benghazi, the FBI didn’t cover themselves in glory preserving whatever evidence remained at the compounds, when they finally got there to investigate. (Remember the long delay?)

      That was the first time I can remember this phenomenon of
      i.) sloppy, almost nonexistent, investigation by the FBI agents in the field,
      ii.) followed by them beating a hasty retreat,
      iii.) followed by transparently false assertions by Bureau mouthpieces that all the evidence was collected, and that the scene had now been released to normal use since it served no further purpose to investigators,
      iv.) followed by shameful video of civilians on location rummaging through items of obvious evidentiary value.

      At least in the case of Benghazi, they had the excuse that it was a genuinely dangerous place for Americans to work at that point.

      But San Bernardino, Las Vegas, New Mexico? Thoroughly disgusting.

      I do agree with Sigh2016 that it is it psychological warfare directed against the citizenry.

      But who is behind it? al-Ikhwan? (a.k.a. Muslim Brotherhood) Communists? Some globalist in a white suit, stroking a white cat with a diamond-studded collar?

      Can anyone think of an earlier example than Benghazi? Very interested in tracking down the history of this. What were FBI investigations of the Kenyan and Tanzanian embassies like? The USS Cole bombing in Yemen? Is there a 20th century precedent, or is this a thoroughly Obama era phenomenon?

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      • Milo Mindbender says:

        Murrah federal building in OKC, many unanswered questions, but bulldozed as an ” Act of Healing “.
        Stopped looking once they had 2 “suspects”, and cleared the crime scene.

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        • zaq123 says:

          In addition to 4 US State Dept security contractors being imprisoned. FBI went to the “crime scene”/firefight location, hours after it happened and interviewed the people that the iraqi’s wanted interviewed. Only to find out, now, that the key witness was a corrupt police officer who was affiliated with a local terror cell.
          Since they couldn’t get the guys for, Murder, which is what they were hoping for, they convicted them of a weapons charge that is used against those involved in drug trafficking and using illegal automatic weapons, in the process.
          However, these 4 were in a firefight, using weapon automatic weapons supplied to them by the US Government.
          But, lets not even mention that the US government, had no venue or jurisdiction in the case anyway, obama/biden wanted to appease the Iraqi’s so they threw these 4 under the bus.


        • Dave Davison says:

          Yes and they knew a truck bomb on the street did not do all the damage that was done to the building. Their own model proved it.


      • Jbird says:

        TWA 800 explosion off Long Island real cause was covered-up;
        Waco Texas was an exercise to prove their validity, rationalize the expanded force, could have easily taken David Koresh into custody without exposing women & children durning his many trips to town.
        RubyRidge also was handled poorly.
        The Olympic’s gymnastic dr/pedophile investigation, they were supplied tapes, multi-victims, reported at two separate FBI offices, for lack of action, Still Nothing.
        FBI was somehow implicated with Vegas shooter, proof is in the media’s minimum reaction, they would have a Hay Day going after Trump if they weren’t warned not to go near the story.
        Damn just disolve the damn agency at this point, I don’t see the good agents coming forward & blowing the whistle


      • SteveRogers42 says:

        Wasn’t the steel debris from the WTC shipped to China as scrap before any forensic analysis could be done?


  6. Pokey says:

    The Communists now have apparatchik cells operating all over the country, whereas 90 years ago, they were pretty much only located in the coastal states of the Northeast. They added Hollywood, and many University campuses in the 60’s and most of the rest over the last 30 years. They have been in control of the Democrat Party for at least 20 years and have thoroughly infiltrated our bureaucracies. They are attempting to foment their revolution right now because another win for the Trump MAGA crowd and they will lose everything they have gained over at least the last half century, and they know it. Their only choices are to go for the whole enchilada or go back underground to re-group. Read Whittaker Chambers autobiographical “Witness” to find out more about how their apparatchiks are organized and how dedicated to their cause they are. WE HAVE TO WIN THIS NOVEMBER AND IN 2020 TO BEAT THEM BACK. If we don’t we can kiss our country goodbye. That simple.

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  7. Maquis says:

    This whole thing is starting to give off an X-Files vibe.

    They should be combing this site with cadaver dogs and maybe ground penetrating radar. But no, they gotta disappear the entire ENEMY ENCAMPMENT. ASAP.

    Who’s protecting who?
    Or what?

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  8. Papoose says:

    Halt! Back off! Deliberate destruction of evidence, Exactly Like demolition of the Sandy Hook School and Adam Lanza’s Home. Scoundrels.

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  9. Strayhorse says:

    Is the FBI the enemy of Americans, just like Mainstream Media has become? Why are they protecting the terrorist trainers in New Mexico? What did they know and when did the FBI know it? Were they funding and encouraging terrorist acts in America?

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  10. EbonyRaptor says:

    I refuse to believe the FBI is as incompetent as they would need to be to handle these high profile cases as poorly as they have. These are cover-ups. This case, Vegas, and a bunch of other shooting or terrorist attacks have all been intentionally bungled for the purpose of covering up something or someone. And if that isn’t bad enough, it points to a level of corruption throughout the FBI that goes well beyond the top guys who have been in view.


  11. Madi says:

    John F Kennedy, ………..1993, Oklahoma, 911, Benghazi, Syria, Orlando, work place violence (psychiatrist jihadist), St Banderdino, Las Vegas , the monckingbird sycophants are doing a great jobs hiding the truth from half of this country.


    • SteveRogers42 says:

      Yup. After the JFK assassination, the FBI didn’t investigate the crime so much as they worked to build a case against Oswald. Big difference.


  12. Molly Pitcher says:

    Now that the little boy has been identified they better charge them the same as they would charge any other death due to a religious rite being performed.,51033

    Hakima Ramzi recently clarified the wording in a Georgia arrest warrant that had said Siraj Ibn Wahhaj believed their son was “possessed” and intended to perform an “exorcism” on him. Speaking with CNN, she explained this as an interpretation issue in court. She said her husband actually intended to perform a “ruqya,” an Islamic prayer ritual meant to remedy illness. Directly translated, the Arabic word means to “chant or recite divine words.”

    That ritual is mentioned in a text investigators found at the Amalia compound during their search. The book, titled “Sword Against Black Magic & Evil Magicians,” goes into detail as to how it is performed.


  13. Resistwemuch says:

    Where are the “good guys” screaming from the rooftops?


    • Molly Pitcher says:

      Where’s all the SJW supposed child advocates? Where’s the Hogg patrol yammering about school shootings and guns? Where’s MSM ?


  14. 8675310 says:

    Virtually all of the federal agencies have operatives belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. That includes FBI, DOJ, and Homeland Security. That easily explains this. They were brought in by “Obama” and Clinton. And it explains why the FBI ordered a stand down on the Las Vegas investigation. Anonymous agents claim that the evidence shows that ISIS is responsible. KEEP MOVING. NOTHING TO SEE HERE. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN.


  15. Karl R.Wood says:

    The child’s death must be investigated. No exorcism nonsense. If murdered then charges should follow. If not murder- concealment of his death. If this is a terrorist cell, send them to Gitmo.. The whole area is a crime scene and all but investigators/police should be kept out. What is all this BS? Ordinary law enforcement should apply. Is the Judge Mad?-Released with no bail?


  16. Leslie says:

    Why did the FBI remove the trailer after the fact? They had already “cleared the scene” and let the owner and consequently, a reporter back into the area. Any evidence within the trailer would be compromised as it could be argued successfully that either of the afore mentioned could have tainted or planted evidence. Therefore, pulling the trailer out was an excuse for bulldozing the place.
    There are WAY too many incidents of coziness between the FBI and Muslim terrorists, as well as examples of shoddy work and destruction of evidence after school shootings. Sandyhook was such a comical farce, many don’t believe anyone died there at all. Something is very amiss at the FBI and I fear the recent coup against President Trump is only the tip of the iceberg.


  17. Dave says:

    Does anyone think the investigation would be handled the same if the parties involved were Irish Catholics rather than Mid-Eastern Muslims


  18. Colin the little brown emoji says:

    Let’s not forget the sketchy investigation and lack of real info on the LV shooting.
    Is it simply obamabots not doing their jobs, or something more sinister?


  19. Molly Pitcher says:

    No need for any of us to bother questioning any of it.
    ” The father of the boy who was found dead on New Mexico compound will not be extradited to Georgia.

    Authorities accuse Siraj Wahhaj of abducting his son from Clayton County last year and was being held on that warrant. Prosecutors in New Mexico said last week there were no new charges imminent against him.”
    Wahhaj could now be released because the extradition was denied.
    Here’s the proof of FBI being involved…and now…nothing. Like it never happened. Like a small boy wasn’t kidnapped and taken from Ga to NM, like he wasn’t killed during a ritual…,51274


  20. Darklich123 says:

    History teaches us that anytime the authorities bulldoze a building you HAVE to assume it is done to prevent independent research. The amount of times this has happened is now not a coincidence.


  21. Tora Bollakov says:

    “The CRS is a secret institution within the DOJ Civil Rights Division consisting of very-far-left activists who are allowed to reach into the judiciary and justice system and essentially take over.“

    This is very interesting. Could you please give us the source for this accusation?


  22. aabaa aabaaa says:

    If the federal investigation seems odd and haphazard, I would guess it’s because of regulations put into place by the obama administration.

    That needs to be dealt with so we can deal with these animals.


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