Unbelievable: New Mexico Judge Allows Jihadis Released on Signature Bond…

Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.  The five extremists of the New Mexico jihadist compound, where a 3-year-old was murdered, are being released from custody pending trial without any bail whatsoever.  They are free on a a mere signature bond; a promise to return for trial.

(Via Daily Caller) A New Mexico state judge ruled Monday that five alleged Muslim extremists accused of training children to conduct school shootings do not have to remain in jail while they await trial for child abuse.

Judge Sarah Backus released the five defendants, Siraj Wahhaj, Hujrah Wahhaj, Subhannah Wahhaj, Jany Leveille, and Lucas Morten, on a $20,000 “signature bond,” according to the Albuquerque Journal. That means that the defendants will not have to pay money unless they violate the conditions of their release.  (read more)

Remember, this is the same DOJ/FBI who cleared the compound and then had to return because the property owner found weapons and ammunition missed by local, state and FBI investigators.  While contemplating their release, let that sketchy aspect sink in.

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456 Responses to Unbelievable: New Mexico Judge Allows Jihadis Released on Signature Bond…

  1. Charlotte says:

    BREAKING: According to documents I’ve obtained, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj has been on the radar of federal counterterrorism officials for the past 13 years on suspicion of jihadist activity

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  2. KBR says:

    So did the five extremists get to go “home” to their squatter compound?

    Since the compound is no longer being investigated, perhaps they will dig up and relocate all the other bodies?

    No way that mess was thoroughly investigated. NO. WAY.

    How many more tunnels might have been obscured by junk?

    How many other graves/bodies?

    How many caches of weapons?

    How many kids ran through other tunnels to escape routes and are now hiding in various caves waiting to be “rescued” by the released “extremists?”

    Should we start a go fund me (or go FIND me) for the landowner to hire body sniffing dogs and weapon/gunpowder sniffing dogs? Then bulldozers and diggers?

    I strongly suspect there were more than ONE “ritual killings” out there.

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  3. LannyD says:

    Isn’t there a federal charge to get them with? Happens all the time that one jurisdiction jumps another. ATF?

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    • paulyho39 says:

      Indeed! I can’t help but think of the lengths the feds went to to “get”..even killing some…ranchers using “federal land” for their cattle….and THESE guys? They can’t get enough to ensure their imprisonment??? Absolutely beyond belief!

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  4. SouthCentralPA says:

    It is as though they want them to leave the country quietly, kind of like the Awans ….

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  5. Sugarhillhardrock says:

    I can not fathom how a grown human who went to college and then Law school, passed a bar exam, and practiced as a public defender, where your clients are guilty at least 90% of the time, fails to see potential school shooter trainers who are Muslim as a flight risk. These Taqiya talkers do not recognise the jurisdiction of this court or judge.
    She needs impeachment.
    I am flabbergasted.

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  6. Pokey says:

    I am from NM and this is par for the course in this backwater leftist and criminal haven. Taos has been this way since at least the 18th century, long before the mountain men arrived in the early 1800s. It will never improve, Georgia O’Keeffe notwithstanding.

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  7. Lactantius says:

    The basic question for honest and purposeful analysis of this judicial farce has long gone unanswered in law schools and sources of judicial review:

    “What is judicial discretion?”

    When you hand that stinker of a question to the ABA, the top law schools and the gods of legal scholarship, you get double-talk, mumbo jumbo and arcane language meant to cloud understanding.

    The “judicial discretion” loophole is big enough to swallow common sense. Overturning a judge’s “discretion” is rare, so piecing together what constitutes “judicial discretion” by appellate precedent is also rare. But there is precedent.

    In the 1800’s, law schools were rare and lawyers learned from precedent. In Sharp v Greene in the state of Washington in 1900, the appellate court said “……not only some ground for the alleged exercise of discretion must be visible but that a reasonable foundation is essential.” Today, that wobbly mess of concepts is useless. The wording is straight forward to common sense people who don’t play definitional games with legal definitions. But, what constitutes “visible” and what are the legal requirements for a “reasonable foundation” and what are the varying levels of “essential” when applied to administrative law, misdemeanor cases, felonies, civil disputes, and blah, blah, blah.

    The point is, the law can be talked to death. “Judicial discretion” remains murky, because “judicial discretion” effectively means we can do what we damn well please and is a great tool for denying appeals and judicial wrongdoing.

    The whole legal community is caught up in protecting the immunity of the judiciary. It prevents witch hunts and reigning in the independence of the judiciary. Neither the judiciary nor the lawyer world is the least bit interested in being vulnerable to the corrective oversight of the ignorant masses who rely on common sense. The willful blindness of the members of the bar to “judicial discretion” is fueled by the understanding that they are all part of the “our thing” (cosa nostra) reality of their world being a protected racket. “Judicial oversight committees” avoid “judicial discretion” like the plague.

    So, weep over this “miscarriage” of justice as you will. It is in the hands of the legal profession and therefore out of reach to you and your common sense.

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  8. Ellen says:

    For decades, I’ve read Drudge because he has all the headlines. I’ve been reading less and less as he regularly omits news that doesn’t fit the narrative and there are many other sites now.. I checked this morning, just to test and see if he covered this and was not surprised that the headline was Omarosa. Bigger headline than a terrorist attack in UK. Thanks for covering real news here.

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  9. Popoy says:

    Don’t you worry. The fbi will take care of it… after they are done with the Russian collusion.

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  10. Molly Pitcher says:

    If the courts had granted the owner the right to evict these extremist lunatics the child might be alive still. If the FBI had bothered…the child might be alive. WTF are all the bleeding heart SJW’s..nowhere, cause it’s all optics and political games.
    ~~~~ Court records show a judge dismissed an eviction notice filed by Badger against Lucas Morton in June. The records didn’t provide further details on the judge’s decision.
    Hogrefe said FBI agents had surveilled the area a few weeks ago but did not find probable cause to search the property. An FBI spokesman didn’t immediately return a call by The Associated Press seeking comment.
    Abdul-ghani ( the dead child) was believed to have been at the Amalia compound as recently as several weeks ago, Hogrefe has said.

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  11. New Nonna Again!!! says:

    Does President Trump know this, care and is he disgusted like the rest of us?? I would think: yes.

    Mr President, ‘we are country of laws or we aren’t’.

    You ran on a promise to bring law and order back to our beloved country. You are accomplishing wonderful things for America. Please start making America SAFE again.


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    • Piper says:

      I’m not sure he does know, I’m not sure of anything anymore.
      Best thing about what’s going on in the world today; I have re-examined my faith and drawn MUCH closer to God The Father, that’s the only truth anymore; everything else is suspect.

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      • New Nonna Again!!! says:

        Amen. In God we trust.

        Unfortunately, although we are not of this world, we ARE in it. That is what makes such events so frustrating, sickening and evil in our eyes.

        Keeping our focus on God, on Jesus and His Most Holy Spirit is the only thing that makes life bearable.

        Thank You, God! Thank You, Jesus!


      • New Nonna Again!!! says:

        Amen, piper. We are loved by The King. We are His. In reality, nothing matters more. 💕🙏🏼


  12. Sunshine says:

    It seems to me the prosecutors didn’t do their homework.

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    • Bendix says:

      It seems that way to me also.
      Why did they argue ‘danger to the community’ without enough to back it, when ‘flight risk’ would have been so much easier to argue?
      Do squatters have ties to the community? I think not.
      I am no lawyer, but it looks to me like the judge is telling them to do their job.


    • paulyho39 says:

      …and the local and state law enforcement! It appears they totally “blew it” on this entire thing…and that poor child’s death is on all their hands!


  13. M. Mueller says:

    Remove Judge Sara Backus CALL The Governor Susana Martinez located on the 4th floor of the New Mexico State Capitol in Rm 400, and the phone number is (505) 476-2200. CONTACT INFO FLOOD THIS OFFICE


  14. Pyrran says:

    Judge Backus graduated from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law and is a licensed attorney in both California and New Mexico. Prior to her appointment to the bench, Judge Backus held a variety of posts. She was Deputy Public Defender and Deputy Attorney General in San Francisco, California. Any more questions?

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      Pyrran: Are you dissing California? Doncha’ know that’s “mean”?


    • Kent says:

      I too checked her background the moment I read the headline…but I already had a pretty good idea what I would find.

      Too bad they didn’t decide to rabbithole in Texas…I know a guy who got hit with a $58,000 bail for DUI….it was his third which is a Class C felony in Texas but there was no accident or incident prior to the popo pulling him over and he has no record other than DUI’s.


  15. paper doll says:

    “Prison reform”….nobody goes.

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  16. Charles Martel says:

    It’s pretty obvious that the FBI wants us dead and for these clowns to carry out some suicide attacks. Of course as with Pulse, Las Vegas,San Bernardino and the rest we will hear that the FBI knew all along. But we will be told a ridiculous story that there’s no connection to islam or terror and that it’s time for “sensible” gun control.

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  17. thedoc00 says:

    A couple of things to consider:
    The initial report claimed the local police authorities stepped in out of frustration with the FBI. who were working jointly on this case and who did not want to act. Have not seen any more stories along that line.

    – Exactly what evidence did the DA or State AG show to this judge?? It is one thing to see Gabi’s report but another to know what evidence was actually shown.
    – Did the Feds short or stifle the local’s evidence pool?
    – Did the Judge make a play to expose an inside informant?

    Something is just NOT right here. I also agree with the posters above who said this fits the pattern of Terrorists “on the FBI radar screen”, who are allowed to strike and then commit suicide. Except this strike was by a much much larger force. The scary part of this terrorist operation is that it appears the Islamic terrorists are now growing bold enough to form larger units.

    Notice: I use the word UNITS and not CELLS as this is shifting to military level of operations or the direct conflict stage in the Marxist-Communist Handbook. Marxism and Islam are natural allies, Sadat was a Marxist-socialist, then there is the Baath Party across the Middle East.

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    • Brant says:

      The Doc. Interesting comment. The area of NM is maybe too close to Las Vegas and the local police didn’t want a stick in the eye like Las Vegas got and probably continue to get. Maybe a few of the locals are beginning to turn against the local FEDs since they may be seeing they are starting to see some backup from one VSG POTUS

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    • These or similar “camps” have existed scattered throughout the country for a good number of years. This is where Islamists use our Constitutional law against us – local police in many places, when interviewed, describe how they simply cannot trespass on private property w/o some illegal action being exposed first, and having weapons and practicing with those weapons is a Constitutional right so……their hands are tied, particularly with idiot judges on the bench!

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  18. Kathylee Choi says:

    Wow , horrible living condition those muslims,cannt let them happen,kick Them out of cuntry,


  19. singular says:

    TheDoc, thank you for this informative post.


  20. Brant says:

    Just read that toddler died during religious ritual. I don’t want to write what I’m thinking of the judge and perhaps her personal and internet friends and perhaps as it pertains to this sort of activity.

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  21. Beau Geste says:

    Paul Manafort is such a danger he might talk to someone about alleged 2005 financial matters previously declined by the Justice Department, that he must be kept in solitary confinement. But there is no significant threat to children, the community or anyone else here, or that witnesses might be intimidated. Equal protection under the law demands that Manafort be permitted form an armed compound and train jihidists.

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  22. Mickjt says:

    I can’t believe the INCOMPETENT Judge…I suggest the Real Authorities re-arrest these scum on NEW Charges…and keep doing it until the Judge can be Removed!


  23. WSB says:

    I just spoke with Ronda at the 8th District Clerk’s office. She gave me the website for the NM Judicial Branch Standards.


    505 222 9353

    Let’s have at it!


    • WSB says:

      Spoke to Susan at the commission. She advised that her commission reviews ethical complaints only and meets every few months.

      The NM Supreme Court oversees all judges in NM and they are the ones to review decisions.

      Susan was not aware of any representation for the deceased child but said they are tracking calls from their group, and they are receiving them from all over the country.

      NM Supreme Court: 505 827 4860


  24. Firefly says:

    “The Taos County sheriff, undersheriff, prosecutors and an FBI agent involved in the case all argued the five adults should not be released, Albuquerque ABC affiliate KOAT reported. The judge, however, said they failed to articulate a “specific threat.”


  25. Kent says:

    “Backus received her J.D. from the University of California – San Francisco Hastings College of the Law in 1984”

    …that figures…


  26. Kent says:

    I haven’t clicked on CNN in about 18 months but I wanted to view this video interview with the Sheriff of county where the muslim extremists were arrested and set free without regard of their crimes…the poor guy is very nearly in tears about the death of the little boy….that idiot judge has got to GO!



  27. zucccchini says:

    Geesh, why even have a hearing. Just tell them to stop doing that until we (powers that be) decide whether possibly child murderers, child abusers, and other crimes are worth prosecuting. Nothing to see here. I pity that New Mexico community for their plight.


  28. Jimmy Jack says:

    This lone wolf has been let off numerous times previously. One has to ask why bc this is more than skin privilege or incompetence which I’m sure both also played a part.

    What kind of fed asset is this guy? What about his father? What are the Fed’s using that mosque for that they won’t shut it down somehow?


  29. nccosmiccurmudgeon says:

    Let me get this straight. 11 counts of child abuse; potential murder charge; kidnapping; and various accessory charges for each; and the get out of jail on Promise to Appear?
    Perhaps a similar “promise” to the one made famous by those wonderful Sweet Potato Queens?

    Remind me again why I continue to abide by the 1 Moral I have left that tells me this is just wrong on every level.


  30. Clarioncaller says:

    This [judge] is a SF retread who found a progressive home in NM. I can’t believe that the local citizens feel comforted by having this activist judge ruling over them.


  31. The judge who released them needs to be removed from the bench and thoroughly investigated.
    Actually, the fact that the FBI apparently skimmed the scene and missed stuff is troubling. Why would they do that? Is the New Mexico branch just incompetent or is this a cover-up?


  32. Kent says:

    Welcome to leftist america, America….


  33. Molly Pitcher says:

    They found the child’s body a week ago, no autopsy findings reported that I could find so..no charges of murder??
    Read today that the compound has been razed. Guess the Govt won’t be needing to find evidence or anything… nothing to see here. Move along


  34. lollabells says:

    Jany Leveille has been transferred into Ice custody according to this guy here https://twitter.com/RyanLaughlinKOB/status/1029509988085944322
    I don’t understand NM law, but what more burden of proof did the judge need? I guess they are still being held or did they get released? And they also did not present the ANY facts regarding the children’s conditions, to me this is a MAJOR let down from ALL SIDES. its like they don’t even care what they do. This is just shows me that our law is not working, or needs some overhaul. I mean if they get released & commit a MAJOR crime, like a terrorist act or go shoot up a school no one can’t say they WERE NOT WARNED!
    For the defense to say that if this were a white. christian family no one would think twice about it. The difference is there was a dead boy on this property, they were teaching KIDS how to SHOOT up schools, and that government, banks & schools were the enemy. And there was apparently some “black magic going on”? Now I’m sorry but Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Black, White, Hispanic or Asian THAT IS ILLEGAL! It is not a RACE OR RELIGION THING or a second amendment thing!
    When I was learning how to shoot a gun, I went to hunters safety I was taught NOT TO AIM at a person I was taught to always treat a weapon like it was loaded even when it was NOT! I was not learning on a compound away from civilization that was anti-government & pro school shootings! Even as an adult and I learned to shoot a small handgun for self defense I was taught that my weapon IS MY LAST RESORT, and you never want to be in a situation where you have to use it! So no it is NOT THE SAME THING AT ALL, not even a little bit!
    I read that defense said it was a good idea that kids know how to protect themselves that the sheriff agreed, Many people probably freaked out when they heard that. I actually agreed with that statement. Not in the capacity that these people in the compound were doing so though. When I was younger they offered classes like hunters safety & my dad taught me how to shoot a BB gun & others too. I know a lot of liberals will freak out. But in my family we were taught firearms were to be respected, they were NOT TOYS, we DID NOT TOUCH THEM unless my Dad was there, we treated them like they were loaded. Where I grew up that is how it was. There was no school shootings, not even accidental shootings. We had a gun rack in the back of our blazer. No on SAID A THING!
    But once again here we are, I am left speechless at our justice system.


  35. Kent says:

    Whatever became of this case? I know it’s ‘old’…but very little news has surfaced since Aug 18…it’s like ‘poof’…the djinni made it disappear….


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