Remarkable Video and Ground Report of New Mexico ‘Known Wolf’ Terror Camp…

NBC Journalist Gadi Schwartz filed a remarkable ground report about the New Mexico terror camp. While reporting on the compound in Northern New Mexico, where children were believed to have been trained on how to carry out school shootings, Mr. Schwartz was given rare access and permission to tour the area by the rightful owner of the property.

We often find ourselves critical of MSM; however, this is one of those examples of a journalist filing a great report. See his twitter thread here for more pictures:

This is a raw, unedited video that I hope will help give people who are following this story some context. Will also build a thread @GadiNBC on Twitter to fill in more details.

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283 Responses to Remarkable Video and Ground Report of New Mexico ‘Known Wolf’ Terror Camp…

  1. thedoc00 says:

    A couple of things to consider:
    The initial report claimed the local police authorities stepped in out of frustration with the FBI. who were working jointly on this case and who did not want to act. Have not seen any more stories along that line.

    Exactly what evidence did the DA or State AG show to this judge. It is one thing to see Gabi’s report but another to know what evidence was actually shown.
    – Did the Feds short or stifle the local’s evidence pool?
    – Did the Judge make a play to expose an inside informant?

    Something is just right here. I also agree with the posters above who said this fits the pattern of Terrorists “on the FBI radar screen”, who are allowed to strike and then commit suicide. Except this strike was by a much much larger force. The scary part of this terrorist cell is that it appears the Islamic terrorists are now growing bold enough to form larger units.

    Notice: I use the word UNITS and not CELLS as this is shifting to military level of operations or the direct conflict stage in the Marxist-Communist Handbook. Marxism and Islam are natural allies, Sadat was a Marxist-socialist, then there is the Baath Party across the Middle East.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      “Something is just NOT right here.”


    • Jan says:

      The three women: why are they in absolutely white, clean garments when they live in that kind of squalor, with no washing machines, no appearance of much water, etc? This alone does not compute, in addition to 11 children living with 5 adults; oh, let’s not forget the dead remains of a child. Where the f**k is a decent prosecutor or a judge who’s not an activist?

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    • Issy says:

      Who are these people? Are they refugees, brought in by chain migration, born here, what? I can’t believe we are allowing people to come here and live in the squalor of a third world country and starving their children. There is a lot more here, but if the fbi is involved, I doubt we will get any information. Anybody with an ounce of common sense would know something very bad was going on here, yet the judge turned them loose on society. God help us, the judicial system has gone to hell.


  2. ccrabill says:

    Doug Hagmann of the “Hagmann and Hagmann Report” worked with a nationwide network of Private Investigators, (he and his son are…), after 9/11, and uncovered dozens of Muslim terrorist training camps across the country. They submitted their findings to the FBI, who sat on them and shut down their nationwide, VOLUNTEER, effort. The Hagmann’s concluded that the FBI was protecting these enclaves.

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  3. Mister No says:

    Sicario 3 should resist the PC police and focus on this type of threat. The second movie foreshadowed it. Let’s see if the producers have the cajones.


  4. pochas94 says:

    Corrupt through and through.


  5. Mouser says:

    glad NBC NEWS got us that EXCLUSIVE ACCESS. Patriots Soapbox on Youtube just read your article and says this area is being BULLDOZED.


  6. auscitizenmom says:

    I want to know what those things are that are “sensitive in nature.” You have to wonder if it is something they feel the need to hide because of the people involved.


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