Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses U.S. -vs- China Confrontation Phase II…

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appears on Fox News this morning to discuss Phase II in the economic confrontation with China.  The hurt will increase until behavior changes.

Phase II is direct, deliberate and fully confrontational trade engagement with extreme prejudice to financially hurt the Chinese economy and present the communist regime with examples of what will lie ahead if they do not concede to U.S. terms.

The first objective in Phase II is to convince the Chinese the war is real.  Beijing cannot yet fathom the United States is not going to allow the import of low cost manufactured goods…. they believe, wrongly, against a history with all previous administrations, that President Trump is bluffing.

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80 Responses to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses U.S. -vs- China Confrontation Phase II…

  1. gerkenstein says:

    Trump don’t bluff… He blusters once in a while. But rarely ever bluffs.

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    • Let's roll says:

      Wilburine, a giant among all others. China, Canada – don’t mess with This Man.

      Thank you, Lord, for President Donald J Trump.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      This is when Maria B. is at her worse! She really is owned by the CoC. Does she think the Chinese are going to just say ok 👌 we have been cheating for 20+ years and are going to reverse course. Our Wilburine is absolutely right! You have to inflict maximum pain for them to change their behavior. That is exactly what our Killers are going to do!

      I love the fact that the EAGLE 🦅 is ready to destroy the damn Dragon 🐉!

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      • Rex70 says:

        She may have been playing devil’s advocate–the CoC truly being the devil–in order to get Wilbur to clearly state his case…and he did not disappoint. He was ready for her with regard to her WSJ citation; he knew all about that particular company’s tale of woe. And I laughed out loud when he toned down her hyperbole and “put it into arithmetic perspective” for Maria (and the Uniparty hacks). I love this guy. He is as brilliant an interviewee–in matter the disposition of the interviewer–as he is a MAGA Commerce Secretary. No one can explain the details and the big picture like Wilburine. VSGSoCWR!

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      • GB Bari says:

        Yes I was taken aback by her seeming to attack the Administration’s approach / policy while defending a whining company. She really took the Globalist position on this which Ive seen her take too many times.

        Wilburine artfully described the details behind this poor illustration attempted by Maria, which really defused her objection. (Note – I wonder about all off these exemptions being granted as described by Sec’y Ross – how much do they dilute the leverage of the tariffs?)

        While Bartiromo has figured out the DOJ/FBI Russia scam and the Clinton Crimes and scams, she disappointingly appears to be tone deaf on using trade tariffs as temporary leverage to force otherwise stubborn and dishonest nations to stop IP theft, stop coercion, and agree to reciprocal trade agreements. What is her suggestion of how to accomplish that without any leverage? I hear her ask a lot of aggressive questions but never does she offer a alternate solution.

        She needs to listen more to Charles Payne.

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      • Maria was fairly frantic.
        Our Wilburines are over the target, with China in the crosshairs.

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      • Pipefitter1289 says:

        The positive to come from Maria B’s questions is that we get to here great answers from our Wilburine that are like arrows of knowledge to fill our quiver!

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  2. deepdivemaga says:


    No more Mr. Nice Guy. We’ve given them a chance. We’ve given the EU a chance. Canada a chance. Mexico a chance. We’ve given EVERY country a chance to make a fair and balanced trade deal.

    The EU and Mexico seem to be coming around, which is nice to see.

    China though? The Gloves are now OFF. Game time.

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  3. COlibertybelle says:

    Oh, my gosh, I love our President and his entourage of guerrilla fighters who go to bat for US every day!!!! AWESOME!!!

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  4. Donna in Oregon says:

    Guess they don’t like us after all and Americans are worried this might spread. Chinese people are talking about boycotting American products.

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    • RoostyScoot says:

      Fine, we’ll boycott chinese products and make them here. OH WAIT.

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    • FL_GUY says:

      Well considering we have a 500+ billion dollar trade deficit, it’s obvious the Chinese aren’t buying much to begin with so, NO ONE WILL NOTICE! Rooters, best propaganda tool for the Globullists you can buy.

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    • Paul Killinger says:

      WHAT American products…?

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    • ristvan says:

      They boycott good old US Smithfield pork. The Chinese company thatbowns Smithfield gets hurt. The Chinese people have less pork to eat. And our domestic pork prices go down.
      They boycott Boeing aircaft so buy from Airbus since their own plane is years from certification. But that stiffs Airbus other customers (supply is inelastic, and there are aircraft supply chain bottlenecks). So the other Airbus customers have to buy Boeing,
      Whats not to like? China cannot win, and US cannot lose.

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    • Francis Chen says:

      Hah, not Chinese but a small bunch globalists are boyscouting American . Ouch that’s hurt


    • Chinese-Clever:
      Stop buying American products
      … to close our Trade Deficit?

      Cool. 25% Tariff on $500 Billion Chinese Exports to America.

      Then we stop buying their goods to source elsewhere.
      Then we send Chinese in America HOME.
      Not hard to spot em, either!


  5. peace says:

    China can keep their cheap stuff because I do not want it in my house.

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  6. FL_GUY says:

    President Trump offered a fair deal to the Dragon in that the wealth must be shared. The Dragon is greedy, doesn’t want to share and wants it all. Dragon is working their bought politicians to keep it all. Bad move by the Dragon. President Trump is the Dragon Slayer and the bought politicians have lost their market value because President Trump CANNOT be bought and President Trump IS the Boss!

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  7. wai mun cheah says:

    they already declared they will meet the trade war head on, will not compromised to evil US demand because of national pride. they believe Chinese economy will be able to withstand the trade war w/o significant turmoil.


  8. Nice to have a businessman run the country rather than a community organizer.

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  9. bullnuke says:

    President Trump does not fear the dragon. Unfortunately congress and the swamp will not see it his way.

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    • White Apple says:

      When was the last time you met a business competent Congressman or Senator. Most of them are lawyers who know how to lie, cheat and steal for themselves. Every now and then you get a good one but their effectiveness for us people are curtailed by the scumbag swamp dwellers.

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  10. Sparty says:

    I simply cannot see China stopping their entrenched complex trade practices/criminal tactics unless their economy goes into free fall. My friend left China in ‘79, full US citizen. Christian no less. Like me she believes the only way the current leaders will change is if they are physically removed via mass revolt. She believes they must be economically cratered into full submission. Now is the time

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    • ristvan says:

      IMO that is too grim a picture. The Chinese have created a vast ‘middle class’ (for them). Not peasants on hard scrabble farms, workers in teeming cities owning motorcycles and cars and flat screens and smartphones. My cormer company employed over 10000 of the in Tianjen. Met some of them there.
      Those folks got to be kept happy. Xi will eventually bend and mend China’s ways. Dunno how fast, but methinks he has no option. Knows Trump means business, and knows the old China ways were unfair to US. We are just at the initiation phase, where there is always much posturing and ‘sound and fury signifying nothing’.

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    • Your friend is SPOT ON.
      Their economy will necessarily go into free fall.
      … because wiping out their $1 Trillion ANNUAL BENEFIT from America will trigger it.
      • $400 Billion Annual Trade Surplus
      • $600 Billion Annual IP Theft Windfall

      Xi will NEVER accept these reversals until the economic pain DWARFS that gain.

      Even if he chose to accept this, he has ZERO ability to end the Chinese Culture of Cheating in anything less than a decade, and President Trump will accept NOTHING LESS.

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  11. Dances with Wolverines says:

    Now that President Trump has brought the steel industry back to America, now he should work to bring the textile manufacturing industry back to our shores,

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  12. railer says:

    The Chinese still don’t know what to do. They’re still deciding a strategy. They’re notoriously patient, so I expect they won’t respond until after the election, since they and Canada and the EU are banking on Trump’s trade policies hurting his party in November, and a more compliant Congress coming in. I’m starting to believe that’s a bad bet, and the Congress that comes in will be even worse for those countries. This has been perfectly timed out.

    The wild cards would be civil unrest in China, or a military confrontation in the South China Sea or a sudden turn re North Korea. The Chinese always find ways to test presidents. They always come in diagonally. Trump needs to keep up with the “Xi and I have a great relationship” happy talk. It works to calm the waters, even if nobody says so.

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  13. “Beijing cannot yet fathom the United States is not going to allow the import of low cost manufactured goods.”

    Because they cannot fathom a United States President not beholden to the desires of Wall Street or the US Chamber of Commerce, or one who values American well being more than securing funding for the next election. Then again why would they? They’ve never actually been presented with one… until now that is! 😉

    And you best figure that out soon Red Dragon, or you will be looking at empty factories and quiet ports courtesy of MAGAnomics! #MoreWinning 😀

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    • prenanny says:

      Historically the Chinese people do not go quietly, it is much more likely they will set fire to the factories and ports.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Remember that Congress just gave China a lot of encouragement with their tariff-free items act. They really don’t want to rein in Chinese unfair trade practices.


      • CONGRESS just delivered a death blow to the Chinese psyche, and neither knows it.

        They were playing a screw with Trump game at the bidding of their Globalist Donors.

        Big mistake.

        They’ve emboldened China, and China will delay at YUGE expense.

        Every passing month enables Americans buying from China to change sources in the short run and American Manufacturers to ramp up domestic production for the long run!

        Globalists are screwed, too, with production investments in China that will blow up in unsustainable debt.

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  14. railer says:

    I guess there’s another wild card re China. What if the Chinese decide to hold up shipments of computers and telephones? Trump relented on the ZTE situation and let them off with fines and full US audit, and this was partially because we are dependent on them for much of our computers and telephones. What if the Chinese decided to hold those hostage? It’d hurt them as well, but who knows what they’re capable of? I wish we could on-shore some of that manufacturing, in the long term.

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  15. EbonyRaptor says:

    One perspective I haven’t seen discussed is maybe China, and others, are hoping the Dems take back the house and between the Dems and GOP globalists manage to impeach him. One of the things the Mueller investigation is doing to hurt President Trump and by extension his America First agenda is to give optimism to globalists and our economic enemies/competitors around the world that they should just bide their time to their American bedfellows can get rid of Trump – especially China whose whole economic ideology is wrapped in being able to cheat and steal.

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  16. JMC says:

    Wow! Our Wilburine drops a couple more MOA truth and logic Bombs here! He’s totally awesome!

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  17. Leucothea says:

    China owns Smithfield Pork (Goldman Sachs owns part) Largest pork producer in world. They do not import lunch meat. They import snouts, ears, feet, offal and heads. 80% of what China imports with 70% tariff. 80% not primal cuts. They import chickenfeet. This will hurt the shipping companies. We subsidize China.

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  18. 6x47 says:

    I just remembered a Tom Clancy “Jack Ryan” novel where President Jack Ryan put the hurt on Japan (the chief offender at that time).

    As I recall, the story was NHTSA found a safety defect in a Japanese car that led to a deadly accident. In response, the US required incoming quality inspection of all Japanese cars (mirroring what Japan does to US vehicles; a trade barrier masquerading as quality and safety inspection).

    The unforgettable image: A Japanese car transport, accustomed to moving between Japanese and US ports like clockwork, is forced to anchor outside the harbor because the ships ahead of it were backed up due to the quality inspection.

    “And the stars stopped moving across the heavens.”

    Get ready, China. HERE COMES THE PAIN!

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    • Reloader says:

      There was some discussion in a previous thread about Japanese cars versus American, specifically General Motors. Japan, Inc. targeted GM many years ago in its criminal efforts to steal market share. Japan taught China all of these industrial and market tactics. Currency manipulation, tariffs, non-tariff barriers and dumping cheap products. General Motors had to resort to outsourcing cheaper components just to survive.

      Many Americans think that General Motors gladly accepted or even sought a gov’t bailout. In fact, Chicago Barry FORCED the company to obey his terms. And then gave a large portion of taxpayer fundss to his union friends. GM was having great difficulties, including more than 500,000 pensioners and still-salaried but laid off union workers on the payroll –a burden that would have sunk any other company. GM CEO Rick Wagoner was working miracles turning GM around when the community organizer fired him.

      There are FIVE major threats that General Motors was able to survive against, proving it is the best-run company in the world:

      1.) Americans taught to hate American cars, a traitorous habit millions still have.

      2.) Government Taxation and Regulation meant to exploit and strangle the company.

      3.) Hostile unions stealing resources at rates no other company could have withstood.

      4.) Illegal product dumping by Japan to push GM out of markets just like China does.

      5.) Tariffs and non-tariff barriers in Europe and Japan for GM products.

      Americans who do not approve of what China is doing now should study where China learned all of these ways to defeat America … Japan. Is it racist to reject Japanese cars and other durable goods? It’s no more racist than rejecting the criminal Chinese.


      • GB Bari says:

        “Americans taught to hate American cars, a traitorous habit millions still have.”

        I mist completely disagree with the accusation of being traitorous for buying foreign cars.
        The Big Three were producing unreliable “Detroit iron” for several decades.

        The nightmares experienced by owners of new American made cars and trucks were horrendous and inexcusable. Think – K-cars by Chrysler , exploding gas tanks in Pintos, peeling paint and prematurely rusting Bodies by Fisher, engine fires in Chevy and Ford vans, transmission failures in Dodge and Plymouth Minivans, failing power window mechanisms in minivans, etc. etc. This was standard garbage through the 1970s and 1980s. This list could be expanded to multiple pages but anyone who was old enough to drive in the 1970s knows about what I am saying.

        The markedly large difference in improved reliability and lower cost of ownership of many Japanese vehicles during that same era were what turned so many Americans away from Detroit and towards Japan and later, Korea. Americans simply wanted to own and drive cars, vans, and and trucks without worrying if they were going to fail and leave the owner stranded again (and $ broke). Stories of the Big Three auto companies weaseling out of warranty coverages of their vehicles’ multitudes of failures are also legion.

        Heck, Volkswagen made huge inroads in America in the 1960s because Detroit simply would not / could not produce a vehicle equally as cost efficient and simple to own and maintain. And it was rear wheel drive before any American cars were, other than the gas guzzling Cadillac El Dorado and Oldsmobile Toronado. And the VW beetle was basically designed in the 1930s!

        Finally, in the 1990s, American made vehicles began to improve and began to compete with the top-rated foreign imports, and they have gotten better ever since. For example, I have a 2002 Chysler product in my driveway right now. The 16 year old PT Cruiser Looks great and runs like a champ. Wifey loves it – it has never let her down.

        So Americans might have been “taught” but it was for self-preservation of their wallets and safety, not anything to do with a lack of patriotism.

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        • Reloader says:

          I already explained why it was difficult for American car makers to compete. You act as if they were/are evil and criminal. They were and are not. The whole world was trying to make them fail. But you obviously will not see that, because you choose not to.


          • GB Bari says:

            “You act as if they were/are evil and criminal. They were and are not.”

            Strawman argument. You cannot find the words “evil” or “criminal” nor any synonyms of those words in my post.

            I described – and supported with several examples – that US carmakers made a product with a level of quality that turned off a lot of Americans – and that is inarguable; you cannot rewrite history.

            At that time, the Japanese made a product with a markedly better quality. History and myriad documented consumer surveys prove me correct. And I also added that the imbalance of quality changed, starting in the 1990s, which it did. (Actually some Japanese car makers got a bit too full of themselves and started making cars with some reliability problems but took forever to own up to it. That’s another story)

            “The whole world was trying to make them fail.”

            I have absolutely no idea where that comes from. That is a classic leftwing “victim” culture concept – it’s everyone’s fault except the one who failed.

            The Big Three were victims of their own bad management – who chose to maximize profit rather than address design shortcomings. Forced to compete with Japanese cars that were proven more reliable and whose sales were cutting heavily into the US carmakers, the Management in Detroit (and elsewhere) decided to change course – for the better. The “whole world” had nothing to do with Detroit’s failings – they were and still are masters of their own success or failure.

            Fortunately they have morphed into very good car companies who make great designs and reliable products. We all win as a result.

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      • Lindenlee says:

        What resources were the vile unions stealing? I knew they were bad, but I would like more specifics. Thx.


    • Connect the DOTS:

      President Trump is looking at a SEPTEMBER Government Shutdown over Immigration & Wall!

      Inspecting Imports with newly-imposed Tariffs from China will be NON-ESSENTIAL.

      Imagine what China will pay for trapped shipping!

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    • By the way, I just noticed “Connect the Dots” may have sounded disrespectful – “Connecting the Dots” (following your LEAD) was what I meant.


  19. IMO says:

    When I listen to Wilbur Ross “Speak softly and carry a big stick” comes to mine.

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  20. MattyIce says:

    Lookout China here comes 60% tariffs on $500 billion. China learning the meaning of BOHICA!

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    • Kiddno1 says:

      I would like to see the Trump Administration impose the tariffs in slow motion. Instead of jumping from 10% to 25%, rather a 3% increase every 90 days, or something similar.

      To me it looks like almost everything sold in Walmart is made in China and when Walmart’s prices jump up by 20 or 25% won’t millions of Americans be screaming for relief?

      I think we need more time to get our domestic production ramped-up to meet greatly increased demand.


      • MattyIce says:

        The faster China caputualates the faster Americans get that relief, drawing it out slowly only hurts us. Sit back and see, POTUS knows what he’s doing.

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  21. RH says:

    1. $500 Billion goods entering USA from China yearly. Slap 100% tariff on all China imports.
    2. Revoke China MFN status.
    3. Block Chinese investments in the US.
    4. Block Chinese student visas.
    5. Prosecute Chinese espionage.
    6.Label China a currency manipulator.
    7. Sanction China to the hilt ( more than Russia).

    Honestly President Trump is not doing enough to put China in it place.

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    • GB Bari says:

      President Trump is a businessman – and a pretty good statesman as it turns out. He does not smash a bad trading partner with a sledge hammer in the very first move.

      He steadily brings on pressure, increasing it only as needed, until the bad player mends his ways. President Trump negotiates with an eye looking forward, beyond this temporary but necessary action, to when we and the offending nation can become trading equals rather than opposing sides in a conflict.

      All of the actions you listed are certainly in the Presidents arsenal, but IMO he will use the minimum pressure needed to get the job done.

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  22. Gary Morton says:

    Looks like megatons of Chinese trinkets and junk will no longer be available at the dollar store due to being overpriced by tariffs.
    Chinese will lose from this not Americans who give up their junk habit.


    • todayistheday99 says:

      And maybe if the trade war lasts long enough I can buy an American made pair of vice grips. I don’t see any down side (except for the corrupt politicians and their media whores).

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  23. snellvillebob says:

    If our $300 billion in exports are blocked by tariffs or other means, we will lose 1.5% of our $20 billion economy. If the $850 billion China exports to us is blocked, it is 7.1% of their $12 billion economy. Now realize that $850 billion is about 1/5 of their total exports and they are treating all the other countries the same, then when we win, everyone else will demand the same trading conditions. This could really cost them so do not expect them to surrender easily.
    They gave Xi Jinping near god-like power in China but the same people can take it away. Failure can be fatal there.


  24. ruckwarrior says:

    CHINA girl yall better stop thinking Trump is bluffing….Yall about to me without an economy messing around with us.


  25. Fools Gold says:

    China needs to understand Our POTUS isn’t shooting from the hip last past Idiots In Charge (IIC)! Xi and coharts will figure that one out soon. The dragon 🐉 has no venom…


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