Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses Objectives of New EU Trade Deal…

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appears on Mornings with Maria to discuss the objectives of the new trade negotiations between the U.S. and the European Union.

Yesterday, President Trump and EU President Jean Claude Juncker announced the parameters of the agreement and the intent to reach a comprehensive agreement between the U.S. and the EU.  Secretary Wilbur Ross fills in some of the details:


The U.S. trade team has assigned geographic responsibilities. There is overlap, and a great deal of synergy depending on the deal being negotiated; however, each member has a specific region of SME responsibility: ♦U.S.T.R Ambassador Robert Lighthizer has NAFTA; ♦National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow and White House Manufacturing Policy Director Peter Navarro have China; ♦Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has the EU (and all others). As a consequence it makes sense that Secretary Ross would be the point-person discussing the outlines of the U.S./E.U. trade agreement.

An agreement with the EU puts pressure on Mexico to quickly participate in a similar agreement. This domino effect puts significant pressure on the Chinese to agree to terms of free, fair, open and reciprocal trade. Last night Secretary Ross appeared on Lou Dobbs for discussion. That interview is below:


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29 Responses to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses Objectives of New EU Trade Deal…

  1. DanO64 says:

    To sum it up: winning. Take your winnamins.

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  2. Skinner says:

    Maple Castro…you are next!

    Bring your best socks.

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    • NvMtnOldMan says:

      Skinner- He will regret his–Trump can’t push Canada around. Hey Maria, you and your globalist friends keep harping on how the Trump steel and Al. tariffs are causing them to raise prices. Ross just told you for the 1000th time that it would only be about 1%, but just watch these same companies raise it by 10% and blame it on Trump.

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      • GB Bari says:

        I thought the exact same thing. But Wilburine will call their bluff because he knows the numbers. Any company that attempts to undermine this positive policy by inflating their true cost increases should be called out and criticized by this Administration.

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  3. Cheri Lawrence says:

    Lovin our Wilbur on Lou Dobbs who understands winning! Great news about the Mexican trade team! Godspeed team Trump. America is with you! 💓

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  4. cdnintx says:

    Trudeau sent to the corner for a time out to think about his bad behavior – meanwhile he watches El Presidente AMLO receive a “most improved” award for Mexico.

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  5. sundance says:

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  6. Rick says:

    When I was a wee lad, I had a friend named Wilbur. His parents took me to the shore with the family and I’ve never forgotten it. He had big ears, too, but I’m pretty sure THIS Wilbur was already out of college when I knew MY Wilbur.

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  7. Sparty says:

    Part 1 “Big 3 Autos”: good friend of mine has global responsibility for an important piece of the business, staff of 140 specialized personnel, for 1 of the 3. Nothing can be built or upgraded without her at table day one. Said her company ceased all plans to build or expand in Mexico, as of 18 months ago. Shelved a factory in process of being built, in fact. Related that China has become a nightmare, stealing everything. I likened China JV’s to owning a pet croc: eventually it grows up-then eats you. She said it was correct comparison. No more JV’s going forward. Investment is now directed here. Bigly.

    Part 2: aluminum. Asked her how many lbs of aluminum in average size 4 door car like mine. We agreed to settle on 450lbs as a fair number. Well…from my cursory quick study of aluminum smelters per country, I pointed out that Mexico, according to Wikipedia, does not possess a single sluminum smelting facility. So….where does the aluminum in my car and the other 2.X million cars Mexico will ship into US, come from?
    And…thanks to CTH, I was able to illustrate the NAFTA Fatal Flaw….China.

    Light went off big time for her. Never thought about it. People high up in the autos are many times shielded from the reality of the Fatal Flaw, by their own employers no less.

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  8. MIKE says:

    Yeah! And when Wilbur is done with them EU putzes, he might join Lightsabre and go to Mexico…

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  9. George says:

    Rush outlined the reasons for the trade negotiations today and how the world has been taking advantage of us. He, of course, does not say how he was the biggest cheerleader for NAFTA and GATT when they were first implemented. Now, I guess, he has seen the light.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Yes Rush was its biggest non-politician cheerleader back in the 90s. I disagreed with him then (my first and only one of two policy disagreements with him since he began his national show.).

      But I was fortunate to hear him once voice a subdued mea culpa for taking that position. He seemed more regretful and angry that his once-reliable Republicans and conservative think tank buddies led him astray.

      So he has been awakened to reality of globalism. He thought it was “free trade.” I’m sure many others did too, such was the persuasiveness of the pro NAFTA people.

      But Ross Perot didn’t buy it. Not for a minute.

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      • G. Combs says:

        “….He thought it was “free trade.”….” When it was actually “Slavery”

        Remember. Maurice Strong, a Marxist, wanted China to replace the USA as the biggest and most advanced economy. Maurice Strong was the #1 Rockefeller pointman.


  10. thedoc00 says:

    Hope we get to India as well. That deal would be as big as closing a deal with China given their populations are nearly equal and India is essentially a democratic based system of government.

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  11. jeans2nd says:

    Larry Kudlow outlines a few more details of the new EU agreement, how tariffs are used as leverage, and a few more details on the Mexico agreement. Plus, the EU really is going to help us deal with China.

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  12. Jan says:

    Yesterday was YUGE. I wrote the President at and congratulated him. It was right up there with 11/8/2016. Sundance, as usual, you rock!!


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