President Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting – Economic Focus: Employment, Job-Training, Trade (and a little bombshell from Sonny Perdue)…

President Trump hosts a cabinet meeting after returning from the NATO summit, U.K. visit and Helsinki meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.   The overall emphasis was on the U.S. economy, employment, job-training and the larger goal of leveraging economic strength to advance American interests.

The administration kept the cameras rolling as key cabinet members and White House officials discussed ongoing initiatives with a heavy emphasis on workforce development. If you want an idea of the massive scale and scope of Trump’s MAGAnomic initiatives for American workers, watch this video in its entirety.


Labor Secretary Acosta discussed an ongoing workforce development initiative for providing job skills and apprenticeship programs for former prisoners/inmates.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross discusses the expanded investment into the U.S., massive employment opportunity for skilled workers, and the importance of continuing to develop a skilled labor pool.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed his trip to North Korea and ongoing efforts to come to an agreement on a strategic denuclearization.  Additionally, Pompeo gave an overview of his side of the NATO talks and the commitments he received from NATO partners.  On the recent trip to Mexico City, Secretary Pompeo talked about his meeting with President-elect AMLO.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, returns to the discussion of workforce development and an initiative for congress to reform Pell grants so they can also be used for apprenticeship programs and STEM programs.  Additionally Mrs. DeVos talked about the merging of the Education and Labor Departments to create a synergy for a trained U.S. workforce.

*Key nuanced point* that will be missed by all media (approx 41:30) where Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue discusses AG trade.  Notice how he frames an approach of two *individual* farmer trade deals; one for Mexico and one for Canada – that means the overall approach is bilateral, not NAFTA.  The implication here, within Perdue’s framework, confirms all suspicions for the future of NAFTA, it’s dead.  What remains is the timing of the announcement (that’s political).

The Financial Post noticed another aspect:

The U.S. and Mexico are “getting closer” to reaching a trade deal, and the administration may advance separate talks with Canada later, Trump told reporters at the start of a cabinet meeting in Washington on Wednesday. The president added that he and newly elected Lopez Obrador are “doing great.”

“We have had very good sessions with Mexico and with the new president of Mexico, who won overwhelmingly, and we’re doing very well on our trade agreement,” Trump said to reporters ahead of a meeting of his cabinet at the White House.  “So we’ll see what happens. We may do a deal separately with Mexico and we’ll negotiate with Canada at a later time. But we’re having very good discussions with Mexico.”  (read more)

Everything about the aggregate Trump Doctrine ties back to the economics of everything.  MAGAnomics focuses on the strength of the U.S. economy and the critical middle-class manufacturing and industrial workforce.  Economic nationalism is America-First.

The multinationals (corporations and financial entities) don’t like President Trump; nor do they like any politician who expresses economic nationalism – with the exception of Chinese President Xi Jinping, whom they had been using as the fulcrum for their investment betting on the U.S. as following a service-driven economic model.

Trump has crushed that fulcrum.  The economic globe is in a state of flux while it resets to the natural fulcrum with the U.S. as the centerpiece.  Previously we have explained the dynamic of this flux-time as the space between two economic engines.  Only President Trump could pull off this reset… his plans therein were assembled over decades.

Ultimately capital investment follows the pathway to the strongest and most consistent return. It is the natural order of finance for money to flow toward strength. President Trump, and the dynamic economic team carrying out the America-first economic agenda, knows this truism will remain the one constant in an ever changing universe.

That’s why team Trump don’t worry about downside market fluctuations, outside of trying to remove talking points from the media narrative engineers. The team knows ultimately the money will flow toward the MAGAnomic result; a more ‘balanced’ U.S. economy.

Enhanced MAGAnomic policy to support a manufacturing and production base only increases the balance within the U.S. economy. Balance equals stability. Balance eliminates wealth disparity. Balance supports the middle-class of the economy. A strong middle-class equals a strong country.

With a strong country the influence of the U.S. increases. Global security is a downstream benefit from U.S. strength. Ultimately, at the 30,000 foot level, that’s why those who plan to benefit from global instability always need to focus on weakening the U.S.


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359 Responses to President Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting – Economic Focus: Employment, Job-Training, Trade (and a little bombshell from Sonny Perdue)…

  1. TeaForAll says:

    Thank You Sundance,
    President Trump Administration is moving forward. This cabinet meeting was very informative and motivating for the American worker.

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  2. Marygrace Powers says:

    Donald Trump’s Plan To (sort of) Eliminate The Department of Education, Briefly Explained/

    By Libby Nelson@libbyanelson Jun 21, 2018, 5:10pm EDT

    “The Trump administration wants to combine the standalone Education and Labor Departments into a new Cabinet-level agency: the Department of Education and the Workforce.

    The proposal is part of the administration’s broader plan to reorganize the federal government, released Thursday. Overall, the plan would eliminate and combine government programs and give private industry a bigger role, including in the US Postal Service. It would also rename the Department of Health and Human Services to the Department of Public Welfare (and give it jurisdiction over food stamps), among nearly 30 other changes to how the federal government operates.

    “This effort, along with the recent executive orders on federal unions, are the biggest pieces so far of our plan to drain the swamp,” said Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney in a statement touting the plan.

    What we are witnessing is the true brilliance of VSGPDJT and his
    Cabinet and the revamping of how the federal goverment operates.

    As Mick Mulvaney says above, worth repeating –

    “This effort, along with the recent executive orders on federal unions, are the biggest pieces so far of our plan to drain the swamp.”

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    • Marygrace Powers says:

      Department of Education and the Department of Labor will
      become the Department of Education and the WORKFORCE,
      in a sense, terminating the Dept. of Ed. as we know it.

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      • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

        Dream come true. Education will again have a greater purpose and it’s NOT indoctrination. It’s readying the next generation for running the economic engine of America into the future! What could make us more hopeful (besides dialogue with erstwhile adversaries)?

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        • Mary Wilson says:

          I need to see a switch back to systematic phonics and the elimination of whole language. Then I will have far more hope for education in the US.

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          • jmclever says:

            The numbers DeVoss gave on our education system were truly sad. It reflects the fact that higher education has been about indoctrinating students while saddling them with tons of debt rather than preparing them to enter the workforce as contributing members. Suggestion: remove federal education dollars from higher ed that does not have high numbers of employment success. Did you hear where the prison program had better employment rates than some universities? That is completely unacceptable!

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          • cattastrophe says:

            It seems only those who have lived through the changes recognize how harmful the changes were. When I was in school out of 200 hundred students we only had three who were under tutorial for reading and other problems. No one ever passed onto another grade without full reading and comprehension abilities. No one’s social status ever stopped them from being able to read at grade level. It was because phonics was the fail safe method of teaching reading to all students no matter background and with no input or help at home. It worked and that’s why it was eliminated. I’ve said similar things on other sites and many said they had no problem learning sight reading. What they don’t understand is some will learn but not all. We need a reading program where all can read.


            • Lou Foxwell says:

              I was sick during my entire first grade. My mother taught me to read by reading to me and following the words. IOW, sight reading. I learned to read but to this day cannot read much faster than I can speak. I never learned speed reading.


              • I was in those experimental speed reading classes in middle school and it messed up how I read to this day. The skipping around still happens and I have to fight to not do it. And I’m almost 60. I wish I had not been experimented on.


      • Fools Gold says:

        Wow, common sense at play again!

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      • Jenny R. says:

        Good….if they are combined 1) less waste; 2) a more flexible system which could service both areas in a coordinated fashion…meaning the possibility for true reform in both areas (sorely needed).
        Just don’t let socialists get ahold of it.

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    • StanH says:

      Awesome! Great start.


    • mickjt says:

      Multiple governmental agencies were started at the stroke of presidential pens…President Trump needs to do the same to change/delete them!


  3. G. Combs says:

    For those not aware, President Putin also has a degree in economics. He was ” […]a student of law department at Leningrad State University, earning his degree in 1975…. [and] doctoral thesis on economics at the St Petersburg State Mining Institute.[…]”

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    • Fools Gold says:

      Didn’t know that, Thanks! 👍Sounds like Trump can teach him a few lessons in economics…

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      • G. Combs says:

        I am sure that private talk was VERY interesting since both presidents are nationalists who UNDERSTAND economics and how a country’s prosperity is built on a good economic model.

        From the Climate Wars I learned another interesting tidbit.
        Starting here:

        Russia affected by Climategate

        A discussion of the November 2009 Climatic Research Unit e-mail hacking incident, referred to by some sources as “Climategate,” continues against the backdrop of the abortive UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen (COP15) discussing alternative agreements to replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol that aimed to combat global warming…

        Climategate has already affected Russia. On Tuesday, the Moscow-based Institute of Economic Analysis (IEA) issued a report claiming that the Hadley Center for Climate Change based at the headquarters of the British Meteorological Office in Exeter (Devon, England) had probably tampered with Russian-climate data.[…]”

        You follow that and find “…IEA founder Andrei Illarionov told Investor’s Business Daily, “Based on this analysis it looks like the… increase in warming [has] been artificially increased by 0.64 degrees Celsius.” Illarionov published an English-version of the IEA report through the CATO Institute, of which he is a senior fellow….”

        “Andrey Nikolayevich Illarionov is a Russian economist and former economic policy advisor to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. He works as a senior fellow in the Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity at the Cato Institute in Washington, DC.” — Wiki

        CATO is a Libertarian think tank. Illarionov left the Russian government in 2006 because he thought Russia was ‘deteriorating’ and becoming ‘less free’ He is now anti-Putin.

        Back to WIKI
        “…Illarionov is one of the 34 first signatories of the online anti-Putin manifesto “Putin must go”, published on 10 March 2010.

        As a well known opponent to Vladimir Putin and his policies, he criticized former Czech president Václav Klaus’ view that the EU and the USA did more to escalate conflict in the Ukraine than did Vladimir Putin. Illarionov was able to end the cooperation between Klaus and the Cato Institute.[9] …..”
        And his work history:

        “… From 1992 he became part-time economic adviser to the Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar and (until 1993) the first deputy head of the Economic Reform Centre of the Russian Government. From 1993 to 1994 Illarionov was the head of the Analysis and Planning Group of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Government of Russia, Viktor Chernomyrdin, after which he went on to become the vice-president of the Leontyev International Social and Economic Research Centre, and director of the Moscow division. He has created the Institute for Economic Analysis and was its director from 1994 to 2000. Illarionov had called for a sharp devaluation of the Russian ruble before the August 1998 financial meltdown to prevent it….”

        So he was a long time bureauRat in Russia. Serving under the Russian Federation’s first president, Boris Yeltsin.

        A bio of Yeltsin:

        Yeltsin went to a freer system but in my view, it was too rapid a change and created chaos and collapse. ” Putin recentralized authority and restricted dissent.” NOT something a Libertarian would be happy with.


        • cattastrophe says:

          From the Czars to Putin there has never been any form of a Democracy or better as we have a Republic. Totalitarianism is all the Russian people understand and they’re willing to take the downside that comes with it.


  4. simplewins says:

    Holy Smokes! Joe DeGenova just unleashed on Brennen and Panetta on Hannity. Challenged Brennan to a 1 on 1 debate and said Panetta can rot in hell.
    Also said Rod R is an evil man and the AG is incompetent and asleep. Wow.

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  5. Brant says:

    As noted, the video probably not put on MSM. Could something like this video and others be put on Trump’s twitter feed? Perhaps link somehow to the walk away/run away movement hashtag? Is that technologically doable?

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  6. StanH says:

    Man, what a great President and Cabinet we have.

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  7. Fools Gold says:

    Nobody gets it like Trump! How do express better than Magnificent? As Trump said he’s about ready to drop the word Again but I’m not in favor of the acronym MAG…I’m gonna stick with MAGA!!

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    • jmclever says:

      MAGA has become its own word. It is synonymous with a “take no prisoners” attitude of worthiness and success for individuals as well as the nation

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    • svenwg says:

      It’s not MAG, but KAG (Keep America Great).


    • mickjt says:

      Few people understand WHY Pres. Trump gets all this. He has had to deal with the bureaucracies, crooked inspectors, politicians etc. all his life. Once you see the ugly underbelly of what Dempcrap politics yields it’s easy to see a way out of it…Delete all the scammers and move on.


      • cattastrophe says:

        He got the economics of it all but he never saw the real underbelly until he ran for office (mild) and then assumed the Presidency (wild). No one can convince me he saw the total horror awaiting him just because he had to deal with the bureaucracy. Remember he was accepted and loved by all until he ran for office and won. He was far more protected by his wealth and not being directly in politics than he knew. Well he knows now and surprise or no he’s taking the fight to all of them.


  8. mr.piddles says:

    This is sooooo not what the global establishment wants to hear.

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    • mickjt says:

      The global establishment has thrived and gotten RICH on our backs for years. They rig the deals, pack trade agreements with opportunities for kickbacks and thus they never want that changed. Pres. Trump is ‘Trumping’ their 2 of clubs with the Ace of Hearts!


  9. jmclever says:

    probably a MUCH later time given the way that Justin and Chrystia are determined to run the Canadian economy into the ground and force their people to be cared for (controlled) by the government.

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  10. Liz Caldwell says:

    Today’s cabinet meeting ws so upliting, especially with all the verbal abuse we have been hearing from the Democrats. The two worlds are so different, with Trump pushing ahead with plans to make peoples lives better vs. the small, narrow, hatefully destructive world of the liberals.

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    • cattastrophe says:

      Agree and it’s one of the main reason I come to CTH. It adds back sanity to my day to see something besides the insanity of the left being spewed in every headline.


    • thinkthinkthink says:

      Yes! God bless our VSG PDJT and all of his administration.


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