Peter Strzok Testifies To Joint Session of Congress – 10:00am Livestream….

The FBI counterintelligence official at the center of the Clinton and Trump investigations is scheduled to testify today.  FBI Agent Peter Strzok will testify publicly before a joint House Oversight/Judiciary Committee.  Testimony begins at 10:00am EST

House Committee Hearing LinkPBS Livestream LinkFox News Livestream

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2,573 Responses to Peter Strzok Testifies To Joint Session of Congress – 10:00am Livestream….

  1. TheWanderingStar says:

    Strzok, RR, Wray all exhibit the same hubris, arrogance and self-righteous anger. Is that something that they teach at the DOJ/FBI training school?


    • Scarlet says:

      They think they’re better than everyone else.

      And they’re infuriated that they were caught.

      And they’re indignant that they have to explain themselves to people they perceive to be commoners.

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  2. John Doe says:

    A reminder that Strzok was the SAC for General Flynn.


  3. ogoggilby says:

    Strzok is losing his composure. Good sign for a hostile witness….

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  4. Nigella says:

    It was my understanding that the FBI was to be impartial when it came to politics…..Seems that is not the case… They’ve decided who can be President and worked to see that happen ,and when it didn’t worked ,to take out the offending President

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  5. OMG this illiterate moron is an American lawmaker?
    Sad, so sad. I thought Maxipad was dumb, and that other bloke who though Guam would tilt over into the ocean was a moron, but this woman in yellow? WOW!!!

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  6. Patriot1783 says:

    Norton/Dem DC, just brought up a good pint re “govt phone” and he responded there was no way he thought his texts would become public. Well, what would you draw from that statement?
    I draw he truly believed the fix was so great and in against Trump was reason why he never thought his texts on Govt property (who anyone of his obvious intellect would realize the words could be read anytime by his employer whether from public or private sector) He knew the fix was in and so many people involved in the seditious plan that he was safe.

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  7. unfolder says:

    Now Strzok is rendering judgement on the oversight committees. Breathtaking arrogance.

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  8. dbethd says:

    oh my goodness. Watching this man talk without volume, you can just see the seething contempt coming from every pore in his body.

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  9. Patriot1783 says:

    Norton/Dem DC, just brought up a good point re “govt phone” and he responded there was no way he thought his texts would become public. Well, what would you draw from that statement?
    I draw he truly believed the fix was so great and so overwhelming in against Trump was reason why he never thought his texts on Govt property. Anyone of his obvious intellect would realize the words could be read anytime by his employer whether from public or private sector. He knew the fix was in and so many people involved in the seditious plan to overthrow a duly elected President that he was totally safe.

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  10. He never called us Deplorables “retarded, smelly, stupid, POS” ????

    He has the utmost respect for Congress???

    What a Flaming Lying SOB.

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  11. Marygrace Powers says:

    What gall Strzok has trying to reinterpret the questions to his benefit.


  12. cheryl says:

    Rep. John Ratcliffe, a former federal prosecutor, is ripping the bark off of Strzok right now. “You claimed your personal bias never creeped into your work. So your 50,000 text message and attacks on Trump weren’t on an FBI phone on FBI time, right?” (They were on an FBI phone.)
    — Sean Davis (@seanmdav) July 12, 2018

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  13. Nigella says:

    It’s all I can do to keep from writing words here that would get me banned

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  14. Katherine McCoun says:

    being asked now about being removed from Mueller investigation
    Listing all of the biased people still there – listing the donations of the Mueller staff and their conflicts of interests who are all still there
    But noting that Stzok removed


  15. zimbalistjunior says:

    my god, chabot, stop wasting our time


  16. John Doe says:

    For the life of me, I will never understand why these Republicans don’t get together and organize their questioning. You ask this, you ask that, I’ll ask about this….no….they just repeat the same dumb questions and rants over and over and over again.

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    • zimbalistjunior says:

      god i hope gaetz, de santis, ghomert and more ratcliffe get in to ask questions asap

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    • 4sure says:

      They are too stupid to remember more than a few lines of script. This si all a dog and pony show. These gope blistards were and are in on the whole never trump treasonous act. Both groups are playing to their base. That’s what these so called hearings are designed to do. Nothing more, nothing less. Everyone involved know it.

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  17. TwoLaine says:

    Has anyone brought up FISA abuse yet? And his participation thereof?


    • CopperTop says:

      Gowdy started the whole thing off with trapping him on a refusal to answer who interviewed between July 31 and Aug 8…

      The answer is NO ONE…

      There was no basis for FISA as no one had been interviewed.

      Be patient…it’s coming.

      DOJ can help Strozk wriggle out of jail for contempt by allowing him to answer but the answer is black and white…either the investigation began or it didn’t…to commence the FISA

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      • TwoLaine says:

        TY. My system is acting up, just like the DIMs. I keep missing a bunch, and I want to throw out questions that need to be asked while I remember them too. Oldheimers.

        However, having said that, that doesn’t account for the Jun FISA request that was denied….


  18. Rckymtn says:

    Did I hear it correctly earlier that the Inspector Gen. that most of us pinned our hopes on let Strzok decide which emails or texts to turn over from this personal phone/email etc.etc.? I thought I heard something very similar to that and if thats true then I think its safe to say Horowitz is just part of the whitewash

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    • jack says:

      Yup! You heard correctly, Horowitz asked this liar Strzok to decide if there was anything incriminating on his personal phone! The same Strzok who failed a LIE DETECTOR test and made tons of negative things about Trump, ….Horowitz believed this guy when he said he had NOTHING incriminating on his personal phone!

      Horowitz is part of the cover-up. I mean his report’s intro and conclusion is there was no political Bias in Clinton probe!

      Lot’s of people were waiting over a year for his report and it concludes “no political bias at FBI/DOJ” . Whitewash! And all approved by Jeff Sessions!

      That is what makes all these hearing impossible to listen to, we know the fix is in, and Jeff Sessions is part of the cover up. He “acts” like he is part of Trump Team but all his actions show he is not. In effect, Jeff Sessions is a politician! He fooled Trump, didn’t he, …and he fooled many Trumpers! No more! Trump is pissed and has been for over a year at Jeff Sessions!

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      • Rhoda R says:

        Does Horowitz even have the authority to subpoena private phone records? Huber does but does Horowitz. A more interesting question is whether Huber did or did not subpoena those records.


    • Ospreyzone says:

      Now you’re beginning to understand. Another part of the whitewash is Mr.Huber. What really astounds me though, is the the infantile belief held by some that anyone who’s a part of this criminal conspiracy will ever face justice.

      Our government has become a toilet. We have let that happen. Until we consistently demand better, like we did on Nov. 8th 2016, and become loud about it, we should expect more of the same. MAGA- 2020.


    • MAJA says:

      Just like manafort, Cohen, Adm Rogers, got to decide what was relevant


  19. unfolder says:

    A Purple Heart?? Did he just say that??

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  20. Katherine McCoun says:

    Sorry about the clown from TN saying Strzok deserves a purple heart for being attacked today. Not my district, I can promise that!

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  21. DanO64 says:

    He won’t do well in prison. Just say N.


  22. Patriot1783 says:

    Omg Steve Cohen/Dem TN wants to give Strzok a Purple Heart”
    What an insult to Veterans!!!

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  23. Kristin says:

    Yeah, I can see our President hanging or pinning a Purple Heart on Strzok…… Lordy….

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  24. Marygrace Powers says:

    How can you tell Strzok is lying? His lips are moving.

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  25. 4sure says:

    Now the dims are handing out purple hearts to Strozk.

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  26. Katherine McCoun says:

    Clown from TN saying what an enemy Russia is and how upset our “allies” are about Russia — ask him why Germany and other western Europe is doing business with Russia and becoming energy dependent on Russia

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  27. bullnuke says:

    Cohen is a total ass. How dare he want to award a Purple Heart to Strzok.

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  28. cheryl says:

    Strzok deserves a Purple Heart? The remarks from the Democrats teeter on insanity.

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  29. bullnuke says:

    Note to libs: Please don’t ever stop talking.

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  30. G3 says:

    “I dindoonuffin!”- FBI Agent Strzok- future faux purple heart recipient


  31. Katherine McCoun says:

    Clown from TN asking Strzok for advice to President Trump before he meets with Russia. FBI lawyer behind Strzok laughs, thinks this is funny. Strzok goes on a rant about Russia.

    No one underestimates Russia, esp. President Trump! It was Obama who was willing to be flexible after he was no longer accountable to the voters after the election


  32. unfolder says:

    Cohen clearly an alcoholic.


  33. maggiemoowho says:

    I’d trust anything Russia says way before i’d ever trust the FBI, DOJ or any Democrat from this country.

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  34. quintrillion says:

    I had to do errands today but caught a glimpse in a waiting room with a tv and was shocked and livid at what was coming out of this corrupt son’s mouth. #LockTheSmuckUp . Outrageous idiot!

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  35. Marygrace Powers says:

    Here we go/Jordan up. NAIL STRZOK JORDAN.

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    • Nigella says:

      Just answered me!


    • pam2246 says:


    • Chip Doctor says:

      Mary Grace, it seems to me that we all keep falling for the ole Fred Sanford trick. Oh, it’s the big one as he clutches his chest. Let’s wait for the IG report. Let’s wait for Sessions. Huber. Now, Jordan and Gowdy. Declassification. The mid terms. Blah blah blah. At some point we are going to have to take responsibility for this mess and DEMAND that it stop. I am sure that you all are sick of hearing this from me, but we are going to have to show up in numbers on their doorstep before they take us seriously. Peacefully but loudly and forcefully. Commenting on a site like this isn’t going to make them pay attention. Obama did whatever he wanted because no one pushed back. These people are doing whatever they want because there is no real pushback. We just keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting while while clutching our chest as our country goes to hell in a hand basket.


  36. dickturpin1 says:

    How is Strzok allowed to be given scripted questions about Russia and their “goings on in the world” by Mr Cohen??? So according to the planet Cohen lives on the CIA has never assassinated US nationals and foreign nationals??? LOL
    The CIA has never instigated revolution and insurrection in sovereign countries that was none of their business and caused the death of millions of people after they walked away?
    What a bloody joke!


    • mr.piddles says:

      In a world where, according to many, “Russian meddling” is as bad or worse than Pearl Harbor, I’d say a bunch of ignorant scripted questions from a government talking head ain’t so bad.


  37. Nigella says:

    Does Jordan get to ask questions?


  38. Cohen: “This is the most corrupt administration ever…” Hahahaha!


  39. JonS says:

    First, is anyone surprised that the leader of a coup would lie about his intentions? Second, this Russia thing ain’t over. The Dems are already laying the groundwork for their defeat in November, right at the feet of Muh Russia and POTUS Trump.


  40. MaineCoon says:

    Jordan questionibg…Peter looking to the sky as he hesitatingly formulates a lie.

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  41. LULU says:

    Dumb bunny Sheila Jackon Lee opened the door to the kind of questions that the FBI supposedly told him not to answer. More fun ahead after the break…

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  42. Lanna says:

    Strzok has yin sanpaku eyes, white showing below the iris. This indicates that dangers come from outside. (Yang sanpaku, white showing above iris, shows danger comes from within.)

    A yin sanpaku person will unwittingly place himself in dangerous or threatening situations and may not survive (Arkancide?) Common in drug addicts, indicates poor health and judgment, often means premature death.

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  43. Marygrace Powers says:

    Strzok is SOOOO CREEPY.

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  44. MaineCoon says:

    “I want to answer that question” “I want to answer the questions..” againa and again.

    The Peter won’t answer the quesiton per FBI.


  45. Katherine McCoun says:

    Clown from TN says that this is about undermining Mueller’s investigation. He then ends by quoting Jack Nicholson, “You can’t handle the truth!”

    Doesn’t he realize that Jack Nicholson was the bad guy in the movie? That he was the gov guy who went outside the law from misguided dedication to duty? That he broke the law, regardless of intent? That he broke the law because he thought he knew better than the law and than congress?

    He was VERY accurate in the analogy – unintentionally so as he used it incorrectly.


    • Tl Howard says:

      Jack Nicholson’s character was the guy who did the illegal deed. However, the audience understood his dilemma–in protecting the country, sometimes the government (and the people the gov represents) uses people like Nicholson to take the heat. THAT is how most people viewed that character–there were the pretty boys like Tom Cruise’s character who wore the pretty uniform and got to server the country w/out dirtying his hands, and then here were types of patriots like Nicholson who had very dirty hands, but those hands were dirtied in defense of the country.

      Think of those who tortured prisoners, against the Geneva convention, in order to save American lives…and that is the type of character Nicholson portrayed.

      I think it’s very dangerous to liken this guy to the Nicholson character.

      “You can’t handle the truth” to many millions of Americans means there are patriots who will risk prosecution and protect higher ups (plausible deniability)in order to protect the country.

      I know, it’s ugly, but that’s life.

      PS wasn’t protecting the country, He was protecting those who would be elected and reward him with keeping his fancy job.

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      • Katherine McCoun says:

        To protect the nation by ignoring laws and regulations regarding the health and treatment of soldiers under his care was arrogant and assuming he was above the law.


  46. John Doe says:

    I love Jim Jordan.

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    • SJM says:

      Page 404 of IG REPORT:
      AUGUST 8, 2016: In a text message on August 8, 2016, Page stated, “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?! Stroke responded, “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.” [FootNote 203…SEE BELOW]

      When asked about this text message, Strzok stated that he did not specifically recall sending it, but that he believed that it was intended to reassure Page that Trump would not be elected, not to suggest that he would do something to impact the investigation. Stroke told the OIG that he did not take any steps to try to affect the outcome of the presidential election, in either the Midyear investigation or the Russia investigation. Strzok stated that had he–or the FBI in general–actually wanted to prevent Trump from being elected, they would not have maligned the confidentiality of the investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and members of the Trump campaign in the months before the election.

      Page similarly stated that, although she could not speak to what Strzok meant by that text message, the FBI’s decision to keep the Russia investigation confidential before the election shows that they did not take steps to impact the outcome of the election.

      FOOTNOTE 203:
      Although we received Page’s August 8 text message to Strzok from the FBI as part of its production of text messages in 2017, Strzok’s response to Page WAS NOT AMONG THOSE PRESERVED BY THE FBI’s TEXT MESSAGE PRESERVATION SOFTWARE, AND THERFORE WAS NOT PRODUCED TO US. The OIG’s Cyber Investigations Office recovered this text message, along with others, in May 2018 through forensic analysis of a folder found on Page’s and Strzok’s Samsung SS devices.


  48. Marygrace Powers says:


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  49. The Repubs are woefully unprepared for Strzok’s never ending lies.

    Strzok has committed perjury numerous times. He has the balls to say HE’s frustrated?!?

    Jordan got if right- if you’re so frustrated then ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTIONS.

    He would LOVE to answer the questions- I BELIEVE HIM, THOUSANDS WOULDN’T.


    • Piper77 says:

      Our public servants are just not very smart. Kind of shocking, isn’t it?

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    • Brent Hull says:

      The repubs should vote to hold Strzok in contempt later today if they have testicles. To the extent the directions found in the US attorneys manual conflict with Congressional oversight inquiries then the Congressional inquiries are superior and Strzok should answer the questions unless Strzok articulates a Constitutionally recognized defense to providing testimony to Congress.


  50. Katherine McCoun says:

    Interesting to watch the lawyer’s body language and expressions


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