Sunday Talks: Kay Bailey Hutchinson Discusses Upcoming NATO Summit…

President Trump heads to Europe on Tuesday for a series of meetings in several EU nations.  On Wednesday and Thursday (11th/12th) the NATO summit.  On Thursday and Friday (12th/13th) a U.K. Visit. Saturday and Sunday (14th/15th) a visit to Scotland; and Monday the 16th a summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Helsinki Finland.

The EU and U.S. media are one-upping themselves every few hours with apoplectic proclamations about horrible Trump and the high-minded need to save the angelic NATO mission of unbridled altruism; a liberally canonized Saint Merkel of Deutschland; as well as Londonistan’s Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Theresa May, from the horrors of a swaggering U.S. vulgarian…  Cue the audio visual:


Seriously, after a while all of these faux-intellectuals begin to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher. “The louder they spoke of their honor, the faster we counted the spoons“…



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161 Responses to Sunday Talks: Kay Bailey Hutchinson Discusses Upcoming NATO Summit…

  1. famouswolf says:

    With all due respect, Sundance, ‘apocalyptic’ might suit the situation better than ‘apoplectic’.

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  2. TNGal says:

    Turned it off the second she came on.

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    • frankie says:

      Something much better than Kay BH:

      The author of covers history of 4th of July, the senate scammmers who claim the Russians favor Trump, the history of the horrble Compromise of 1850, the escape of Debbie Wasserman’s IT Moslems, and the Jim Jordan fake investigation.

      Jordan’s nephew, also a Wisconsin Wrestler, was killed in a car crash yesterday.

      He closes with an email exchange he had with Kirsten Gillbrand (Dumbass-NY), which is hateful and hilarious, and imcludes PDF downloads of the Mary Jo Kopechne inquest documents, and pages from a lawsuit against Jane Fonda for paying girls less than guys at her workout salons

      This follows his pror post about Little Miss 1565, a girl victim of the Hartford Circus Fire.

      It will break your heart multiple times in the few minutes it takes to read it.

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      • Dennis Leonard says:

        Try to stay on topic,you only appear self centered with post.


      • frankie- GREAT- thanks for the tip about “how to be”.

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      • PaulM says:

        Posting promotions for your own website is kind of sleazy.
        Maybe you should buy some advertising space.

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      • Plow boy says:

        And who the hell cares. Gush, gush cry baby.


      • Maryaha says:

        Frankie, I love Sherlock’s articles! I read the one about the Hartford circus fire and the little girl yesterday. It was excellent. I can tell by his writing that he is just an all-American good guy like Sundance, and he recommends this website also.

        P.s. Pay no mind to what some other hateful people commented.😳


        • frankie says:

          I just came back to see the most recent of Sundance’s posts, like the other Treepers. Things were a little slow for a Sunday, but Sundance and his fantabulous team deserve some time off also.

          I have to laugh about the complaints. Usually I post on topic, but sometimes if I see something else that is of value I share it. Most people I refer to the site, like you, really like it. And they note the author known as Sherlock (to borrow from Prince’s title) has a unique viewpoint and yet is a friend of the Treehouse. He routinely refers to Treehouse articles, and occasionally he tells his readers to read the Treehouse every day, so he is steering his readers here.

          He is older than most of us, and is still working as an investigator, so he sees a different world and has different cultural references ….. he talks a lot crimes and disasters, and about WWII, which defined his dad and uncles. I’m guessing he is at least in his 60s, or maybe pushing 70, because he mentioned being in the Army in 1976.

          Criticism is what it is. I don’t have a website, but I enjoy the Treehouse, and I like howtobeyourowndetective, along with a few others. I mention that one, though, because it offers complementary tips to people to protect themselves. And like Sundance, he shares public documents. Most sites don’t do that.

          Have a great day!

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          • G. Combs says:

            “I like howtobeyourowndetective…”

            I will second that.

            And yes there is so much info here at the Tree house it is hard to make sure important info is seen.

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    • GenEarly says:

      Kay is an excellent representation of NATO, … Old, Irrelevant, and Doddering.

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      • NvMtnOldMan says:

        Gen- any of these people ever look at the GD charts. Russia ranks 13th. behind So Korea, Brazil. Russia has a $40B USD military budget. Their GDP is dependent on oil and LNG. They basically have no manufacturing base. Without a strong manufacturing base they can never keep up with the rest of the nations, especially the USA.

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        • GB Bari says:

          It really does not matter where they rank in military budgets. They have a shiiteload of nukes and the means to launch them from land based and undersea platforms. Their costs are far lower than ours by comparison because they don’t pay the same high salaries as do we. I would not be so dismissive of their power and potential threat.


          • GenEarly says:

            Russia has nukes, a last ditch Defensive threat. Russia is not going to invade Europe as the Soviet Union could. NATO is a Cold War relic and should join the ash can of history.


      • helix35 says:

        Don’t forget: she’s a “true conservative”.

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      • But she gets to live in Brussels at your expense!
        Come to think of it, how come all the terrorist attacks stopped in Brussels since
        Trump came along? Is there any connection?


    • Doug Weiss says:

      I haven’t watched any of these scum balls for 30 years. Lying know nothing vermin! Only listen to my President! MAGA!


    • Danny Mitchell says:

      Yea Hutchinson was personally responsible for gutting dubya’s border wall. Little she has to say interests me.


  3. bearsgrrr says:

    So the Queen speaks out for NATO, against POTUS, but couldn’t open her mouth about massive child rape going on in her country?

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      • czarowniczy says:

        The Royal Family’s a tourist attraction. If they didn’t have a government income and a personal bankroll they’d be like so much of Europe’s other royalty, either handing out towels in restrooms or squeegeeing windshields on busy street corners.

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        • svenwg says:

          The Queen and her family own more than half of the UK. In fact the Queen brings in more money for the exchequer than she takes out in the ratio of about 30:1. She is listed as either the richest women in the world or in the top three by Forbes for the last 50 years.

          There is no way that the British Royal family will ever be paupers as many of the European Royalty has suffered. Price Charles’ lands bring in at least £50,000,000.00 in rents only a year, so do the maths.

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          • czarowniczy says:

            A lot of their properties would revert to the state were the government to decide they really don’t need to royal Itchy & Scratchy show and abolish their contract, but with the properties the


            • czarowniczy says:

              @#$%^& Chromebook.
              —family owns and the incomes from it they wonm’t have to worry about where their next Bently or caviar-filled swimming pool would come from. Wosrt comes to worst they could move to Beverly Hills and the family and narsissistic Hollyork glitterati can stroke each other to the delight of the MSM.


    • kea says:

      This 100%!!!!!

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    • Lulu says:

      Exactly. The adult Royals are absolutely loathsome. They are inbred actors paid to play a part, but with their platform they could speak for the tens of thousands possibly hundres of thousands of working class English girls kidnapped, raped, and prostituted over 50 years with the knowledge of the UK authorities. Some of these girls were ten years old.

      The Royals are scum.

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      • Plow boy says:

        Yes but the Brits. Love and adore them. Also pay for pompous life style . So let them eat cake.

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        • kea says:

          But now they have an ‘american princess’ to save them all… LOL at least that’s what the DM keeps pushing.


        • kea says:

          Just make sure ‘we don’t come to the rescue’ when they yell for help… if/when they wake up.

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        • svenwg says:

          The Brits do not pay a single cent towards the upkeep of the Royal Family. In fact the Queen paid for the upkeep of all the palaces that bring in Billions of £££s in tourism a year and she receives not a single penny of the tourism inflows.

          I understand the US disdain against a position of Power that is received only by fact of birth, but until the current Queen was stripped of her oversight powers by the Left, under the rule of Tony Blair, she was the only person standing between the tyranny of Communism and the freedoms of Capitalism.

          Just look how far Left the UK has gone since the House of Lords voted to curtail all her oversight powers.


      • Mary Wilson says:

        For a woman who insisted on training with the other girls for WW2 by learning truck engine maintenance and ambulance driving, she seems to have lost her drive to protect England. (The war ended just before she turned 18, so she never served.)

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    • CIA whistleblower Robert David Steele, in time for the Putin Summit, is producing “Memorandums for the President on 9/11” at his > phibetaiota(.)net

      Contributors include David Ray Griffin, Christopher Bollyn, Dr James Fetzer, Victor Thorn and this interesting alternative to the “ten boxcutters hypothesis”….

      “Twin Towers Destroyed Using Clean Nukes”

      (based on 70 articles at VeteransToday and “Ground Zero: Nuclear Demolition of the WTC” by William Tahil)

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    • kiskiminetas says:

      Most likely she had nothing to say about Tommy Robinsin.

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  4. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    I’d like to see President Trump bypass the U.K. and tell them he won’t be chatting with them over tea until there is some semblance of justice for Tommy Robinson.

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  5. yy4u says:

    KBH is a DID (Democrat in Disguise) as are the Bushies. Sundance was right all along. We’ve had one single party, the UniParty (Democrat) Party. The UniParty like all chickens has two wings – a left wing and a right wing. The Left wing calls themselves the Democrats, the Right wing calls themselves the Republicans. I never liked RINO because I’m a RINO. I am not, however, a DID (Democrat in Disguise).

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  6. Howzie says:

    Make work job for an old dried up RINO.

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  7. Minnie says:

    Boy howdy, that’s some newscycle coming up.

    Travel hasn’t even begun and the self-important mudslime media already flapping its gums, hoping to sow discord – what else is new?!

    Nestling in snuggly on my branch for an unencumbered birds eye view.

    I take Sundance and CTH over any source of so-called “media” for truth of all that transpires.

    You have a hectic week ahead, Sundance.

    Rest well (do you EVER get a break?), we are here patiently waiting for all analysis and clips.

    God Bless President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania 🙏


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    • progpoker says:

      “So called Media” “Mudslime Media” “FakeNews” “Enemedia”

      I was flying today and decided to check in on MSNBC. They were talking about Baby Trump in London. “Mediots” popped in my head. I’m afraid it’s stuck for me. LOL!

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  8. cheekymeeky says:

    Jezus. It’s such a shock to see someone you thought was long dead. 🙎

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  9. Cheri Lawrence says:

    Hahahaha!! Exactly how I felt watching Hutchinson speak. Looooooooow energy, very old paradigm!!

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  10. Pa Hermit says:

    May the Good Lord be with our POTUS on this trip. Something about this UK trip causes my gut to churn. May it be something I’ve eaten this week end that doesn’t agree with me! POTUS is in high gear and America is all the better for it! MAGA!!!

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  11. Justbill says:

    I think the message was very informative and to the point. My only complaint was that the video should have also included Lucy. Now, after I watch the other two videos, I’ll give everyone my expert analysis right afterwards.

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  12. ddassowd says:

    How many times can these clowns yell the sky is falling before no one pays attention. The media can’t chew gum and walk at the same time let alone walk by themselves. Trump is several steps ahead of these dummies. The media doesn’t have enough time to dwell on the negative before the next news cycle that Trump controls. Then all we hear is the sky is falling all over again.

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    • bleep21k says:

      @ddassowd – “Seriously, after a while all of these faux-intellectuals begin to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.” THE SKY IS FALLING EVER -REE-DAY lmao!!

      Sometime try turning off the sound while watching any “cable news” source of your choice and watch the chyron describing the discussion, and the faces of the talking heads – quite entertaining (I marvel MORE at myself that I am actually watching this garbage lol – which is then turned off).

      What a world we live in – ALL of this technology for accurate and fair “reporting” and the lies we have to endure on a daily basis…

      “FAKE NEWS” just isn’t a strong enough description of whats happening with journalism and news reorting anymore!

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      • nccosmiccurmudgeon says:

        Was not the descriptive term for manipulative media “reports” once called “Yellow Journalism”? As in “Remember the Maine”??
        I hope the motorcade does not go through what was formerly known as London. All it would take would be a Jihadist laying down in front of the beast waiting to be run over. No bombs, no “acid attack”, no shooting. Just a “poor, innocent, ‘refugee’ being intentionally run over by that ‘Madman Trump'”.

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  13. emet says:

    Resurrect the Warsaw Pact. A much better fit for the US

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  14. Koot Katmando says:

    The whole purpose of the first clip was for the smarmy synthetic reporter to get out the line PDT called Putin a fine man. The left is totally irrational as usual. On one hand they are screaming for a new cold war with Russia and on the other hand screaming at PDT for demanding the Eruos pay their fair share. It boggles my brain. This week and last week the Synth chick on face the nation tried to blame PDT for Crimea when it was her beloved O that let it happen.

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  15. Brian P.T. Blake says:

    “Count the spoons faster!” Love it! That’s who America’s European “allies” are: Grand Theft Dinnerware, just like Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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  16. Deplore Able says:

    Talking points for meeting with Big Bad Vlad:
    1. Congratulate Vlad on Russia’s economy. Russia GDP is roughly equivalent to the GDP of Texas. Pretty impressive. Russia population: 143 Million. Texas population: 23 Million.
    2. Tell Vlad that theTrump foreign policy goal is to rid the world of troublemakers. We have no interest in war, but merely point out that good things can happen to those who stop making trouble. Just ask Rocket Man.
    3. The troublemakers in Iran aren’t listening. We have no interest in war with Iran. The Iranian people will take care of those troublemakers themselves. Aligning with such troublemakers isn’t good business. Just ask the Houthis.
    4. The IRGC forces in Syria and Yemen will face great difficulties, but it won’t come from US forces. The Gulf Cooperation Council will handle their cousins. Let the Arab world take care of the Arab world.
    5. Don’t worry about the Russian naval base at Tartus. We don’t mind if Russia keeps the base, but would appreciate Russian troops and air force exiting Syria. It really isn’t a safe place to be.
    6. Good things can happen for Russia if Russia stops being a troublemaker. The whole world will benefit.

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    • Chieftain says:

      Point 1 provides clarity to any U.S. “journalist” who can “number their fingers.”

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    • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

      “How about you drop by Mar-a-Lago this fall? you can take off your shirt and play a few rounds. Oh btw. Bring along those Uranium One files from Rosatom. We can discuss them during the news conference later.”

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  17. Chieftain says:

    Missing spoon count is pretty high & patently obvious.

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  18. Sylvia Avery says:

    Dana Purina AND Kay Bailey Blah Blah? At once? Oh my…not sure I’m up to watching this drone fest. I’ll try to suck it up because SD doesn’t put stuff out there lightly, but I’m not sure my stomach is strong enough.

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  19. oldschool64 says:

    Gosh, I bet I am the only one who didn’t click the KBH nonsense but did hit the Peanuts vid. Huh!

    So lonely bein’ the only one. 😦

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  20. billrla says:

    I say again: Stop watching! Stop paying cable/satellite subscriber fees to subsidize FOX, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the stone-cold stupid MSM. Stop clicking on links to MSM web sites. Starve the beast.

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  21. Lactantius says:

    On January 22, 2003, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld kicked up a storm concerning Europe and the war in Iraq. Change that to today and the “welcoming” of immigrants and Rumsfeld’s words are the same:

    “You’re thinking of Europe as Germany and France. I don’t. I think that’s ‘old Europe.’ If you look at the entire NATO Europe today, the center of gravity is shifting to the East. And there are a lot of new members. And if you just take the list of all the members of NATO and all of those who have been invited in recently — what is it, 26, something like that? [But] you’re right. Germany has been a problem, and France has been a problem.”

    Germany, England, France, and even Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands are being upended by immigrants who refuse to assimilate. Old Europe and its socialism has run out of other people’s money and New Europe is not taking these non-assimilating immigrants in.

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  22. Avi says:

    I had no idea that she was still alive!

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  23. AngelOnejudicial says:

    Had Hillary won they’d have run a coup in Russia same as they did in the Ukraine. The narrative was set and unfortunately still being pushed today by Brittain (Skripal who was tied to steal/Brexit blame) EU and unfortunately our state department. Russia is a closed economy with a huge population (of native non migrant citizens) vast natural resources and a strategic location. Globalists and multinational corporations drool at the thought of opening up Russia for their pillaging. We know Google spent tens of millions to open up the Cuban economy under Obama, we know Boeing spent in excess of $100 million for the Iran deal which secured billions in plane orders, I wonder what the going rate is for a coup these days or deposing of a world leader & which exact special interests are paying for this continued international anti Russia narrative.

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  24. Rex70 says:

    I am a huuuge fan of U.S. Vulgarians–especially when they offend the delicacies of EU luvvies and their saintly leaders.

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  25. ‘How much of a threat is Russia to the military alliance?’ Isn’t the better question ‘Is Russia actively involved in military aggression against any NATO nation?’.

    Crimea is not a part of NATO. Neither is the Ukraine.

    It is almost impossible to correct all of the deceptions of Hutchinson.

    NATO’s overtures to Ukraine put them in the Russian cross-hairs. Further, the CIA efforts to replace the Ukrainian government with a regime directly connected to Ukrainian Nazis.

    Anyone who talks about ‘human rights’ should be suspect. The whole idea that American power can created ‘human rights’ utopias in the rest of the world has led to nothing but chaos and a weakening of our military power.

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  26. Baycity Duckhunter says:

    Dumb as a bag of rocks, but Pretty Womped up hair Kay Bailey was the Texas sen’tor that traded her votes for mandatory LED light bulbs and Federal Student debt non-dischargeable in bankruptcy, in exchange for allowing Texans to get to deduct estimated sales taxes from Federal income since Texas does not have state income tax. She really bargained hard for that one. At least over in Europe where she doesn’t screw up anything.

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  27. joeknuckles says:

    I’d like to see a bipartisan group of senators sign a letter demanding Trump confront Theresa May about her country meddling in our election.

    What are the chances of that happening?


  28. Roger Duroid says:

    PDJT nominated her for that position with NATO. Was that to get her out of the way like with UN Hailey, another never Trumper.?
    KBH better be saying and doing what he wants or she will be moving out with the horse she rode in on.

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  29. Whiskey1 says:

    Exactly what you would expect from Miss Bushie America, boring and Uniparty shilling…its all she has and has ridden that horse a LONG way.

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  30. Joe says:

    She reminded me that Oceania has alwasy been at war with Eastasia.

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  31. MVW says:

    Perhaps Trump should give Europe to Russia, would save us a lot of money, give the Russians more headaches, give Europeans a better future vs being a muslim State and having Christians live as slaves.

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    • Theresa Keys says:

      Win-win. Us gets rid of the economic black hole called NATO. Russian don’t muck about dealing with muslims

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      • fractionalexponent says:

        Theresa, So well said in so few words. Russia threw off the German Nazi invasion. It took them longer to throw off the German Bolshevik communist invasion. When the ISIS invasion of socialist Western Europe is complete, we will need to ally once again with Russia against common foes, China and the Islamic State. An ISIS NATO is just not workable.

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  32. wjb105 says:

    European countries don´t care about NATO. It´s obsolete and they know it. Otherwise they would pay up and comply with readiness guidelines. They don’t care about Russia either. They keep buying oil and gas and the sanctions are a joke.

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  33. Katherine McCoun says:

    Dear NATO members,
    Pay up or shut up.
    We, the American Taxpayer, has been supporting you and protecting you for almost 80 yrs – 1st from Germany Socialist and then from Russian Communists.
    We are tired of it and want out or want it to be fair.
    Pay up or shut up.
    the American Taxpayer

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  34. Cooper45 says:

    There aren’t many accurate or supportive articles about Trump above the northern border but Financial Post columnist Diane Francis wrote a very accurate article about Trump and Trudeau’s lack of commitment to NATO. Trudeau said, “We are doing our part.” That is still baloney.

    “The link between trade and defense contributions is totally clear. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin last week said if NATO member countries are seeking exemptions from U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs they will be asked to step up their contributions to NATO.”

    Canada’s on the bottom third of the NATO spending list:

    U.S. 3.6% of GDP
    U.K. 2.1%
    Greece 2.25%
    France 1.75%
    Poland 2%
    Estonia 2.25%
    Canada 1.25%

    Meanwhile, Germany, Italy and Spain are laggards that spend less than Canada.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      NATO was sort of a bullet sump during the Cold War. In the highly unlikely event Russia had invaded Europe (Germany) Russia would first have to sweat driving its operational forces through the not-too-Russia-friendly Bloc countries and driving thru/around the huge piles of smoking debris that would have been the German autobahn system (they had demo compartments buuilt in) and the many US and German bases they’d have had to knock out in the pre-invasion prep.

      The US, on the other hand, would have had to figure out where to land and set up the troops we’d had ready in the US and how to resupply them, as our WRM stgorage facilities were on Russian/Bloc targeting maps for decades.

      The Russians would have had to bypass the major population centers in the NATO countries and the US would have had to figure out how to deal with the millions of European refugees fleeing the western areas and how to deal with the thousands of American military and civilian families who’d also have been added to the refugee mix.

      I was part of the group that believed Russia never intended to invade Western Europe unless the West invaded it. Russia had the Bloc countries and that’s where they’d meet and blunt any attack by the West. Russia lost around 40 million people between WW1 and WW2 and suffered massive property destruction, they didn’t want that to happen again so they’d let the next war grind on west of their borders. Russia didn’t want to invade Europe, they wanted their Communist surrogates to pluck it for them.

      I remember Dutch troops who’d unionized. They had long hair, beards and no two were in step in what they loosely declared to be a formation. France withdrew its Med fleet from NATO in ’59 and in ’66 withdrew its forces and tossed out all foreign forces. France remains in NATO but… NATO now has 29 members and only two share a common language…our small arms ammunition and magazines interchange though.

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      • Pyrthroes says:

        Quite true, on a conventional level. But from 1964 – ’65 we served three years as a Flight Commander [non-flying] in West German crypto-security units, and the only thing anyone cared about was whether Soviets hitting the NATO “tripwire” would set off Armageddon.

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        • czarowniczy says:

          Multiple generations of careers were made fighting that ‘Fulda Gap’ scenario. Considering the A-10s, Apaches, various ground tank killers and the nuke landmines the Gap would be impassible because of glowing, burning junk in a matter of hours.
          Then those miles and miles of thick concrete walls and deep minefields the Reds put up down into Czechoslovakia – get swamping rains on the Czech border and we’d go looking for mines that had washed over – would cause


          • czarowniczy says:

            @#$%^& Chromebook
            …them problems getting through. Russian’s main hope would be to use tactical nukes to screw us before an invasion but that would have invited a strategic nuke response and that Armageddon thing.
            You were over there when the Mark was 4.1 to the dollar and a case of snap caps (delivered) was about 20 Marks.


  35. Perhaps the NATO nations paying their fair share for defense will help defeat the suicidal socialism and globalism they have imposed upon their peoples.


  36. fobdangerclose says:

    We culled her 8 years to late

    Texas is ashamed



  37. Echo says:

    No-one wants to pay.
    When you’ve been on the US teat since WW2 you get used to not paying. Even arrogant about your entitlement to not pay. Europe wants credible defence against the Russian Bear’s tanks? Get to it fellows.

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    • farrier105 says:

      Russian tanks are built on the Christie Chassis with torsion bar suspension. Walter Christie (USA) invented it under the patronage of George S. Patton. After FDR recognized the hostile regime in Moscow, the Russians were able to buy Christie’s chassis.

      Russian tanks are built in factories of almost 100% US technology. Ford Motor Company built the Gorki plant. Caterpillar Tractors built Chelyabinsk. They sometimes make tractors that run on treads. Mostly, they make tanks.


  38. RyderLee says:

    Off Topic but I just have to say :
    I Absolutely Love that picture of
    Our President Trump
    with his Tie Loosened Up
    Having a Big Laugh !

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    • TwoLaine says:

      That and President TRUMP with the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake in the world at Mar-a-Lago. 😉 And I don’t even need to see the picture. I just envision it.


  39. TigerBear says:

    If those in NATO are so damned worried about Russia, they need to step up and pay up their fair share.
    Time for us to place a base in Poland?! Hungary?!

    This NATO ambassador has certainly obeyed her masters and followed their marching orders on talking points/issues.

    Why do I instantly feel distrust of this woman?? 😳

    Liked by 2 people

  40. Native Virginian says:

    Our G-Botus…Glorious B*st*rd of the United States. 🙂


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