Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte Discusses Strzok and Rosenstein Testimony…

The House Judiciary Committee has primary oversight authority over the DOJ.  House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte discusses the testimony from FBI Agent Peter Strzok, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, along with the next steps.

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234 Responses to Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte Discusses Strzok and Rosenstein Testimony…

  1. JX says:

    Sessions’ DOJ is a criminal enterprise that congress must terminate.

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      • JX says:

        I hadn’t seen that. It’s dubious but not implausible.

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        • cali says:

          @JX: The Loretta Lynch episode waiting at the Phoenix airport for the arrival of Bill Clinton was not even addressed or mentioned in the OIG report at all. Why?

          Everything about that meeting received the highest classification/SCIF that can not even be read by our own reps because they do not have a clearance to do so. That is not by accident but rather by intent.
          That meeting was not only between Bill C and Lynch but Hussein and HRC chimed in via teleconference/skype discussing the whitewashing of that investigation.
          Supreme court placement in a Hillary white house was part of that discussion with the co-operation of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Scalia future vacancy.

          When you go back to the WikiLeaks published emails Podesta even joked about Scalia’s death/murder saying he didn’t know that they had ‘wetworks’ in Texas.

          This is a sandal within a scandal ergo the top secret classification was used to keep it out of the OIB report.

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          • mutantbeast says:

            Iv e said all along Whoreobeech is an Obama appointee. Hes part of the problem, not the solution. To me the only likely solution is for DJT to de classify everything. Then let SD and those over at TGP and BB to do some actual reporting on it.


      • Kris says:

        Is THIS in information that Jordan keeps talking about? Rosenstein is Wray’s boss and could be the one that is holding it back? Rosenstein keeps saying that HE is not holding anything back, but he is the one who could tell Wray not to release it???


  2. FrontierDayz says:

    Sessions has been neutralized by Rosenstein either by his naïveté, incompetence or complicity or all three, as Strzok displays his smarmy arrogance….particularly after the IG’s discipline referral rather than criminal referral…..knowing that he just received a get out of jail card…McCabe has to be steaming unless he too knows as well as Comey that no one is going to jail in one of the biggest scandals in our country’s history….

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    • JX says:

      Charge Sessions with misprision of felony.

      Congress needs to establish a new agency with full investigatory and prosecutorial authority, entirely separate from the DOJ, with the sole purpose of investigating and prosecuting all DOJ persons involved in the conspiracy to interfere with the 2016 election, to overthrow the 2016 election, and to cover up the conspiracy.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Yah, just throw the Constitution, which says that Prosecution is an EXECUTIVE function, and so reservrd to the EXECUTIVE branch, not the LEGISLATIVE branch, (Congress), which while they CAN investigate, as part of their oversite function, they have no Constitutional authority to Prosecute.

        The can write laws, (LEGISLATE), and they control the purse.

        So, they could choose to defund the DOJ/FBI, or choose to rescind the Patriot act, eliminate Fisa court, and too rarely used, they can IMPEACH Federal officials, like Rosie, former head of IRS, or Holder.

        Congress, like the President, have their powers enumerated, and limited.

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      • stringplayer55 says:

        While I wish there could be an agency that could come in and clean up the DOJ (and the CIA and all other Executive level agencies that have become corrupt), I’m afraid your suggestion is unworkable.

        First of all, your suggestion sets up competing law enforcement agencies. That is a recipe for civil conflict. Which agency has power to enforce the law? You may wish right now, with a Republican Congress, that a law enforcement agency controlled by the Congress would have authority over an Executive branch agency. But what about when control of Congress is returned to Dems (as it will be at some point in time)? Then, if there were a Republican president, you might wish the DOJ had authority over the congressional law enforcement agency.

        Second, the Constitution (you do remember that, don’t you) vests enforcement of law in the Executive branch. The DOJ is the agency that Congress created to enforce laws. It is the President’s authority to see to it that the DOJ acts appropriately. That said, Congress has the Constitutional authority to review the workings of the DOJ and to demand that the DOJ comply with the laws that they have enacted.

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        • JX says:

          > First of all, your suggestion sets up competing law enforcement agencies.

          No it does not. I said, a new agency with “the sole purpose of investigating and prosecuting all DOJ persons involved in the conspiracy…” which leaves all other matters to the DOJ.

          A separate agency is required because the DOJ refuses to recognize Congress’s oversight authority. The DOJ is doing everything possible to protect from prosecution an ongoing conspiracy by the DOJ to overthrow the elected President of the United States. The DOJ is doing everything possible to prevent Congress’ efforts to expose the DOJ conspiracy to overthrow the elected President of the United States. The DOJ is a rogue agency.

          The DOJ must submit to the elected government of the United States. The only way that can happen is for an outside agency to conduct an investigation and prosecution of the conspirators. The DOJ can not conduct an effective investigation and prosecution because the conspirators control the DOJ.

          > Second, the Constitution (you do remember that, don’t you) vests enforcement of law in the Executive branch.

          I have not advocated otherwise.


          • Concerned says:

            All of what you have said is true but it leaves out one very important factor. President Trump could openly order compliance of the DOJ and FBI, to include delivery of all documents requested to Congress. He could have ordered the replacement or transfer of FBI and DOJ authority to a different agency such as the US Marshals service.

            Yet, nothing has been done.


      • mutantbeast says:

        we dont need another govt agency. The US Marshalls already have the authority if the president authorizes it. So for that matter does local county sheriifs, as long as its within there juristiction.


  3. Bubby says:

    The attitude displayed by Strzok, Rosenstein and to a certain extent Wray at the hearings means they know Congress will do nothing meaningful. They also know as part of the deep state they will be protected by their own, the Democrats and the msm. Their smugness, contempt for the Republicans questioning them and for the questions themselves leads me to believe they know they can’t be held accountable for anything illegal they have done just like Hillary. The two tier legal system was in full display at the Judiciary Committee closed and open hearings. Hope I’m proved wrong.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Rosie and Wray know that the Senators know that if the Senators really pushed, FBI/DOJ would investigate the Senators, like Mueller investigating Trump associates.

      Your wife, your kids, close friends, or you; we will find SOMETHING to nail you with. Probably dont have to look farther than DWS/AWAN laptop.

      You mess with us, we’ll find $80,000 in your freeser, or sex harrassment allegations, or something.

      No balls, cause Rosie and deep state, alteady removed em from most in Congress. Promised to return them, when Senators retire.

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      • Bubby says:

        Dutchman exactly! The DOJ/FBI have become a secret police accountable only unto themselves. Which is why the Founders didn’t want a Federal police force. The FBI which was originally founded to fight organized crime has morphed into a LE agency providing protection for the Washington elite, the deep state and related associates! They will never have my trust again.

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      • Jederman says:

        PTrump can fix this in a heartbeat. Fire the current leadership in DoJ and FBI. Purge the entire DoJ and FBI of all Dems (unfortunately it’s the only way), prepare to take a ton of scheisse for the next six months then drive on with clean, lawful organizations. There is no chipping around the edges here.

        The “Dems” aka progressives/socialists are in the open. They’ve made their move with their “Resistance” BS. They are committed to stopping the agenda of a duly elected Pres by taking it to the streets and through the Gramsci scheisse weasels burrowed deep into the Fed bureaucracy. If the R deadbeats in the senate won’t cooperate by approving new appointees pull out the team roster and start working your way down until you find patriots already onboard who care enough to hold down the fort while PT leans on McConnel until he comes around.

        This isn’t 2012 or 2016. The Dems are gone. This is the obama Marxist stay behind operation. It’s not about the old issues. They want to change our system.


        • Amy2 says:

          The Republicans share in the chaos. No one has stepped up and said “knock it off, we are country of laws.” They are STILL waiting for Trump to disappear so they can get back to nothing.

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        • JX says:

          A problem with that scenario is Senate majority leader McConnell has warned against doing so and has prevented the Senate from recessing so to prevent a recess appointment by Trump.

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          • mutantbeast says:

            I get a feeling Mitch the Beech isnt going to see the 2020 re-election campaign. Peter Schweitzers book is out there, and it looks real bad for Mitch the Beech and his wifes Chicom connections. His primary oppo for 2020 likely already knows where hes vulnerable.


      • Concerned says:

        You would have trouble, finding them in a can of peanuts.


    • Echo says:

      “The attitude displayed by Strzok, Rosenstein and to a certain extent Wray at the hearings means they know Congress will do nothing meaningful.”

      The only entity that can prosecute them is the DoJ.
      The DoJ is run by one of the perps, Rosie.
      Until PDJT removes Rosie they are completely protected.
      Sessions protects Rosie.
      I don’t see how they haven’t already won.


  4. Boots says:

    Me (as Senator questioning Wray and Rosey): Gentlemen, my fellow Senators have questioned you quite hard today. I will not continue the hard questions. Instead, I’ll be getting up from my seat and walking down to you. And when I get there I’m going to bash your brains out with this brass headed cane. And while I’m at it, a few of my like minded fellow Senators will lock the doors and prevent anyone from helping you. What you tried to do to America, will now be done to you. And when asked what happened to you, everyone in this room has agreed they’ll do what you’ve been doing for years now. They’ll all lie. And the lie will be that you tripped over yourselves and fell.


  5. Echo says:

    OMG….Fox News asks “Americans grew up trusting the FBI / CIA, has that trust been broken?”

    Either he’s been in a coma since 2016 or he’s UniParty gasping or he’s mentally very very slow…..

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  6. Sessions lacks the courage required from a man in his position at a pivotal moment in history. He’s plainly unfit for his job. He’s afraid to take on the deep state. He’s an old man with nothing more to live for or gain and refuses a final act of courage even if it should require his life become a living hell at the hands of this deep state.

    President and Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump will have no choice – and no regrets – when he must fire Sessions and other potential candidates including Wray.

    These are the choices of war.

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  7. Boots says:

    Goodlatte’s smoking crack. He said Wray and the FBI are ‘cleaning house’. He’s full of it. Another spineless RINO falling in line with the cabal’s orders.

    Apart from God cleaning out the corruption of DOJ, FBI, and the thousands upon thousands of deep state agents in our government, armed revolt is the only other way.

    “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun”.
    ~ Barack Hussein Obama ~

    “It’s payback time.”
    ~ Valerie Jarrett ~

    “Get in their faces.”
    ~ Barack Hussein Obama ~

    “Blood in the streets.”
    ~ Loretta Lynch ~

    “You push back. Tell them they’re not welcome. No peace. No sleep.”
    ~ Maxine Waters ~

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  8. Dutchman says:

    Actually, I’m not in favor of violence, because its very innefficient. The STATE, and the Deep State, are well prepared for mobs with pitchforks and shovels (hi, sylvia!).

    Every government, regardless of form, dictatorship or democracy, etc. needs 2 things from its citizens; active production, and active consumption.

    You can post diatribes against the Gov., or rant around the water cooler against gov. all you want….so long as you GO TO WORK, and PICK UP BREAD ON WAY HOME. THATS ‘active consumption, and active production. Now, it DOESN’T take100%, or anything like it.

    If 40% of the populace simply stay home, and stop purchasing, EVERYTHING quickly comes to a roaring, screeching halt.

    How many businesses, can handle a loss of 40% of business, overnight?

    40% of employees not showing up.
    Gov. entities fare no better. So, as long as DJT keeps winning for us, I say keep our powder dry, and stock up on provisions.

    We are not even close to a hot war, so long as he is in oval office.

    But, should we need to flex our muscles, we can do it by simply not going to work, or buying anything. The system can not handle it!

    The system is addicted to $ flying around the globe, changing hands 500 times an hour.

    And, nobody has to die. So, something to consider,…at some point.

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  9. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    Anyone, anyone on this site still believe after the ridiculous hearings, that Wray, Rosenstein or Goodlatte are even close to white hats?

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  10. Chilidog says:

    Really looks like everything is going according to plan. They laugh in congress face without consequence. After the latest deadline passes, they must immediately hold Sessions, Rosenstein, and Wray in contempt. Congress must demand that Sessions resign and that a special counsel be appointed to investigate the doj. However, we can be certain that none of these things will occur. It’s up to the people. We have to support the president and win the midterms. He will then have a mandate to replace Sessions.


  11. CM-TX says:

    RR pleads ignorance of any related activity that preceded his appointment.
    He later signs off on the FISA renewal, but he didn’t bother to read it.
    Both directly connected to the investigation he is now charged with overseeing.

    Wait… what?!?🤨
    RR didn’t think it important to be briefed on events & details serving as the entire foundation of the investigation?
    And if this were true… he further saw no need to review the FISA renewal – if only to become familiar with the basis of, a/o material stemming from the earliest stages??
    Either RR admits to total incompetence, or he already knew- having conspired with all along!

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  12. RR is biding his time until Mueller strikes. RR does not care about the IG investigation.

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  13. PVCDroid says:

    I’m stunned that they are all going to get away with this. Why? Then we have Mueller that is likely going to introduce some BS surprise implicating someone. I haven’t been able to watch lately because I’m so irritated. If Trump is taken down because the GOP is so weak, there will be many more like me giving up on this whole sham.


    • PVCDroid says:

      Mueller doesn’t dig into someone as complex as Trump for over a year and half without finding things to throw in the dirty clothes bin. I hope I’m wrong but he’s waiting for the right time to dig out something embarrassing and semi criminal on POTUS. That will drag everything on for months and there won’t be enough support by the GOP to stop it. Tell me I’m wrong.


  14. jeans2nd says:

    Everyone is worrying about much ado about nothing.

    Pres Trump has this well in hand. At the proper time, enough details will be revealed as needed to convict the really bad actors, others will be permitted to quietly resign or retire, and AG Jeff will be given some credit, and allowed to save face before also resigning at the proper time.

    Make no mistake, Pres Trump knows exactly what is going on, who is to blame, and who needs enough punishment to stop this from happening again, as much as possible.

    The way to perform Congressional oversight is to find and identify the problems, and for once in their Congressional lives, fix the problems. What a novel idea, huh?
    Rep Goodlatte et al best be spending a wee bit of time figuring out some new legislation to reign in these rogue agencies as best they can, once and for all.

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  15. Sentient says:

    DrawAndStrike has this commentary on Rosenstein https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1012474946197573642.html
    It may not be correct, but it’s worth considering

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  16. Echo says:

    ‘and for once in their Congressional lives, fix the problems.”

    Someone else who doesn’t get it.
    Do you understand Congress cannot prosecute anyone, no matter what they “find”? Impeachment of a govt official has zero real world consequences. Refer Holder.
    Do you understand that only the DoJ can make the decision to prosecute?
    Do you understand that Rosie runs the DoJ?
    Do you understand that Sessions has already said he supports Rosie?


  17. Donna in Oregon says:

    Goodlatte voted for NAFTA. Goodlatte is just another US Chamber of Commerce punk.

    Paul Lyin’ Ryan in sheep’s clothing. Thank God they are both retiring. Get out!


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  18. SSI01 says:

    Mr. Goodlatte, the reputation of the FBI is something you don’t need to bother yourself about. Let the FBI recognize, sincerely recognize its own faults and acknowledge them. It’s too late to think about restoring anything, an institution whose management plots within itself to impede the lawful changing of office of democratically-elected heads of state is not worthy of your efforts to restore itself, and will forever be subject to suspicion about what it does under such overweening secrecy. It’s time to start crafting plans to dismantle the FBI, to abolish it, and transfer its functions to other Federal agencies, in particular the US Marshal’s Service. It’s THROUGH, once and for all. For all these years it has never, not once, ever submitted itself quietly and without resistance to an outside audit, a thorough audit, by the legislative branch activities that should have been doing this job on a yearly basis, but never did. For some reason, Congress, for whatever reason (knowledge of records possessed by DIRFBI about the nefarious activities of its members?) has never really forced a stand down of the FBI and subjected it to a VERY thorough, top to bottom review of its activities and practices. This is what you get when YOU, in Congress, as the oversight activity, fail to do your job and let sleeping dog lie. Except, as we have found out, they never really just “lie” but are reading the signals as a license to carry on at will, based on the personal whims and political viewpoint of top-level management.

    End it all, right now, once and for all. Abolish the FBI. That will send a signal to any other organizations that are under Congressional oversight that you mean business when you say there is a line they must toe under penalty of dire consequences. Until this happens all the “or else” stuff you folks up there are spouting is just brushed aside by your opponents. And they are opponents, not “allies.”


    • mutantbeast says:

      Hoover kept his “grey” and “white” files on pliticians for a reason. That reason was so that Congress would never question the FBIs budget request. Hoovers predecessors were even worse., especially starting with anti-american leftists like Louis Freeh.


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