White House Press Briefing With DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Sarah Sanders…

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen appeared with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to discuss the ongoing issues with border security and specifically the more recent increase in arriving alien minors, most unaccompanied by parents, and the subsequent problems.

Excellent briefing by DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen:


As many long time CTH readers will note, the current crisis is an outcome of prior administration policy and the HHS decision to throw massive amounts of money at immigration and creating a business model for human trafficking using taxpayer funds.


Bottom line, as long as U.S. Taxpayer funds can be sent to private corporations; and those corporations can then fund the human traffickers; and those human traffickers can then provide the aliens that generate the taxpayer funds; none of this will change.  It is a business model.

(Link To Graphic)

That’s just one organization, for part of one year.

For a historic review on the “Big Three” immigration business owners – SEE HERE

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222 Responses to White House Press Briefing With DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Sarah Sanders…

  1. thedoc00 says:

    The Business Model described by Sundance is the exact reason all those well meaning folks focusing on building a Physical Wall do not have clue about the issue at hand. The issue is the all the laws and resources that are needed to actually make the physical wall useful. Killing ALL the additional needs besides the physical wall is the objective of the open border mafia. Without the supporting items, the Wall is utterly useless and a total waste of money.

    All the well meaning media types, politicians and voters need to focus on demanding the ALL the supporting resources and laws as the cost of the Wall itself is pocket change and is the one item the open border mafia will give the President because it rapidly turns into a liability and obvious waste of money to use against immigration and border defense advocates in a very short time with a few TV video clips.

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    • wallitoff says:

      Don’t care. Build the f’ing wall. At least then we’ll know if it makes a difference.

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      • thedoc00 says:

        We have walls and barriers, and they are not supported and breached. Why do you think the open border folks will cough up the pocket change to build a barrier with no supporting resources. It would be a useless monument shoved back up the President’s backside by the media and open border folks. Harping on the barrier only just plays into the hands of the bad guys.


        • murray smith says:

          please explain why a wall wont work and the link between a wall and the supporting resources which will cause the wall to fail to prevent illegal importation and migration, can you please relate your data to Israel who appear to be very happy with their walls

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    • H.R. says:

      Disagree, thedoc00.

      We need the wall because the pols have intentionally screwed up the law. Build the wall now! The work on the laws is going to continue at the speed of Congress.

      (That was a 30-minute gif, by the way.)

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    • Pogo1000 says:

      Of course, with a wall, that would force the otherwise illegal immigrants to come in via the front door, eliminating the “children separation as politics” game entirely.

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    • Laura Nonamaker says:

      POTUS gets this. His 4 points of what he’ll agree to include the wall, e-verify, end chain, and end lottery. That takes care of most of the issues. The businesses that profit from this will wither when the stream of children to the border evaporates. Sanctuary cities are already against Federal law and Sessions is shutting them down.


  2. citizen817 says:

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  3. Piggy says:

    And that’s just one. So many more…

    Try this…How many Congressmen would we lose of they sent all the illegals home? Or didn’t count them towards seats?

    Think TX, AZ, NM, CA, NV, WA, VA…

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  4. American Male says:

    The Fake Newers particularly CNN’s Jeff Zeleny and a couple of his failed network’s other biased contributors including Pig-Face April Ryan got their heads handed to them today by DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Though I had my doubts about Nielsen’s appointment and her loyalty to our VSG POTUS her willingness to enter the lion’s den and do battle presenting the administration’s position and dispelling of the Liberal Media’s lies was both “exemplary” and a textbook demonstration of how to refute “the Left’s” talking points. Sadly unless one watched the press conference “live” all one will see on later broadcasts on the Fake News networks are a chopped up, heavily and selectively edited version of her answers, a compilation sure to rival The Simpson’s Homer Simpson & the Babysitter Gummy-Bear episode where the hands of a clock mounted on a wall behind Homer repeatedly move both forward and backward as parts of his interview are pieced together to make him look as bad as possible.

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  5. treehouseron says:

    I ship large items via freight truck from time to time with a national company. The unemployment is so low, and business so high, they’re hiring new drivers who have no clue what they’re doing and are still weeks behind.

    My brother works at a landscape company, a huge one. They’re screwed this year because they didn’t get their usual H1-B visa guys from Mexico. They tried to hire citizens, and only got 5 applications for 150 spots. The guys they hired weren’t worth a crap either.

    So anyways my point is, we’re basically at full employment. ALL of these Mexicans are going to end up in the country with work visas.


    • thedoc00 says:

      There is NO problem with them coming on Work Visa because they would be “legal” residents as long as the work visa is in place. That is the whole point. Also, if folks need skilled labor, work with DHS and the state department to invest in a commercial agent in Mexico or wherever to hire labor.

      I came back from visiting my parents in PA and there is a major oil/gas terminal being built in Monaca, PA. They cannot find skilled mechanical technicians, welders and machinists to actually build as well as sustain the operation. I get it about need for skilled labor and there are LEGAL ways to obtain it.

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    • cyn3wulf says:

      “So anyways my point is, we’re basically at full employment.” Are we? I’d be interested in knowing how many adults are working minimum wage service jobs that in days gone by would have been filled by high school and college kids. To the extent that we have capable adults working jobs that have wages that were never intended to meet the financial needs of a family, I consider us to be not truly at full employment, even if we are technically. If we can get those adults to learn a skilled trade, that would fill our skilled labor needs while opening positions for young adults who need/want part-time work.

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      • Lindenlee says:

        I have read several statistics (some from SD) that talk about almost every 100% of recent job growth going to foreigners, including illegals.

        I wonder if, now that we are supposedly at “full employment”, the use of so many illegals for years has masked a greater underlying problem… The poor education and work ethic of US high school graduates. Perhaps that has not been as obvious in recent years, because it was hidden and we were in recession.

        If so, that is scary. If so, these low-skilled American “workers”, who would supposedly take those jobs in landscaping, meat packing, etc, are not just UNEMPLOYED, but more importantly, UNEMPLOYABLE.

        Maybe we are in deep SCHITT.

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        • cyn3wulf says:

          Well, here’s the thing. The school model right now, which edu-reformers will deny, is Everyone Goes To College. Except, obviously, not everyone goes to college. And some of the ones who do go to college shouldn’t. There is no other plan. While there are private entities that do what they can do (e.g. Mike Rowe Works), they are trying to swim up Niagara Falls. When the education plan gets changed to reflect reality, that not everyone is cut out to be a rocket scientist, things will start to turn around in this area.

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    • The unemployment formula was changed in the Clinton years and doesn’t count the people who were never eligible for unemployment benefits. We’re really not at full employment as long as we have 20 to 40-year-old guys on the streets who should be working. I’m on the west coast and the number of homeless men is unbelievable.

      Some of the younger men came of age around the time of the financial crash and just fell through the cracks. Somehow the immigrant work crews find places for the younger guys to gain skills, but opportunities for citizens can be hard to find without experience or connections. We have many citizens who need mentors and other supports to get out of their dysfunctional lifestyles and into the work force. It won’t be a quick fix but American citizens should come first before we import workers to replace them.

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    • Hoosier says:

      H2B visas. H1B is for high skilled you can not find here or at least are supposed to be. I consulted to a large landscaping company. Owners dumber than a box of rocks. They pay the Latinos crap. 2/3rds were illegals with fake docs. One of the owners built himself a 36,000 sq foot home while I was consulting.

      Think about that for a second.

      If the Latinos come in all legally and get paid a fair wage might the job market for Americans also improve? Possibly 50 Americans apply under those circumstances?


  6. Rainy says:

    John Gizzi states crime “facts” from Germany.
    A Dr. I know with German heritage used to take his family to Germany every year but stopped going because it became to dangerous. He’s furious with Makeral for allowing this to happen.

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  7. Ironclaw 601 says:

    I am a dreamer, you idiot elitists bashing the President. I’m an AMERICAN dreamer. And when my father smashed into the ground defending the border as a Federal Agent he was burned too badly for an open casket. I was a six-year old dreamer who was PERMANENTLY separated from his parent. No tears from you for me, or my brother, or sister or that man who gave his life for his country at age 40.

    Screw you Jebburitto Bush—and Laura, too.

    – Big Jake

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    • American Male says:

      Low-Energy was awakened from his nap by his maid, I mean “wife”, she’s worried she and her anchor babies will be deported. #TheyMustGoBack

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  8. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Laura Bush and Michael Steele? Now we are supposed to care what Laura Bush and Michael Steele says/thinks? Where was Laura when the left was accusing her husband of being a war criminal? Where has Laura Bush when odumbo was willfully disregarding the law? Where was Laura Bush when the left was blaming her husband for every problem known to man? Has Laura Bush forgotten Cindy Sheehan? Hurricane Katrina? I would say Laura Bush ought to be ashamed but that would a waste of oughts.

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    • American Male says:

      Remember Laura Bush killed one of her classmates, crashed into him head-on, visit her Twitter and FB pages remind her that she got away with NO penalties/consequences, post a photo of the kid she killed she’ll appreciate it.o

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    • bentley1blog says:

      Both of the Bush kids (twins) are now adults and rally for the Dems. Surprise?


    • carnan43 says:

      Two faced phony Laura and her offspring have no issues with the killing of the baby in the womb. All tears for the illegals who invade America. She is just another Elitists.


  9. jstanley01 says:

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  10. millwright says:

    IMNSHO, major kudos to Secretary Neilsen for tossing the ‘ …why isn’t the President changing the law …’ back into the face of the reporter with ‘ ..we enforce laws Congress makes…” ! PDJT is rightly holding Congress’s feet to the fire on this issue .

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  11. Will Warburg says:

    Whole exercise is to redirect attention away from the info in the IG report.

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  12. Cooper45 says:

    DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Press Secretary Sarah Sanders were very professional and effective today while also showing the true path to fixing the problems.. A+ for both of these impressive women.. Both Sarah and Kirstjen made convincing cases about who is responsible for the broken immigration system–the often inept, corrupt and dysfunctional Congress.

    The hypocritical jackal media just skip from one “outraged” issue to another and routinely make unfounded and misdirected allegations against anyone on the Trump team. This time they and low information people like Barbara Bush are impugning the integrity of those who fight on the border front lines while the system is broken and often chaotic while near useless Congress points irate fingers or disingenuously sentimentalizes for.votes.

    Comparing the holding areas for illegals today to the Japanese internment camps is ludicrous. The illegals being treated as well as the funding and chaotic circumstances allows by HHS and CBP while the Japanese Americans were U.S. citizens and had their property confiscated and those who are illegally and nefariously hauling children over the border are foreign criminals. No comparison at all and Mrs. Bush probably knows it.

    Bitter loser politics!

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    • NC Nana says:

      I believe Press Secretary Sanders and DHS Secretary Nielsen were brought to their positions for a time such as this. Their ability to repeatedly say in a respectful manner ‘it’s the unacceptable law that needs to be changed by Congress’ is remarkable.

      As you say most in the Press acted as jackals in their repeated attacks on these 2 amazing leaders. We are blessed beyond measure to have Mrs. Sanders and Mrs. Nielsen in these positions. I don’t think anyone who attacked them actually heard one word they said but I feel confident the observers such as myself in deed did hear it.

      My prayer for Congress is they will clear up the mess they made.

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  13. Mr. T. says:

    So MSM had time to finally read IG Horowitz’s report over the weekend. Not the Summary or Conclusion, but the actual report itself. So what does MSM do in reaction to the illegal and unprofessional things pointed out in the report? Why, those cheeky monkeys decided to instead focus on the illegal aliens as a diversion to the illegal activities being exposed at the FBI and DOJ. Predictable. So damn predictable are those lying looney far left lunatics. Makes one also wonder why AG Sessions suddenly decides to hold a press conference and also make the rounds on the various news channels in regards to the illegals.


  14. bkrg2 says:

    Listened to first 22 minutes, then had to shut this off.
    Kirsjten did great – very clear and articulate + pushed back hard on the MSM idiots questions

    This officially concludes watching/listening to any more MSM “briefings” for me. It is 100% clear that the MSM is an enemy of the people.


  15. The Gaffer says:

    We have a fleet of ‘amphibious’ lift ships on both coasts. Get em daisy chain running San Diego and Corpus Christi to countries south. Don’t detain anyone, get ’em on a bus, on the gator freighter and out of here home bound!


  16. emet says:

    The Wall is a symbol most importantly. It says I am an American weary of being treated as a second class citizen im my own country and I will no longer stand for it. It says I am enraged that our Congressional representatives fawn over illegal aliens while our American way of life is sacrificed. It says we now, finally have the hope and change that we were promised by President Obama, and we have a leader that puts American lives first, before those of invaders. Build it yesterday.


  17. Phil Faustman says:

    Wow! What a bunch of rabid psycho leftists these ‘so called’ reporters are asking the questions. Since when does a reporter get to demand answers to run sentences? One question per person you safe space spoiled rotten melting snow-flakes! Enforce the laws! Build The Damn Wall! NOW!


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