Justin Trudeau: Tariffs are Only Illegal When U.S. Does It…

Delivering remarks in a post G7 press conference, Prime Minister Justin from Canada outlines his perspective on the summit and takes questions from a pre-selected media audience.  Many of the questions centered around U.S. positions on trade/tariffs and the Canadian/EU position that U.S. tariffs are illegal; whereas Canadian and EU tariffs are quantifiable expressions of magnanimous intellectual superiority and Americans should spend more time thanking them, instead of these feeble efforts to gain trade reciprocity.

The underlying Trudeau trade premise is that the U.S. should be thankful for the products brought into the U.S. market by Canadians and Europeans. And Americans should express their appreciation through unilateral indulgence-fees for friendship.  If President Trump does not agree to continue the cycle of abusive trade policies, the Europeans and Canadians might stop saying they are our closest and most valuable ally.

Here’s The Final Charlevoix G7 Agreement CLICK HERE

In the granular details: •On NAFTA Justin from Canada says a sunset clause on any renegotiated trade deal is a non-starter regardless of time-frame.  If the U.S. intends to reevaluate the outcomes of a trade deal, there can be no trade deal – ever.

According to Trudeau’s economic team, there will never be any new products or services created within industry, ever again.  Accordingly, the world currently has all the products and technology that will ever exist in the life-cycle of human existence; therefore there is no reason to ever plan on a need to renegotiate trade at any duration of trade agreements.

•On the global gender equity initiative, six of the G7 members have agreed to a $3.8 billion fund to create more opportunity for female organisms; and/or for the expanded rights of those who might identify as female organisms in the next generation.  The central beneficiary group of the G7 gender equity initiative will likely be human; however, in the spirit of inclusivity the communique also accepts a building movement within the EU to recognize planetary gender inequality amid all species.

In fairness to the female Salvadorian four-toed sand lizard who might not want to face the horrors of sub-tropical male domination and subsequent impregnation; the U.N. will use a portion of the G6-1 funding to study the sensibilities of trans-gender lizards in the Southern Hemisphere.  The international monetary fund will be responsible for distribution and will use their upper-east-side suites as the temporary conduit until the new international center for gender equality building is finished; [*note the design competition and contractor bidding period has been extended until August 14th, 2021]

•On the horrors of plastics and climate initiatives, the G7 agreement morphed to a recycled G5 as Japan and the United States refused to sign on to the planned planetary elimination of all plastic, petroleum and carbon-based products.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe raised the argument it was impossible for many people to carry enough water from the river, in their cupped bare hands, to take a shower. Germany’s Angela Merkel became quite cross, and pointed out that showers and bathing were already verboten per the 2011 G20 communique and international water-conservation agreement in Finland.

Theresa May rose to support Ms. Merkel and pointed out how the success of the 2011 Finland water-conservation-agreement necessitated and supported accepting increased middle-east immigration.  Less EU bathing means more water.  More water equals happier fish; and many of the most disenfranchised of the pelagic species had their planetary rights trampled for eons by colonial expansionists.

PM May supports correcting those historic abuses, and the U.K. Council on Subterranean Species Initiatives (UK-CSTSI) has been monitoring the sensibilities of North Atlantic cod for almost half-a-decade.  The councils’ work has been a key policy initiative for the elimination of insensitive fish-and-chip shops throughout England and Northern-Ireland.

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266 Responses to Justin Trudeau: Tariffs are Only Illegal When U.S. Does It…

  1. quintrillion says:

    Yeah! More winnamins for USA.
    what a terrific time for an American to start or expand a business in America!
    We will be Great Again.

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  2. scott467 says:

    ” however, in the spirit of inclusivity the communique also accepts a building movement within the EU to recognize planetary gender inequality amid all species.”


    If you make these village idiots pay for their own idiocy, the idiocy stops almost immediately.

    It is only when their idiocy is paid for with OTHER PEOPLES’ MONEY that it grows unchecked.

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    • CanadianAussie says:

      YES! You’ve nailed it!

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    • Phil Bacon says:

      On first read, this seemed tongue-in-cheek ridiculous. Then, on reading, and the associated links, it is deadly serious.

      How can sane people come up with this tripe?

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      • allhail2 says:

        It’s unbelievable, isn’t it, Right in our faces, open audacity. The tripe is nothing but a money laundering scheme. Thank God Pres Trump sees through this crap, Crooked H would have been the first in line to sign them all

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      • ”We will expand market-driven training and education, particularly for girls and women in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.”

        I tend to fall into a glassy-eyed stupor when I read such “progressive” governmental drivel and I have to fight to not gloss over entire sentences.

        We will expand market-driven blah blah …? Huh?

        Either the market, i.e. individual decisions by market participants, will expand it or it’s the governments creating and expanding it because the markets don’t.

        Going back to reading the “communique” now. I’ll ask family members to check on me regularly and wake me if I don’t seem to show signs of life.


      • mimbler says:

        Sane people don’t! 🙂


    • THAT was a very astute comment. Thanks!

      Sometimes things seem so obvious…AFTER somebody else first mentions them. DOH!

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    • cali says:

      @scott467: ^^^^^This! 🙂

      I’m sure they had Michael LaVaugn Robinson in mind when they thought about this strange necessity. We also know him by his re-assigned name: Mooch or Michelle Obama – dancing around in ill fitted dresses, heels and boob belts if not in sweat short and T-shirt exiting AF!. Good times 🙂

      This is the dumb shit they dreamed up fleecing the US taxpayers with their many treaties whether it was their con aka climate change, TPP, UN and other related foundations, treaties, organizations et al.

      As Q often said we – US taxpayers – funded every shindig they invented here and abroad giving them fancy names all-the-while knowing it was just a collection of collection plates demanding their handouts for the worlds needs and their own off shore bank accounts.
      Hopefully president Trump will remove all the bloated UN fools living off our tax dollars taking up space in the most expensive real estate in the country. After all they don’t even like us while everything they do and say is contrary to our own interest as a country and people.

      As president Trump so eloquently told these G5 meeting doofuses: The American people have closed their pocket books – no more parasitic free rides and abuse of American taxpayers. If anyone should act contrary to the interest of the American people there are more ways to cut ties that would cause to win us 1,000 of ways in every which way.
      He also mentioned that if the need arises we can shut down trade all together and team up with countries that have likeminded ideas in mind.

      Of course the presidents recommendation that the G7 should include RUSSIA making it G8 triggered a host of snowflakes. Muh Russia again, more collusion by the president with Russia, The Russians are coming….! 🙂

      @Sundance: Thank you for this post wrapped nicely in sarcasm and funny like heck! 🙂

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    • Hey…..I am half Salvadorian four-toed sand lizard, but I’m a guy. I wonder if I begin to identify as a Female Salvadorian four-toed sand lizard if I could get my hands on a chunk of that 3.8 billion??

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    • Bill Dunn says:

      Yeah as long as the money flows like water
      from the good old USA .
      PDJT is turning off the tap.

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  3. ForGodandCountry says:

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  4. scott467 says:

    “•On the horrors of plastics and climate initiatives, the G7 agreement morphed to a recycled G5 as Japan and the United States refused to sign on to the planned planetary elimination of all plastic, petroleum and carbon-based products.”


    Including carbon-based lifeforms — like humans, no doubt.

    I’ve lost track of which ‘agenda’ that is… 21, maybe?

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  5. jeans2nd says:

    5 of 7 nations support elimination of carbon-based products, huh?
    Um…all life-forms on Planet Earth are carbon-based. Including humans.
    Might we begin the first elimination round with every nation-state leader who signed-on to this nonsense?
    Becuz science.

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  6. scott467 says:

    “PM May supports correcting those historic abuses,”


    Good for Terry. She can fund that support out of her own pocket.

    If she reaches into mine, she’s gonna lose a hand.

    I collect politician hands.

    I have a whole wall of them, in my basement. Hers would be a very nice addition.

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  7. TheWanderingStar says:

    Since when did OUR tariffs become illegal? What about the morally repugnant countries that wallow in unfair trade imbalances? As the President says, it’s high time for there to be fair and reciprocal trade between all countries of the world. When we reach that state of trade, let’s see these other countries maintain their SJW dalliances.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      TheWanderingStar, growing up everyone wanted Made in America products due to quality and pricing. Then Soros and fellow globalists with more money than real brains started to take over countries (think EU, etc.) by destroying their economy. Well, the 2 parties in 1 allowed it and now Trump comes along to destroy the irrational thinking that they can make up spend money for anything they may or may not actually make (Mexico/Canada) and willingly continue to pay through the nose for them. Most items we did and can again build, make, construct as before and do it better and altho may be a little more costly will be worth every penny.

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  8. PoCoNoMo says:

    “…If the U.S. intends to reevaluate the outcomes of a trade deal, there can be no trade deal – ever…” – Until Canada succeeds in dumping Justin. Maybe it won’d be called Not Another Fcking Trade Agreement, it’ll be called something else, and will be negotiated with a conservative. And it won’t involve billions of dollars on ridiculous agenda that have nothing at all to do with business.

    A girl can dream. After all, my Trump dreams came true.

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  9. Janeka says:

    Does this mean there may not be any cookies served at the next leadership roundup

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  10. phoenixRising says:

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  11. L4grasshopper says:

    Keep the popcorn handy. Next year’s G7 meeting is in France 😎

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  12. I noted only TWO comments relating to improving RECIPROCAL TRADE and TRADE SANCTIONS to STARVE IRAN’s NUCLEAR & TERRORIST INITIATIVES.

    Both were TOOTHLESS:

    Para 4: “We strive to reduce tariff barriers, non-tariff barriers and subsidies.”

    Para 20: “We are committed to permanently ensuring that Iran’s nuclear program remains peaceful, in line with its international obligations and commitments to never seek, develop or acquire a nuclear weapon. We condemn all financial support of terrorism including terrorist groups sponsored by Iran.“

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  13. MVW says:

    There is only one way to deal with Socialists, cut off the money, cut off all the subsidies. Same with their Globalist masters, cut off their blood sucking. Once they are bankrupt and their populations kick the bums out then reality can rule instead of Unicorn herders.

    By the way, why do we pay interest on money from the private ‘Federal Reserve’ that comes off a printing press, no backing, just rag paper and ink? The Federal Gruberment can run printing presses just as well and interest free. Is the interest paid to the privately owned ‘Federal Reserve’ over a $trillion/year yet?

    Remember when the Federal Reserve bailed out the Socialists in Europe because of their over extended sovereign debt?

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    • Carrie2 says:

      MVW, and don’t forget the Fed Reserve is NOT a federal anything, but a private bank which was supposed to be closed down over 100 years ago. Sort of reminds me of Warren’s consumer garbage and why she hates Mulvaney.

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      • kroesus61 says:

        I think you are confused……Federal Reserve Bank is not Federal has no Reserves and is not a Bank……..it is a cartel of mostly European banking interests given control of the US currency and fiscal policy unconstitutionally and was established by the Federal Reserve Banking Act of 1913 illegally by legislation…….since Congress is given the power of fiscal policy in the US Constitution this fact CANNOT be changed or transferred through mere legislation……I believe you are thinking of the Bank of America first established by Alexander Hamilton and allowed to expire in charter by President Jefferson


    • Dutchman says:

      Hello, doesnt even cost them for ink and paper; its just keystrokes.

      They literally create $ out of thin air: nothing!…

      And no ones even talking about the hidden tax of inflation.

      Prices go up, first….THEN wages rise, to ‘keep up’,…so then prices go up,…AGAIN.

      BUT, the GOVRRNMENT benefits, every time.


  14. Fools Gold says:

    Does he not know he’s speaking to deplorables and most of us only speak plain English and don’t talk smack?

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  15. rsmith1776 says:

    Perhaps this is not something that rubs a majority of our dear treepers wrong, and certainly there are more relevant issues at stake…. BUT I cannot listen to this repulsive, effeminate idiot talking anymore about opportunities for women and girls, education for women and girls, advancement of women and girls etc. etc. etc.

    How about opportunities for all HUMAN BEINGS, you bigoted moron?

    President Trump is truly, genuinely, and emphatically the LEAST bigoted leader in the world right now. His policies are incredibly unifying, IF HONESTLY ASSESSED, as they advance the interests of boys and girls, of women and men, of straight and gay, of black, white, hispanic, asian and whatever, even the interests of castrated clowns of the Trudeau type.

    I am sure the President approaches these negotiations in a cerebral, practical manner…

    Yet porno princess Justine Trudeau just inserted the personal element into it.

    Can his pretty Bollywood derriere cash the checks his crooked mouth is signing??


    And, Mr. President, do not be afraid of ripping him a new one. He might be grateful to you, in his impeding retirement.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      rsmith1776, obviously in his mind females are nothing but in reality women have been involved in any jobs/location/businesses for quite some time now but Socks sees them as Lord know what else. Otherwise, he has been making sure intelligent women are not in government with him at the held, which is understandable as he is dumber than socks!

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Women are a natural majority. They do not need Justin Trudeau or anyone else to elevate their status. For better or worse, for example, they now outnumber men in American colleges and universities, and in at least two of the professional schools. This was inevitable, and it is a very mixed blessing.


  16. Karmaisabitch says:

    ..we will exchange approaches and support international efforts to deliver fair, progressive, effective and efficient tax systems.
    Do I understand this correctly, they want control to world taxes? Good luck on that.
    This communique had to be written by Minister Chrystia Freeland.

    I notice some words that I only heard Obama use. Daesh for example. They going to ask Iran to stop missile technology? There’s only one person who can do that and it ain’t Justine.
    I can’t read any more of this, it brings out the catty in me.

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  17. rsmith1776 says:

    “On the global gender equity initiative, six of the G7 members have agreed to a $3.8 billion fund to create more opportunity for female organisms”

    Um . . . for a second . . . or more, I misread the end of this sentence.

    It would be all fair, but let’s not forget the male organisms either.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      rsmith1776, without both organisms, there will no longer be human beings. Really is laughable what they are suggesting because surely they are aware it takes two to make 3 or more.


    • blondegator says:

      And WHO, exactly, is going to contribute to this fund, and how much? Note they just assume the US is going to pull this pie-in-the-sky sled.

      Do they really believe we’re STILL this stupid?

      Never mind. Stupid question.


    • jello333 says:

      Yeah, and another thing that’s not fair… females even have their own anthem (“She Bop” by Cyndi Lauper). Us guys?… nuthin’. 😦


    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Holy crap! We aren’t pounding money down that rathole, too, are we?


  18. Mason3000 says:

    Sounds like they’re a little concerned about retaining power and the global populist movement. Good.

    “These are the kinds of things that are common challenges across our countries and around the world where anxiety about….economic prospects of individuals and particularly their kids…leads to unpredictability and sometimes political uncertainty”

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  19. Bill says:

    Only TWO answers at this point: LEAVE NATO, form new alliances & when the European banks fail (over the next few months), the Federal Reserve does NOT bail these European jerks out AGAIN.

    Stop defending this spineless EU jerks & stop enabling these spineless EU jerks!

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    • Dutchman says:

      Or how bout “SCREW the EU” ,…has a nice ring to it.

      Tee shirts, bumper stickers,…yeah, works for me.

      Every contract has provisions for parties to withdraw, or severence of the contract. Justine obviously doesn’t understand that.

      Contracts, in order to BE contracts, have to have a “meeting of the minds”, meaning ALL parties agree on what the deal is, “mutual consideration” which means all parties GET something, and give something, and terms the parties have to fulfill.

      Everyone getting upset at DJT’s comments on NATO, as well as on Trade, show a total ignorance of basic concepts.

      Nato is a CONTRACTUAL arrangement.
      Each party,agrees to spend 2% of gdp on military, IN EXCHANGE, “an attack against one, is an attack against all”.

      Pretty straight forward, easy to understand. You don’t live up to your end of the bargain, don’t expect me to live up to mine.

      Simple. Same with trade. We’re being unfair, when you have a 260% tarriff on OUR products, and we only have 2% on yours??!!

      You call that “FREE trade”??

      And now you want any contract, to have no sunset clause, no way to renegotiate, EVER?

      Send Dennis Rodman to visit Justine, and give her a copy of the book.

      Never mind, she wouldnt be able to understand it, too,…complicated.

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  20. Dutchman says:

    Bill; like the idea of a new alliance.
    Poland, Hungary, other eastern europe, FORMER Soviet countries come to mind.

    Thinking EU is been struggling almost from the outset, and DJT is gonna give it a major stress test.

    Thing is, its like Obummercare. People are afraid to unwind something so big and complicated. It will implode, eventually. Its collectivism, socialism, and proven to not work, long term, every time.

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  21. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Any trade agreement without a sunset clause is folly, as we now witness. Your children change and grow, and it would be patently absurd to dress your five year old in baby clothes. A regular, predictable review of trade agreements is only logical. Apparently that leaves Trudeau and his European . counterparts out.

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  22. charliedan says:

    Trudeau needs to glue his eyebrow back.
    Or a caterpillar is crawling above his left eye!!

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  23. Trump’s threat of 20 per cent tax on new cars built in Mexico cause VW, Mazda-Toyota, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford to add jobs and expand in U.S.:


    Crisis in China means advantage President Trump on negotiating favorable trade terms for the U.S.:



  24. Mickturn says:

    Note to Globalists, Banksters, Leftist Leaders ALL over the world. The USA Piggy Bank IS CLOSED. Get over it!

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  25. LULU says:

    A close Brit friend, now deceased, was a fairly high officer in the Hongkong & Shanghai Bank (HSBC). Used to attend IMF meetings. (Joked that he “carried the Chairman’s briefcase”.) He told me that the IMF was almost entirely our money. We were – and undoubtedly still are – that international agency’s piggy bank.

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  26. scarlettbr says:

    Now that is the best breakdown of the ridiculous G4 +3 (hopefully the USA, Japan and Italy will walk) I’ve read. Read the actual agreement, this meeting is all about controlling the little people, with ridiculous rules to put us back to the dark ages. Thank God for President Trump.


  27. zooamerica says:

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  28. Firefly says:


  29. Mondocani says:

    GP has some closeups showing his fake eyebrows falling off..


  30. 2A III% says:

    For so many reasons, in so many ways, God’s Grace saved the United States when candidate Trump became President Trump. So many things point to His divine intervention.
    Other than “secondary effects” that are caused by the United States having a leader like Trump and national policies that through osmosis benefit the free world, I now see the direct benefits to the free world and detriment to evil across the globe, this summit as an example, the meeting with Kim Jung Fatboy, and so much more.
    I know others see God’s hand in the defeat of “H–>er” and the victory of DJT, and to anyone who believes that or at least can consider that may be true-I say look at who is the most vehement in their opposition to Trump and his policies, look at the tactics they use, and recognize the EVIL that is behind it.
    This isn’t just another political cycle. This is a fight of GOOD vs EVIL that has been building for a long time, and our very existence is at stake. Act accordingly.


  31. Canadatrump says:

    I never thought as a naturally born citizen of Canada I would need to take advantage of your immigration laws. I think you all can agree we in Canada in light of our leader qualify for asylum, I will see you next week USA. Just teach Trudeau a lesson and give him a chance to learn, he is young and loves to dance at least until our next vote.


  32. Lu Calico says:

    That’s some pretty nasty misogyny on the global gender equity initiative. Talk about dehumanization. Not nearly as nasty about unfair trade. Somebody has a problem.


  33. jello333 says:

    Thanks to Justin from Canada’s stupidity, the USD/CAD pair (Forex) is about to open with a huge, 80+ pip gap up. Don’t know if it’ll stay there, but it’s clear that as of this moment, most traders think Justin really messed up.


  34. jello333 says:

    Well, since Justin has gotten (rightly) slammed for some of the stuff he said, I think it’s only fair that we also give him credit where due. How on earth does he pull off the answering questions in both English and French? I mean, even when the answer is multi-layers and several minutes long, he conveys the same information in each without repeating them word for word. I gotta admit, that was impressive. 😉


  35. Di says:

    Trudeau the cockholster to George Soro’s just like the rest of the EU. The US taxpayers are tired of supporting the whole corrupt world and their phony goodie two shoes attitudes.


  36. Newhere says:

    The irony is that what Justin and his Euro friends are soap-boxing over here (no sunset clauses, non-reciprocal tariffs) actually is the U.S. trade model, which our leaders have pushed on our “trading partners” for the past decades, since Clinton/Bush. The “trading system” that Justin and Emmanuel and Angela are trying to hold together is what U.S. has long sold as the “gold standard” to everyone else, which goes about like this: let U.S. capital flood into your country (essentially asset extraction) and, in exchange for that open access to your sovereign treasure, we’ll give you open access to the coveted U.S. consumer market. Trade surplus and jobs for our partners (at the expense of asset ownership), and loss of jobs and wealth concentration for the U.S. The gold standard!

    So there actually was a “bargain” involved — one that enabled global capitalists to extract, horde and protect the world’s resources. The U.S. sacrificed its jobs/middle class. The Americas and Europeans sacrificed their more socialistic heritage. What’s so ironic is that these traditionally more “socialistic” nations are now the ones falling over themselves to protect a very thin tier of global elites at the expense of each country’s citizens.

    Justin *can’t* say the truth. The truth being that yes, Canada has maintained wildly unfair tariffs to try to prop up its social welfare state (so its citizens don’t notice or at least don’t complain that in reality it has slowly been selling off public assets), and that yes everyone does expect American citizens to continue suffering the brunt of these policies — enduring both the loss of jobs and the loss of ownership/equity/control over its own sovereign assets — because that’s the quiet bargain American elites have made with the rest of the world for years. There is now a stateless class of overlords and enterprises that want to keep it this way, and it’s the self-appointed, moralistic Western leaders who are now fighting tooth and nail to protect or perpetuate these parasitic elitists under the conceit of saving the world.

    The hubris is breathtaking.

    Trump seems to have a knack for always pulling the one corner that makes the whole house of cards fall down. Call out the tariff hypocrisy, and the rest of the fragile bargain becomes absurd and untenable.

    The American left — and I mean the sincere ones, the Berniecrats who for too long tried in vain to steer the democrat party, thinking it the only hope — need to get over their Trump derangement and ingrained notions, and start to read world events with clear, unblinking eyes. When you separate the wheat from the chaff, Trump may just be delivering self-determination back to the people and elevating the status and relevance of workers. He may even be a deus ex machina for a lot of what the populist left has labored — and failed — to achieve for years.

    You can’t always get what you, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.


    • Newhere says:

      I meant to add: how many democrat politicians have run on “renegotiating NAFTA” only to get into office and keep their head down on trade, so that later they can keep doing precisely the same thing. Yeah, all of them. And ask yourself this: what does the evidence suggest that Bernie would have done?

      Trump gets into office and does precisely what he said he would do.

      Honestly, the fighting left needs to open its eyes and focus on the correct enemies.


  37. Dixie T says:

    Without the “Agreement” showing any signatories to this Agreement, it’s just a piece of meaningless paper, to me.

    The entire Agreement is nothing more than a “liberal global agenda,” as is apparent in its wording!

    It appears that Pres. Trump is upset that Trudeau made it sound like ALL 7 nations were “in agreement to this Agreement, when Trump had already made it known that he was not supporting it!


  38. Mondocani says:

    What, nobody noticed that JT is wearing false eyebrows? It shows in closeups at the G7.


  39. Ray Matt says:

    Team Canada has put a lot of thought into the narrative to win the PR campaign. .The purpose of calling the tariffs “illegal” is to build the case against Trump: Trump is attacking the established world order, Trump is a threat to our freedom and democracy. We are in an existential struggle of good vs evil.

    In an interview with NY Times (published June 9), she compares Trump to Hitler and the populist voters to ignoramuses who supported Hitler. In the times photo Trump is holding the bomb.

    On June 13, just days after the NY Times interview is published, Freeland is awarded the Diplomat of the year Award. She meets with Corker & CO of the anti Trump GOP for a PR shoot. “Freeland took thinly veiled shots at Trump’s use of populism to rally against global conventions that have seen the world prosper in the postwar era.”
    (I apologize about the misleading headline but this story comes to us from the Canadian national broadcaster)

    She then gives another speech at the award ceremony inferring that Trump is a totalitarian who must be stood up to. She calls out the “neo-Nazis, white supremacists, “incels,” nativists or radical anti-globalists.. such movements seek to undermine democracy from within” but says nothing about the alt-left and Antifa. Seems clear where her sympathizes lie.



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