NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow Press Conference on G7 and Trade…

National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow conducts a press conference to discuss the upcoming G7 summit in Canada; the pending North Korea Summit; and the current U.S. trade initiatives.

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55 Responses to NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow Press Conference on G7 and Trade…

  1. fleporeblog says:

    Here is the problem for the RINOs. Democrats are much more aligned to our President when it comes to trade than Republicans. There is no way that the RINOs would be able to muster 67 votes to override his veto in the Senate. Our President brilliantly had the Uniparty provide 2 years of military funding. $700 billion this year and $716 billion for next year. PDJT played their Omnibus game but in the end took away any power from them come September 28th when the 2019 budget needs to be passed.

    PDJT will also make sure that Americans know the entire truth behind what the RINOs are doing. How in God’s name are they going to tell the American people that getting x billions in savings with the EU, China, Mexico, Canada, Japan etc. is going to cause them to vote down the trade agreement. Too many Americans have been awakened.

    These POS including the CoC never for one second thought our President would use the power given to him through the 232 process to place tariffs on industries that will ultimately kill Globalism. The 232 on cars, truck and parts is worth $192 billion in imports a year. 50% of hat goes to Canada and Mexico ($96 billion split between the two of them). You take that away and GLOBALISM literally dies a slow and painful death!

    This is all make believe because there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING these POS can do to stop our President.

    What is absolutely MORTIFYING for all his haters; RINOs, Globalist, CoC, MSM, Multinationals etc. is that he is setting up a major WIN WIN scenario as we speak.

    The threat of the 232 tariffs on cars, trucks and parts is gong to cause one of two scenarios to play itself out.

    Scenario 1) China, Canada, Mexico, EU and Japan get deals done IMMEDIATELY!

    Scenario 2) Automobile Corporations start expanding factories and/or start building massive new factories throughout the USA 🇺🇸 knowing our President will slap 25% tariffs on all cars, trucks and parts imported into our country. You will see announcements starting in mid to late July in order to be prepared to not have to deal with tariffs.

    The RINOs, CoC, Tom Donohoue, MSM, Globalist, EU, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan etc. are screwed because corporations can’t wait to see if the RINOs will succeed. Time is not on any of their sides.

    A year or two from now you will see real GDP coming in at 7% to 8% each quarter!

    I am not exaggerating!

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      ” because corporations can’t wait to see if the RINOs will succeed. Time is not on any of their sides.”

      That was the reason PDJT had those meetings with the steel and aluminum company executives. He told them his plan for revitalizing their industries so that they could plan accordingly. Full speed ahead with MAGA – no compromises or turning back.

      The people in the boardrooms making the decisions are not being deceived by the fake news MSM, unlike many of the “sheeple” out there.

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    • scott467 says:

      “You take that away and GLOBALISM literally dies a slow and painful death!”


      Is there no way to make it a quick and painful death?

      It seems the slower this goes, the more opportunity they have to escape the ‘death’ part.

      We could jettison the globalists into space, and set the controls for the heart of the sun. That would take a while, it would be slow, it would be painful, AND each second they would be getting further and further away from US.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Scott slow and painful is so much better because they can curse our Lion until they breathe their last breath!

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      • pyromancer76 says:

        It’s true. They have become sclerotic. It is a whole new era. The last 50 years of stifling what could have been a glorious “American century” has come to an end because “they” are running out of “other people’s money” – Americans’ mostly.

        They all are getting old and tired and arrogant. They make too many mistakes and believe that they have no accountability. Too many people can see through their lies and their deadness. There is no creativity or abundance in any of their ideas — only death for everyday people from every country of the world.

        It takes one Lion, one real American leader, to turn things around — he has for his support Monster Voters (the majority of Americans), the military, and those businessmen and women, farmers, ranchers, miners, and economists who know a thing about the real world. We need to exclude lawyers and any professional politicians from office ever again. They can advise, but not take part in governance. We need people from the real world.

        We might call this the Triumphant Trump Era. I hope it extends for the next 100 years at least.

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    • prettiestone says:

      You’re as encouraging as Q! I say, I hope Q is real and you are right. : )

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    • Fools Gold says:

      Right On Flep! My thoughts exactly. It better expressed by you! The Trump Trade plan is the key to killing off the globalist in the world but most importantly the global whores in Congress and we know exactly who they are!

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    Preach it Larry!

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  3. fred5678 says:

    The recent growth in trade imbalance with China is because a ROARING USA economy has to meet increased consumer demand from existing factories and supply lines, As soon as factories and supply lines are created/rebuilt, watch that trade imbalance shrink and turn positive in OUR favor.

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  4. Kenji says:

    DOW is currently … UP 321 POINTS! … FBN suggested it was because of Kudlow’s tepid trade talk. Ha ha ha ha … WRONG!!! The market is UP UP UP ! Because yesterday’s predicted blue wave was a blue DUD. In fact, all signs … even here in California … point to another Trump wave in November. Buyers are desperate to get $$$ back into the market BEFORE another Trump Market runup!!!


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    • fleporeblog says:

      Kenji you are absolutely right! Larry was a damn stalwart slapping the WHORES around like damn rag dolls. Last night was a DISASTER for the WHORES, CoC, RINOs, Democrats, Globalist etc.

      Just checked and the market finished at +346.6 and closed at 25,146!

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    • Morpheus says:

      I wouldn’t celebrate small up and down swings.
      The market it still down from its over all peak of the year back in Jan 20th or so. We’ve had effectively negative returns in the market for the last six months.


      • kenji says:

        Alright … how about a 6mo. trendline ?

        Jan. 2, 2018: Dow 24,824
        June 6, 2018: Dow 25,146

        DOW up for the year. NASDAQ +40% since MY President elected. Silver linings to your DARK clouds. I am guessing you are a GOLD buyer.

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    • Kate says:

      Kenji, a great point.

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  5. cdnintx says:

    Did Sec. Ross come back from his trip to China yet? I don’t remember seeing much posted about his trip.

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  6. fred5678 says:

    Candidate Trump mentioned this problem indirectly at several campaign rallies as “too complicated to explain here”.

    Back in 1950’s France had first and only VAT, and asked for an exemption from the GATT (now WTO) so that VAT was not included in calculations for trade balancing because it was “too complicated”. France got their VAT exemption. Since then, 144 countries have added a VAT, and every one of them has same exemption, to the disadvantage of any country without a VAT.

    “Many politicians and economists in the United States consider VAT taxation on US goods and VAT rebates for goods from other countries to be unfair practice. For example, the American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition claims that any rebates or special taxes on imported goods should not be allowed by the rules of the World Trade Organisation. AMTAC claims that so-called “border tax disadvantage” is the greatest contributing factor to the $5.8 trillion US current account deficit for the decade of the 2000s, and estimated this disadvantage to US producers and service providers to be $518 billion in 2008 alone.”


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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “AMTAC claims that so-called “border tax disadvantage” is the greatest contributing factor…”

      The fake news (I am no longer bothering to put that term in quotes) MSM certainly does not report and inform the citizenry of poignant little factoids like that.

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  7. fleporeblog says:

    Folks quietly our President is beginning to shrink the trade deficit!

    From the article linked above:

    The Census Bureau and Bureau of Economic Analysis said the U.S. trade deficit narrowed sharply to $46.2 billion in April. That’s down $1.0 billion from a revised $47.2 billion in March and far under the $53.1 billion monthly average of the first quarter 2018 (1Q).

    The 3-month average goods and services deficit decreased $2.2 billion to $49.6 billion for the three months ending in April. Average exports increased $2.9 billion to $209.3 billion and average imports increased $0.7 billion to $259.0 billion.

    The report indicates a big net-positive for second-quarter (2Q) gross domestic product (GDP), which the Atlanta Federal Reserve currently forecasts at a whopping 4.5%.

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    • fred5678 says:

      CNN Chyron in a few weeks: “Disappointing GNP after forecast of 4.8%”

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Your right but I think 4.5% as of today is nothing to brag about for the WHORES! Every forecast is cementing the fact we are going to hit an INCREDIBLE percentage for Q2.

        With the trade deficit narrowing for 2 consecutive months and especially how far it feel in Q2 (see my post right above), if that occurs in May and June (part of Q2), 5% is still not out of the realm of possibilities!

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      • Kenji says:

        Ha ha ha … that’s a sure thing!

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  8. fred5678 says:

    Who is the idiot reporter (at the end) who claimed that POTUS lied when he Tweeted “GNP and unemployment best ever …” or similar.

    Reporter says, “But back in 1953 …..” How did this clown get a press credential — not to mention a job other than a burger flipper?

    BTW – I wore an “I Like Ike” button to junior high in 1956.

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    • Kenji says:

      Kudlow should have given the reporter an imaginary gold star for researching (copying and pasting) the PEAK of post-war prosperity unemployment numbers. That WAS what the reporter wanted … wasn’t it? Whoopee so Trump’s unemployment is only 2nd best … that makes Trump a “liar” … right? Geeze.

      BTW … I have a family photo … circa 1956 … of my entire extended family (including a 1-year old me) … starting with my Great grandparents all sitting on/around our Piedmont, CA couch … everyone with I LIKE IKE buttons … drinking highballs. Good times for all!

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      • pyromancer76 says:

        Great picture, Lenji, and great memories. And a great time to grow up and come of age. You probably got an excellent education.


    • Apfelcobbler says:

      Yes 3% growth when Obama couldn’t crack 2%.

      Kudlow is great with the press, esp given his background. « I’m not going to quibble with you about » PT’s statement that the economy was the strongest ever. Turns out « ever » is 1953. So imagine the UPROAR if he had said, « Yes – PT has it quite right – the economy’s the best since the good old days ». Straight face.

      Kudlow’s a keeper don’t you think?

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    • Fools Gold says:

      I caught that too! Would have been nice to see someone slap that ass plum out of his chair.


  9. AZ18 says:

    My understanding of economic policy was work hard, live below your means and save money. I have done that but it’s a struggle. Thanks to Sundance, fellow Treepers especially Fle, I can now honestly say….that was a great press conference! I understood what Larry was saying and understood the shade in the press questions. What a great time to be alive and watch MAGA come to life.

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  10. Li'l D in the Big D says:

    Probably the most important take-a-way from this presser: NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow reaffirming POTUS Trump’s national focus regarding trade

    At 15:35-16:07 Responding to a question about other nation’s taking their cases against the U.S. to the WTO. Will this administration respect the decisions that come out of the WTO?

    “The president has said this many times: We are bound by the national interests here more than anything else. International multilateral organizations are not going to determine American policy. I think the president has made that very clear.”

    It is true leadership like this that completely disarms those seeking to harm us on the economic front.

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    • visage13 says:

      That just shows you how stupid the media is, of course the WTO does not make our trade decisions, we are the USA not the World USA. The ignorance of these idiots is astounding.


    • TheWanderingStar says:

      “The president has said this many times: We are bound by the national interests here more than anything else. International multilateral organizations are not going to determine American policy. I think the president has made that very clear.”


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  11. Scott says:

    Another potential issue for a good stock market us that North Korea may be open for business in the near future. There will be a strong likelihood that there will be big money to be made developing NK.


  12. Publius2016 says:

    Hilarious how the Fake News Media edits out how the other G7 members have higher tariffs than us…Think America First would get so much better press to say: “All Foreign Tariffs are taxes on American businesses…if we put a tariff on foreign country, its their businesses that pay!”

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  13. Ziiggii says:

    In related news we were twattering about earlier… 👇 re: Corker bill from yesterday.

    Business groups, considered a long-standing ally for Republicans, quickly backed the bill.

    Neil Bradley, the executive vice president and chief policy officer for the Chamber of Commerce, said on Wednesday that there was concern that Trump’s tariff decision would cost American jobs.

    “The constitutional authority of the Congress to ‘regulate foreign trade’ and its oversight of tariff policy is unambiguous. The modest proposal to clarify congressional prerogatives is welcome and long overdue,” Bradley added.

    Congressional prerogative???

    just to be clear – prerogative = a right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class

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  14. MVW says:

    Larry is one of the finest snake charmers I have ever witnessed. Amazing to see him work the kids.

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  15. jimlawhead says:

    Love Larry. “President Trump’ is the best trade reformer in 20 years. MAGA.

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  16. visage13 says:

    I love how Larry just ended the presser. They started doubling down on the stupid crap they pull with Sarah and he left pretty quickly after that began. I wish Sarah would do that when someone asks the same question or many ask the same question. She should up and leave and they will learn and if they don’t keep leaving until they do.

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  17. Plain Jane says:

    Larry was on WLS am on Sat afternoons, and I religiously listened. Love him.

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  18. treehouseron says:

    If people don’t watch or read the transcript, at the end, some idiot reporter actually asks him why President Trump is lying saying that the unemployment rate is the lowest ever… when factually, it’s only tied with the lowest ever from 1953.

    Kudlow completely owns the guy.


  19. SharonKinDC says:

    The reporters are thick as a brick. Yes, they’re shilling for their masters, but I don’t think many ‘get it’. Yet most ‘deplorables’ instinctively understand we can’t continue to lose on trade b/c it harms the US economy, specifically US workers.


  20. thinkthinkthink says:

    Love me some calming koala Kudlow at the presser.


  21. fedback says:



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