Spy Games: George Papadopoulos, via Sketchy Simona Mangiante, Begins Media Tour…

On January 27th, 2017, after over a year of covert surveillance on Trump campaign officials [via FISA searches, FISA(702) Title-1 surveilance, SIGNIT and HUMIT), the FBI first sat down to interview low level campaign aide George Papadopoulos. (likely FBI Special Agent Jennifer Zelski Edwards, and/or FBI Agent Peter Strzok, participated)

Six months later, July 27th, 2017 the FBI arrested George Papadopoulos at the airport and charged him with giving false information to FBI investigators during that interview. The very next day, July 28th, 2017, the DOJ filed a motion to seal with the DC federal court to hide the arrest. (FBI Agent Jennifer Zelski Edwards)

From evidence that surfaced AFTER the motion to seal was removed (October 5, 2017) we discover the charges, motions, pleadings, and case information (ASSEMBLED DOCKET HERE). This is now the reference point for a historic review, including the TRANSCRIPT of the October 30th guilty plea hearing. All needed references are within the DOCKET.

From the motion to seal, we discover Robert Mueller leveraged the July 27th, 2017, charges against George Papadopoulos to make him a cooperating witness for the special counsel. The July 28th, 2017, motion to seal was transparently intended to disguise the arrest of Papapdopoulos and his subsequent role as a “proactive cooperator”:

(Motion to Seal – Page 2, Point #3)

What is a “Proactive Cooperator”?  Let’s turn to another legal case where the terminology is clearly defined:

(DOJ-Eastern district of PA: U.S. -v- Jose Garcia)

What this means is that after his arrest July 27th, 2017, and before the arrest was unsealed in October 2017, George Papadopoulos was working on behalf of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team to gain information against the targets of the DOJ investigation, Donald Trump officials.

For approximately two-plus months, August/September 2017, George Papadopoulos would have been targeting contact with former and current Trump campaign officials.  The purpose of that targeting would have included an effort by the Mueller Special Counsel to build a “conspiracy” charge against anyone associated with President Trump.  The agent running Papadopoulos appears to have been FBI Special Agent Jennifer Zelski Edward.

Remember, despite the media use of the term “collusion” is not a crime; “conspiracy” is. It seems obvious Mueller’s targeting of President Trump is centered around building a political impeachment case. [Not a criminal indictment case – which is unlikely]  The path to the impeachment would come from creating the appearance of a conspiracy.

It seems almost certain the objective of Mueller’s final investigative report will be to present a political case for impeachment to congress.  Democrats are looking for a reason, and many Republicans are looking for an excuse.  The aggregate UniParty goal is removal of the existential threat represented by President Trump.  Mueller’s anticipated report can predictably be forecast as a means to that end.

It does not look like Papadopoulos was able to generate any valuable information while he was working as an informant for the Special Counsel.  Apparently there was no forward value on using Papadopoulos any longer, and on May 23rd, 2018, Robert Mueller informed the court he was done with Papadopoulos, prepare to sentence him according to the earlier plea-deal and guidelines of his cooperation. [Read plea transcript here]

And now, about two-weeks after Mueller informed the court Papadopoulos exhausted his usefulness; and with the back-story of Papadopoulos’ activity in 2016 now gaining much more attention; the wife-not-wife/spy-not-spy of Papadopoulos, Ms. Simona Mangiante, begins a media tour to rehabilitate the image of her husband-not-husband/spy-not-spy.

I doubt anyone actually truly knows if they are married or not; or whether there’s some form of mutual benefit in the appearance therein etc.  And similarly I doubt anyone can ever be sure if they are spies or not.   Remember the single-most-consistent professional trait about professional liars – they lie; often, quite well.

Spies for corrupt U.S. DOJ, CIA and FBI intelligence officials in 2015 and 2016?  Spies for U.S. CIA and FBI agents (like Stefan Halper) on foreign assignment in 2016?  Spies for special counsel in 2017 and 2018?…. Who knows?…..

Sketchy. All of it.

The only thing certain is that Papadopoulos was: interviewed by the FBI January 27th, 2017; arrested July 27th 2017; hidden July 28th 2017; a cooperating informant thereafter; and recently in May 2018 scheduled for sentencing.

You can decide the rest.

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473 Responses to Spy Games: George Papadopoulos, via Sketchy Simona Mangiante, Begins Media Tour…

  1. Greg says:

    All charges filed by Mueller are for gas-lighting purposes only to perpetuate the hoax. There has always been only one target DJT. The SC’s action are more akin to a blackmail/extortion racket. Was Mrs Pap wearing a wire on Tucker’s show?

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  2. Golfbro11 says:

    The deep state play here is about as transparent as they come. The play is to get President Trump to pardon Papadopoulos so they can scream obstruction and Mueller can say see he needs to be impeached. Two thoughts. They really do think the President is stupid (he is on to their scheme and i believe the pardons he has made was really a way to mock the deep state.) The other thought is they have come up so empty in their Witch Hunt that they figure they mine as well give this pardon Papadopoulos thing the ol college try. I think VSGPDJT Is the laster pointer…and the media and Mueller are his cats. And he is playing them for our amusement. President Trump is going to put this cabal down and it’s going to be done in a purely Trumpian way. You attack a man and you better be ready for retaliation, you attack a mans family and you better be ready for annihilation. Pass the Popcorn!

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    • Mike says:


      I can picture Mrs Papa wearing Mueller’s wire trying to get on tape someone, anyone, who can be connected in any way to Trump, discussing a pardon in exchange for Papa “protecting” Trump.

      If they could get a tape recording of ANYONE saying something to the effect of “The president appreciates your loyalty and will pardon you.” And Mueller would offer it as “evidence” of “obstruction.” Even though no such crime exists, the Demonrats with their media will use it to “sell” impeachment to their minions of brain dead dimwits.


    • navysquid says:

      Loved this comment – LOL:
      “I think VSGPDJT Is the laser pointer…and the media and Mueller are his cats”

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    • MAJA says:



  3. youme says:

    Mueller’s Office Accuses Manafort of Trying to Tamper With Potential Witnesses

    Special counsel seeks to revoke former Trump campaign chairman’s release before trial


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  4. bonkti says:

    At 1:46 she says she “used to work with him” (Mifsud, apparently). It immediately appears to stun Carlson, but he decides to not pursue it.

    Or did I get that wrong?

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    • MaineCoon says:

      I caught it too and took it the same way. He was totally caught off guard imo.

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    • pvcdroid says:

      She seemed genuine to me and her husband is another nobody they used and abused, ruined with no remorse.


      • mike says:

        Papa-dope was an ambitious small fry wannabe, getting baited with honeypots and used as a cutout for a frame. If you play the game with a big head, and get distracted by the little one too….
        …bad things happen.

        Papa-dope with a “felony” may not be able to travel with his international GF/wife, a big disability for an international wife. It is kind of weird, a felony for 6 months.

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        • Josey Wales says:

          Either way, Mueller doesn’t appear to be in any hurry for Papa-dope or Flynn sentencing. He had a temper tantrum with Manafort though, which has nothing to do with collusion. Must be all those Witch- Hunt tweets.

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  5. ForGodandCountry says:

    Papadopolous IS a spy.

    We’ve known that since the 70’s when he called himself Gust Avrakotos.

    “My loyalty! For twenty four years people have been trying to kill me! People who know how. Now do you think that’s because my dad was a Greek soda pop maker? Or do you think that’s because I’m an American spy?”

    And THIS is where the chairman of the fiance sub-committee….Doc Long…..outs him by using his real name….

    “Tell them, Mr. Papadopolous…”


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  6. Hillyard says:

    A sure sign the Schiff is about to hit the fan. With this wife/not wife’s media tour, the IG report and Priestap appearing before congress, things appear to be about to blow up all over Mueller, Comey, Yates, Brennan, Claptrap, Rice and Obama. The icing on the cake would be an indictment of queen Cankels finally

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  7. tav144 says:

    Papadopoulos was the FBI’s mole in April 2016, from the moment he joined the campaign.

    “So now we’ve switched from the Patriot Act to a wire carrying current (redacted)”
    page 202, Strzok texts, 4/30/16.

    In other words, they are going to HUMINT (human intelligence asset/wired) after Rogers cut off contractor access to 702 searches.

    Glenn Simpson said in his Congressional testimony that FBI had an “inside source” from inside the campaign working w/them. NOTE: This cannot mean Halper as hhe is not IN the campaign. Also, in response to Senator Grassley’s request that he more fully clarify this statement(because he walked it back shortly thereafter), Simpson’s attorney said he stands by his testimony (and therefore doesn’t walk back anything). Simpson knows the identity of the spy but has not and doesn’t want to reveal it. What made him so wishy washy on his testimony about this?

    Papadopoulos’ Statement of Offense infers he “cooperates” by wearing a wire.

    Papadopoulos joined the campaign in March 2016 & immediately tries to set up a meeting b/w Trump & Putin. Not once. Not twice. Repeatedly.
    It doesn’t work. So what then?
    Then he tried getting reimbursed for his trip to see Mifsud.
    That doesn’t work either.

    WHEN did he wear the wire?

    If Papadopoulos/Downer meeting is what started the investigation in JULY 2016, why wasn’t the FISA warrant on him instead of Carter Page? 

    If Papadopoulos/Downer meeting is what started the investigation in JULY 2016, why did Mueller wait 8 mth before interviewing him, & an additional 7 mths after that before arresting him?

    If Papadopoulos/Downer meeting is what started this investigation in JULY 2016, why did he so obviously repeatedly try to get a Russian connection going for the Trump campaign in April 2016, immediately upon joining as a volunteer?

    Why did he deactivate, not delete, his Facebook account – one day after talking w/ Mueller’s team on 2/16/17? And change his cell phone#?

    I’ll tell you.

    Because this FBI mole who was planted in the Trump team in March/April 2016 did exactly as he was told.

    Can’t have him open his mouth & spill the beans!

    Can’t have anyone else see those messages between he & Mifsud on Facebook. Can’t have anyone contact him & start asking questions!

    Why do u think they were so QUICK to give up Halper’s identity? Serious question.

    IMO, Papadopoulos is the weakest link. Can’t have him talk, so they arrest him & slap a gag on him.

    When did they arrest him?

    Oh only on the very day IG notified Mueller about Strzok damning texts about to come out. Gotta tie up that loose end before he tells anyone about FBI using him to infiltrate & entrap Trump folks.

    Are there tapes? Did Papadopoulos keep HIMSELF an insurance policy?

    I don’t think for a minute that he was wired to talk with anyone in the campaign after this Muh-Russia investigation began, and I don’t think they expected him to. Would anyone in the campaign seriously talk to him knowing Mueller is looking into this and knowing that Papadopoulos was THE guy who kept trying to line up a meeting between Trump and Putin?

    I think the reason they put in his plea that he was a “proactive cooperator” is because he was….but he was actually wired and taping conversations with Trump people from the moment he walked in the door…March/April 2016.

    The problem was that no one bit. All that effort to trap someone in the campaign in order to paint that Russia collusion narrative, and no one bit.

    And when the credibility of Steele & the dossier began to crumble they resorted (a last resort) to stating it was Papadopoulos and his meetings with Mifsud and Downer (which I contend the FBI orchestrated in order to build up the narrative). They just hoped there attempts to entrap Trump people would have paid off and that info would’ve been included, with Papadopoulos being the star witness garnering the sweet plea deal in return.

    What they got is their zero evidence incriminating Trump people and their mole got the sweet plea deal anyway. What ya wanna bet he got $omething more?

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    • Tab-excellent post.

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    • AH_C says:

      That’s a good scenario. Kudos.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Mifsud is the spy, not George Papa. You can’t have a sham perjury proceeding. Mueller would get killed for that. Also, I think Halper WAS already active in March. For one thing he reached out to invite Page to the conference back then by email (if I recall right).


      • Charles-Martel says:

        Actually not true, look at the Whitey gangster trial with Mueller. That whole trial was the perjury olympics from the government side starring Mueller. Over $100,000,000 paid out, in settlements, innocent men dying in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. And yet Mueller just kept on lying and kept on killing.

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      • tav144 says:

        “You can’t have a sham perjury proceeding”

        …Not a sham. It isn’t a sham if you agree to it. I’m quite sure the right amount of pressure was applied, with the understanding that he could be left holding the bag for the whole mess…or he could cooperate and get off light. I venture to say that had they been able to get something of value to promote the Russia narrative, Papadopoulos would have instead gotten immunity. But because they got squat and because of the Steele dossier was a bust, they had to pinch him. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting that in return for his “great service” to the government, and I’m sure that’s why they quickly got ahold of him and put him out of reach once the Strzok /Page texts scandal hit daylight. They had no choice. If they didn’t get to him first, before he revealed everything, then it blows the lid off all of it.

        And I agree that Mifsud is a spy too. I don’t doubt he or Downer were sent into that meeting with him.
        Mifsud. Halper. Downer. All of these guys were spies from the OUTSIDE. And I have no doubt that their actions were orchestrated by deep state actors.
        But Papadopoulos was INSIDE and is the only one Glenn Simpson could be talking about in his Congressional testimony.

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Mifsud is never in the Trump campaign. He is one of these perennial academic shuck and jivers who makes much of knowing people, but when push comes to shove in the real world (as a startup company that hired him for his “connections” found out) has no real clout with anyone.

        More or less an older, more experienced, shopworn version of Papadopolous–or that’s my take, anyway.

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    • K G says:

      This is an awesome, post and makes a lot of sense. Are you on twitter or anywhere else, so that I can post your comment here. Many more people need to read it. Thanks. – @KGforTrump on twitter

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      • I believe that I may have found you on twitter. Will you please create a thread with your post Tav144? I want to share your comment above, but only with your permission. I could take screen shots, if you don’t want to make a post on twitter. Thanks for your insight! You made great points! – KGforTrump

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      • tav144 says:

        @tav144 (BamaMom) ☺️


      • tav144 says:

        Here’s a link to a longer version twitter thread that includes all the info.

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    • navysquid says:

      Tav…agree BUT I think Pappy was screwed and was a “cooperative witness” because he had NO choice by the corrupt FBI headshed. These low level guys were just trying to find a way to make themselves useful to the campaign and end up getting caught up as the bait. IMO.


      • Grassleygirl/Breitbartista says:

        Padop is a lawyer,no?
        And an international lawyer at that.
        Full disclosure, this is mostly my gut, but I see this swarmy character is as a leftist and globalist type. Never convince me he was ever a MAGA supporter.
        Never doubt wimmens intuition😘

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        • S. Armaticus says:

          I think you are close to the mark.

          I think Papo was a plant…

          He know Mifsud, and now his wife claims she knows Mifsud too.

          And Mifsud knows Halper…

          It appears to be a tight circle…

          And Mueller is not going after Mifsud, who appears to be the source of the Papo info.

          And now Papo’s “wife” is looking for a pardon…

          Another set-up in the works…

          And no one is still biting…

          How long until an “unnamed source in the White House” confirms that VSG @potus is looking to pardon Papo, along with Martha Stewart, et al?

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        • Jan says:

          Correct because he was involved in a UN project on behalf of Hillary’s State Dept. in 2011. There’s every reason to believe that he knows Hillary or her handlers.

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    • JonMaxwell says:

      Carter page is another I think there are 4 another yet to be named spy. i think your on to something here, this whole think stinks to high heaven, i think Trump needs to declassify everything and order the DOJ to lift the gag order on pop.

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      • tav144 says:

        Carter was either a willing spy/informant who

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      • tav144 says:

        Sorry. Hit send by mistake.
        Carter is either a willing INSIDE spy/informant who got played, or wasn’t… And still got played (using his past Russia connection as pretext for FISA).
        Is it possible that Papadopoulos (like Page) worked as an FBI asset for them before? Could he have been the representative for the wealthy investment banker in the same Buryakov case (CS-1) in the same Buryakov case Carter was an FBI asset in?
        Nothing would surprise me!

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    • Dr.Jay says:

      ]] Glenn Simpson said in his Congressional testimony that FBI had an “inside source” from inside the campaign working w/them. NOTE: This cannot mean Halper as hhe is not IN the campaign.


      ]] Why do u think they were so QUICK to give up Halper’s identity? Serious question.

      As I said, anything they give up is a misdirection mixed with lies. So the only question is what they are really hiding.

      I though that by calling Halper an FBI Informant they are hiding the fact that he really is a CIA spy (and certainly operated in that way prior to 2016-07-31).
      But the other option is indeed that they did that to hide the REAL MOLE in the campaign.

      And mr P is certainly a possibility…

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    • Leane Kamari says:

      Excellent, and on top, he was prior to Trump Team part of Ben Carsons Team, AND probably there as a mole as well!


    • Josey Wales says:

      “In other words, they are going to HUMINT (human intelligence asset/wired) after Rogers cut off contractor access to 702 searches.”
      Now we know why Obama expanded access to raw intelligience across all Agency’s right before leaving office. They were about to be cut off and desperate for ANYTHING !!!

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    • Josey Wales says:

      ” In other words, they are going to HUMINT (human intelligence asset/wired) after Rogers cut off contractor access to 702 searches.”
      Now we know why Obama expanded access to to raw data intelligience across all Agencies shortly before leaving office. They were about to be cut off and were desperate for ANTHYING !!
      I always thought that they charged Papadopolous to shut him up.

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  8. Jackson says:

    Too early to pardon him. Let’s see what type of sentence he gets. That will also be an interesting tell. Plenty of time for Trump to pardon him after this all comes to a head and is resolved.

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    • MAJA says:

      If pap was a willing player in muellers evil deeds, then let him go to prison for this. If he participated in the silent coup of a duly elected POTUS then he deserves every consequence the others deserve. Adm Mike Flynn reported the subversive deeds underway, and this little boy playing big boy games just lost his freedom. Muller no longer needs him and probably couldn’t care less.

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      • Grassleygirl/Breitbartista says:

        Don’t forget some figures were pressuring PDT to name his foreign policy directives.
        Isn’t it interesting that Padop shows up and Carter too at this opportune time to enlist because they have the needed creds?
        Padops esp. were very thin at best and at 28 yrs of age how much foreign policy experience could the youngster really have?

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        • farrier105 says:

          Jeff Sessions managed the fake “foreign policy advisors” during the campaign. Two of them wound up in the FBI crosshairs under Jeffy’s tutelage.


    • SpanglishKC says:

      Pardon him for what? Helping the Swamp try to take out Trump? Really?

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  9. fractionalexponent says:

    Secret investigations
    Secret courts
    Secret warrants
    Secret accusers
    Sealed indictments
    Gagged whistleblowers
    Redacted oversight
    Ignored subpoenas
    Burner phones
    Insurance policies
    Early morning raids, frisks, confiscations, leaks, squeals, rat, inform, lie, alter, withhold, threaten, accuse, suborn, abuse under cover of law.

    What could go wrong?!

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  10. cthulhu says:

    Great. First we find out that the forensic psychologist for the JonBenet Ramsey case [ https://www.tmz.com/2018/06/01/psychiatrist-jonbenet-ramsey-case-murdered/ ] was killed by someone who looks an awful lot like a member of the Obama administration — https://static.pjmedia.com/trending/user-content/51/files/2016/05/AP_16130637489138.sized-370x296xnone.jpg ….. and now we find out that Papadoof is dating that Theranos woman [ https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b3/Elizabeth_Holmes_2014_%28cropped%29.jpg/220px-Elizabeth_Holmes_2014_%28cropped%29.jpg ].

    The world is an exceedingly strange place.

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    • RedBallExpress says:

      The people you cited above are actually Cyberdyne Systems series T-800 Model 101 Terminators with living tissue over a metal endoskeleton,

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    • wendy forward says:

      It is.

      When are you going to come out of R’lyeh and help us, O Great Cthulhu??!


      • cthulhu says:

        Can I interest you in R’lyeh Retirement Villages (TM)? A planned community for active lifestyles.*

        *Must be 55 or older.


    • navysquid says:

      The guy involved in murdering the psychiatrist you referred to, killed himself when police pinned him down in a hotel room and it was later discovered he had killed approx 5 others earlier who were all involved in a nasty divorce case with his ex-wife. This happened in PHX in the last 48hrs.

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    • Robert Groom says:

      I know the wife of the serial killer in Phoenix. He was certainly not part of the Obama Administration or any other evil conspiracy except the coven of demons in his own head. He was a kook and a loafer who lived high on her income as a doctor until she kicked him out for beating her.

      The psychiatrist was killed because he testified against the ex-husband in divorce court. It had nothing to do with the Ramsey case. This was a garden-variety divorce gone bad.

      Very sad because the wife is a sweet, highly intelligent, hard-working black lady who overcame tough circumstances and deserved a lot better than the crazy thug she unwisely married.


  11. MaineCoon says:

    Wife/not-wife. Spy/not-spy. Husband/not-husband.

    She wasn’t supposed to lose.

    None of this was to come to light. Quickly fabricated stories. Nothing/no one seems believable. Moles. Spies. Wired spies. Let’s make a deal.

    She wasn’t supposed to lose, but she did.

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  12. Inthedark says:

    I personally don’t believe her, especially after asking for a pardon. This will cause total chaos and I think it’s meant to.

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  13. AH_C says:

    Sundance, how do you square Pap as being a proactive cooperator, the fact in his plea agreement, he was not to have any contact with anyone associated with the Trump campaign?

    Tracy Beanz poses a real good question about that.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Tracy: the restriction towards contact with the campaign team is just to communication on HIS OWN. Communication wearing the wire would be given as a dispensation (just like if the prosecutor let him borrow his passport for a few days to see his grandmother die…or like letting Jackie Brown fly to Mexico.) It is a special dispensation. And it doesn’t need to be documented in the court pleadings. Because the prosecutor will not act on violation of the written requirements (just like Jackie Brown was not violating bail when she went to Mexico). The wire was for the Trump team.

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  14. treehugger says:

    i thought it came out he was employed by fusion gps – and friend with cnns ezra ( what’s his name )

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  15. Charlotte says:

    Listen carefully at the end of the video. Papadopoulos’s wife says he was contacted by multiple “spies” not just Halper and Mifsud. I don’t think Tucker picked up on the significance of this.



  16. John smith says:

    After the midterms it will be painfully clear that Trump has won and him and his allies are significantly stronger than the few people who think they can take him down. Trump is street fighter and he is not playing their game. He created a whole new game where the rules are set by him and the funny thing is the idiots who think they can take him down don’t even know it.

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  17. No pardon for Papadopoulos.

    Force Mueller to sentence him officially.

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  18. Clapper will hate me for using the term, but I dunno she kind of looks like a spy.

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  19. Dutchman says:

    So far, Muellers only sentenced one guy, to 30days. Lets see him actually sentence papa. To what, ‘time served’?
    Just as she was supposed to win, Mueller was not supposed to complete his investigation.

    He was supposed to be such a pita to DJT, that he would fire him. DJT didnt get the memo, so Mueller is stuck.

    WHAT can he even put, in his report?

    Obstruction for firing Comey, no.

    ‘Collusion with Russia, hell no.

    Conspiracy,…to do WHAT, exactly?

    All he can really say is “After using unprecedented, unconstitutional ( for a criminal investigation) measures, unethical and prosecutorial abuse measures as well, attempting to suborn perjury, abuse of process, etc. we have been unable to find ANY evidence Pres. DJT, or any of his campaign staff or administration colluded with anyone, or committed any crimes.”

    And, he can’t end the investigation saying THAT, and there is no way he can ‘spin’ the facts to say anything else.

    He’s stuck. Dammit! If ONLY DJT would FIRE him, that would give him an exit.

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    • S. Armaticus says:

      Yes, it does appear that way…

      This is (most likely) the reason for raiding Cohen’s office and home. So “brutal” that they thought VSG @potus would be provoked…

      Another failed plan…

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    • Maquis says:

      Well, the nightstand may well be calling out to Mueller ever louder. After all, Uranium Bob does have a date with an unpleasant destiny.


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  20. Piggy says:

    All roads lead back to the real crimes…FBI Agents and other current and former US Government officials conspired with foreign agents and American businessmen to overthrow a legitimate national election in which actual voters took charge of their lives.

    The FBI is not a legitimate organization. The “good guys” that are there aren’t doing much to stop the “bad guys.” This NDA garbage and only talking under supeona is bs. I’m pretty sure this hoax actually threatens national security not the lies the FBI and their conspirators usually make up. The “good guys” need to grow a pair and do their jobs.

    Mueller should be fully investigated once this is over and his financials released. Same for Rosenstein and any government official or contractor involved with this farce.

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  21. Charlotte says:

    Mueller witness George Papadopoulos weds Italian sweetheart at Chicago’s City Hall
    6th March 2018
    So she cant testify against Papadop?


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  22. Juvenal says:

    This story has more twists and turns than a John LeCarre novel, and just as much intrigue.


    • Robert Groom says:

      I hope I live long enough to hear the deathbed confession of a knowledgeable insider like Priestap or McCabe or Yates. It took thirty-odd years after Watergate to finally learn who Deep Throat was. I think it won’t be that long before we get the whole story of this sordid affair.

      There’s one hell of a movie to be made from this story no matter how it turns out.


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