President Trump Tweets Cautious Optimism Regarding DPRK Summit Talks – June 12th…

Current Steel and Aluminum tariff exemptions expire June 1st.  Secretary Ross scheduled to be in Beijing, China June 2nd, 3rd, 4th.  The G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Quebec is on June 8th and 9th.  The tenuous Singapore summit was previously scheduled for June 12th.

Tweet Link


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92 Responses to President Trump Tweets Cautious Optimism Regarding DPRK Summit Talks – June 12th…

  1. Sporty says:

    Boy o boy is the Lib media gonna eat crow, almost like it was a setup😛

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    • The Boss says:

      But first, lib media whores will obsess over this tweet throughout the long weekend, further alienating their dwindling viewers / followers, and missing what the man behind the curtain is actually doing.

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      • Grandma Covfefe says:

        Like: “Trump can”t make up his mind” …. “Trump doesn’t know what he is doing, he’s inexperienced”….. “Trump is being mean to North Korea”…. “Meanie Trump”…. “Trump doesn’t know how to fly, so he has to send poor Ross”…. and….blah blah blah…
        ….meanwhile we’d all stand there and listen and laugh. Fake News Comedy Hour is so dumb that it is funny. Press Sec Sarah will have to send Fake News to stand in the corner.

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    • My thoughts exactly. What if Trump long ago flipped DPRK away from China? Doing so would leave China with almost no card to play against Trump over trade.

      I love watching this play out.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Thomas Wictor on Twitter has been saying that our President and Kim are doing everything to set North Korea 🇰🇵 free of the Chinese. Here is a thread from yesterday.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          Here is another one with more interesting information about Kim and his upbringing in comparison to his dad and grandfather.

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          • Jedi9 says:

            In the retro perspective of this tiny look at Kim’s background growing up normal would suggest his current persona as a crazed dictator was created by media and propaganda thus gives hope that things could turn out with a different result. If Kim has a very positive and productive talk with Trump, with things like “yes we can help you succeed economically, and provide you with food, infrastructure support, etc. but you can’t allow China to interfere in our plan to get you there” then this entire process should it turn out that way would be the most amazing thing to happen for the entire world as well as a major victory towards defeating Globalism! China is very much about protecting the Globalist cabal, so getting NK away from their tentacles would be tantamount to an act of God! This would be amazing indeed!

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          • AH_C says:

            Ever since I first heard he went to a Western school, I knew he had to be influenced by classmates, especially in an international population.

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          • CNN_sucks says:

            No amount of western education can change his murdering view. Kim is still a despot.

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            • yucki says:

              These “psych profiles” of Assad or Kim by the Twitterati are fluff.
              Mind-reading and body-language gurus! Amateurish and presumptuous in one’s own culture. Project them onto Mideast Arab or East Asian cultures is plain silly.

              A few years in a Western school, even a Western spouse, a fondness for Swiss cheese! We just can’t read these people. As PT says all the time, “We’ll have to see what happens.”
              – – What they DO.

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            • yucki says:

              People get into soap-opera mode:
              • “It’s the people around him.”
              • “He’s a hostage.”

              Read motivations consistent with Western Christian morality. Find ways to empathize with monsters. Because we do business, have allies who don’t share our values, who aren’t nice people.

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    • Justice says:

      He walked away from the table. Trump 101.

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  2. ForGodandCountry says:

    Oh my…

    Sundance, that pic (Eagle/dragon) is just incredible!!

    Chilling. And encouraging, all at once.

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  3. wheatietoo says:

    Best President Ever!

    Love this tweet too:

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  4. Curry Worsham says:

    CNN: “But… but …my teleprompter still says “summit collapse”!

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  5. G. Alistar says:

    When will the far left libs, dems and MSM ever learn???? Never count this POTUS out. MAGA

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  6. GrandpaM says:

    Mr. President, not tired of winning.

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  7. A2 says:

    Post on previous post:
    A2 says:
    May 25, 2018 at 8:27 pm
    Don’t know if this is true but the SCMP reported that Kim Jung-un may be back in China. They did leak news of the first visit before anyone knew he was there.

    “Is Kim Jong-un back in Beijing? High-ranking North Korean official reportedly visiting Chinese capital
    The North Korean official arrived in Beijing by air before being picked up by a Chinese government vehicle, the source said”

    A2 says:
    May 25, 2018 at 8:45 pm
    OK. If Kim is in Beijing, that may account for KJU now back to talking with the US on the proposed Singapore summit as per Gen Mattis’ comments, Pres Trump’s comments at the impromptu presser, the US negotiators flying to Singapore to prepare and all with reference to Sundance’s post above.

    Fatty Kim must have whiplash.

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  8. Everywhereguy says:

    Chinese cabinet meeting:

    “Well, that backfired like nobody’s business. Now what?”

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  9. Michelle says:

    I’m honestly surprised the media and liberals were dumb enough to jump all over Trump for canceling the summit. They have obviously learned nothing in the last two years.

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  10. Bogeyfree says:

    Pelosi has got to be saying something like this to herself:

    I just can’t stop myself. Every time I try and send out a zinger at Trump it comes right back at me and hits me in the ass. I must look like a total fool to the American people. I just can’t stop putting my foot in my mouth!

    I’m not good at meme but my guess is the Pelosi ones at this point could be priceless.

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  11. Sayit2016 says:

    Liberals do not understand “Trump time”. They have no concept of how and why it works. Timing is everything. They do not get that things changing on a dime is not a bad thing.

    I have been amused at all of the screeching, tongue clucking and downright hysteria on the ongoing NOKO negotiation drama. The liberals needs so badly to believe President Trump is ” reckless, ignorant, trigger happy, stupid, no foreign experience, the bane of the western world if you will. ( smirk ) . None of these things are true. But lying has never been an issue for liberals.

    Trump does not care about a Peace Prize– Liberals do.

    Think. of. the. optics…

    Trump’s negotiating this deal – he succeeds, Peace prize is given for actually creating peace in the world against Obama’s ” Participation Peace Prize” when everyone knows he did squat to earn it. Another plank of the Obama ” legacy” ends up in the dirt, where it belongs in my opinion, but I digress …

    Anyone paying attention can observe that Trump waited until NOKO had backed themselves into their own corner well before the June 12 meeting was even set. NOKO had nowhere else to go after lighting off all of these missiles. Boy crying wolf… It is not cheap to launch them.

    Now what ? He is out of money and perhaps tired of being under the thumb of China, even though without China NOKO has NO future.

    NOKO ( KIM ) starts to look around and see that in a lot of ways NOKO loses the face everyday and is some ways is humiliated everyday at the condition of the country. Kim has a lot of western influence and even he sees the direction of the country is not sustainable in the 20th century.

    So after the deal is agreed to — his bag boy does something really REALLY stupid– he is disrespectful to VP Pence- do not think for one minute that did not play in to the President Trump decision to say ” pass”. You disrespect VP Pence you by extension disrespect President Trump. Bad idea if you are looking for a deal. President Trump is about LOYALTY.

    Kim got the message – -with ZERO distortion.

    Cue the talking heads oooooooooooooooo POTUS is making Kim upset and mad, does not know what he is doing.. it is a dead deal- never happen, they got played, it will never happen etc etc – they WANT this to fail.

    This is high profile HIGH poker stakes. If Trump ” loses” here they think they can actually point to a LOSS. SO stupid. Trump has said ” we will see what happens” because Trump understands the fluidly of these negotiations. But Trump knows he has nothing to lose ( we got the hostages back- YAY Trump ) ) and Kim has everything lose…. everything.

    Kim is not going to give up the opportunity of getting a seat at the grown up table. He may never have this opportunity again. He senses this instinctively. His survival depends on this deal.

    That is how I see it.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Nicely stated. I agree particularly on the loyalty issue over the Pence statement. I thought that was a bad misstep by Kim. I am enoying this show. POTUS Has already won. Now I just watch that play out.

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      • Sayit2016 says:

        ” we’ll see what happens “. ; )

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        • MaineCoon says:


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          • Jake says:

            Sundance laid it out earlier that this whole Kabuki theater was really about the China negotiations over the trade imbalance. The Chinese did what they always do and told the Norks to back off hoping that this would panic America into concessions on the trade issue. The President knew it was coming because that’s the way you negotiate in Asia and he has property there.

            While all this is interesting, we really have peace on the Peninsula and have had since the 60’s. Now Iran is a different deal. Watch how he negotiates and bests the Iranians on that deal. He would like to have that deal done by Thanksgiving or earlier. Now that would be a Nobel Prize event. Lot’s of moving pieces around the world and he’s really getting at the top of his game. It’s exciting……

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  12. benifranlkin says:

    All the documents had better be signed before DT steps on the plane to Singapore. Leave L’il Rocket Man and King Xi no way out. Make it a 30 minute summit….time to walk to the table, put DJT on the bottom line…camera flashes and then leave.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      That is not how it works in China. With all major deals, all signatures are done in person, with the delegation to witness -all stamped with the proper chops.

      There will be the usual pomp that goes along with this, as this is truly a historical agreement.

      I want this beautifully televised- so Obama can spent another night crying in the shower as his so called legacy continues to be dismantled. Piece by Piece.

      But.. that’s me.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      Then they all go and have Dim Sum at Raffles.

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    • jello333 says:

      Totally disagree. Well, other than all the specifics worked out in advance… that part I agree with. But as for making it a quick in-and-out. NO a million times! This should involve all the pageantry it deserves. This will be one of the historic moments of our time, and should be treated as such. Maybe Kim can even bring along a hundred thousand or so of his countrymen to put on one of those cool flip-card mosaic things. 😉

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      • AH_C says:

        That would be putting on a show. And the msm can’t help but broadcast it.

        They have to, in hopes of capturing a disastrous faux paux. But they forget that Trump is the Master MC.

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  13. evergreen says:

    Maybe I missed it, but why is it that North Korea is China’s to hold back from a Trump embrace?

    Why can’t Trump tell (maybe he has) North Korea that they get some favored nation status and protection in return for total submission to US oversight in all matters military and nuclear? What’s China going to do, embargo them?


    • ForGodandCountry says:

      A: China owns North Korea. Literally and figuratively. North Korea is that in name only.

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      • Tparty says:

        That may be true, but there are minority partners in the deal which President Trump is using masterfully. Wait till he brings in the Japanese leverage. From Abes pov he sees a possible new competitor in NK and needs his hostages back before election?

        The Rocket Man was likely using the same negotiating method his father used. This was all an Asian style posturing which is part of the negotiation. Hey, let’s insult his VP and Bolton and try to get him to the table ‘in weakness’. President Trump turned the table over and turned to his Generals. Now who did the Pudgy One run to? Not China ….


  14. Donna in Oregon says:

    Gil posted that PDJT USA Trade logo on CTH the other day. I really like it.

    Nice addition Sundance, I’ll bet President Trump appreciates that. 🙂

    I read some of the posts on POTUS twitter account. Are these people Americans? Does anyone check? We need our own American Internet system in the future if they aren’t Americans.

    The language is so bad. Do children read the tweets? If they do this should be censored. How are children going to learn proper discourse from this type of posting behavior?

    Not good. Maybe send the rated “R” posts and bad manners to another place so children learn better debate skills. So tacky….low-brow……low-class……no talent.

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    • TimesUp says:

      I read the posts too, pretty pathetic.

      Here’s what gives me hope. Over the last 600 years, there has come a generation during every human being’s lifetime when the adults in society have said “enough is enough” and they took a stand. We are living through our lifetime’s generation of confrontation change. Every time it happened going back those six centuries those who were given the political authority to fix the problem were kept in power until they had time to finish the job. On the other side the new world they ushered in was unrecognizable to the one that had existed in the decades that came before.

      Every total war that has ever been fought has been fought in this generation. Make no mistake: We are at war. We are winning. We will have demoralizing setbacks. When finished we will gave ruthlessly crushed those who wrote the crap about which you wrote. If you doubt track down some older Germans or Japanese and ask how things turned out the last time the civilized people of the world said “enough is enough”.

      Never Quit.

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    • Elizabeth Carter says:

      Gil did an amazing job on that PDJT USA Trade logo. It is going to be famous.


    • icndark says:

      Whoa, whoa, whoa! You seem to infer rules of decency, respect and decorum. I dare say, in this case, that they do not apply.

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  15. luke says:

    Haven’t commented in a while don’t need to. I love this magnificent bastard (Trump)…..he saved us…..or at least he gave us a chance…..EVERY DAY WE FIGHT…..Remember that Treepers in everything you do. Love you all.

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  16. mr.piddles says:

    Trump: “All your trade are belong to us.”

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  17. Tparty says:

    A reminder why we perserver in our fight to take back our country …


  18. Zippy says:

    The signature of the highly talented artist who created the US eagle vs dragon painting is too faint to read. Would someone please provide proper recognition of the artist by providing his name and, better yet, a link to his web site, if any?


  19. I posted this to FB on 21 Apri 2018:

    Exactly a year ago, April 20th, 2017, the headlines were:

    “North Korea nuclear threat: should California start panicking?” (LINK)

    Today, April 20th, 2018:

    “North Korea willing to accept ‘complete denuclearization’ without conditions” (LINK)

    “North Korean leader suspends nuclear and missile tests, shuts down test site” (LINK)


    Because, Trump.

    My cousin ( a lib pretending to be Republican) posted this 3 days ago:

    Knew u were going to be wrong about this when I saw this post but……

    I replied early yesterday to him, and it seems to be aging very well: 😀

    Your gotcha attempt is a FAIL. First, if you KNEW…then why didn’t you comment then? Easy to come later and claim you knew I was wrong. Second, it is not over yet…I will leave that post right there. China is the key…using NK as leverage for trade negotiations and backdoor Chinese steel and aluminum through NAFTA using Mexico and Canada to assemble steel and aluminum products and imported into the US without tarifs. Third, those quotes above were a comparison of media headlines exactly 1 year from each other…NOT MY COMMENTS nor complete views on the situation. Notice the quotations. Nowhere did I claim that it was a done deal. In fact, I have conversation with (my Brother’s name) stating “WE WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS.” Furthermore, Trump has done much more in a short period with NK than any President previously. ONCE MORE as I told you almost a year ago…CHINA IS THE KEY…NOT THE US MILITARY. You probably still believe that the Russia Collusion is still real.

    It is such a privilege to be armed to the teeth with progressive-talking-point-CRUSHING information that I learn here at CTH. 😎

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  20. Obama got up on a podium and mocked Trump, with Trump in attendance.

    Now, Trump is taking apart Obama’s legacy piece by piece, and will get a DESERVED peace prize.

    Who’s laughing now?

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