Broward County Sheriff’s Son Was Diversion Program Beneficiary – 3 Day School Suspension For Sexual Battery…

The Broward County diversionary school discipline program known as the “Promise Program” has gained scrutiny since the Parkland shooting left 17 students dead.  The unstable shooter was identified as a prior benefactor of a county school district policy to reduced crime rates by exchanging criminal punishment for school discipline.

Many readers are aware CTH spent almost two years researching this practice in both Miami-Dade and Broward County.  The downstream consequences were predictable when it first began; unfortunately, no-one wanted to accept the warnings – and the corruption is so systemic within the School and Police leadership, there’s no hope to ever see it change.

It has recently been revealed the Broward County Sheriff Israel, and the cowardly School Resource Officer Scot Peterson, have a direct personal attachment to district policy.  The Sheriff’s own son was a benefactor:

(ABC10 News) … a report that recently surfaced has some victims’ families calling for a renewed investigation of Peterson for a case he handled four years to the day prior to the massacre.

The case involved two 17-year-old students bullying a 14-year-old freshman, with one holding down the younger boy by his ankles while the other kicked the victim, grabbed his genitals and then took the victim’s own baseball bat and began shoving it against his buttocks, simulating rape, through the boy’s clothes.

One of those assailants, the boy who allegedly held down the victim, was [Sheriff] Israel’s son, Brett. Defense attorney Alex Arreaza, who represents shooting victim Anthony Borges, who was shot five times in the Valentine’s Day massacre but survived, said the case could have led to felony charges.

“He could be charged with a lewd and lascivious, and I’m being conservative,” Arreaza said.

Peterson claims in the report that it was a “simple battery” under the board’s discipline matrix, and he decided to give both of the boy’s attackers a three-day suspension.

“What is that? Is that like an alternative universe law?” Arreaza said. “What happens? Because you’re in the school you don’t have to obey regular laws?”

In fact, the disciplinary matrix includes “sexual misconduct” and “serious” battery, both of which, arguably, apply in this case.  (read full story)

(L-R) County Sheriff Israel, Hillary Clinton, School Superintended Runcie.

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232 Responses to Broward County Sheriff’s Son Was Diversion Program Beneficiary – 3 Day School Suspension For Sexual Battery…

  1. Mike diamond says:

    You mean sheriff sco t Israel has not been fired yet!????Wow!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laine Andrews says:

    The sheriff’s bullying son was the BENEFICIARY of the lame diversion policy, not the benefactor (contributor/financial supporter to the policy).


  3. donkirchoff says:

    What happens when a school board and police force conspire to stop arresting students for clear criminal conduct and then lessen the school punishment?

    You get a police force that is hesitant to respond to a mass shooting and 17 massacred students.

    Is this what it takes for folks to wake up to failing liberal policies?


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