President Trump Cancels June 12th Summit With North Korea – Awaits China’s Next Move…

President Trump has made the decision to withdraw from the scheduled June 12th summit with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un.  [Copy of letter below]


Ultimately the decision to withdraw is an outcome of changes in posture initiated strategically by China and Chairman Xi Jinping.  China hoping to leverage a U.S. trade outcome by playing the strings on DPRK Chairman Kim Jong-un.

The timing of the meetings between China and DPRK, mirrors the changes in posture by the DPRK and reflects a transparency.  Communist Beijing is engaging with the Trump administration in traditional dragon-mode their zero-sum outlook.  In response, President Trump drops the Panda approach and confronts the manipulation directly.

Likely President Trump will immediately increase sanction enforcement and reposition again for a pending naval blockade.

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256 Responses to President Trump Cancels June 12th Summit With North Korea – Awaits China’s Next Move…

  1. Heika says:

    North Korea IS China, and always has been. It is a theatre ‘lever’ that is tugged to yank the US machine and test it for arrogance and response. It is an old Chinese game. Like a little yapping dog it is set forth now and again to show up at the gate and see how the temperature is and how USA leadership behaves.

    One has to admit that looking at the propaganda shots coming out of NK during Kim’s threat period – something is fishy. Its similar to some old Hollywood nuke movie from the 1950’s. Big buttons and levers, and chunky computers. NK is the true heart of China’s hardcore communist ideology. The pseudo-capitalism in the cities of China is a mask, created to shut up its billions of citizens. NK is the heart and soul of its affection. Kim is loved for his loyalty and dedication to their version of an ‘experimental interface with USA op’.

    Everyone thinks they can bring the yapping terrier to heel. Generations of presidents pass, but the real world threat is China. All the bickering and bull crap in the swamp will pale into insignificance if they get their global way fully.

    Imagine what the politburo is thinking as they watch it all, all the squirming and turning of Clapper the liar, Brennan the Islamic extremist (he should be hung), Comey the rooster, Lynch the grinch, et al, plotting the tearing down of a President, and CNN blathering away, screaming at ‘the president’ on the tarmac, yes screaming at him for response, and the ‘justice system’ (DOJ, and FBI) being held in contempt by only a golden honest few, a minority of men – seeking real justice and having a terrible time of it. The elected president has not been able to have his full seat for over a year because these ‘small players’ are still controlling his government! Judges have blocked him, Mayors have defied him and more. China cure for this – execution of all of them for doing it. Sorted.

    How do they (Chinese leadership) see all this slithering and whimpy sleazy backroom business? They see weakness and disintigration. Stepping back and viewing all this unravelling from a China standpoint – reveals how much of a mess it has all become. And they are watching. We spend our days longing for the truth to come out. Democracy, whatever that is, is not allowed to operate, because these GOONS of the Deep State want to keep things the way they want it. Well if they want to behave in that manner, perhaps they should be treated in the manner of a country that does keep things the same – China, and that brings me back to their punishment should they behave as such in China. I think it only fair.

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    • How do they (Chinese leadership) see all this slithering and whimpy sleazy backroom business? They see weakness and disintigration.
      What the Chinese leadership also sees is that Pres Trump has, even while being bombarded by the enemedia propagandists daily, grown stronger and accomplished a lot towards his America First agenda. It takes a very strong leader to do what PDJT has done., in spite of the circus. The Chinese see that too.

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      • Jedi9 says:

        Here in HK, Friday May 25th 2018

        This is dominating news everywhere in HK, can’t escape it. It is funny to see how they are playing clips of Trump arms folded, Pompeio testifying before congress and the Singapore summit being cancelled being on every channel. The Yen is suspiciously getting bullish all of a sudden, which means either insider info on the trading front, or people are getting nervous whenever uncertainty is being projected. The other interesting development is Chinese jet fighters and bombers are being flown to their little base in the spratley islands, something else that is being played in the news cycles here bookending and following the US coverage.

        Yesterday had to go to the US embassy to renew my passport, as I am getting ready for a China trip in June, and my Visa with the Chinese consulate was rejected. Their reason was I didn’t have enough pages, which clearly I did, but to no avail I was told to apply for a new passport. It was nice to see President Trump and Vice President Pence’s pictures hung on the wall. I took great pleasure in seeing this knowing Obama and that scum bag Joe Biden no longer adorne’s the walls of our embassy’s. Amazing though how many people were trying to get Visa’s to come to the US. Very busy place compared to other US embassy’s I have visited over the years in different countries I have traveled and worked in. Then the thought of immigration entered my mind, and well, I digressed to thinking dam we still need that wall, especially against Chinese nationals who have easy access to our culture and our secrets. Too easy I say.

        On a personal level, I am proud of Trump for this latest move, it really is sending a very clear message that this isn’t Obama’s or Clinton’s America anymore, that Jacksonian leadership has truly returned, something China during their ascendancy has never experienced before. His remarks in a previous presser was indicative that perspective when he said ‘the days of everyone taking advantage of American are over and can not continue’! Knowing the Chinese they will always try to weasel their way to taking any advantage that they can get away with. Think Mao waving his hand with a pointed finger and saying “we can negotiate anything”! Don’t ever trust the Chinese when they say that! Be very suspicious of any deal they are bent are trying to get!

        Just today, I had to deal with a client looking to finance a real estate project for 450 US million dollars. The item of contention was the collateral in which he is trying to negotiate in not paying. I was thinking, yeah so you want us to give you free money with no guarantees for our risk assessment, crazy, do banks grant the same leniency when originating mortgages? I think not! I simply asked him, if he could buy a house without putting any thing down as a security deposit? Needless to say he became silent after I posed that question to him. This is what I deal with on a daily basis, and showing weakness is not an option when dealing with the Chinese. Remaining calm composed and poker faced is the only way. If they want it bad enough, they will pay eventually, it just takes patience. Anyway, the client is going to be back on Monday in hopes that we came to our senses, and I am already prepared to tell him to take a hike if he doesn’t accept our terms. A good day all around I say! Smile!


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  3. 6x47 says:

    If you want a good laugh, check out HuffPo. Their coverage of president Trump‘s letter to Kim canceling the summit is a riot.

    Their angle is Kim has the upper hand and made Trump look like a fool, so Trump issued his letter as a face saving out after getting owned. Much hilarity about the loss Nobel peace prize.

    It’s always funny when people try to make fun of things they aren’t smart enough to understand.

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  4. nimrodman says:

    So a year ago, the MSM and Dems were screaming
    “Trump’s leading us into nuclear war, provoking N. Korea! Trump should try diplomacy and dialogue instead!”

    So he tried diplomacy, offering to talk directly w/ Kim Jong.

    Then MSM and Dems screamed
    “Trump’s a patsy, he’s going to get rolled and get a weak deal because he wants a Nobel prize”

    Diplomatic outreach fell apart, Trump cancels summit.

    Now MSM and Dems will scream
    “Trump’s leading us into nuclear war, provoking N. Korea! Trump should try diplomacy and dialogue instead!”

    rinse and repeat

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  5. The Demon Slick says:

    We have always held all the cards.
    Our corrupt politicians were paid not to play them.
    They can’t buy President Trump.
    Thank You Lord God.

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  6. MaineCoon says:

    The message to China was clear with wolverines Ross and Mnuchin in the camera shot as POTUS was speaking. Full steam ahead on trade issues with China — till it hurts, just like their ptting ZTE out of business. More pain to come for China and NoKo.

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  7. Sound An Alarm says:

    Now see if POTUS gives Taiwan F35’s to counter Chinese fighter overflights.

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    • diogenes says:

      I’d prefer if he gave them fighters that werent over complicated pieces of garbage barely competitive with the enemy’s two generation old fighters.

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      • Jedi9 says:

        Well on a more hopeful front, there are plans for a generation 6 fighter to be developed soon! Crossing my fingers! The F22 is a still a superior aircraft! Unfortunately the Chinese stole the secrets! How does that happen?


        • G. Combs says:

          How does that happen?
          CLINTON! LINK

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        • Conservative TreeFrog says:

          I’m not sure if “China stole.” After the unfolding of Spygate, it seems China could have easily bought any secrets they wanted.


          • Jedi9 says:

            Sure! My question was more rhetorical in nature! Sigh! We were the only country at one time to have a Gen 5 fighter, and thanks to the traitors that no longer is the case. Remarkable every military piece of equipment China has is identical to that of the US. Hmm how does that happen? Again rhetorical question! Just proves that China’s biggest weakness is stealing and copying others labor. There is a good reason why ZTE is the center of the debate between the two countries. China knows that time is running out in which the days of stealing so easily our technological advancements is going to be harder. Kill their spies! They killed ours and time we return the favor, whether physically or metaphorically it goes both ways!

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  8. talker2u says:

    Has anyone else noticed?

    The President’s letter is not just good . . .

    . . . it’s PERFECT!

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  9. Ziiggii says:

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  10. M33 says:


  11. dufrst says:


    Trump wants Kim to know for sure ahead of the meeting that he will walk! Never forget Trump is a great choreographer. Something in me suspects or would not be surprised if Trump and Kim are putting a little show on to boost the “event.” Kinda like how boxers promote a fight. But that’s just a thought.

    I support Trump no matter what. MAGA!!

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    • Jedi9 says:

      What is interesting to me is how the markets are reacting when news being adverse to China’s interests. The JPY (yen) has gotten bullish due to it being a safe haven currency over the last couple of days before this story broke. Interesting because insiders know something when it comes to the markets! Very suspicious!


  12. Ziiggii says:

    ohhh now Russian wants in the game!!!

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  13. WSB says:

    I can barely read a whole thread, and the negotiation is already won! Next…!!!!!

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  14. dufrst says:

    Nancy Pelosi is an idiot. She can never, ever be allowed to hold that Speaker’s gavel again!

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  15. andyocoregon says:

    I would still like to see President Trump both publicly and privately reassure Little Rocketman that the U.S. has no plan to invade his country or cause a regime change. I think it would go a long way towards the unification of the Korean Peninsula and the reversal of NoKo’s nuclear program.

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    • I have no doubts that the reassurance has already been given and accepted. KJU would never have released the hostages otherwise. I believe the peace talks will be held but Pres Trump will portray himself as a minor player to give the recognition and credit to China, NK and SK. They will share the Nobel Peace Prize and we will all share in the peace.

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    • 6x47 says:

      Hillary Clinton is no longer in government, so nobody is left in power who finds knocking off foreign leaders to burnish their “tough guy” cred a laughing matter.


  16. Bolt-on needs to try a less confrontational approach. It’s some kind of stored-up compensatory aggression from skipping the Vietnam paddy fields those many years ago. Chill out Bolt-on. Nobody’s pointing a gun at you.

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  17. Fat Kim III will never abandon his nuclear weapons. Whatever out of his mouth is to embarrass our President, and to blackmail more out of China.


    • Koot Katmando says:

      Not sure I can blame him. Look what happened to Qaddafi and the Ukraine with the Dems in charge. Kim can probably trust Trump but not the next admin.


      • rashomon says:

        Whoever brought up Libya — Bolton, Pence or both — is a dunce. That’s just what PDJT’s new economic diplomacy for peace do NOT need as a comparison.

        The Cackle Queen laughing, “We came, we saw, he died!” in reference to Qaddafi’s brutal murder must be on an never-ending tape in every world leader’s mind. Our president is attempting to change the meme. His people need to help him, not screw up the works.

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      • 6x47 says:

        So funny, Obama and Clinton and all the DoS alums caterwauling about how Trump is “damaging the credibility” of the United States, but the example everyone harkens back to is Hillary Clinton’s “Smart Power” doctrine.

        Killing Khadaffi will stand forever as one of the dumbest foreign policy moves ever. The former terrorist leader had surrendered, turned over all his WMD’s, and was actively providing real assistance in the war on terror; Libyan intelligence was particularly valuable.

        And then Hillary Clinton had him killed, to make the world safe for the Muslim Brotherhood and burnish her “tough leader” cred – and laughed about it on TV.

        Removing Khadaffi is what set in motion the refugee crisis currently overwhelming Europe. Khadaffi himself referred to his government as “Europe’s coast guard” for his role in intercepting and turning back economic migrants.

        The fallout and blowback from Hillary Clinton’s tenure as SoS will linger for decades, possibly centuries. What a stupid horrible evil sick woman.

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    • jello333 says:

      You’re as wrong as can be. Kim just likes the power, and even moreso he likes the adoration. He very much wants to be a “rock star”, and he will GLADLY give up nukes if that’s what it takes. As I’ve said many times before, just like the average NKorean citizen, Un has been in a cage his whole like…. a golden one, yes, but a cage just the same. Only Donald Trump can set him (and indirectly the NKorean people) free.

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  18. Deb says:

    Perhaps this was in response to China ramping up their military operations in the South China Sea?


  19. jello333 says:

    I just really hope that there is some behind-the-scenes communication going on between Kim and Trump. Don reassuring Kim that he KNOWS he wants a deal and wants peace, but that China is currently playing some little games. In other words, Trump letting Kim know that he doesn’t blame HIM.

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