Speaker Paul Ryan Discusses DOJ and FBI Investigation – U.S. Attorney John Huber, and Serious FISA Abuse…

In a press conference earlier today a reporter asked Speaker of the House Paul Ryan about yesterday’s meeting with President Trump, DOJ and FBI officials and the requests by key congressional oversight committee leadership. [Video at 15:03]

An interesting emphasis appears in Ryan’s reply. Note in the response from Speaker Ryan he refers to the prosecutorial authority of U.S. Attorney John Huber and also the important issues surrounding FISA abuse.  [Prompted, just hit play]


As we have outlined since early 2017, it is the: unlawful FISA(702) search query issues; the prior investigation by NSA Director Mike Rogers; the admissions by the DOJ-NSD and FBI; and the fraudulent FISA court application (Carter Page) which lay at the heart of everything that took place within the spying and surveillance operation.

Everything that happened AFTER April 2016 in the spying and surveillance of the Trump campaign, happened downstream.  All activity, including the counterintelligence operation, the Steele Dossier, the need for Stefan Halper (agent provocateur), the FISA warrant on Carter Page, everything…. all of that action was downstream consequences from Mike Rogers building the FISA dam to shut down contractor use of the NSA and FBI databases.

I’ll explain more later.

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463 Responses to Speaker Paul Ryan Discusses DOJ and FBI Investigation – U.S. Attorney John Huber, and Serious FISA Abuse…

  1. DanO64 says:

    Would you think differently if during the Mueller and Rosenstein meeting with our VSG President Trump he told them he knew about the dossier long before the election? He knew! Then he said: This is what you are going to do.

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  2. safvetblog says:

    video links on main CTH web page are out of sync. The Ryan article displays the WH presser from today, etc.


  3. Everett Miller says:

    guess who else isn’t attending?
    Jeff effing Sessions

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  4. NJF says:

    The only thing that makes sense re: Mueller doubling down on the ridiculous is that he has a lot to hide. He had to know very early on that this was a witch hunt.

    They all thought they could “Nixion Trump” meaning a forced resignation.

    The sad part is, the longer Mueller continues the more he fractures the country. The garbage the other side believes is mind blowing.

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    • josco scott says:

      I keep trying to think of a way to explain it to Democrats so mired in lies. It’s tough when both sides are so sure of their positions (although THEIR side has lost ability to think critically and ask questions).

      That’s why the purge of conservatives in academia… we ask students to think about a variety of possibilities and always question your assumptions.

      I’ve asked hundreds of liberals on twitter the same VERY basic q’s:

      What did Trump do? What was his crime?
      What did Putin do?
      How do we know? What’s the evidence?

      They don’t even try to answer.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        “(although THEIR side has lost ability to think critically and ask questions)”

        That’s what late-stage TDS looks like. And it ain’t pretty. Sad really, what happens to the brain. Speaking of TDS, I think we need a telethon. Trump Organization could bankroll it… donate the proceeds to something good (of course, everybody knows up front that’s the end result)… another Must-See Donald J. Trump Television Spectacle. This guy makes Tom Warner look like a lightweight. NBC execs secretly kicking themselves.

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      • WSB says:

        I seem to have an opening that works some of the time.

        I outright let my acquaintance know that I hade been so wrong about my understanding of what was going on in this country, what was changing. Why the country seems so different fom the one I grew up in.

        I then let on that I did a lot of research in the last three years and found out that most everyone outside of DC has been lied to, and that there is one party of power in DC and they are against ALL of us.

        That can actually get a conversation going, and all of it is true.

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        • thinkthinkthink says:

          Excellent approach WSB!

          I’ve been thinking a lot about how to shape some “elevator pitch” length opening lines. Right now, if I choose to respond to someone I think it might be something like, “I’m afraid much of what we are sure of right now is totally wrong and we won’t find out for a very long time.”

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  5. Piggy says:

    Literally nothing about this investigation should be “Classified”. None of this has anything to do with national security. Out the “oppo” agents and methods.


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    • Tegan says:

      Today Dan Bongino had a very important point. He shares the frustration expressed here over and over BUT having 12 years experience in the FBI he says a lot of the information not released is because there are ongoing investigations that need the information to be held until it the proper time. Otherwise, it will be thrown out of court. . He guarantees there are MANY current investigations of MANY people…and patience,even reluctantly, has to be the motto if the day.

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  6. TomA says:

    This is the line of investigation that will lead to the quickest indictments of senior DOJ/FBI officials. The FISA court administration is seriously pissed about being lied to and abused, so this one cannot be covered up by the Executive Branch fifth columnists. Nevertheless, far worse is in the offing. The Weiner laptop emails (if released) will take this whole debacle to the nuclear level.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “The Weiner laptop emails (if released) will take this whole debacle to the nuclear level”

      My prediction: we never see or here of those emails, except POSSIBLY for a select few to be used in a Clinton Foundation legal expedition or similar (which very well may end in some convictions, even if just for some light jail time and fines). So much potential, LEGIT public corruption there, if not RICO level shenanigans. It’s gotta go somewhere IMO.

      I also want to see the $80 million in laundered DNC donations get a full scrubbing. Come on, Congresspeople! You pay a lot of freaking lip service to “campaign finance reform” — put your freaking brain where your mouth is. If I here that phrase again.. “campaign finance reform”… I’m gonna… I don’t know, but it’s gonna be bad.

      After all of what we’re seeing now… with the inevitable clear cutting of a Forest of Turds… plus maybe a little of the above mixed in… dropping some Weiner Bomb on all that may be… too much.

      Think about it: if those emails are SO bad, think of the downstream political value they hold! You can tear down what you can tear down today and in the near future… then keep your boot on there throat for years to come! Beautiful! I know, I know, now I’m thinking like “they” do. I can’t help it! I’m only human. Try not to judge me.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        For tonight’s performance the role of “Hear” will be played by by “Here”, and the role of “Their” will be played by “There”. Enjoy the show.

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      • Trumpeter says:

        Mr Piddles, if you introduce one, you open the door… Hillary would take the whole world (Dem) down with her. Wait, that’s not a bad idea.

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        • mr.piddles says:

          They’ve been trying to distance themselves from HRC for a little while now. Because she’s not progressive enough and at this point amounts to a Political Old Shoe… but I think also because people really do realize how toxic the Clinton brand is, what with all the scandals and that pesky habit of losing presidential elections.

          Think about it: in 2016 one Presidential candidate and her (oops, I gave it away) crew was “legitimately” under federal criminal investigation. Well, we know it wasn’t a legitimate investigation, but TECHNICALLY it was a federal criminal investigation. How you think Joe Biden feels about all this? Obama, of course… no love lost there. Donna “The Assassin” Brazile. Etc. etc.

          But yeah… even the haters predeterminedly towed the predetermined line (and in one case even gave her a pretty important government gig)… so they all reap what they sow…


      • truthseeker39525 says:

        More Popcorn!

        I recall a conversation before the ’16 election.
        I said that if Mr. Trump gets elected “It’s Going to be Entertaining.”
        It has been that!

        More seriously, my birthday is November 8th.
        The BEST Birthday Present I ever received was in 1980, when Ronaldus Maximus was elected.
        This was not approached until 2016, when DONaldus Maximus was elected, which is every bit as SWEET!

        Just think of the dreary downward path to third-world mediocrity we would be on, had the HildeBeast been elected.
        That Voice! (Ugh!) That Arrogance! (DOUBLE Ugh!)

        Let us ALL thank President Trump for the Superhuman effort he has put forth to Make America Great Again!

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    • WSB says:

      Tom, I believe the FISC is sever compromised as well. At least with Contreras and Roberts.

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  7. Eagle says:

    On the bottom of this big mess is a fraudulent birth certificate. These actions were taken as an act of revenge. Trump forced team Obama to manufacture documents. This is the payback.. Anyone examining the “document” knows its a cut and paste pile of garbage.

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    • andy says:

      HIs real birth certificate only shows that he was born out of wedlock of an american father. Embarrassing but not disqualifying nor profitable politically to the unmasker.


      • Mia C says:

        Correction. His supposed father as Kenyan.

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      • kroesus61 says:

        There is no “real birth certificate” in the US and Bammy’s LEGAL birth father was always a British subject which means the usurper in chief could NEVER be natural born citizen eligible to be POTUS…..even if you believe the primary constructed myth of who Barry Saetoro is then Lolo Saetoro ADOPTED him when he was 5 meaning he surrendered possible US citizenship there….but I repeat myself…..Bammy himself admitted for 17 YEARS he was not a US citizen even defending his non NBC status in his US Senate run saying it was not needed…when they decided to run him for POTUS they scrubbed that part of the story

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “On the bottom of this big mess is a fraudulent birth certificate.”

      This WILL be dredged up again, and used as political spin (by the MSM, of course) to obfuscate and misdirect from the can of utter whoop-azz that is about to be unleashed. I;m sure the Infamous Access Hollywood tape will make the rounds again.

      I seriously could do that job (scratches cgin). All I have to do is be a.) desperate, and b.) predictable. I think I could carry it off.

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      • Newt Love says:

        > “… as political spin … to obfuscate and misdirect from the can of utter whoop-azz that is about to be unleashed. I’m sure the Infamous Access Hollywood tape will make the rounds again. …”

        No matter. It’s already baked into the cake.
        Strumpy McDangles? Already baked into the cake.

        What the Liberals don’t get about us Conservative Christians, is that we believe in redemption, and the forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

        Yeah, 12, 13, 14 or more years ago, Donald Trump was the Billionaire Prodigal Son, enjoying his wild oats days (yes, while married to Melania).

        But somewhere about 8 – 10 years ago, he noticed that the world was becoming something terrible.

        He recommitted his life to God.

        He vowed to use the rest of his life to make a difference.

        The Reverend Franklin Graham, after spending many hours with Trump in various settings, pronounced Trump as a man who had renewed his life in Christ, and was good to go (my paraphrase).

        I believe in Franklin Graham’s discernment in the spirit.

        I believe that Trump was “born again” on the road to Washington. He is no longer a man who would dilly-dally with Strumpy McDangles. He is no longer a man who’s focus is on the pleasures of the flesh.

        PDJT is a man who would give his life (I hope that he doesn’t) to save America from the evils of the Donkey Party that are starting to come out.

        PDJT wants to Keep America Great!

        I believe in a Risen Savior, and his redemption given to humans, and I have seen no sinful tendencies in Donald Trump for the last 8 or so years.

        What ever is in a person’s past in irrelevant.
        By the fruits shall we know them.
        DJT and PDJT has been and is bearing a lot of fruit!

        PDJT is the real deal, except the MSM Pharisees and the (D) Party will NEVER GET IT! They know nothing about the Grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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  8. Paul Ryan is trying to keep his mask on so the speakership isn’t ripped from him before he’s ready. Whatever he says in public, behind the scenes he will continue to do the bidding of his puppet masters, because they paid for him long ago and intend to get their money’s worth out of him until the last day of his term.

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  9. andy says:

    as I understand it, no running for re-election, all-guns blazing. Hes going to join us .
    WHen its all over, our country will have a new set of heros to choose from.


  10. fractionalexponent says:

    Imagine you’re an vehicle. Imagine you’re RR.


  11. fractionalexponent says:

    Imagine you’re an embicile. Imagine you’re RR.

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  12. Justin M says:

    I will make up my mind on Sessions after the IG releases his report.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      I think the actions of Huber (if any.. hopefully? Yes? Please?) will tell us a lot about Sessions’ role.

      I *DO NOT* trust Rosenstein. I think in terms of calling the right and effective shots, the Huber assignment under the radar could have been Fox in the Henhouse kinda stuff. Who’s left in the DOJ that could be trusted to “do the right thing”? If Huber was “the right thing” then there’s your answer, IMO. Cuz you KNOW (or at least I have a gut feeling) that Rosenstein wasn’t on board with that Huber decision.

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      • jmclever says:

        The IG began under Obama, so theres nothing Sessions should be recused from in that regard. Sessions has every right to handle the overall scope and sequence of the IG completing his work and reporting wrong doings to a prosecuting body. some of the things being uncovered cross over into the election. But since Utah John has been brought in — by the book — it doesnt matter if the AG has a conflict or not bc he’s not directly involved. He simply set the correct machine in motion. Because it was done properly, charges will not be able to be dismissed on technicalities.

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      • truthseeker39525 says:

        My gut tells me RR is dirty.
        My understanding is that he is up to his eyeballs in Uranium One, and don’t forget that RR is the signature on the last FISA extension application.


  13. BobbyB says:

    ” all of that action was downstream consequences from Mike Rogers building the FISA dam to shut down contractor use of the NSA and FBI databases.”

    Interesting statement. When they could no longer use the queries, and unmasking all of the “US Persons” in the electronic intercepts (Phase 1 of the spying operation), they had to go to FISA and human intel (Phase 2).

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  14. WSB says:

    Tucker’s show is explosive tonight. Sam Clovis and John Kiriakou on after the speech, around the 8:30 mark.

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  15. Blade says:

    Everything that happened AFTER April 2016 in the spying and surveillance of the Trump campaign, happened downstream. All activity, including the counterintelligence operation, the Steele Dossier, the need for Stefan Halper (agent provocateur), the FISA warrant on Carter Page, everything…. all of that action was downstream consequences from Mike Rogers building the FISA dam to shut down contractor use of the NSA and FBI databases.

    An excellent observation that touches upon the evolving chaos of the seditious conspiracy, as opposed to the carefully structured plan believed by many. Understanding the changing directions of a dynamic “plot” is key to getting to the bottom of it. It’s like a running stream, as the water strikes obstacles it changes path, pools here and there and goes in new directions. There will be many different perps and most are not directly connected to each other except in superficial ways. It is complex and dynamic and no single thread can be pulled to make it collapse, or visible in an understandable fashion.

    Its a good thing that Rogers blocked their earlier “plot”. It caused actions and reactions they were not prepared to execute and wind up going in other directions they had not scouted out. Even the most well trained soldiers make mistakes when forced to improvise on the spot. And these are mostly, if not all, NOT well trained soldiers. They are mostly true believers on Team Obama, what we have always called fellow travelers. Most Americans have quite a difficult time grasping the concept of fellow travelers which was the secret sauce of Lenin and his fellow Communists and why they were so successful in penetrating institutions of the West ( academia, media, Hollywood, Civil Rights movement, Government, Congress, everywhere ).

    Looking forward to where Sundance is going with this angle because I know it is absolutely correct. It is human nature. And it will be the Achilles heel of the conspiracy.

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    • Critical Mass says:

      Great observations here. I think you are right – their ineptitude is their weakness. These people fool others by creating the illusion that they are smart and clever. Those who have to resort to schemes and intrigue to succeed will eventually come undone, because deep down they do not have the intelligence or faith to do otherwise than collude and connive. The trick to defeating them is to learn how the craft of deceit works without becoming deceitful oneself.

      Some useful analytical and forensic skills I have learnt in trying to understand this conspiracy are:

      1. Never assume anything, unless it is to assume that nothing is as it appears to be.
      2. Identify key players and key nodal actions or events and be prepared to accept that there are multiple interpretations for each of those key elements. Double guess, or even triple guess everything.
      3. Never let your emotions cloud your thinking. This also involves suspending moral judgement until the facts become clear.

      This is challenging and daunting at first, since the brain of a rational and honest person is geared towards clarity, resolution and balance. However, in the long run this approach has been rewarding – for me at least. It has enabled me to see through their bag of tricks and be prepared for any stunt that they may pull. Deceit and corruption works through creating confusion, doubt and uncertainty.

      It has also affirmed a faith in the decency of most people – and most people are decent. Above all now, I have an unshakeable conviction that righteousness will always prevail.

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  16. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Want to do some thinking out loud here.

    In one of the recent NYT articles trying to clean-up the work of the scheme team, I believe they mentioned that Halper had observed Flynn supposedly close with a Russian woman at Halper’s seminar in England. Flynn would resign from his post at the DIA two months later.

    It seems to be the case that the FISA abuse started by November 2015. I’m taking that from Sundance’s article here:


    Recently, Paul Sperry on Twitter said that the Obama Administration opened up a counter-intelligence investigation of Flynn starting in December 2015. After Flynn and Jill Stein went to a dinner for RT network in Moscow (in December). Putin sat at the same table as Flynn and Stein.

    (more in a reply to this comment as I don’t want to put two links in the same comment as that could send the comment to the bin).


    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      By February of 2016 — before Trump had formally announced his foreign advisers team and I think the same month that Flynn supposedly “informally” joined Trump’s team of foreign advisers, Reuters put out this article:


      “Donald Trump is receiving foreign policy advice from a former U.S. military intelligence chief who wants the United States to work more closely with Russia to resolve global security issues, according to three sources.”


      “Trump has struck a notably different stance on Russia from his main rivals for the nomination, calling President Vladimir Putin “highly respected” and advocating a warming of now icy bilateral ties.”

      So the set-up for “Russian collusion” seemed to be in motion by this time. This was, I think, before Halper entered the picture with Page and Papadopolous.

      Who were the “three sources” used for this article? Clapper? Brennan? Comey? McCabe?

      My guess is that Flynn was (at least one) target of the FISA abuse that took place starting in 2015. Maybe Jill Stein was another target?

      Obama’s group hated Flynn. We know the McCabe proclamation about getting Flynn, then getting Trump.

      What’s amazing is that the FISA abuse apparently started even before Flynn went to the dinner in Moscow.

      This scheme team is awful and they need to be taken down and administered justice.

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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      Forgot to put in that the Halper/Flynn seminar meet-up took place in 2014.

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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      Finally, here is a Daily Beast — an outlet that seems friendly with Fusion — talking about Flynn and Trump on March 9, 2016. Before Trump had formally named his foreign policy team. They are already planting the seeds of Trump/Russia collusion.


      “Flynn declined numerous requests from The Daily Beast to discuss his role with the Trump campaign. “We’ve met informally,” Flynn said of Trump in a text message in January, without elaborating. More recently, Flynn hung up on a Daily Beast reporter who asked him to explain his relationship with Trump and whether Flynn had gone to Moscow on the candidate’s behalf.”

      “whether Flynn had gone to Moscow on the candidate’s behalf”

      That is months before the start of Crossfire Hurricane (July 2016).

      The set up to frame Trump seems to have been going on for a very, very long time. Much earlier than the scheme team wants to publicly admit.

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  17. Rainy says:

    Ryan looked like a wreck…..he had Adam Schiff eyes for this one.

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  18. Amy2 says:

    Fiat justitia ruat cælum is a Latin legal phrase, meaning “Let justice be done though the heavens fall.” The maxim signifies the belief that justice must be realized regardless of consequences.

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  19. Carrie2 says:

    As usual my problem is with Ryan. Why does he think the legislature dictates “power” to the executive? It doesn’t but Ryan would sure love teo do it since he dislikes Trump to the nth degree. Some of his answers are dancing around. Remember, Congress, we elected/hired you to represent US, you know American citizens! Jordan is looking better and better as the new Speaker who likes our President and in many ways far superior than Ryan. The RINOS brought Ryan in and we must let the rest of Congress bring in Jordan! Also looks they are trying to impress us with passing regulations/laws that we have been wanting for a long, long time and only because re-elections in November. I still hold with not voting for any re-elected if he/she already has 2 or more terms or we will never drain the Congress swamp of the same old, same old (and some really old) continuing to take care of themselves and not our country or not supporting our President.

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  20. Bryan says:

    RR has been a useful tool whose usefulness is about up. Sessions established Huber while out of the limelight. If Sessions had been involved in investigation, every move he made would have been seen as partisan. RR had Dem favor and was allowed to remain in the spotlight to run Mueller. PDJT and team knew there was nothing to find. All the while, they have been building their case against the swamp. Remember, Adm. Rogers told Trump all about the op early on. PDJT tweeted about the wire taps. Imagine how much else he was told and didn’t tweet.

    Things are about to get really good. The American people are waking up. Only hard partisan dems still believe the whole Trump/Russian hoax. Trump is the master presenter…I trust him to reveal everything just when it is appropriate. The Big Ugly!!!

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  21. Attention Treepers!

    There is a sale on melatonin on aisle 3. Buy some, and relax. Please!

    It’s starting to read around here like !Jeb is disgracing the White House instead of Master Troll and Very Stable Genuius PDJT gracing it with actual Commander In Chief control!

    Thank you for your time, feel free to rail on me at will and continue at will with the bashing and trashing, concern, concern, concern… I’m all about free speech. I’m just worried about your BPs…


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    • Orygun says:

      Thanks! I have also noticed an overwhelming amount of “concern” and just bashing to bash. I chalked it up to the increased amount of PR that this site has been getting making it a troll target.

      President Trump is my president and has my full confidence in making decisions as I am just a keyboard jockey and he has all the info at his fingertips.

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  22. fractionalexponent says:

    Make America Great: The FBI McCabe hatred for Flynn goes back to at least 2012. June 26, 2017, Zero Hedge Tyler Durden reports Circa reports that Flynn intervened on behalf of FBI Special Agent, Robyn Grits, who had accused McCabe and other top FBI officials of sexual discrimination in 2012. FBI asked federal administrative law judge to keep Flynn and others from becoming witnesses in her EEOC case.

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