Why Did DOJ Asst. AG Rod Rosenstein Reauthorize FISA Warrant on July 18th, 2017? – Mueller and Rosenstein Timeline…

One of the most frequent questions about Asst. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein circles around his decision to reauthorize the FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant used against Carter Page and by extension the Trump campaign.   In this outline we take the timeline and overlay new information that helps to understand what was going on:

  • Why did Rosenstein renew that sketchy FISA warrant July 18th, 2017?
  • Why did Mueller request clarity two weeks later on August 2nd, 2017?

To understand the dynamic we must remind ourselves what was known at key dates in the investigative decision-making.  None of this is intended to exhibit an opinion toward the motives of those making decisions; however, in hindsight we can clearly outline what was known and what was not known at the time these decisions were made.

Recently we have gained clarity toward the scope of investigative evidence held by Robert Mueller.  Thanks to some debriefing interviews by ‘witness’ Michael Caputo we more thoroughly understand what evidence is held by Robert Mueller; and, more importantly the scale of that evidence leads to a reasonable conclusion about how it was obtained.

It appears Special Counsel Robert Mueller began his investigation of Russian interference and the possibility of Trump campaign collusion, right where the FBI counterintelligence operation left-off.  This is additionally supported by reviewing the original investigative instructions as outlined by Rod Rosenstein the day Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel:

The key phrase here is: “to serve as Special Counsel to oversee the previously-confirmed FBI investigation of Russian government efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election”…  Here, Rosenstein is clearly instructing Robert Mueller to pick-up the former Counterintelligence Investigation previously headed by FBI Asst. Director of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap, and his #2 FBI Agent Peter Strzok.

The date of this appointment is May 17th, 2017.  Approximately a week after President Trump fired James Comey on May 9th.


So there we have the three areas of direct authority:  ¹Links or coordination between the Russian Government and the campaign of Donald Trump.  ²Matters that may arise from the investigation of the Russian government and the campaign of Donald Trump. And ³other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a). [<- ie. ‘Jurisdiction‘]

So there’s the instructions to Robert Mueller and his team on May 17th, 2017.

As an outcome of this May 2017 reassignment of investigative authority, Mueller now takes over from Bill Priestap.  The Special Counsel takes over the investigation from the FBI.

The lead FBI investigator, Peter Strzok, is in immediate communication with Robert Mueller’s point person Aaron Zelby via email; and FBI agent Peter Strzok eventually finds himself part of the Special Counsel investigative team.

It is important to remember, at the time all of this is taking place, no-one inside the DOJ Inspector General’s office (DOJ-OIG) or the Internal Investigation Division (INSD) of the FBI is aware of the evidence that FBI Agent Peter Strzok and DOJ assigned Special Counsel Lisa Page have been part of a group shaping a months long “insurance policy” against the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump.  Nor is anyone aware that Andrew McCabe, Michael Kortan, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok are leaking frequently to their media allies. Those discoveries come later.

In May 2017 Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein would not know the history of what activity was happening inside the FBI “small group” scheme.

It was ten months before the Special Counsel was assigned when Page and Strzok were messaging each-other about the “insurance policy” discussed in Andrew McCabe’s office. The Page/Strzok messages were on August 18th, 2016.

That “insurance policy” is widely believed to have been short-hand to describe an effort to conduct surveillance on candidate Trump, which could later ensure a strategic plan to disrupt and possibly eliminate Trump if elected, via the Russia collusion narrative.

That plan needed legal FBI authority to conduct surveillance – which could be used to weaponize intelligence. That plan culminated in the Carter Page Title-1 FISA warrant as the deployment mechanism, on October 21st, 2016.

Apparently, without knowledge of the underlying sketchy context inside the application (Steele Dossier) of the FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant, on July 18th, 2017, Asst. AG Rod Rosenstein renews the FISA warrant as the 3rd continuance of an investigative tool. This time to be used by Robert Mueller.  And with this intensely broad and intrusive surveillance authority Mueller’s investigative unit now has the legal authority to capture the records of everyone within two-hops of Carter Page.  That includes the entire Trump campaign and likely almost all of the Trump administration.

This explains why Michael Caputo said: “Mueller has everything, on every person related to the campaign.” Including calls, emails, text messages, the works.

However, between the start of the Mueller special counsel (May) and the date of the FISA renewal (July 18), OIG and INSD investigators began to discover issues as a result of an internal leak investigation.  [OIG Report on McCabe] Questions to FBI Communication Director Mike Kortan, Andrew McCabe, and his lawyer Lisa Page resulted in contradictions within their statements.


  • •May 2017 McCabe denies leaking for WSJ story (to FBI).
  • •July 2017 McCabe denies again (to IG Horowitz).
  • •July 20th, 2017 Horowitz gets Strzok/Page text messages. Proving McCabe constructed the WSJ story and lied to FBI investigators and Inspector General.


Immediately after Rosenstein reauthorizes the FISA warrant (7/18/17), Lisa Page turns over text messages to support her version of events.  OIG and INSD investigators get the Page/Strzok messages on July 20th, 2017:

[Congressional Report – Page 18, Item #3, second paragraph] “The DOJ OIG obtained the initial batch of text messages on July 20, 2017.”

Now things get interesting.

As a result of those messages delivered July 20, soon thereafter the IG informs Robert Mueller there are big issues with Lisa Page and Peter Strzok who were/are both on the special counsel team.  Obviously INSD and OIG investigators are pouring through the messages.

As a result of that IG notification Robert Mueller removes Peter Strzok.  It is reported that Lisa Page left a few weeks before.  In “Appendix C” we discover the final text from Lisa Page to Strzok took place on June 25th, 2017: “Don’t ever text me again“.   This final message follows Strzok’s heavily redacted text message June 22nd about not being able to reach out.  So we can assume, with reasonable accuracy, Lisa Page was a non-factor in the Robert Mueller investigation around late June and Peter Strzok is removed sometime shortly after Mueller gets the details about their compromise late July/beginning August.

It is likely Rod Rosenstein is informed of the same issue(s) soon after he reauthorized the FISA warrant, July 18th.    Prior to that initial IG notification; and prior to OIG and FBI Inspection Division review of the scale of the issue; no-one outside the “small group” new about the scheme, or the “insurance policy”.

However, at the beginning of August 2017 both Rosenstein and Mueller now have some idea something is seriously wrong within the prior corrupt FBI investigation that was using the FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant Rosenstein just renewed two weeks earlier.

So what happened next?

Well look at the date of this “newest special counsel instruction“:

(full pdf available here)

In hindsight it is now clear why Robert Mueller would be reaching out to Rod Rosenstein and telling the Asst. Attorney General that, against the revelations of what the prior FBI investigative unit was doing, Rosenstein better provide Mueller increased clarity as to the specifics of what he is authorized to review.

At the very end of July, 2017, the released investigative evidence is clear – both Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller become aware of the initial issues with Page and Strzok, and likely how those issues were quickly escalating as the IG and INSD discover through reviews of evidence and in-person interviews the outline of a broad conspiracy.

It’s no surprise that Mueller takes pause and requests clear instructions in writing; but we still don’t know what’s behind that massive redaction.

SUMMARY: An honest review of the timeline shows the third FISA renewal happened right before Rosenstein and Mueller became aware of the first signs of the corruption. Additionally, a clear hindsight review of the content within the application, vis-a-vis the fraudulent use of the Clinton-Steele dossier, shows a clear reason why it was never reauthorized again; and easily why Carter Page was never charged with anything.

Once the IG and INSD investigators had the time to go deeper into the internal investigation, this is around the point when Utah federal prosecutor John Huber is brought into the findings surfacing within the IG and INSD investigation. Huber’s task likely to review all of the discoveries for potentially criminal conduct, grand jury evidence and possible criminal indictments if warranted.

However, all of that said, none of this explains why Asst. AG Rosenstein did not shut down the special counsel investigation in/around Sept. or October 2017 as soon as the scale of internal corruption was known.  Unless the extraneous Flynn, Papadopolous and Manafort findings, some of which likely stemmed from the use of the FISA extensions in the period from May through October, became the agenda for continuance.

Here’s where everyone wants to know motive(s) behind Mueller, Rosenstein and the corresponding investigators.  Truthfully, this is also where an argument can be made in both directions.

So, you decide for yourself.

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936 Responses to Why Did DOJ Asst. AG Rod Rosenstein Reauthorize FISA Warrant on July 18th, 2017? – Mueller and Rosenstein Timeline…

  1. ImHopeful says:

    Rosenstein had a speck of deniability since he could show the Page texts were not known until after he signed the renewal application (what we can prove vs what we suspect he already knew). But, that’s as far as I am willing to go with him.

    He could have been a stand-up guy and gone to a FISA judge and showed what they had learned since he signed off on the extension request and asked for a hold until matters became clear. He could have gone to Sessions or VP Pence’s office and said “We have a problem here” and explained what happened and sought guidance. After all, he falls under the Executive branch. I’m not sure, but perhaps he could have even sought advice from congressional oversight leaders? That he did not do SOMETHING to stop the madness tells me he is a black hat. His stalling and obfuscating support my opinion. I’ve given up hope that he is part of the 4-D chess match.

    And I have never trusted Mueller. When Comey came out after his firing and said what a good man Mueller is, and that he trusted him to be a good SC, the warning bells went off. When I learned he was Comey’s mentor and personal friend, it seemed certain he could not be trusted. He is partisan and self-righteous and I have had it with him and his desire to torch anyone who ever had contact with our duly-elected VSGPDJT.

    Rosie and Mueller have acted like holier-than-thou, man-on-a-mission government types who think they are above everyone and everything, including the laws of the land. This attitude of “I’ll do whatever I want and whenever I feel like it” is infuriating, and their self-important belief that they are accountable to no one is completely unacceptable. The two act like they are about to be crowned national heroes, and they are doing serious damage at this point. I feel like we are trapped in a bad movie – the kind that makes you scream at the screen for the actors to “Do something!”

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    • Roberto says:

      I disagree. It’s not everyday the DOJ gets (multiple) a threat of impeachment from congress! Or the first federal judges that get a look at your work literally laugh in DOJs face! These conspirators, whoever they turn out to be, will have destroyed the integrity and trust in both the DOJ and FBI. Which, as each day reveals, turns out to be a very good thing.

      RR and Mueller are either white-hats or just digging themselves deeper by the day. There is no way out for them. Their *putative* desperation is akin when a baseball team is winning 25-0 and the opposing pitcher is so ticked off he starts throwing at the batters’ heads out of complete frustration and desperation. It doesn’t affect the game but gives you a ton of insight into that team and pitcher.

      We are up 25-0 in this thing. And they’re throwing at out heads. And the opposing team is the Washington Clintons (the root of all this mess).

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    • Daniel says:

      I have a dream. Yes I have a dream. A dream of what? Of a Rico prosecution of the whole lot of conspirators, from Comey, Strzok, Clapper, Page, to Rosenstein, Mueller, and all of his merry band of partisan Democrats.


      • Stephen F. Paul says:

        that would be nice,but who is going to put it together ? the AG won’t,he has been in politics far to long and he won’t make such a big move on the Democrats.


      • Nanky52 says:

        Sedition and treason..Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller, McCabe, Clintons, Obama, Lynch, Strozk, Page, Brennan, Kerry, Rice, Powers, Jarett..that’s a start..

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        • Susan Bolle says:

          “Treason doth never prosper: What’s the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason”.
          Sir John Harrington


        • rockdoc says:

          A little ditty – to the tune of “Oh when the saints…”

          Oh when the perp’s
          do their perp walk
          oh when the perp’s do their perp walk
          I want to be right there to witness
          When the perp’s do their perp walk

          Oh when the perp’s
          enter a plea
          oh when the perp’s enter a plea
          I want to be right there to witness
          When the perp’s enter a plea

          Oh when the perp’s
          are found guilty
          oh when the perp’s are found guilty
          I want to be right there to witness
          When the perp’s are found guilty

          Oh when the perp’s
          swing from a tree
          oh when the perp’s swing from a tree
          I want to be right there to witness
          When the perp’s swing from a tree

          By the way, this refers to both dem’s, repub’s and all treasonous b**tards.


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    • I can hardly bear to listen to Comey, but from the transcripts and official documents I’ve read, my takeaway is that he backstabs his cohorts to try to convince someone with authority that he knows secret information worthy of immunity. He tries to sound authoritative, confident and calm, but he comes off as shrill and frightened. Panic below the surface.

      Comey denies being a weasel, but he certainly has presented clear and convincing evidence otherwise.

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    • Let's roll says:

      RR and Mueller Cartel never expected to get to the point of discovery in two courtrooms – Manafort challenge to charges and The Concord Group representing the Russians. The Clinton/Obama Cartel just knew Trump would destroy himself or someone would supply enough “flipping” evidence to start impeachment. Sessions going outside D.C. to investigate the investigators and discovery challenges above have them in a vice. RR should have shut down the crooks last fall. He will regret his choice.

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    • IMH- Excellent post and analysis.


    • Tony says:

      Great write up . But its wrong .. The FISA was renewed using the Dossier and the plot that created . That Plot included Carter Page



      That op included , Page , P=Dop , Manafort and gates .. FUSION GPS .. C,Steele , Perkins Coie , the DNC , Strzok Page , Ohr , Clinton , and many many others..

      I am sorry to have to be so blunt .. BUT its time people wake up and stop being played by the media , that includes this website


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    • Zimbalistjunior says:

      Now that he’s comfortable with the job and realizes what a success his presidency has been, Trump has become even funnier even more entertaining as a speaker. Amazing.

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  3. Mark McQueen says:

    I think RR is crooked as H. E. Double L. I also think he will be outed and GONE before it’s all over.

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      …in fact he may be the next domino to fall.

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      • Firefly says:

        Maybe those impeachment documents Rosenstein scoffed at might come in handy now.

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      • Jedi9 says:

        I think you are right! The recent scolding by the judge of Muellers team lawyer in the Manafort case is a lot bigger than people are giving credit to! This recent revelation that they are still using a title 1 vs title 3 FISA which is what they are suppose to be using is very explosive! This falls on Rosenstein and I will be very surprised if he survives this! In other words he is toast along with Mueller! The entire DOJ needs to be scrapped and rehired to correct the problem of corruption! Unfortunately Sessions may also have to step down to allow a cleaning of the house to happen, as I don’t see this ending well for anyone in the DOJ!

        The FBI is another matter that needs to be dealt with, which is very curious that Wray has been silent throughout all of this drama; which gives me the impression he is just a place holder until sweeping changes can happen there as well!

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        • I agree. The part that excited me about the federal judge was his demand to see the redacted information about the scope of the SC investigation. DOJ attorneys attempted to hide again behind the allegation that the information redacted was classified and must not be revealed to anyone. His response: “I’ll be the judge of that.”

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        • William says:

          Exactly. Its all coming back to little Roddy at some point. Even Mueller may still walk out of this unsinged if he finds a way to bail out now while the getting is still good. Roddy R isnt going anywhere and he knows it. If nothing else his allowing Meuller to get so far off the beaten collusion trail pretty much proves that he doesnt care about collusion, he just wants Trump to walk or be removed. Only one reason for that. Roddy knows the ending to this story and it doesnt go well for him.

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    • andi lee says:

      Comey will know he is a goner for sure, when RR is fired.

      Judge Ellis asked DOJ Dreeben if RR should have recused himself, since RR is a “witness”.

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    • Dr. M says:

      Rosenstein needs to be replaced. He is not providing requested documents because roads will lead back towards him. He led POTUS down this trail.

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  4. ISMAN says:

    This latest post by Sundance has me turned completely around, and at this point I’m not sure what I believe regarding the hat color of either RR and Mueller. Previously I was convinced both were black hats.

    However, I keep coming back to that late July/early August 2017 decision point for both men when Sundance posits they learned about the fraud of the small group. RR is a bland careerist, reaching the pinnacle of his professional career. Do I see him possibly throwing his career away joining the conspiracy? Mueller is an ex-Marine and hard-ass of a prosecutor. Do I see him essentially rolling a grenade under the commander-in-chief’s tent?

    To throw in with the conspiracy, both men must’ve decided to actively participate to bring this President down, ignoring the significant risk to themselves, hoping that the plot that was coming to light might be fully discovered. I’m starting to believe there are more layers to this onion than I could have imagined..

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    • Cheesehead54016 says:

      Lynch and Obama…… they are big parts of Onion.

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    • andi lee says:

      The real problem stems from long-standing DOJ-FBI SOP “policy”. [They] “work” illegally, until they find what they’re looking for, then PC a warrant / FISA to get “it” legally without disclosing [they] already have “it”.

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      RR and RM are black hats, to be sure. They may not have been in the conspiracy at the start, true. However, they clearly found out what was going on and then used the fruits of the conspiracy, i.e. the Dossier based FISA warrant — to further their investigation of Trump and his team. At that point, the entire investigation was hopelessly compromised and they should have put everything on the table and ended it. Instead, they carried on the witch hunt with the totally biased Mueller team. RR and RM (and maybe Sessions) are now participants in a large-scale plot to destroy our President. In fact, they are the head of the spear.

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    • S. Armaticus says:

      … what Judge Ellis said!

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    • cruiser55 says:

      I believe this onion goes back to 9/11 and everything that has happened since. They MUST stop this administration in order to protect the previous ones. Comey, RR, and Mueller are all connected to Clinton. Comey all the way back to Whitewater. Mueller and RR with U1. Add in Whitey Bulger and I don’t see how Mueller can be seen as anything but a black hat trying to cover for a lot of misdeeds.

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    • Mueller has been skating on the wrong side of the law for decades, looking out for number one and getting rich in the process. He is a snake and a partisan hack and has never been forced to deal with the ramifications of his shoddy prosections and witchhunts. I think RR is just a spineless weasel who has gotten in over his head and doesn’t know which way to turn….

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    • Isman- Respectfully disagree with your analysis. Mueller can try to hide behind his past service all he wants, but the truth is he is an evil SOB who should be removed from his position. Just read for example, Louie Gohmert’s report on Mueller and all the lives he deliberately ruined, the deaths he is responsible for. No, I’m not buying for one second that he and Rosenkrantz ever were Good Guys. You simply can’t justify the collateral damage they caused.


  5. Firefly says:

    According to Jack Posobiec Ken Dilanian is a cia asset and tweeted:
    “In fact, a courthouse observer told me that this judge is often hardest in court on the side he rules in favor of.”

    We need to be a bit leery and vigilant- don’t celebrate yet. This could be a way for the judge to endorse the SC witch hunt by ruling the SC appointment letter by Rosenstein passes muster. Hopefully Ginger’s oversight will get the letter to- they’ve been half heartedly trying to get it. Hopefully our country isn’t so corrupt yet that there are still fair judges whose arms don’t twist. I have a pit in the stomach feeling about the IG report comming out before the hearing – it might exonerate Hillary (notice how she’s revving the foundation up).

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    • Firefly says:

      Oops Gingers should be Meadow’s

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      Good post for consideration re: the Judge’s public “deliberations”. Disagree on the IG report. 🙂


      • Firefly says:

        I began worrying on the IG when it was Rosenstein who announced the IG report being out in two weeks. I still see a Rosenstein as a black hat and always have since his congressional testimony when he spouted off the DOJ independence stuff. Otherwise I thought the IG report would cause as Wray said “ un ring the bell”.

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        • Mark McQueen says:

          My wasn’t a change in opinion of RR for sure. I was convinced back in Dec. when he went into straight “weasel mode” during a Congressional hearing in regards to Mueller’s scope and authority. Never gave a straight answer except to confirm he was aware of what Mueller is doing. Regarding the IG and Huber, I’m not sure how much influence RR has over either or both. I think not that much.


          • Firefly says:

            Yes – RR also said Mueller knows what he’s supposed to investigate. I made some comments on CTH because the secrecy and evasiveness gave me the creeps too. I just get worried on anything RR touches or is associated with. Hope you’re right.

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            • Mark McQueen says:

              We’re all worried to varying extent for good reason. I hope I’m right too.


              • S. Armaticus says:

                It’s good to worry. That way you won’t be surprised…

                But I’ll tell you all one thing, I never in my wildest dreams thought that the Deep State could be this corrupt and as entrenched as I have observed over this last year and a half.

                My God, how did we get to this point in our Republic?

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    • Kintbury says:

      This is stupid, he may be hard on them but I doubt he calls them a liar in court.


    • Regardless of which way the judge rules, what he said today did a significant political damage on the credibility of the Mueller investigation. I am very happy today.

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  6. Good Job! says:


    1. Protect the FBI from and delay scrutiny for believing, using, and maybe creating the Steele “dossier” paid for by the DNC and Hillary.

    2. Protect the FBI from and delay scrutiny for believing and using the CrowdStrike report, paid for by the DNC and Hillary. This is especially close to Mueller and the FBI because if the FBI is shown to rely on shoddy private intel, the lucrative private intel relationships with the FBI could stop. Mueller is a personal friend of Shawn Henry. —He probably will win on this one given Nunes’ intel memo which was 95% approving and not challenging the shoddy intel outside the Steele dossier.

    3. Churn and bill high fees.

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  7. Bert Darrell says:

    Doesn’t it stand to reason that Rosenstein’s nomination was nearly unanimously approved by demoRAT senators while simultaneously throwing wrenches at all other PDJT’s nominees because he had promised the SchumerRATS that he would deliver impeachment. He and the SC, his traitor tool, deserve the harshest treatment for treason.

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  8. anthohmy says:

    …FBI investigation of Russian government efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election…

    What is the specific base crime under investigation here? Are the Russians under investigation or are United States Citizens under investigation for trying to influence the 2016 presidential election?

    I understood the FISA warrant used to surveil Carter Page related specifically to espionage and not influence peddling, which this investigation seems to be about. One would think that the first sentence should read, “…FBI investigation of espionage…”

    Seems to me they can’t mix apples and oranges like this and they ought to at least NAME A CRIME, or something.

    Is it specifically against the law for Russia to influence the US elections? Soros can, Russia can’t? Clinton Foundation donors can, Russia can’t?

    Seems like much malarkey is a foot and Meuller the Emperor is Buck Naked.

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  9. anthohmy says:

    I would also be interested to know what specific chain of events led to the “clearing” of Carter Page.

    What specific facts gave rise to clearing Carter Page as a spy and when did they know it?

    What information was used to substantiate the ongoing FISA warrant during the meantime? Did they have to show any progress to the Judge or could they just use the initial same allegation and “we got nothing, but we are gonna, no worries that we are spying on a President, your honor.”

    Once Carter Page was cleared, did not all activity arising from permissions embedded in the FISA warrant need to cease immediately?

    Is unmasking during this type of investigation allowed to be used in another? If Page is cleared as a spy, then isn’t the party over?

    Doesn’t everybody on the team need Top Secret clearance to interact with the materials they are scooping up? Who gave it to them? Are they picking up military intelligence? Who gave them this clearance?

    Is this how the Yemen situation unfolded?

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      2 great posts! Thank you for elaborating and asking the questions that need to be asked. Can the FBI, legally, simply hand over a FISC case to the SC? There are many reasons why I don’t think they can.

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      You hit the right chord here: “Once Carter Page was cleared, did not all actions arising from permissions embedded in the FISA warrant need to cease immediately?” This is where RR and RM went off the tracks. They should have shut down the investigation once they learned that the FISA warrant was obtained fraudulently. Because they didn’t, they became co-conspirators.

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  10. YvonneMarie says:

    Thank you for your extensive objective research Sundance.

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  11. anthohmy says:

    LOL who is gonna get the Title 1 warrant on Meuller and his team because they are spying on the President and the Cabinet

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  12. Mark McQueen says:

    …says the keyboard tough guy.


  13. daughnworks247 says:

    “so decide for yourself”
    Question for Sundance or a Treeper.
    Didn’t Comey meet with Mueller prior to testifying in June?
    We’ve seen no evidence of any move to indict a Dem, like a Podesta who is equally guilty of a FARA violation and had massive Russian ties.
    I can’t find any indication Rosenstein and Mueller are white hats, other than Rosenstein did not renew the FISA after July 18, 2017 (last one), and to take that as a positive is a stretch.
    Also, wasn’t Rosenstien only approved by Senate in late April of 2017 (last few days of April, I recall).
    Therefore, Rosenstein was approved by Senate, Comey was fired, Sessions recused, Rosenstein and Mueller spend hours with POTUS (which still makes no sense), and the next day, Rosenstein appointed Mueller.
    And today, Rosenstein sits atop the DOJ and still appears rather cocky.


  14. Steven says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for put out clearly the timeline of what transpired without any insert of whichever way it may occur. We will understand more as we hear more details from various parties, and this is an excellent start! Thank you!

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  15. andi lee says:

    Brennen, the dirty-dog …

    … more FBI malfeasance to chalk up for later … mark it!


  16. David says:

    “So, you decide for yourself.”
    Re Mueller and Rosenstein motivation, “By their deeds you shall know them.” They are both bad.

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  17. Doppler says:

    Are Rosenstein wearing or serving the white hats? I’m leaning strongly toward yes. There’s something going on that is being withheld from Congress and the public (the courts too), and that secrecy would not be tolerated by Trump and Sessions if they thought it was to hide the ball from them, to enable the witch hunt to burn them at the stake. Is Trump an ineffective leader who publicly whines about his subordinates, but does nothing about them, while they destroy him? Or is he only appearing that way to troll his enemies? Witch hunt? Witch as in Hillary, yes.

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  18. Chris L says:

    And, once it became known to almost everyone that there was malfeasance regarding to the FISA warrant requests, why was the warrant not immediately withdrawn or quashed? Is it still in effect as of this day?

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    • Nope2GOPe says:

      Rosenstein & Meuller are both culpable by their subsequent actions since the issuance of the FISA, and only potentially before.


  19. RR knew the FISA warrant on Page was toxic back then when he extended it in July 2017, it sure would be a good way to poison the Special Counsel from within…..

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  20. rhinOC says:

    I have never liked the idea of perp walks. Now….I want perp walks. Not revenge…justice.


  21. blind no longer says:

    I have decided. Rosenstein and Mueller are both dirty as hell. You are not a white Hat- good guy upholding the rule of law, when you are trying to destroy good people. You don’t have your goons kick down doors and try to destroy people financially just because they support a Presidential candidate. As far as I’m concerned Rosenstein and Mueller are part of the insurance policy. When Strok and Page are kicked out of the “get Trump” investigation. Mueller and Rosey took over.
    There can be no doubt. They both knew of the coup when informed by the IG. Did they do the right thing and shut it down when they found out? Did they expose the corruption and clear PDJT of wrong doing? Nope instead they doubled down and used KGB tactics on people working for PDJT. And they continue to this day to destroy people and try to remove a duly elected President, so that only members of the DC club ever think of running for office.
    Remember- First we f–k Flynn, then we f–k Trump!!! Don’t ever forget that!!!

    Liked by 3 people

    • you thought they wore little white caps?

      i’ll predict you change your opinion of swamp sessions as well…very soon


    • rsmith1776 says:

      I am all for a diversity of opinions and I know just too well how often I can be wrong.

      I am a little flabbergasted though that we’re still discussing dirty trash like Rosenstein possibly being white hat, part of infinite-dimensional chess and the like.

      He belongs IN PRISON, together with his buddies Comey, Mueller and the Hag from Hell, Hillary Herself.


  22. sysconfig says:

    However, all of that said, none of this explains why Asst. AG Rosenstein did not shut down the special counsel investigation in/around Sept. or October 2017 as soon as the scale of internal corruption was known. Unless the extraneous Flynn, Papadopolous and Manafort findings, some of which likely stemmed from the use of the FISA extensions in the period from May through October, became the agenda for continuance.
    papadopolous inovlved Mfsud a uk Intel Asset..how could Mueller and Prestap not know that? Yet Papadop was hung to dry to get testimony going in one direction Russia.. Even how his arrest was handled was curious ..non sop..Flynn invloved with Ambassdor to Russia..it was approved by Obam..that was his Job.. Manafort was mentioned in wikis Diplomatic cables conversing with US and doing a wonderful job to get a “democratic”…was he an assette also? Is that why charges were dropped in earlier investigations? all these seeming disconnected people with the exception of Flynn all Intel asettes or connected..I have not mentioned Skripal who could have blown the Dossier case wide open..now coveniently removed what is only being accomplished..is the word Russia is kept floated in the air..perhaps that is the intent .To keep the anti Russia mantra going to sustain our current foreign policy..because that is the bread and butter of a cold war machine..


  23. Conundrum says:

    If Rosestein and Mueller are white hats they could only do their job moving forward if they looked dirty. Unlike most, I think the failure to move against Podesta at this time suggests a light colored hat.


  24. “Why Did DOJ Asst. AG Rod Rosenstein Reauthorize FISA Warrant on July 18th, 2017?”

    why has AG Jeff Sessions allowed his DEPUTY AG to go completely ROGUE without shutting him down? PLEASE don’t tell me about sessions’ recusal…irrelevant

    this WITCH HUNT is WAY out of control

    Liked by 2 people

  25. MS Idaho says:

    do you believe AG Jeff Sessions has SEEN the DOJ Asst. AG Rod Rosenstein Warrant? If not, then like today’s Judge, shouldn’t he see the unredacted version? If he knows about it – what does that mean?


  26. scott467 says:

    “In May 2017 Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein would not know the history of what activity was happening inside the FBI “small group” scheme.”


    How can that be a credible assertion?

    Rosentein and Mueller are both S.E.S. members, they are both up to their eyeballs in obvious conflicts of interest which reveal their malicious intent, they are both guilty of nearly unbelievable crimes in the past which are part of ongoing investigations (e.g., Uranium 1, where Mueller actually went to Russia as part of the Uranium 1 treason!).

    To think that either of these two snow-white angels-ion-waiting were unaware of the massive conspiracy to oust a sitting president of the United States, taking place right under their noses, beggars belief.

    Liked by 2 people

    • jeans2nd says:

      Oh, scott. Have you ever been the top guy in charge of a humongous organization, coming in and trying to get up-to-speed on all that is going on?
      How often would you see the goings-on of a small group who have been trained in subterfuge, the dark arts, and who are working at not being caught?

      The SES people are only concerned with themselves, their current position, status, and salary, and how to get onto the next top spot. They could not care less what the Little People are doing, as long as the Little People bring in a bad guy here or there.
      The Little People are just trying to become the Big People.

      Iow, willful blindness. Those SES folks just do.not.care.

      Credible? Yes. imo
      Sad, is it not?


  27. scott467 says:



  28. dayallaxeded says:

    Finally came to me who those two scumbags pictured at the top of this article remind me of–Dracula and Renfield.

    Liked by 1 person

    • scott467 says:

      I was thinking Mueller is more of a Nurse Ratched.

      Okay, a vampire Nurse Ratched.


      • dayallaxeded says:

        Can’tcha just hear Rosey saying, in an obsequious Peter Lorre-esque rasp, “How may I ssserve you, mahssster?” Mulehead both acts and looks the part of evil incarnate. Makes Comedy look like the putz bag man he truly was.


  29. Dances with Wolverines says:

    With all the consternation and fretting we are doing here, our VSG President stood before the NRA loyals and proclaimed “I am having so much fun with all of this” In reference to the witch hunt.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Sam Dennis says:

    My suggestion is that AG Jeff Sessions should immediately rescind his Recusal and strip Rod Rosenstein of his duties. Sessions should then order that his staff comply immediately with the request from the House Intel Committee and provide the unredacted Rosenstein Appointment Memo to the Federal District Court. I would further suggest that because Sessions’ Recusal was strictly limited to the Russian/Trump issue, Rosenstein’s authority to empower the Special Counsel was limited to that issue and could not be expanded further without the AG’s approval.


  31. I’m sure most of you know this that the Deep State will always be here and this will be a never ending fight to take control of us the American people.


  32. bassplayer says:

    Many different arguments over Rosenstein and Muellers roles and their loyalty.

    “Here’s where everyone wants to know motive(s) behind Mueller, Rosenstein and the corresponding investigators. Truthfully, this is also where an argument can be made in both directions.”

    There is a particular thing that doesn’t make sense and I cannot reconcile regarding Rosey and Sessions. Sessions recused himself, allowing whomever was the deputy AG to be in striking distance of POTUS.

    Consider how well thought out and thorough POTUS and his team are regarding NK, China and trade..perfectly and masterfully executed. The primary, general election and the path to victory was masterfully planned and executed. Another example is bringing Pompeo over from CIA to State so he has intel he needs to clean up State…expertly planned. POTUS and his team are not just “winging it”.

    A large part of POTUS negotiating and business strategy is based on risk/reward ratio. This is what does not make sense. Why would he allow such an incredibly high level of risk in the appointment of Rosey. Sessions publicly stated in his hearings that he would recuse himself, this was before POTUS was even swore in. He knew Rosey would be in a position to attack him. This means either
    a) POTUS made a massive blunder, completely out of character, that could put his entire presidency, family, business and all associates at risk.
    b) Sessions stabbed him in the back
    c) He and Sessions wanted Rosey to be in striking distance


  33. Iisophakto says:

    Rosenstein’s change in the scope of the investigation (currently redacted) will show he pivots to the failed coup culprits. He’s protecting that from Manafort because it is part of an active investigation. That’s why Resenstein is so firmly standing his ground.

    This is stage-managed theatrics to build up the tension and get the MSM focused closely on this so they can’t ignore it like they have so many other important facets of this epic scandal.

    Remember, Manafort was a plant used to spy on and dirty-up Trump.

    The big reveal that this is like the movie The Sting is coming. Mueller is on a hunt….for the deep state people who colluded to protect Hillary and frame Trump. Flynn took a rubber bullet (like Robert Redford) – and will be free very soon.

    It IS HAPPENING! Hammer time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dr. M says:

      Believe what your eyes are telling you. Potus is in trouble. Potus needs to be protected. Muellar needs to be discredited. Muellar is a Black Hat.


  34. AKM says:

    While true that no-one knew about the “insurance policy” until the release of the Page/Strzok texts to OIG on July 20th, 2017, we knew something was wrong months before that. Evelyn Farkas told us in March 2017 that they had great intelligence. It was obvious that could only have been via abuse of the NSA information gathering system. Trump had informed us also in March 2017 that Obama had wire-tapped him. We also knew Flynn’s telephone conversations had been illegally discovered, and leaked.
    Judge Collyer’s 99-page investigation into misuse of the Fisa process was declassified in April 2017. Given that background, are we saying neither Rosenstein, when he appointed Mueller, nor Mueller when he accepted, were aware of these issues?
    Sundance then asks why Rosenstein did not shut it down in Sept / Oct 2017, when they realised there was corruption in the original FBI investigation.
    With the latest revelations regarding raids on Michael Cohen (Trump lawyer), and that they are still (May, 2018) abusing NSA surveillance capability to acquire information on people like Michael Caputo, is there the least doubt left that both Rosenstein and Mueller are blackhats?

    Liked by 1 person

  35. stormy223 says:

    The media has been having a field day with the personnel turnover in the Trump Administration. Several of the people were fired because of suspected leaks. Now that we know Mueller had a Title I FISA warrant up to October 2017, it is not hard to trace most of the leaks.
    Most every Trump appointment since October 2017 is not subject to the FISA Title I held by Mueller. The Black Hats are now blind to the Administration’s internal communications.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. stormy223 says:

    Is there a correlation between the expiration of the Title I FISA warrant on Carter Page expiring and the appearance of QANON?


    • Dr. M says:

      What if Q were a Dem operative trying to make us think everything is under control when it is not? Lulling us into a false sense of security when we should be howling? Believe what your eyes are telling you. This Coup is still moving forward.


  37. Ed says:

    Great article!

    Minor quibble: “pouring over messages” should be “poring over messages,” and “he new about the” should be “he knew…”

    But great article, sums it up nicely!


  38. Greg says:

    One additional detail. Known white hat Admiral Rodgers has access to everything via the NSA data vacuum. It’s an assumption that Adm Rodgers warned the Trump team after the election, resulting in the move to Bedminster Golf Club.

    In this scenario all Trump’s main players know what’s happening, from as early as mid November 2016.After Rodgers warns them they are under surveillance, Flynn was still in place on the inauguration team. It wouldn’t have taken him too much time to discover who the active players on the ‘insurance policy/coup were.

    Point being, Team Trump in all liklihood had discovered the existence of the plot by mid November 2016 Allowing them time to map out a strategy and to plan a sting and takedown. It’s fun to use this assumption and then lay a time line of events on top. Suddenlt Trump’s crazy speeches and tweets don’t seem crazy. They seem highly strategic and aimed carefully to cause particular reactions or as distraction to keep other events out of the newscycle.

    With the events timeline placed on the foundations of Trump and his top people knowing details of the ongoing soft coup from Admiral Rodgers in mid November, we see Trump has balls of steel and also a convergence of incoming truth missiles aimed at the bad players. The Inspector Generals report being the first of many.

    The beauty of what’s happening is brainwashed leftists still working as carry overs will not be able to resist stepping forward to hold the flag of Resistance as their colleagues are taken out. Their extreme ideology is too ingrained for them to go deep undercover. These people will out themselves to prove their loyalty to the left globalist cause. Usually with futile spur of the moment attacks. Once this takedown starts it won’t stop until every last traitor/resistor is removed.

    I’m feeling good about this…


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