IMPORTANT – Michael Caputo Explains How Clinton-Mueller Legal Attack Dogs Used the FISA Title-One Surveillance Warrant…


Michael Caputo appears on Fox News for a general discussion of his third experience being grilled by Hillary Clinton’s Legal Team within the Clinton-Mueller Special Counsel.

However, one of the interesting bits of information is where Mr. Caputo notes the Clinton-Mueller team have the personal emails, phone call logs, communications and even text messages of every targeted member of the investigation. This little factoid is jaw-dropping important because it highlights the underlying reason why Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein needed to grant a July 2017 extension of the Title-1 FISA surveillance warrant (initiated against Carter Page); that was actually being utilized by the FBI to conduct political surveillance of these same Trump officials.

Without the July 2017 FISA extension, Robert Mueller would not have predicate investigative authority to reach into the accounts of his targets and extract their personal communication.  Mueller would have needed to go to court for a search warrant; he is conducting a criminal investigation; he would have needed probable cause.  However, by applying the 2016 extended FISA Title-1 warrant, the Clinton-Mueller special counsel used the previous legal authority to extract all the information they wanted to review.

Things are making much more sense now.

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677 Responses to IMPORTANT – Michael Caputo Explains How Clinton-Mueller Legal Attack Dogs Used the FISA Title-One Surveillance Warrant…

  1. FofBW says:

    Does anyone get the feeling PT is sitting back and letting this stew and brew while licking his chops?

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  2. High Atop Trail Creek says:

    Me thinks the smell, nay fear, of actual, provable sedition charges doth waft through the swamp. The creatures therein are starting to scurry and chitter and bite at themselves and anything close.

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    • ATheoK says:

      Don’t overlook the Mueller leak machine that is unable to contain or constrain information from getting “leaked” to leftists news media.

      Ideally, Sessions and his hounds Horowitz and Huber have captured every bit of Mueller’s abuse of the FISA warrant and their subsequent leaking of classified or personal information.

      That would squarely place Mueller and his entire team right alongside Comey and McCabe as defendants in the upcoming arrest warrants and prosecutions.

      Sessions, Wray and Huber, unlike loose lips Mueller and his babble team, know when to keep investigations secret.

      By August-September, the entire “insurance policy” and all seditionists should be in the docket awaiting trial.
      Ideally, all of the leftists billionaires funding this sedition debacle will also be caught so they can join Mueller’s stinkers for their denouement. Birds of stinky feather do time together!

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  3. Malatrope says:

    I do. I still feel there is a huge, dark, tornado-filled thundercloud building over all of these people, and they can’t see it because their sky is so dark.

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  4. Rosenstein’s head is now FIRMLY on the block! The cufflinks from Trump were surely a Freudian jab? HANDCUFFS

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  5. John Doe says:

    Got a email from my Rep, Dave Joyce today wanting to know if I wanted to go see Trump, Saturday, late morning, downtown Cleveland. I emailed back is it a rally? No. WH won’t give times, actual place or time because of security. WH will send me an email late Friday night with specifics and tickets. Wonder what it is? Anybody know? I daydream it’ll him and my 3 friends and I having Big Macs and diet cokes brainstorming how to fix the country!! Wouldn’t that be the best?!? I’ll let you all know.

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    • lizzyp says:

      Give him our best!

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    • WSB says:

      If you are paying a lot for a ticket, be very careful. I have friends who went to NY fundraising breakfast with the same instructions, paid $3K each for table space right up front, stood in line in the rain for two hours to get into the venue and then were unceremoniously removed to a back table valued at $1000 each. Both swapped for a half table of Chinese dignitaries.

      They have contacted Ronna and the WH. Still have not had their money refunded as was offered by a RNC rep at the breakfast.

      Hopefulyy, if you g, you will have a great time. My friends would not have missed the Cipriani event, no matter what!

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  6. SR says:

    It’s time for a million + PTrump supporter rally in DC against deep state, RINO, DOJ and this corrupt system. Some republicans would feel pressure before midterm too.

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    • Fred says:

      Let me know when we march

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      • Q-Messiah says:

        Ditto. Who are our leaders?

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        • Cootie says:

          This is the problem – everyone wants to do something but there is no organizing entity – you know, like Soros. None of us have the time, knowledge, wherewithall to organize a 1m man march – it is no simple thing. It takes an organization with people – many – to take care of logistics, communication, funding, etc.

          We will, in the end, probably lose our country because we aren’t able to mobilize to stop this mess.


          • Gary says:

            The larger problem is…

            We have to organize any march on D.C. It has to fall on us, you put a million plus people in D.C ( and I believe that would be low balling it) something will happen. Doesn’t matter who or what but in the end President Trump will wear it, the establishment will make damn sure of it.

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          • Jeff P. says:

            Bikers for Christ is a Great place to start. They have organized Many Large events. Give it a shot?

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      • RoddREpub says:

        Hear, hear! It’s time to show them we mean business.

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    • NewOrleans says:

      I’m bringing my torch and pitchfork!


  7. JoD says:

    Acquisition of Trump campaign information….
    In October(?) of 2017, Herr Mueller wanted to confiscate ALL Trump campaign data from the GSA (General Services Admin.), but the Administrator told him to drop dead. In December, 2017, after the administrator dropped dead instead, the Gestapo, I mean the Mueller team, went in and cleaned the place out, as I recall.

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  8. Blue Moon says:

    This is much much worse when they were outing Richard Nixon. He fought and fought until a Repub rep went to his office and told him it was over-either leave voluntarily or be impeached. He left. Makes me wonder if Paul Ryan gets the joy of telling PT the same thing-could explain why he is so so quiet and why he is leaving.


  9. Sayit2016 says:

    I may have missed it — BUT did anyone find out who leaked Mueller’s questions to the press ?


  10. Humble Soul says:

    Pls listen to this. Very interesting, morale boosting and substantive:

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    • Minnie says:

      The DOJ position has not been repealed or amended since the last Decision, October 16, 2000:

      A sitting President of the United States CANNOT be indicted or criminally prosecuted.

      Doing so would unconstitutionally undermine the capacity of the Executive Branch to perform its constitutionally assigned functions.

      Why is this so hard for some to understand?

      Smoke/mirrors, distortion, deflection.

      Any questions?

      Faith, fellow Treepers, Faith and Trust in OUR President!

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      • Theo West says:

        Law? Constitution? Here’s the danger: Leftists, including many sitting judges, don’t respect the law or the constitution anymore and will break and violate it at every opportunity to get what they want. I sure hope Trump is on top of it all and has the right people in place on his side.

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      • WSB says:

        So, the Senate vote that was short of hands to indict Bill Clinton was a show vote?

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    • Miss America says:

      Thank you for sharing that. Contacting my congress critters tomorrow.

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    • NewOrleans says:

      All of this stupidity against President Trump is still going on because people like Mark Levin got it started in the first place with his love of Ted Cruz.

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    • Countrywatch says:

      Excellent, Thanks you HS.


    • deepdivemaga says:

      Wow, this is a great video. Sundance, perhaps you can make this it’s own post? One of the best defenses of POTUS’s legal defense I have seen thus far!


  11. rsmith1776 says:

    So Jeff Sessions has it all under control, I gather.

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  12. George says:

    If this continues and the OIG report is never released or delayed past May IMHO the only option for the President is the nuclear option. The first action , as others have said, declassify all material concerning the case. Have a rally in which the presidents lawyers outline all of the crimes and all of the perps. Then fire all of them. Then publicly turn to Sessions and tell him that America expects him to do his duty. If he does not then fire him as well and appoint an acting AG that has the interests of the country at heart. He will probably remain an acting AG because the traitors in the Senate will not confirm him.

    This will cause massive political problems but we are reaching the point of no return for the USA. If the gambit does not cause arrests and prosecutions then marshal law may be required.
    I pray for my country because I know God is just.

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    • Q-Messiah says:

      Martial Law

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    • “…declassify all material concerning the case”

      Then DECLASSIFY & RELEASE all NSA-sourced material from all “queries”
      … produced from the beginning of the Obama Administration on
      • Members of Congress
      • Members of the Judiciary
      • Members of the Obama & Trump [Obama Embeds] Administration.

      Every one of them is being or will be BLACKMAILED and EXTORTED to undermine the sovereignty and loot the wealth of the USA, and this must be IMMEDIATELY and PERMANENTLY ENDED.

      Accept Plea-Bargained Resignations from those who reveal the Blackmailers and Extortionists, including what was given up!

      Then NSA-Query the perps – Deep State, Globalists, Oligarch Donors and their Enabling Attorneys! TAKE THE MONEY and HANG THEM ALL.

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    • Bill Dunn says:

      George you just expressed my thoughts exactly.
      Martial Law ,our last chance to save our country.

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      • DiU says:

        Remember…PDJT has already declared a State of Emergency via one of the Executive Orders, & I think he is already within his rights to light the fire.


  13. albrevin says:

    So, Rosey filed for FISA extension right before he appointed Mueller. Did Rosey do this with foreknowledge that he would be appointing a SC?

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  14. Ospreyzone says:

    PDJT’s attorney, Michael Cohen, wasn’t linked closely enough to the 2016 FISA authorization. That’s why they had to get a separate warrant and just bust down his door to get what they wanted. If there is ANYONE left at CTH that thinks Jeff Sessions and/or Rod Rosenstein are white hats, please call me. I have some land southwest of Miami I’d like to sell you.

    Remember, these socialist pigs have a feral understanding of power. They do not think in terms of fairness or justice. They seek only to cut the throat of anyone who stands in the way of taking Trump down. What was it that Thomas Jefferson said about the Tree of Liberty? That time may be fast approaching.

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    • Doppler says:

      Blood of patriots as it’s finest manure? Not his greatest eloquence. Let’s hope the founders’ checks and balances once again slough off mountains of accumulated corruption and incompetence through elections, without bloodshed, as those geniuses envisioned. A republic, if we can keep it. Not a mob in the street. Not a kleptocracy. No totalitarianism.

      There is a chance, there are signs, that Sessions may be playing a part, and Rosenstein like Mueller are cooperating witnesses, earning their immunity from past crimes, in a great Kibuki white hat rope trick show, giving many prosecutors, FBI agents, judges, Obama cabinet and subcabinet members, Senators, Representatives, their staffers, political lobbyists & operatives, nefarious wealthy corrupters of DC, foreign and domestic, with the media, the opportunity to provide evidence of their own fresh crimes and corruption on a platter to Huber et al, who I wager, has surveillance warrants ongoing on the lot of them, most unsuspecting because they drink the Fusion GPS Kool-Aid.

      Watch the President. Is he defensive? Is he in executive mode on this matter? Or in trolling-his-enemies-to-provide-cover mode?

      I’ll give them till Memorial Day to pull it off.

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    • DanO64 says:

      I do. What’s your number.

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  15. Sparky5253 says:

    For Trump, the best defense is now a take no prisoner offense. It’s either them or him. The time for talking ad nauseum and being nice is long over.

    Trump needs to expose the deep state operators/sympathizers through the release of declassified/un-redacted documents, and at the same time fire all of them and revoke their security clearances. Nobody will miss them, nor will the country fall apart without them

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  16. Newt Love says:

    Today, I again went to the DoJ web site, and accessed their “Contact Us” form. I chose the subject “Messages to AG” and posted this:
    AG Sessions,
    Thank you for your long and storied career of service to America!

    I am disgusted at the lack of fire-walls in your Justice Department!

    Given the Obama Administration’s weaponizing of the FBI, DoJ, and the ICs to fraudulently obtain a Title 1 FISA Warrant that falsely labeled the former under-cover FBI informant / witness, Carter Page, as an undeclared Foreign Agent, I have a question.

    By what right does SC Mueller use the phone call transcripts, texts, and emails fraudulently obtained via that Title 1 FISA Warrant, as the basis to go after everyone that he has chosen to attack in the group of Trump Associates?

    The FISA Warrant was issued under fraudulent purposes, and when it is examined by an actual Federal Judge or Justice, all of it is likely to be made to be “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree.”

    Also, the case against Manafort is outside the scope of the FISA Warrant, and SC Mueller should have to petition a court to be allowed to see and use the phone call transcripts, text messages, and emails in the Manafort prosecution.

    The same goes for the Cohen Raid.
    Phone call transcripts, text messages and emails obtained in the (fraudulent) FISA smash and grab are not a part of providing Probable Cause to obtain the smash and grab warrant on Cohen, unless a FISA court judge granted the (fraudulently obtained) data on Trump Associates to be used in another trial proceeding.

    I am shocked that you condone the running rampant behavior of your subordinate employee, SC Mueller, as he and his team of attack dogs shred the US Constitution in their blood lust to bring down the duly elected POTUS 45.

    You must like all of this, because your D-AG Rosenstein asserted that he is not subject to the Constitutionally Mandated function of Executive Oversight of the DoJ. D-AG Rosentein has cuckolded you, and brags in speeches about how powerful he is, and not constrained by the Constitution, Canon of Laws, or Precedents.

    This will be your legacy!

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    • rsmith1776 says:

      Here’s hoping that our wonderful A. G., exercising extraordinary and unprecedented standards of Honor and Integrity, bothers to read your cogent message.

      Howie, come back under your old name.

      Everything is forgiven.

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      • Newt Love says:

        I am not “Howie.”
        I do not hide behind a pseudonym.
        My real name is Newton Love.
        I’m named after my father, Newton Love.
        He was a legendary WWII Marine. (Truly!)
        I’m just a regular former Marine.
        I’m a scientist with 22 technical papers and co-chaired sessions at two International IEEE technical Conferences.
        I’ve published 5 fiction mystery and thriller titles.
        I’m “the most famous person nobody has ever heard of.”

        I am not “Howie!”

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        • Bill Dunn says:

          Mr Love it helps my confidence to know we have people like yourself
          on the patriot side.

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        • Hoosier says:

          Your site looks like crap but after reading through it you probably did it in notepad or vi being an ultra geek. You are an interesting dude and I would buy you a beer or two if I ever meet you.

          Bring me a sand painting and I will bring biltong. I am kind of guilty of the ultra geek status too.

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        • DanO64 says:

          I’m not Lisa. Member berries?

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        • prairierose123 says:

          Thank God you’re not Howie (or ablefox). That guy doesn’t make sense! I really appreciate your coherent posts and always learn something from you. Thank you for your service to our country as well. And thank you for continuing to enlighten those of us who seek to understand what is happening in this great country of ours!

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    • mashall says:

      Not a thing wrong with writing those fair questions. Good Job.

      “Go ahead and say it! What have you got to lose?
      Go ahead and say it! No need to hold back
      Go ahead and say it! Voice your opinion
      Go ahead and say it! While you still have the right!”

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  17. Thanks Sundance, I had noticed this last night and thought it interesting.
    Mike Caputo also repeated several times that there were 2 FBI agents and a ADA/ASA in the meeting with he and his lawyer.
    Also repeated several times is that the counsel had everything from the campaign. Everything. The interverewers had more than he could remember and they knew exactly what they were looking for.

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  18. Jeff2w says:

    For all the Jeff Sessions bashing commenters. How many votes did Sessions get for then, candidate Trump? Was Jeff Sessions a household name? Did you yourself vote for President Trump because of him? Would President Trump have won without him? Could Jeff Sessions had only wanted the AG job because he could work on what he knows best, immigration? With how smart President Trump is, and shown to be, dont you think Trump would have discussed all this Russia hysteria with Sessions before hand? I thought it was established that team Trump knew they were being monitored and spied on?

    So with that being said why is it so hard to conceive that Sessions is a good guy? Why did President Trump give him the AG job? He didn’t give Rudy his desired job. He didn’t give Christie a position. I would argue both of those men did more for Trump than Sessions did. Sure Sessions showed up at some rallies. Rudy and Christie were all over the media circuits. So again is it hard to imagine Sessions being a “good guy” in the scheme of things? One thing is for certain we will all be privy to the answer of that.

    I know I have had my doubts and concerns. Look at the mafia investigations of past. How long did those take? How much corruption and laws were broken while the investigations were going on? This is much more serious. Traitors at every level of the government. Politicians bought and paid for by nefarious actors becoming multi millionaires and selling us out. The rule of law and the constitution shredded!
    Patience is not easy. We dont know all the facts. I think waiting and holding judgement would best. I could be wrong but I believe justice is going to be served.

    Remember how many people were throwing Trump under the bus over the embassy, Paris Accord, DACA, Syria, N.Korea. He has been very resilient proving people wrong at every turn. He will prove you wrong yet again when the dust settles from this. If I am wrong I will gladly write a post stating such that. God bless and keep the faith! We are needed now more than ever.

    Remember your local swamp creature is a phone/email or even a little drive away. There is so much more we could all be doing instead of bickering over Jeff Sessions hypotheticals. Stay strong and keep the politicians honest. Keep track and never forget. Thank you for reading this rant.

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    • Sparky5253 says:

      Trump offered the job of AG to Rudy first. Rudy turned it down as he stated to Sean Hannity on his show the other night. Sessions was offered the job as head of DHS but said he wanted to be AG or nothing. So, Sessions ended up as AG, which I’m sure Trump dearly regrets.

      Sessions is either the ultimate swamp protector because the deep state has something on him, or he is a completely feckless fool, who spends most of his days hiding under his desk.


    • Jane Smith says:

      Sessions wanted the AG job or nothing. Then, once given it, he recused himself from doing the job. He is “The Swamp”.


  19. redridge45 says:

    He could still be a white hat; it’s just too easy and he’s not a stupid person.


  20. WES says:

    Having read every post posted so far, what I can’t get over is what is new? Am I missing something here? We have known for months that Mueller’s group were still spying on Trump because of the constant renewals. We have known for months that this spying was illegal and based on the fraud of the fake dossier. So what has changed?


    • Ackman420 says:

      Nothing, in my mind. I thought the same thing. This is old news. Unless we are missing something. The FISA on Page allowed degrees of association to be queried as well. That’s the whole gist of the FISA corruption issue with PDJT. What are we missing here?


  21. Deplore Able says:

    Time line:
    January 19, 2017: First Carter Page FISA extension (one day before inauguration, how convenient).
    January 20, 2017: Inauguration.
    February 7, 2017: Sessions confirmation as AG.
    March 2, 2017: Sessions recusal.
    March 20, 2017: Comey admits not timely informing Congress of counter-intel operation.
    April 17, 2017: Rosenstein approved by Senate as Deputy DA.
    April 19, 2017: Second Carter Page FISA extension.
    May 9, 2017: Comey fired (future National Holiday).
    May 17, 2017: Mueller appointed Special Counsel.
    July 18, 2017: Third Carter Page FISA extension.
    August 3, 2017: Mueller convenes Grand Jury.
    August 16, 2017: Peter Strozk removed from Mueller team.
    September 24, 2017: Carter Page surveillance ends.
    October 30, 2017: Manafort indictment.
    November 30, 2017: Flynn guilty plea.

    From May 9, 2017 until September 24, 2017, Mueller had access to the full NSA database on everyone connected to Carter Page, plus two hops. Before that date, the FBI counter-intel team had full access.

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    • WSB says:

      See my post below about Horowitz in that timeline, and his access to Admiral Rogers’ raw intel.

      Has Mueller already been caught?


      • Anna Mcscanna says:

        Something so fishy here. Sessions,Trump knew everything right after election, We (the public) are 6 months to a year behind…Something is going on. No way does special council know more than the president. President knows everything. So looking at things through that lens…

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        • WSB says:

          How long during the campaign did
          PT’s people know what the opposition would cook up?

          PT had been giving money to these people for 30 years. He had access to all. PT has hotels, hosted meetings, parties, and hosted all of these people for fundraising and who knows what else? And then they just start squawking?

          Doubt it.

          As I have surmised before. Bob Mueller is a Democrat who infiltrated the Republican party.

          But Donald Trump more massively infiltrated the Democrat Party for years…photos of the Donald shaking hands with Reagan. And we have rumor of assisting Reagan with the Polish revolution?

          I contend that President Trump IS the double agent. He is what 711 is to George Washington.

          And no one saw it coming!

          Godspeed, President Trump!


  22. walt614 says:

    It seems to me that the paper thin rationale underpinning the obviously illegal political meanderings of Team Mueller should be SO EASY to Put Down, it’s all being allowed to serve as a timely distraction.
    We are getting close to the Most Sensational and Justifiable Roundup in ALL OF Recorded History.

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  23. Tom R says:

    The Trump administration freely turned over 1.4 million pages of documents from the campaign to Mueller several months ago. Those are the documents Caputo was almost certainly referring to. How would Mueller be able to successfully spy on Trump using the original Carter Page FISA warrant while Trump is the sitting President of the United States? That would require the assistance of the NSA and we already know ADM Rogers is the one who likely informed Trump that Obama was spying on him back in November 2016.

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    • Paul Hanson says:

      ^^^This^^^ Ty Cob was in full capitulation mode and gave them everything. Over and over in news report after news report on fox: “We have done nothing wrong and are cooperating fully with the special counsel. We have turned over everything requested…” From the President to Sanders and Conway on down. That’s where the the info came from, Plus the raid on the transition docs…


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    • Anna Mcscanna says:

      Fact: Trump has hired Bill Clinton’s impeachment lawyer. President is preparing for showdown with Mueller . President knows more than Mueller..he has NSA working for him now. Different lawyer team means something..


  24. WSB says:

    I have a couple of questions sbout timeline.

    Horowitz starts his investigation one week before the Inauguration, January 2017. The Obama Administration did nothing in those last days to squash it. Sally Yates was stiil at her desk.

    Mueller starts on May 17, 2017

    Horowitz presents the Page/Strzok texts to Mueller in July 2017.

    During those three months, did Mueller know about Horowitz, and possibly Admiral Rogers’ coordinarion?

    Was Horowitz able to delve onto Mueller’s activities prior to confronting Mueller in July?


  25. DanO64 says:

    If Sessions and Rosenstein are working to take down President Trump that would mean our VSG was “hook winked” by Session and is now a DEAD MAN WALKING. It’s over! Sessions fooled President Trump. I don’t buy it for one second.


    • Anna Mcscanna says:

      exactly. President knows everything. Sessions is fully informed. The only thing I am confused about is RR and why he expedited Cohen warrant and is rewriting order on special council instructions. But why would president leave RR in his position? He wouldn’t if he didn’t trust him…President knows everything..


  26. southrider says:

    Alternatively …. I suspect the rogue hacker gang working for Obama but provided a degree of illegitimacy under CIA electronically raped all political opponents of the progs and warrants were sought to explain the possession of such materials team Obama wanted revealed.

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  27. f.fernandez says:

    One question answered and then more pop up. Just like a hydra…..


  28. Richard says:

    Seems to me that everything that Robert Mueller does is immoral, illegal and irresponsible. This man should be brought up on treason? Put against the wall and shot. He may live in America, but he is not American.


  29. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    BTW, where is Judge Rosemary Collyer?

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  30. Jimi Helms says:

    Judge Judy would put the hammer down and stop this gutter brawl.
    This charade is so ridiculous I can’t read anymore of it.
    What are they distracting us from?????


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