NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Trade Confrontation…

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow appears on Bloomberg News to discuss U.S-China trade confrontations, the use of tariffs, and the potential for negotiations between the two nations:


Obviously – with the ongoing issues surrounding NAFTA, and China’s exploitation of the fatal flaw therein, in combination with President Trump confronting the dragon behind the false Panda mask, the fight for MAGAnomic America-First policy execution is entering a new phase….

The multinational interests who benefited from the prior U.S. global trade approach are increasingly desperate. There are trillions at stake.


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96 Responses to NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Trade Confrontation…

  1. calbear84 says:

    China is the problem…President Trump is the solution! Amen Larry.

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    • Mark L. says:

      I’ve spent 32 years working with many hundreds of manufactures. Here’s a little secret, the Chine’s love stuff made in USA. They don’t care what the cost is. They think the stuff made in China is inferior. If given a fair chance, American products would do extremely well in China. All this talk of a Trade War, has been going on for 20 years to our disadvantage.

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      • Bendix says:

        I figure there are mothers in China, who would rather not have their babies exposed to all that lead.

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      • You sir are 1000% correct….might I add MOST of the world is the same way. I have travel to almost 30 countries in my life and every single one loves American goods. The farther you go East, the more they love the goods. Thank you for saying that.

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      • Maquis says:



      • jeans2nd says:

        Another little secret Mark, is that Americans love American-made products, for the exact same reason everyone else does – quality.
        Americans do not mind paying a wee bit more for American-made goods, if the goods are truly American-made.

        Sadly, our freedom of choice for American-made goods has also been taken away.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:


      Second problem – smarmy chumps like CUEBALL McCHINA in his “smart glasses”! “We know China is a problem, Laaaaarry, BUUUUUUUUUT…….” and then on to next CHUMP point that China wants him to go to.

      The REAL message:

      “But Laaaaarry – where is my cut of the TRILLIONS going to come from if we get tough with China? Please give me some specifics so I can warn China what Trump is up to, while I criticize him and enjoy those stealthily paid vacations to Beijing.”

      Bloomberg – the 32-oz high-fructose corn syrup of news. “Keep ’em in a sugar stupor.”

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      • R Reber says:

        Wolfy! POST OF THE WEEK! “CUEBALL McCHINA” Love it!

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      • DB says:

        Wolfmoon… No such thing as a vacation to Bejing….

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “high-fructose corn syrup of news.”

        That is the best double entendre I have seen recently. The imbalance of trade with China because of their cheating is killing the country. The excessive use of high fructose corn syrup that has over run our processed foods the past few decades is killing and making out people ill. The fructose molecule is metabolized differently by the body than every other sugar molecule. The pathway uses the liver, much the way ethyl alcohol is metabolized. Excessive amounts of either wreak havoc on the human body.

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          Thanks! 😀 And WOW – that is actually VERY interesting about fructose and ethanol. I need to definitely think about ALL the ways to go easy on the liver, and I had never even considered fructose entering the equation! THANKS!!!


    • Quincy says:

      I’m not real familiar with international trade treaties so perhaps someone could answer an innocent question regarding China and NAFTA…
      Just how is China exploiting flaws in a treaty between U.S,, Canada, and Mexico? I’m well aware of their blatant theft of our technologies but not clear on how they are exploiting NAFTA.


      • Maquis says:

        China ships parts & materials to Canada and Mexico ti be final assembled and sold in the US as if Canadian and Mexican products coming in under NAFTA

        China does this with everything from Meth to Automobiles.

        The Origination Rules are the chief sticking point in the current negociations. CanaMex profits much from this abuse of NAFTA. They won’t stop cheating, or preventing China from cheating. They are risking losing the entire goose, but no one ever accused either of being particularly farsighted.

        Trump won’t let it continue. China will see its Global Empire Aspirations collapse before the end of this Two Term Administration.

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        • Maquis says:

          D’oh. In so doing, China avoids the Tariffs and Limitations on their trade, far exceeding their authorized limits. If we considered this cheating when calculating the Trade Deficit that number would likely well more than double, maybe a Trillion.

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      • James says:

        This site had a very good explanation of this a wek or two ago. Unfortunately, my only suggestion for finding is…..just hunt.

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    • Seems like China’s hole card is to stop buying U.S. Treasuries…Hopefully our side has a plan for this eventuality. With the WRC, maybe the U.S. could just type another zero or two on the Federal Reserve ledger?


  2. LOL at the Kudlow Canon Critter. 🙂

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    Larry must have been told that as he makes the sandwiches 🥪, he better tow the company line or else his days on the job will be numbered!

    From the article linked above:

    But Kudlow acknowledged the possibility of a costly trade conflict, saying that “any foreign policy can go awry.”

    The former CNBC analyst said the onus is on China to rein in intellectual property theft and other trade practices.

    “I’m not a tariff guy, but sometimes you need to use tariffs to bring people to their senses,” said Kudlow, calling the Chinese response so far “highly unsatisfactory.”

    Kudlow added: “China is the problem. Blame China, not Trump.”

    Trump announced the new tariff threat Thursday evening after China proposed $50 billion in U.S. goods in retaliation to the president’s previous call for tariffs on Chinese imports.

    Chinese officials have raised the prospect of negotiating with the U.S. to settle the trade dispute.

    Kudlow said the door is open to talks, but stressed that Trump is not bluffing about imposing tariffs if China does not change its behavior.

    “I believe the president will use tariffs. Absolutely. I don’t want to leave any other impression,” he said.

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    • Maquis says:

      Thanks for the Cliff’s Notes, Flep!
      An invaluable service to over-busy peeps.

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    • Steve Herman says:

      I understand the proposals are still in the review stage, but the Chi-Town commodities guy said China is still buying US beans. But if China wants to buy Brazilian beans the AUS and PacRim markets will buy US beans. US soybeans are the gold standard for bean meal composition. AUS and PacRim bean consumers (farmers/ranchers) will not want to return to BRA beans unless greatly discounted.

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    • Kate says:

      According to the news today, the tariff trade war is already paying off for the American consumer, aluminum has dropped 4% already and we know this will be a huge effect on our prices for many items.

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    • USTerminator says:

      Cut the chase. impose 100% tariff on all Chinese products and then talk. Let see how long China will come up with new trade deal acceptable to our President DJT

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      I was expecting Kaputo, Kudlow love fest round 2. As you say Fle maybe just maybe Larry got the message.

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  4. Elizabeth Carter says:

    I like the representation of Kudlow as the fox trying to focus a picture clear enough for all to see. He did a great job on the interview. He stood his ground and made his points very well. I am glad President Trump has brought him on board.
    Thanks for doing a good job Mr. Kudlow.

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  5. Steve Herman says:

    Market volatility is painful, but Trump is doing this for my grandchildren. I’m retired, but I’ll endure the pain for them.

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  6. HeroicDreamer says:

    Larry Kudlow is a great communicator. Easy to listen to, interesting to watch. It feels like winning to me. MAGA!

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  7. fleporeblog says:

    The Globalist, CoC, Democrats, MSM, RINOs etc. have far more serious problems on the horizon that will make Trade Wars look like child play! This has got to be scaring them to DEATH 💀!

    From the article linked above:

    African Americans tend to vote Democratic, but will the GOP see an opening to build bridges with members of the community? According to a new Associated Press poll, highlighted by FiveThirtyEight, more African Americans see themselves as “conservative” than “liberal.”

    The poll, conducted in late February, found 27 percent of African Americans said they are conservative, while 26 percent identified as liberal. A plurality of 44 percent saw themselves as moderate.

    As America becomes a more diverse nation, these results may motivate the Republican Party to seek support from voters that usually pull the lever for Democrats.

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  8. The week has an article on how China can win trade war in one move.


    • I counter this article on how PDJT can win this trade war in one move. Complete trade embargembargo!

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    • tonyE says:

      (1) Re-engineer…. For example, the new ’18 Honda Hybrid Accord has no rare-metals in its two electric motors. It makes sense long term… it might make short term sense too.

      (2) We embargo everything from China, I’d say that in less then three days they start shipping us all the rare metals we need on board Fed-Ex 747s. Free shipping.

      China has nothing to bargain with and everything to lose. Even if they tried to dump their US Fed Bonds, we could do just fine. Not to mention we got LOTS of petroleum, they barely had any. All the problems that we have in the US vis a vis international trade are self inflicted by corrupt politicians, greedy bankers, globalist industrialists and fascist environazis. It looks like our Trump is right on target.

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “All the problems that we have in the US vis a vis international trade are self inflicted by corrupt politicians, greedy bankers, globalist industrialists and fascist environazis. It looks like our Trump is right on target.”

        Right on – a big part of that message is educating Joe Sixpack and his family in flyover America. PDJT is not going to get any help from MSM, so he exposes the “fake news” lies and Joe will start to see the results in his local community, despite what he sees on TV.

        With 95% negative coverage, the MSM has shown their bias to the world. The MSM is like a broken LP record, skipping endlessly in the echo chamber of themselves, along with a highly partisan and idealogical audience that is losing their wits with Trump Derangement Syndrome.


  9. In case you missed it, here is Sundance’s article upon learning of Mr. Kudlow’s appointment. This should help provide additional insight…

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  10. FL_GUY says:

    Sundance wrote: The multinational interests who benefited from the prior U.S. global trade approach are increasingly desperate. There are trillions at stake.

    Sounds to me that President Trump needs to go all TR on these crooked, too big companies and break them up, so they won’t have trillions at stake anymore. President Trump will be doing them a favor!

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    • jrapdx says:

      Imagine how hard they’ll fight the movement to break them up! If anyone asked me I’d suggest starting with the big media companies that operate as a virtual monopoly. That fact that the major outlets all carry the same stories with the same points of view has got to mean something is going on that shouldn’t be.

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      • Maquis says:

        I think the generators of the Media’s talking points are being fully investigated for Conspiracy and Sedition. Every single tentacle.


    • Maquis says:

      Do the TR thing with the “Too-Big-To-Never-Bailout” Corporate Banking world. Bust ’em up.

      Bury Dodd-Frank, so to speak.

      Re-instate Glass-Steagal and get Big Banks out of Betting Our Farms on their Numbers Rackets.

      I can’t help but see VSGPDJT having Check-Boxes for these things on his To-Do List.
      Many Big Beautiful Checkmarks to go!


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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “Re-instate Glass-Steagal”

        I thought of that, a few weeks ago there was a discussion in a thread about that. It is not that easy, because most of the small and intermediate size banks were eliminated by the acquisitions of the mega-banks. You needed an army of accountants with the rules contained in Dodd-Frank that the little guys could not handle. Another one of BHO’s “transforming Amerika” crowning achievements, to our Republic’s detriment. The solution is in Credit Unions and the starting of a parallel banking system.


    • thedoc00 says:

      Problem for the giant multinationals is that a large part of those trillions, cited by SD, are not so much future revenues as the amount sunk capital investments they put in Chinese controlled territory or that are tied directly to Chinese controlled materials needed to manufacture. There also US business owned Chinese Stocks these companies hold.

      China can also use US laws to sue these companies for any contractual games they try to play to escape their dependencies. I do not see US courts showing much sympathy and gee whiz too bad the president is such a rotten guy that he is not allowed to talk to the courts…


  11. MAGAnomics says:

    As their masks slip further the Red Dragon, the CoC minions and the MSM struggle to find equilibrium.
    May I recommend Dramamine?

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  12. USTerminator says:

    Just cut the chase. Impose 100% tariff on ALL China products and start negotiate trade deal with China. China can take as long as she wants to negotiate with the tariffs in place. To safe guard the pass thru third country sneak in the US, all imported product must declare the China content and pay 100% tariff on that portion as well. Any violation will subject that country to 100% tariff as well.


    • mikey says:

      Being a “go for the throat” kind of guy, that’s what I’d do with China. I’d also use the same type policy with Mexico….stop all the illegal immigration, drug running, arms running, sex slave running and recall all your citizens who invaded the USA or we tariff Mexico at 100% as well as taxing all remittances back to Mexico at 100% (it’s mostly untaxed money anyways).


      • churchmouse says:

        This should not be a problem in future (see message 1009 below, emphasis mine):

        ‘Apr 04 2018 16:05:21
        Q !xowAT4Z3VQ
        Troops to Border.
        Clown Black Ops.
        Private funds.
        Raised how?
        Troops @ Border does what?
        To who?
        D’s involved.
        MS_13/Illegals road block.
        Sex traffic road block.
        Children road block.
        Drugs road block.
        Guns road block.
        China/Russia pass-through-intel-pull road block.
        Name we don’t say AZ road block.
        Jeff Flake AZ road block.
        Big money TERMINATE.
        The WALL means more than you know.
        The FIGHT for the WALL is for so much more.



  13. Landslide says:

    Unlike the Wolverines and The Fox, that little weasel doing the interrogation/bullying/badgering was pathetic. Nasty little varmint. 🐀

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  14. Publius2016 says:

    It’s not China…It’s Mexico and Canada! The market realized the North American Union is done…no Senor O and no O Canada…America First!

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  15. Kudlow handles himself very well and is a great communicator.
    I hope he keeps showing up on these shows to drive the message home to the indoctrinated citizens…..he keeps saying that Trump is for the workers, Trump is making the US stronger….keep it up Larry you are doing a great job

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  16. ristvan says:

    Kudlow is a brilliant choice to head NEC compared to Cohn. Look up the NEC charter created in 1993, and who are the regular sitting members. Kudlow’s charter is to COORDINATE, not set, policy. Policy will be set by regular sitting members like Ross, Perdue, Leithizer, Perry,… It follows that his second primary job is to communicate that policy once decided.
    Here Kudlow gives a 5 minute masterclass on policy communication to hostile globalist Bloomberg MSM. Clear crisp soundbite summaries—‘China IS the problem’. Nuance where appropriate—‘not acting, considering further actions, after public input’. Messaging not just to Deplorables and globalists, but also directly to China.
    Simple example from past week. New Chinese counter Tariffs on US exports to China of soybeans and pork show the Chinese cutting off their nose to spite their face. Raises hina. Onsumer food prices. The rest of the world cannot make up what we currently provide if China doesn’t buy from US. ~35% of China soybean imports (to feed poultry and hogs) from US (second only to ~50% Brazil—but for water, fungus, and land reasons Brazil soybean Matto Grosso (south of Amazon basin to Parguay border) production is about maxed out). US farmers can simply switch between corn and soy if exports drop a little. Probably also true for US apples and macadamia nuts, but I only researched soybeans and pork, as apples and macadamia nuts are hardly Chinese staples. Poultry and Pork are. Perdue issued today a supplemental reassurance to American farmers, maybe even Kudlow coordinated.

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    • NiteCat says:

      I was listening to the Farm Report on our local radio station this morning. Yes, we in flyover country still get agri reports on the radio. The analysts said all the wailing and gnashing of teeth is for naught. There’s been an “Unknown” buyer in the soybean market all week gobbling up tens of thousands of TONS of beans. Said “Unknown” always indicates it’s China. They said China has been sneaking around the markets for years to manipulate prices more in their favor. They need our high quality beans more than anyone else’s for their use. And as for the hog “farmers”, China is the largest producer of hog products in the World, Europe is 2nd. The US exports only about 9% of our production so even though there may be effects IF tariffs get placed, it will be minimal. Remember, all of what’s happening in the markets right now is speculation as no tariffs have been actually placed on anything yet. The analysts said some of this is beneficial because futures traders have gone long in some products and it will cause them to pull back.


  17. USTerminator says:

    USA buys from China because they are cheap. China buys from US because she has to or to serve China purposes. China would avoid to buy from US at all cost even sometime it is cheaper. China would consider anything she must import from US as strategic and need to stop at any cost.
    Yes, we can almost stop buying everything from China instantly but will need to pay more. China does not have that option. If PDJT will stop export of soybean altogether, China will be in big trouble with her food supply. There is not enough soybean in the world to replace US soybean. The price of soybean might jump 500% overnight and there will be a lot of unhappy people in China and Beijing. If high tariff on China products are imposed, a lot of companies will stop immediately making product in China. Apple will not pay $300 tariff for each iphone import into US. Foxconn will move heaven and earth to make elsewhere and that will be a lot of China pain when that happens. Ten of millions unemployed Chinese workers and skyrocket food prices is a disaster recipe for CCP and Xi Jingping no matter how many guns they have.
    Then we can have the favored trade deal out of China

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “USA buys from China because they are cheap”

      Many US consumers have been hoodwinked and conditioned into accepting inferior products and/or dirt cheap prices, especially with the decline in real earnings.This bears posting again:

      I have a Grainger engine driven centrifugal pump # 3P582 that was new about 10 years ago. Being the pack rat that I am, I have old catalogs to compare prices over the years. They are as follows:

      Cat # 364 Fall 1983 $604.81
      Cat # 371 Spring 1987 $721.02
      Cat # 388 1997 $911.50
      Cat #404 2013-2014 $1898

      Over the past two years, I have seen the on-line website price as high as ~$2100
      On March 16, 2018 it was $1902


  18. Joe says:

    Trump knew full well this was coming and he made sure the American economy was rocking first in order to absorb their punch. And we can.

    But when we punch back, watch out…haymaker.

    Were going to just fine thru this”war” and come out MUCH stronger for generations to come.

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  19. Bendix says:

    Boy, I heard NPR just now, by accident. “President Trump’s threats”. Ever since he’s been elected, the lead story on NPR is a shot at our great leader, as if Americans hadn’t elected him to do just what he’s doing.
    As if we have no right to put our interests before what China wants.

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    • wj2016 says:

      NPR is an abomination. Don’t listen to it if you have blood pressure issues. They will never take any side sympathetic with PDT or his agenda. On top of that they relentlessly run immigration sob stories. Those seem to be their specialty. All funded with tax payer dollars.

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  20. Why the President doesn’t really care about “trade wars”:

    Global U.S. Trade Deficit
    1989: -$109B
    1990: -$101B
    1991: -$66B
    1992: -$84B
    1993: -$115B
    – – – – – NAFTA – – – – –
    1994: -$150B
    1995: -$158B
    1996: -$170B
    1997: -$180B
    1998: -$229B
    1999: -$328B
    2000: -$436B
    – – – – – China joins WTO – – – – –
    2001: -$411B
    2002: -$468B
    2003: -$532B
    2004: -$654B
    2005: -$772B
    2006: -$827B
    2007: -$808B
    2008: -$816B
    2009: -$503B
    2010: -$635B
    2011: -$725B
    2012: -$730B
    2013: -$689B
    2014: -$734B
    2015: -$745B
    2016: -$736B
    2017: -$796B

    TOTAL LOSS: -$13,707,000,000,000 (the trillions at stake)

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  21. thedoc00 says:

    There is an old western movie with Yul Brenner, “Death of Gunfighter”. Just hope President Trump is not being set for a similar end. The difference being in the end of the movie after the gunfighter is tragically removed the people see the error of their ways to regain control of their town, here the tragedy will be swamp wins and we reset to 2016.


  22. Budman says:

    EGGHEAD says……. Lets get back to the liberal narrative…….. This guy is hopeless….. hopeless….. utterly hopeless……… timeline…… oh please!


  23. Beigun says:

    After three months of hard negotiations with Trump’s wolverines, China finally gives in and accepts permanent tariffs on $200 billion of the $500 billion in trade surplus with the US….but that $200 billion isn’t really China’s surplus as it is Japanese and Korean products assembled in China for export to the US.

    Xi has a LOT of negotiating room, and Tokyo and Seoul boardrooms know it….and so does Trump.


  24. Aztecpiper says:

    Kudlow the it!


  25. evergreen says:

    Regarding the “threat” of tariffs: in a situation like ours, we carry a First World overhead that is slathered over our domestic production and services. Allowing offshore production to come ashore without that overhead, all other things equal, immediately puts US domestic production at a cost disadvantage. Tariffs normalize that.

    So, there is a purpose for tariffs–threatened or promised. And, I wasn’t a tariff guy…I was a Kudlow conservative until Trump broke through the fog and allowed me to see the whole picture.


  26. evergreen says:

    Oh, and by including “services”, I account for labor costs of service industries. How much does a US employee incur in education costs only to be outcompeted on cost by imported employees or outsourced labor with workproduct produced “domestically”?


  27. zooamerica says:

    Love you, Larry Kudlow! Great job…again!


  28. He did a good job…


  29. treehouseron says:

    “The multinational interests who benefited from the prior U.S. global trade approach are increasingly desperate.”

    Yes. I was listening to fox business today about 1:30 on the way to work. It was nauseating. Cavuto had a couple people on, plus Connell McShane. Listening to Connell, say that “anybody who’s done business in China” knows not to anger the chinese was laughable. Some snot nosed kid who’s got 30k in credit card debt, is lecturing Donald Trump, 71 years old, worth 10 Billion dollars… how to negotiate with china.


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