Newly Appointed NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow Talks Trade…

Replacing Gary Cohn, today is day one for Larry Kudlow to hit the airwaves as President Trump’s new Chairman of the National Economic Council.  This will be an interesting dynamic to watch.  In essence, Kudlow’s job – whether he admits it or not, is to remove the clenched grip of U.S. Chamber of Commerce President, Tom Donohue, from the republican trade and business position.

With multinational trade confrontations now taking center stage, Kudlow is going to have to slowly shift the GOPe political minds into a modern Trump-era where Main Street U.S.A. is the priority.  Wall Street needs to shift to domestic investment if they desire to remain beneficiaries.

President Trump is immovable on his trade and economic agenda. Period; end of story. Ask Gary Cohn or any other member of the disassembled manufacturing council advisory board who quit last year because POTUS Trump just wouldn’t heed their duplicitous and high-minded advice. Do you remember candidate Trump mentioning the endless talking to nowhere that he has not time for? Yeah, that.

President Trump has a 30-year-developed plan and strategy for the U.S. to recapture economic power. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, and key trade strategist Peter Navarro are carrying out that plan.

Anyone thinking they would somehow disrupt three decades of trade planning by POTUS Trump is too funny to give typeset space.

POTUS would cut off his own hand before he would change direction on his economic strategy.

Remember: “America First”.   Titan-minded Trump is the most committed economic influence agent in the history of American politics.

The National Economic Council (NEC) is an entity demanded by the formal traditions of the Office of the President. The council assembles, meets, discusses, hold conferences, invite guests etc. However, for POTUS Trump it’s an exercise in formality run mostly by professionals who benefit from the indulgences of membership.

The NEC has no more influence on Trump’s economic plan than any chosen Country Club has influence over his skills on the golf course.  But it looks good.  And that’s it.

Chairman Larry Kudlow will be working overtime amid the financial-class cocktail party circuit to share an entirely different economic when it comes to trade and investment.



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73 Responses to Newly Appointed NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow Talks Trade…

  1. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “POTUS would cut off his own hand before he would change direction on his economic strategy.”

    It was IMPERATIVE for him to tell those executives of the steel and aluminum plants, etc. that he was going to proceed full speed ahead with the plan that he laid out. They needed that assurance before they committed to reopening plants, etc. after the policies that decimated their industries over the last ~30 years.

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  2. sundance says:

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “This was the 3rd time in history that the Dow Jones has closed higher after a 500-point intraday swing”

      I wonder how much the interview with Mr. Varney this morning had to do with that. The fickle market swings every time the wind changes direction (I am thinking of some past crude oil price fluctuations here, specifically) do not translate into a “real” reason for extreme variations in “value”. That is why many “old-timers” advise that the only sure fire way to get ahead if you choose to dabble in the stock market is to buy with a long term investment strategy of holding stocks for 20-30 years and ignoring day-today fluctuations.

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        I just realized that I gave an example from the commodities market, not the stock market. My amateur outlook on the current high price of stocks is considering all the money that flowed into that market, instead of bonds and savings, because of artificially low interest rates.

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        • GB Bari says:

          That’s not so amateur of a thumbnail analysis. I agree with it. And the recent volatility results from the Wall Street crystal ballers’ inability to step away from their ingrained paradigm and start forward thinking in a Trumpian manner. Negative speculation is rampant only to be swatted away by the occasional announcements from other nations in decidedly positive support of the Presidents policies and approach.

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      • 🍺Gunny says:

        After that interview with Varney, the market did a complete turnaround…Kudlow was great..calmed everyone down….even on the stock market floor….the word was Kudlow turned it around…nice..

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        • Ellen says:

          Saw the interview. Varney basically told Killmede to shut up and chill and stop worrying about things that haven’t come close to happening. It seems to have worked.

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        • webgirlpdx says:

          Secretary Ross was also influential today. Let’s not forget there are still Wall Street factions that are trying to sabotage the market under the President. But, hopefully they’re outnumbers as there are more investors pushing against that.

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          • Elizabeth Carter says:

            I watched Sarah’s Press Conference with Kristjen Nielsen, DHS settled people down about the immigration issues later today. Kudlow and Ross did a great job too. Sarah was relaxed today too. Everyone was just calm, on board with the agenda and handled their parts beautifully.

            I feel a lot more settled in my spirit with President Trump’s recent changes. The people he has surrounding him now feel a lot more trustworthy and supportive of his agenda.

            I bet Congress is going to be sorry they are on vacation. He is just going on without them and it is working better without them.

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            • MaineCoon says:

              I really like your comment. You assess 4 aspects of the Trump admin’s presentations today, several of which I have not seen yet, and give a great analysis. Totally concur with your feelings about the changes. It’s in a good groove now, but at any time POTUS can upgrade to fit the ever changing events. I like this format. It works.

              As far as Congress, they could stay on vacation as far as I’m concerned. POTUS et al is doing fine without them. For the most part, they are all worthless and against USA. I say – stay at home!

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          • iwasthere says:

            Traders just want to get ahead of the trade. They are not globalists per se. Trump is facing tremendous business momentum on the outsourcing/offshoring side of the trade, if (big if – he needs our support) he can reverse that trade, the momentum will quickly shift to the other side. The efficiency of our capital markets is the envy of the world.

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        • JEM says:

          Gunny, you and the Treepers are great. Every day, someone points out interesting news/videos or a little tidbit of information that I would normally miss.
          Besides Sundance’s detailed posts and relevant comments, many Treepers provide interesting insight and opinions, as well.
          So I looked up the Larry Kudlow interview on Stuart Varney. It was amazing how clearly Mr. Kudlow spoke. Without you and Deplorable Infidel, I would have not know about it. Thanks again.

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        • milktrader says:

          Making Kudlow Great Again.

          Amazing how he is embracing these policies, and so deftly defining the outline of the real issues while swatting away the worn out cliches.

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    • appadoo9 says:

      funny, she said alot of the people at the network don’t want to hear it….agenda, maybe

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    • noman says:

      Thanks SD,
      Now, that you bring this to the front.
      I’ve had a nagging ? for awhile.
      On the COC’s reach.
      There are too many connections between the ‘investigation of Russian collusion’ and the stranglehold by the COC. Namely through Brooking’s along with the TriLat, and CFR.
      Will this move by POTUS somehow impact them?
      Or do you think that will be later down the line?


  3. H.R. says:

    I love that bottom picture.❤️️
    And unlike a Hillary rally, all the people are different; no multiples of the same people.

    Kudlow has his work cut out for him going up against the CoC.
    Godspeed, sir.

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  4. “Wall Street needs to shift to domestic investment if they desire to remain beneficiaries.”

    And that’s one of the big money selling features of the Trump economic agenda. In much the same way as undeveloped countries provided an opportunity for globalists to get rich by the exfiltration of American wealth; a resurgent America provides enterprising patriotic investors with many of the same enriching opportunities without the negative impacts here at home.

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  5. Southern Son says:

    We shall now learn, if Mr. Kudlow can take Orders from the “Boss”, and how effective he is at bending ears. Which he has made a career of.
    MAGA requires the neutering of Tom Donohue.
    Oops…there’s a a bone, just under the skin.
    Chainsaw, please!

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  6. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Wall Street needs to shift to domestic investment if they desire to remain beneficiaries.”

    I wonder how many “old timers” are still left that remember how things “used to be” when American interests were the priority, instead of drinking the globalist new world order swill?

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  7. Pam says:

    “The NEC has no more influence on Trump’s economic plan than any chosen Country Club has influence over his skills on the golf course.”

    Exactly Sundance. No one in the shadows is telling this president what to do. This is why he faces so much resistance from the UNIparty. President Trump will do what is in America’s best interests.

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  8. quintrillion says:

    The his camera hints he just arrived from the cocktail party.


  9. appadoo9 says:

    Kudlow is more believable than Cohn

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  10. TheWanderingStar says:

    Larry seems like a fish out of water in this role. Not as comfortable MAGA messaging as just speaking his globalist mind.


    • 🍺Gunny says:

      Did you see the Varney interview? Did you watch any of his points in the above videos?

      My humble suggestion is to watch the videos and then get back to us with your viewpoint.


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      • TheWanderingStar says:

        Gunny his points were fine. He just seemed a little off message as opposed to past interviews. I have been a Kudlow fan since his Reagan days and he’s always smooth in his delivery and astute in his analyses.


  11. Clara says:

    This to me seems to be a “keep your enemies closer” strategy. Larry Kudlow has always been as much a free-market cool-aid drinker as Gary Cohn. I really don’t know what Trump is thinking, other than bringing Kudlow in to force him to sit and listen to the other side of the debate, then hearing what he has to say in response. That way at least Trump always knows what the strongest criticisms of his policies are going to be. But there is also a risk that Trump gets swallowed up himself by the cool-aid drinkers. That appears to be what happened with Trump on vaccines. He knew they caused autism (they do, 100 percent, no question about it; the studies that prove it are being censored by the government and media) until he became president and surrounded himself with vaccine-injury deniers. Now we hear not a peep from him on the subject. I fear the same thing could happen to him eventually on trade as well.


    • FL_GUY says:

      You wrote: But there is also a risk that Trump gets swallowed up himself by the cool-aid drinkers.

      Hasn’t happened in over 40 years, isn’t going to happen now. The Kool Aid pitcher is broken!

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      • Southern Son says:

        We Know, that P45 is a Kool Aid and Alcohol teetotaler.
        He is recorded for over 40 yrs advocating MAGA, he just hadn’t coined the term yet.
        America First has always been his Mantra.
        Any seeming capitulation on Anything, is his accepting an Optimal Solution, when no Perfect Solution is possible. (Thanks again, wolfmoon)
        The Omnibus bs, is the most recent example.
        ObaMao helped Conngress, usher in Budgetless Government.
        So P45 took the ball they gave him, and ran for another Touchdown.
        The MAGA score is still “O” for NWO, in the new MAGA Era.
        We are Winning Every Day with Trump!!

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “Now we hear not a peep from him on the subject.”

      Regarding vaccines, another battle for another day. I know it is important, but getting the economy moving has to take priority. Without that, the fence-sitters are not going to get off and get on board the “Trump train”.

      “he became president and surrounded himself with vaccine-injury deniers.”

      #TrustTrump. I have my ideas on that, the enemy also reads these pages.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Trump has yet to be “swallowed up” by any cool-aid drinkers on any MAGA Agenda issue. Those who understand Trump, his history, his personality, his motivations, will never worry about that. Trump has publicly stated so many times that he likes an strives to surround himself with people (“advisers” if you want) who hold disparate positions on the issues.

      Trump has the ability to see through the BS and bias of those trying to turn him away from his instinctually correct positions but he wants to not miss a good idea that possibly might come from someone taking a different perspective.

      I believe that is a sign of far higher intellectual ability than his predecessor who wanted only sycophants and carbon copies of his ideology in every area.

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  12. appadoo9 says:

    Kudlow deniers will deny. in the meantime, a huge Market turn around. Kudos to Wilbur on CNBC morning

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  13. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “remove the clenched grip of U.S. Chamber of Commerce President, Tom Donohue, from the republican trade and business position.”

    That will have to be accomplished by convincing the people behind the money that Mr. Donahue represents that it is in their best interests to continue to make more money. Mr. Donohue could disappear tomorrow and things would not change, he would just be replaced by another figurehead espousing the same ideas.

    A long term strategy must be employed in the future to separate money from politics, otherwise 40 years from now we may be back in the same position. i am sure our POTUS has some ideas on that for the future (as well as entitlement reform, etc.). However, in order for the overall master plan to work, it has to be carried out in stages. Kick starting the MAGA agenda seems to be proceeding nicely.

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  14. Kudlow’s most valuable perspective:

    Other nations are JOINING AMERICA to replicate how President Trump COUNTERS the CHINA THREAT.

    They are ALLYING with America at China’s expense … good luck with that Belt & Road Program.

    This will include joint filings against China’s Cheating at the WTO … as a litmus test for whether to terminate it as a Globalist Bloodsucking Accomplice.

    Small wonder, as an outgrowth of President Trump’s alliance-building sessions with leaders from Mideast (Gulf Cooperation Council and the other 50+ Muslim Nations), Southeast Asia (Trade Partner alternatives for imports from China), Central Europe (Regional Defense buffer and LNG-Import conduit vs Russia’s Aggressions and Natural Gas Monopoly), etc.

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  15. slowcobra says:

    I hope we kick some chinese a$$.
    I used to get so mad when I’d go to cracker barrel occasionally for dinner (10 yrs on the road for work), and hardly anything in the store was made in America (yankee candle only).
    I pledged long ago not to spend disposable income on ANYTHING made in china (inc. clothes). I have saved lots of money over the years by resisting those items (from trinkety crappy halloween decorations to garden accessories and yard furniture).
    Also, I have resentment going back years to when a chinese pharmaceutical coworker said , and I quote, “I had to write a book for all the stupid americans”. This was while he was living in america and of course having babies while he was here.
    But I digress…

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    • Wai cheah says:

      you are not the only one who heard that kind of comment from Chinese who make a living in US. they will earn your money and turn around and call you stupid behind your back
      .. that’s why i despise them.


    • TwoLaine says:

      Go to an NHRA event and buy a t-shirt. Go to a NASCAR event and buy a t-shirt. Go to any event in american sports and the wearables are always made somewhere else.


  16. NJF says:


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  17. The Boss says:

    I think Kudlow passed his audition.

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  18. appadoo9 says:

    American Pork farmer not happy with tariffs. going to have to sell cheaper to Americans. Until the Chinese realize no one can supply their demand for pork products


  19. “SES, Stinks Like Sewage” at Aim4Truth(.)org

    Senior Executive Service is the sedition branch of government and includes Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Sessions…. and departing GARY COHN. Kudlow is not mentioned, but here’s a few more high profile SES players….

    [link posted at AbelDanger(.)org by Echo Voice]

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    • cozette says:

      Fauxscienceslayer While info presented by American Intelligence Media may occassionally be true I suspect that is designed to lure in good hearted people so they can be psyoped with very damaging disinformation. I’ve recently done a great deal of research into “Betsy” and “Thomas” who is actually Douglas Gabriel. They are Luciferians aka Satanists in disguise. Lucifers “Angel of Light” persona appears more enticing to newbies. Personally I was shocked but then his unhinged rants, his arrogance and poisonous hatred of Sessions started to make sense. I no longer listen to anything they put out and urge others to do the same. Its sad how much damage this evil duo has already caused in the truth community.


  20. thesavvyinvester says:

    A long time fan of Larry’s and whilst he may not seem to totally Trumpian to some, he is here not to talk up the markets but talk about the markets in a broader context and do I dare say reflections of Reaganomics. Larry is also a financial planner if I remember correctly from one of older websites, so he can conceptually sell this which is a big component in the finance arena. Remember Larry said as week ago 4 or 5% GDP, my guess they will under promise and over deliver. I have stated here on CTH and given the reason why (not investment advice) that this economy has 6 to 8% GDP potential. Frankly it is time to pray and thank G-d that she who shall not be named is not POTUS, and Dr Kudlow tangentially joins “The Wilberines”…. We are soooo blessed.

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  21. Dekester says:

    Not sure if this is on topic. Apologies if it is not.

    I was just reading that the “ My Pillow” guy is supporting L Ingraham and not pulling his ads.

    I believe he is a huge PDJT supporter.

    We have ordered several times from him, and travel over to Blaine Washington, to pick them up.

    The pillows are fantastic, and several of our family members swear by them.

    The “ my pillow guy” is a great advert for made in the U.S.A. and the Main St PDJT talks about.

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  22. LULU says:

    Kudlow was brilliant. Cavuto hadn’t a chance. The turnaround in the stock market today was dubbed “the Kudlow Effect”. MAGA!!!


    • LULU says:

      Kudlow also set Stuart Varney straight. Stuart’s smug Brit mug ended up looking as though he’d been taken to the wood shed. Kudlow has facts and experience and the strength to lay them out – Bam, Bam, Bam. Marvelous!

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  23. jeans2nd says:

    Kudlow has been on the John Batchelor Show every Tues night for 14 years. Pres Trump has ok’d Kudlow continuing on the Batchelor Show, every Tues night. (do not know yet about Kudlow’s Sat show)

    Except last night. Pres Trump asked everyone in the Trump Administration to stay off the airwaves last night, out of respect for the Youtube shooting. Fake News never reported this. Nary a peep.

    Steve Moore and Larry Kudlow worked with Pres Trump throughout the entire Pres Campaign crafting the economic message. Steve Moore is still touring the country and debating anyone and everyone over Pres Trump’s economic message. Kudlow has been on board from day one with MAGAnomics, only occasionally disagreeing with some specific strategies.

    Pres Trump could not have found a much better spokesman for MAGAnomics than Larry Kudlow. imo Kudlow did a great job here. Thx 4 the vid

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  24. scott467 says:

    “In essence, Kudlow’s job – whether he admits it or not, is to remove the clenched grip of U.S. Chamber of Commerce President, Tom Donohue, from the republican trade and business position.”


    It’s pretty simple, really.

    He isn’t going to change the minds of the crime boss (Donohue) or any of his gang (crap-weasel congress-criminals). It’s stupid to even try.

    But what Kudlow CAN do is expose them all to the American People, make it impossible for any of these thugs in multi-thousand dollar suits to walk down the street safely.


    “With multinational trade confrontations now taking center stage, Kudlow is going to have to slowly shift the GOPe political minds into a modern Trump-era where Main Street U.S.A. is the priority.”


    Expose them ALL. Demonrat and Republi-Con alike. They’re all guilty of so many crimes it’s disgusting, just pick a subject and shine the light of truth on it.

    Show the American People how much money each member of Congress has taken from Tom Donohue. That’s all you have to do. It’s simple.

    Next, move on to ‘insider trading’. Show how so many people get elected to Congress, make $175K a year, live in a place where the cost of living is the 4th highest in America (13th highest in the world, ), and yet live like kings in mansions and become multi-multi-millionaires.

    Show the American People the math on that.


    “Wall Street needs to shift to domestic investment if they desire to remain beneficiaries.”


    What Wall Street ‘needs’ is to be smacked around like Carlo getting a beat-down from James Caan (Sonny Corleone) in The Godfather.

    Cut off Wall Street’s right hand (their multinational treason-for-profit scheme) and Wall Street will learn how to eat with their left hand (investing in America for profit) — or they will die of starvation.

    It’s not rocket science, and nobody would give you or me a better choice than that. If the shoe was on the other foot, they certainly wouldn’t give you or me a better choice, and they certainly haven’t, for GENERATIONS.

    Let them be treated the way they have treated America.

    They can deal with it, or die.

    Just have them make sure their burial insurance is paid up, so the taxpayers don’t have to pay to put them in the ground.


    “Chairman Larry Kudlow will be working overtime amid the financial-class cocktail party circuit to share an entirely different economic when it comes to trade and investment.”


    Here’s how Kudlow should ‘deal’ with the financial-class cocktail party circuit.

    Take 15 or 20 randomly selected muckety-mucks, and cut the seat of their pants or dress out. Slap some flammable tar resin on their pasty cheeks, light it, and then send them forth into the ‘party’ like Roman War Pigs.

    You’ll get their attention.

    I promise.


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “Just have them make sure their burial insurance is paid up, so the taxpayers don’t have to pay to put them in the ground.”

      We don’t have to. Some of us are conservationists here. The vultures have to eat, too.

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  25. andi lee says:

    Flashback: February 2017
    Legarde issues a Trump Economy support!

    Christine Legarde, IMF Chief.
    (In 2016, C.L. convicted of: “negligence by a person in position of public authority”. Punishment: Sarkozy to stand trial for corruption)

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  26. treehouseron says:

    President Trump is pretty damn good at everything he touches, but the fact remains THIS is what he’s best at. I agree he’d never change his economic goals, it’s his strong suit and what he understands best. In many ways he takes advice from people all around him on all kinds of subjects, but this is perhaps the one subject where he alone is *the* expert.


  27. Foolsgold says:

    Trump has Backbone! Man that’s something that has been non-existence in this country for a president in how many years? I’m 61 and never seen anybody like Trump!

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    • cozette says:

      Andrew Jackson is the only President we’ve ever had with Trumps backbone and utter fearlessness imho. The FED is terrified and they should be.


  28. Pyrthroes says:

    From a quant model – technical standpoint, this past ten days’ action is shaping up as a classic rebound from an overbought “pennant formation” shakeout following markets’ peak in early January. (Yes, Virginia, we have no macro-economic bananas today.)

    As for the ongoing tariff/trade war imbroglio, we’d like to see one –just one– mention of Henry Clay’s generation-long ante bellum “American System” (qv), which combined commercial incentives with infrastructure-industrial subsidies and protective tariffs that set off a virtual explosion of prosperity from Appomattox to the Crash of ’73.

    In brief: Selective tariffs drive short-term domestic prices higher so that long-term free-market competition will eventually drive global prices lower. What aids employers/producers in early stages benefits consumers/workers ten times over as nascent enterprises thrive.

    Economic laws, principles… whatever you call ’em, throughout history these Copybook Headings have remained immutable facts, the sine qua non for peace-and-prosperity juxtaposing global Empires with self-emergent national economies. High-flown academic credentials –we’re looking at you, John Maynard Keynes– either respect these timeless realities, or they’ll play ‘Enry ‘iggins (“down you’ll go!”).


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