Details of McCabe’s False Statements Surfacing – Strong Likelihood Those Lies Show Origin Strzok and Page Text Messages…

Giving credence to the reason why Inspector General Horowitz and Federal Prosecutor Huber don’t want to release unredacted investigative information to a leaky congress, a report surfaces via anonymous sources to CNN.

The leaked information comes after the DOJ released the substance behind the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) recommendation to fire former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.   Previously, Inspector General Michael Horowitz referred McCabe’s false statements to the OPR; the OPR reviewed, investigated and then recommended McCabe’s termination to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Sessions fired him.

Congress was recently provided information from within the IG referral and OPR report.  Those details are now leaked, with an accompanying narrative, to CNN.

I’m skipping most of the narrative outline because, well, it’s an editorial narrative. However, at the bottom of the CNN narrative there’s an important series of dates which highlight the larger issue with McCabe.  What happened becomes obvious.

Here’s the key paragraph(s) [I’m inserting some info to make the picture more clear for those who are not following closely]:


Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, told Fox News [LINK] that the OPR report shows McCabe had lied four times: to internal federal investigators, Comey and twice to the inspector general.

The OPR report states that McCabe was interviewed last May [2017] by the FBI’s investigative division about the Journal story where he denied approving of FBI officials speaking to the Wall Street Journal [LINK], according to the source briefed on the report.

A couple months later, McCabe denied the matter again to the inspector general. But he followed up with the inspector general in August 2017 to declare he may have allowed FBI officials to speak with the newspaper, the source said.

In his statement following his firing, McCabe said that “when I thought my answers were misunderstood, I contacted investigators to correct them.”

McCabe was then subsequently re-interviewed in August [2017] by the FBI’s investigative division, and again on November 29, 2017, by the Justice Department’s inspector general. (link)

OK, well, if you’ve followed along closely you can see exactly how busted McCabe is and why he is so busted.

McCabe was was interviewed about the leaks in May 2017.  He denied.  Notice what comes next… “a couple of months later” he was interviewed by IG Horowitz.  And he again denied.  Now think!  That conversation would be around July of 2017.  What happened right after/amid this period?  Answer: Horowitz gained the Peter Strzok and Lisa Page text messages.

•May 2017 McCabe denies leaking for WSJ story (to FBI).

•July(ish) 2017 McCabe denies again (to Horowitz).

•August 2017 Horowitz gets Strzok/Page text messages. Proving McCabe constructed the WSJ story.

•August 2017: After Horowitz gets the proof McCabe was lying – McCabe follows up on the two denials saying “he may have allowed FBI officials to speak with the newspaper”.

•August 2017:  FBI re-interviews McCabe based on new admissions.

•November 29th 2017: One day before SC Mueller indicts Michael Flynn, IG Horowitz interviews McCabe again.  Apparently this time McCabe admitted to constructing the leak.

Gee, is it any wonder why the ‘good guys’ inside the FBI system were pissed off?

♦Think about it…. McCabe admits to lying to the FBI on November 29th.  On November 30th, Flynn is forced to sign a sketchy guilty plea for *presumably* lying to the FBI.  On December 1st the media pushes the Flynn lying guilty plea.  On December 2nd *some entity* within the process hits back against the corrupt insiders (around McCabe) and begins blasting out information about Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr…  That’s where most people began to take notice.

Additionally, think about the time-frame knowing IG Horowitz informed SC Mueller about Strzok and Page and the potential criminal conduct outlined within their text messages.

In between the time McCabe lied to the FBI (May ’17), and then lied to Horowitz (July ’17), and then attempted to clean up his lie (Aug ’17), and then McCabe’s November 29th re-interview with Horowitz…. Prosecutor John Huber was brought on board.

You can read the full CNN article HERE with spin about McCabe’s false statements.

However, the context above is the most important part because it expands the story to highlight the motive for everything that was/is happening, and WHY.

*Footnote*  Now, let’s take this timeline and information and add it to what we already know about Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.  Apply Occam’s razor.

I would almost guarantee you Page was questioned about the WSJ article and she told the truth.  However, her story conflicted with McCabe.  So to prove her side of the story, Page provided the text messages in July 2017 to investigators.   That’s where the “Page was already disenfranchised with the SC Mueller assignment” and the “removed earlier” aspect comes from.

Andrew McCabe lied in May and July.  Lisa Page gave a statement that conflicted with McCabe and used the text messages to back up her side.  That’s how IG Horowitz gained the original access to the Page/Strzok messages.  The rest is history.

Last point.  Given the sensitivity of the issues and the severity of the conduct that ultimately evidenced (highlighted by the appointment of Huber), the story of Strzok and Page having an “affair” was used as cover.  Strzok and Page may have had a sexual encounter [I doubt it and also don’t care about that part] but the investigative entities needed a cover story for text message control and redactions while a criminal investigation was ongoing.


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528 Responses to Details of McCabe’s False Statements Surfacing – Strong Likelihood Those Lies Show Origin Strzok and Page Text Messages…

  1. So, I am double-skeptical about anything that is leaked to CNN. I don’t doubt Sundance’s analysis of what happened. BUT if it was leaked to CNN (after Jim Jordan already alluded – ON FOX – to some of the background) why is someone leaking ALL of the McCabe details in all of its very bloody narrative (dates, specifics, etc). This is a Democrat or liberal leak and I want to know WHY? Who does it benefit? They are throwing McCabe under the bus. WHY – WHO are they protecting?

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    • John says:

      President Zero

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      • Garavaglia says:

        Jackpot…and that hideous creature..Samantha Powers

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      • Foolsgold says:

        Bingo and eventually Sessions will appoint an SC when his well runs dry, otherwise the judicial branch (trump) bringing down a former “loved ” POTUS will not sit well with any of the pundits in all media who program their liberal dumb nut job watchers and the just dumb ones who vote democrat and simply aren’t smart enough to think past the TV…

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        • Sessions don’t need to appoint an SC, Sessions already has a PROSECUTOR (Huber) on it! and the PROSECUTOR (Huber) can ISSUE INDICTMENTS! and the PROSECUTOR (Huber) Sessions already has on the case Also has Another 457 PROSECUTORS at His Beck & Call! The Storm is Slowly Dwlinding and NOW The Sky is going to OPEN for ALL TO SEE! It was very clear that Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were NOT involved in an Affair, Those texts didn’t even contain 1 thing in them to lead one to think that they were. That was the Democrats trying to spin the story because they are so out of touch as to what is about to come down! Sessions and Trump both know they can’t let ANY of them know because they will try to turn it into a Political Matter when it IS VERY MUCH CRIMINAL! Never warn the Criminals/Enemy of what your about to do! That’s something Obama would have done!


        • Leane Kamari says:

          well, actually currently Trump et al are exposing how the spying on everybody is beeing conducted. via Facebook with association of WhatsApp and their pre-acquisition contracts with Google whereas Google has contracts with Amazon and so on. This is done first so the public wakes up and is now alert! Alert to being manipulated “operation mockingbird” by MSM. The public will get probably a public viewing of Grand Jury sit-ins of the perpertraitors later in the year, me thinks.

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          • Leane Kamari says:

            Let me add, this puls in Hillary and Obama and their use of peoples data during their campaigns and people become aware of that. So let MSM go full blowing the Trump/Cambridge Analytica (=a british company parent SCL) and then turn to Hillary/Obama’s us of Facebook, it already started!

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      • flyboy46 says:

        And EVERYBODY in between Zero and Page.

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    • Sauce says:

      The story is out. I really don’t think they through him under the bus at all. They are just trying to massage and shape the narrative as best they can at this point.

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    • YeahYouRight says:

      I disagree on the affair, without which we would have no contemporaneous account documented to narrate us through the sludge. I’m thrilled about their affair! It made them use work phones rather than risk exposure to spouses had personal phones been used. OIG has access to all official FBI phone communications, including texts, as the lovebirds lamented while discussing how to evade that system. The affair was used for cover for the redactions while the OIG and Huber investigated, I agree.

      Andy is roadkill because he knows where the most bodies are buried and he’ll squeal, furthering the investigation. He has fingers in every pie, so it makes sense to toss him out for chum.

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      • Jptfst66 says:

        Not one text message saying how GREAT last nite was or making plans to secret rendezvous. These guys were not lovers.

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        • jello333 says:

          You must not have seen the one released a few days ago…

          Page: Hey, what are you doing tonight?

          Strzok: Nothing. Why?

          Page: Well, I just thought it might be fun to do that little role-play thing again.

          Strzok: Oh, Mulder and Scully?

          Page: Yeah… last time was… kinda fun 😉

          Strzok: Yeah, but can we change it up this time? How come I never get to be Scully?

          Page: We’ll see…

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          • Lunagirl says:

            There was another one released early on where it was clear Page was telling Sztrok how to cover for their affair. Something along the lines of “just tell her it’s work related” or something.


        • Perot Conservative says:

          How many texts out of 50,000+ have we seen? 100? 200?


        • Howard Cosell says:

          Or the sex wasn’t very good


          • Perot Conservative says:

            We’ve seen less than 1% of the texts.


            • SOBFL says:

              Was there a reason given for not releasing a data dump of all digital communications between the Peter & Lisa?
              With the exception of sensitive data that could effect other, open investigations, DOJ could have released every digital message stored on the couple’s US government-issued and owned smart phones, plus anything stored in any cloud and email accounts accessed by those phones. Plus the automatic cell phone backup data that would br saved to their work computers while charging the phone through a USB port on their PC.
              Why have we not seen this trove of data? Why are they being released in dribsvand drabs, and why are different text messages being leaked to different news companies?The comments about the nature of their relationship surprised me first but they’re right. Affairs are tempting because the people interact with the sex partner in ways they no longer do with their spouses. Most pillow talk, sexual innuendo and teasing about skipping out on their obligations to hook up usually ends when the honeymoon phase of the marriage is over.


              • Perot Conservative says:

                Potentially, hopefully, a seated grand jury, which would be secret. And / or current criminal investigations.

                They released just enough to nail McCabe, and wet our beaks.


    • Republicanvet91 says:

      My first thought is it was leaked so as to smear or taint the prosecution side as being illegal leakers trying McCabe in the court of public opinion.


    • Rhoda R says:

      Someone may be trying to muddy the McCabe’s prosecution as well. Remember, much of what Sessions/Horowitz and now Huber are being dinged on is keeping all their info under wraps until they can begin the prosecutorial process so that their data is pristine. These leaks may void that effort. I can see a defense atty claiming that because of all the pre-trial publicity that McCabe can’t receive a fair trial.


      • I think they are way further into things then people think they are, I think that is why Sessions is saying the things he is saying, I think Mccabe was actually let go longer than we think he has, I think that it’s past the point where it doesn’t matter if it’s leaked, Sessions and Trump know how bad the leaks are or were and I think Sessions is protecting the Investigations and is controlling what is getting out, how the Media spins it is a whole other story! McCabe was Questioned Under Oath and LIED in May almost a YEAR AGO and some people are only hearing that NOW, a YEAR LATER! NOTICE how the Media stopped with all the McCabe stories? Why aren’t they reporting about, May, July Aug, Aug, Aug, Nov, Interviews??

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      • Perot Conservative says:

        They’ve been pretty minimal.


    • randallkleinman says:

      It benefits Comey, of course, as it supports the notion that Comey’s version of the two’s different recollections is correct. And who would leak to CNN? Someone who supports Comey. Naturally.

      The interesting question is why. As far as Comey’s culpability, it is a minor point in the big picture as Comey has bigger issues to deal with, I.e., dossier, Hillary whitewash, etc.

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      • Mary Morse says:

        According to his testimony, Comey leaked his recollection of his conversations with the President to 6 people: Daniel Richmond, McCabe, James Rybicki, James Baker, David Bowdich (McCabe’s replacement) and Carl Ghattas. Benjamin Wittes’ tweets and blogging suggest the he had prior knowledge, as well.
        Comey testified that his intention was to instigate the appointment of an SC.
        The point of sharing this information, IMO, is to leak to the media, to create institutional memory, or both.
        Who is still in a position to continue to spin, and is close to both Comey and McCabe?
        Benjamin Wittes’ has said that he doesn’t know McCabe personally. However, he was first to kickoff a Christmas fundraiser in Baker and McCabes’ names, throwing $1000 to the FBIAA, tweeting others to do the same.
        Very telling, I think, is who Comey didn’t tell: Mueller, Rosenstein. When Sessions recuses, Ratenstein’s new role requires him to recommend firing Comey, but it also allows him to appoint Mueller. Had Sessions not recused, and he recommended firing Comey, there would be a stronger case for obstruction?

        The Coalition of All Democratic Forces had a transition plan of their own, aka: an “insurance policy”.

        Re: culpability, and bigger issues…
        Comey has to worry about Grassley and Grahams’ recommendation of charges for Christopher Steele. (Lieing to Congress and the fisa court about leaks to the media?)


  2. WSB says:

    Sundance, thank you for answering my question of this morning. It has been bothering me for awhile, obviously as you, that there were no other corroborative details of any relationship between Strzok and Page. No Page Six (excuse the pun), no photos, no restaurant reservations…and then the dinner party of six…sounded like their own spouses would be invited for cover of a three-way conversation with Contreras. Weird for two in an affair.

    It was Nunes who let us know a day or so back that there were redactions by the FBI early on when furnishing info, but heavily redacted.

    Then Nunes said he went to the SCIF to review the unredacted documents the IG had that were supposedly redacted for public comsumption due to the ‘personal nature’ of the texts. But, voilà! Nunes found both Contreras and McDonough revealed.

    HUGE obstruction to hide the extent and severity of the main criminal coverup collusion with FISC and WH. And I have been confused until now understanding why we were all told there were personal details held back for privacy.

    Things that make you go hmmm…

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  3. Patriot1783 says:

    😄 I just love that little mouser!

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  4. I hope you’re able to see this, but it just confirms why the TV is our enemy. Look at the names of the channels as you watch.

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    • Firefly says:

      After watching it I Got that sick Orwellian pit in the stomach feeling.

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    • ReloaderBLK says:

      Wow … that is like a plot written by Phillip K. Dick. A real mind bender.

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    • PS says:

      Thanks for finding this. It shows visually that behind the “reporters”, there’s really only a couple of news sources. 6 companies own almost 90% of the mass media, and even they get their news stories repackaged from wire services like AP or Reuters. It costs too much money to “think differently”.

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    • rsmith1776 says:

      I’ve seen such compilations…. this is the “best” – as in the creepiest and most convincing.

      THANK YOU.

      Sundance, something worth a separate blog entry!!

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    • GB Bari says:

      Years ago, in the 1990s I think, Rush Limbaugh observed that certain buzzwords, or phrases, or full sentences were being repeated across all or most MSM news/commentary broadcasts. Each time he discovered it, his tech crew assembled an audio collage of each network anchor saying the word/ phrase/ sentence, one after the other. It was the first proof of this coordinated or directed or controlled “narrative” to be provided to the general public. One of the more memorable examples was when every MSM news anchor in the country used the word “gravitas” to “explain” why Bush 43 selected Dick Cheney as VP running mate.

      This YT video is an awesome and irrefutable example of that controlled flow of propaganda. Someone in a CTH comment earlier today had it right when they mused that Orwell merely had the date wrong.

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      • Leapin says:

        Rush still plays the collages, updated for the latest MSM talking point.

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      • davideisenstadt says:

        All of the stations were owned by Sinclair, whose owner occasionally sends scripted commentary to be read by all stations Sinclair owns, this a is one of those cases.
        They ARE all reading from the same script, one written by the owner of the stations.
        Sinclair is viewed by many as a conservative company.
        Now, you may view sinclair as controlled opposition, but thats what happened here.

        Liked by 1 person

        • GB Bari says:

          Remember when the Journo-list was exposed? That was not a single owner passing script to their owned stations. It substantiated the suspicion that all of the MSM, who had DIFFERENT owners, were coordinating their narrative every day. After it’s exposure, the media changed to another means of internal communication, but the coordination still exists.

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  5. cavt says:

    Love it when TH does these time frame blogs. I, like most others I suspect, am pretty busy in everyday live and don’t have the time to really put all these happenings down in an understandable format. Thanks for this. The concealed pictures of this puzzle are slowly being revealed. Can’t wait to see some of these crooks actually get indicted–

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  6. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Thaks for breaking all of this down, SD. McCabe and Comey are absolute snakes. Add Mueller to that list. These people, along with Page, Strzok, and the other top echelon in the DOJ and FBI are all corrupt. It is a wonder that there are still good people left in these institutions, but yes, they are still there. No wonder the morale is so low.

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    • peace says:

      It makes me wonder why Comey is shown walking around with a smile on his face and preparing to make $$ promoting his new book on ethical leadership. He certainly has an air of confidence.

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      • Leane Kamari says:

        Maybe he came clean after being fired? Now why was Mueller and his team siutated outside the FBI et al presmises? To catch the leakers I suppose as they have to keep or get in contact somehow?


  7. Sylvia Avery says:

    Sundance is really so sweet to say basically he’s gonna spell it out for those of us who, ahem, may not be following closely…

    What a guy! Very tactful. I’m following it so closely my nose is practically touching…uh, the screen. But I can’t keep it all straight to save my life.

    I need a Grand Ballroom size wall to hold a Murder Board with enough room for all the photos with their names and the red string connecting them to each other and to keep the time line current.

    So thanks for filling in all the blanks with the extra information, Sir! Much appreciated.

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  8. beach lover says:

    If anyone starts to feel sorry for these people, remember the text ” at WalMart..can almost smell the Trump voters”

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  9. Janetoo says:

    Hmm – Might explain why the spouse of Strzok did not leave. Did Page’s husband leave or are they still together? Interesting. I sure am praying that Huber isn’t a “sweep it under the rug in the final analysis” kind of guy. I pray someone will be punished. Someone besides their ultimate target, our POTUS.

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  10. Thomas says:

    And from you we believe Page and Strzok are likely singing because they are still employed. And I read that McCabe says Comey was in the loop on McCabe’s leaks and they have emails to prove it.

    Interesting times. It certainly seems like people are digging, which I assume why the Stormy Daniels hail Mary come out when it did.

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  11. Q&A says:

    Rush had an interesting roundup of the Strzok/Page connection to Obama and Harry Reid, Obama’s co-opting of the IC, Obama’s prior testing of the media to run with leaks without verification, and other events well know and discussed at CTH.

    This Fox News link was embedded in Rush’s briefing, showing the Harry Reid insertion into the Russian collusion scheme as evidenced in the Strzok/Page texts.

    Apologies if this has been already reported here at CTH. I did a quick search but didn’t see it.

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  12. Chewbarkah says:

    Here’s an interesting detail from the CNN article:
    “The OPR report, according to one source who was briefed, stated that Comey held a staff meeting on October 31, 2016, where he warned the bureau about how damaging the leaks were for an ongoing investigation. Comey, the report states, recalled that McCabe had denied authorizing FBI officials speak to the Journal, the source said.”
    CNN and McCabe’s lawyer are trying to spin McCabe’s lying as just a case of two pals with different memories, Comey’s being vague but McCabe’s clear. But OPR report states that McCabe made his denial at a STAFF MEETING. That means other people (Page,Strzok, ??) were there with independent memories of what McCabe said. The quote makes it sound like Comey went around the table, asking each person, “Did you leak this? Know anything about it?” On purpose, there no place to hide in that sort of thing. McCabe — not too smart. But buck idiots are giving his attorney $500,000.

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    • Mary Morse says:

      The referenced WSJ article is behind a pay wall, but here is a link to an interesting account
      There are two leaks at issue, leaks by NY FBI officials regarding the Clinton Foundation investigation (not authorized) and leaks by Page/Baker/Kortan to spin the resultant negative article (authorized). Hence the confusion. (/s)
      On 10/31/16, they had just received the Carter Page warrant (based in part on information leaked to Yahoo’s Isikoff by Fusion GPS/Orbis) so leaks from their investigation of the Trump Campaign were neither necessary nor warranted.


  13. thedoc00 says:

    The way this all seems to be unfolding, McCabe appears to be designated Scooter Libby and has Greyhound headed his way with the his old “comrades” from the FBI and DoJ helping him off the curb. Just maybe, McCabe may end up turning to avoid being the designated victim.


  14. Rjones says:

    Wow. Just amazing work. SD’s efforts ought to win him the next 5 Pulitzer’s. It’s astonishing that no other reporters, folks who claim they’re journalists, are tracking this story. It’s career opportunity of a lifetime lost…in exchange for their integrity and doing slave labor for Dems. These are elites?

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  15. Hang on there cowboy named Sundance, Page and Strzok were having an affair. Normal male/female work contacts don’t text 50,000 times. C’mon man, think!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Caius Lowell says:

      Kind of a good point…


    • DJ says:

      Hang on there, Chaz. For some folks, there are things more exciting and compelling than sex. For these two, it might very well have been the shared excitement of being on the “inside” of “sculpting” the outcome of the highest political offices in the land. Were they shivering together between the sheets or not? I have no idea. But I can envision 50,000 texts between two people who shared secrets of a bond more powerful than sex.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Karl Kastner says:

      Thats exactly what I was thinking. And we haven’t seen but a fraction. Only what we are meant to see for now.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      No When Harry Met Sally movie attribution?


    • Chewbarkah says:

      I tend to agree, but can’t figure out when they would have had time. Presumably they weren’t together during all the texting, plus they were busy obstructing justice and framing Trump. Did they have even a moment for their “jobs”, much less sex? The other argument against is that intramural adulterous affairs are firing offences at the FBI, yet Page and Strzok still have jobs.


  16. JoD says:

    “Congress was recently provided information from within the IG referral and the OPR report.”
    Wonder if that pin-head, Shifty gets paid by CNN for his steady stream of leaks.

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  17. Buck Jackson says:

    If anyone is singing to the new US Attorney, it better be Lisa PAGE AND/OR Peter Strzok…. These lovebirds are in Deep – Deep Do-do.
    When they texted about setting up meeting to influence a Federal Judge in a matter pending before him, they Violated US Code Title 18, Subsection 241 (any attorney feel free to correct me)Which is a Violation of Civil Rights under color of Authority This was pounded in our mush filled brains during basic Peace Officers Academy. It carries a ten – count’em 10 years in a federal P.M.I.A prison. Ironically, Gen. Flynn only faces five years.
    Now Lisa, as a member of the federal Bar is considered a ‘Officer of the Court’, hence had a duty to try and talk “Peter” out of it, but seemed to go along, hence the deep dokeey.
    I really hope she is singing, cooperating, as she has small children at home and should be there for them. But if she don’t? Say bye-bye
    As for Herr Strzok… tough it out baby, you’re a —super agent and smarter than all the rest. But there is a major down side… Comey, Strzok , and the rest were all “read in”. That means they know the true names and locations and value of every asset our nation used/using in the various ‘Wars on Terror” ect. Naturally, they’ll stop cooperating and will need to be extracted. We are now at greater risk than should be!!!!!
    Any nation that doesn’t like the US (which is about 99% will grant asylum to the conspirators,,, including Canada – France and even the UK.


    • Chewbarkah says:

      Is it known whether Strzok and/or Page actually met with Contreras? I’ve seen a reference to each person’s spouses being included at a dinner for six. But was this just a proposal or something that happened?


  18. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Yes. FBI was rather too forthcoming re: affair between Strozk and Page. Not the least embarrassed or apologetic.

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  19. Foolsgold says:

    Per Sessions, correct me if I’m wrong.

    “I receive regular updates from Mr. Huber and upon the conclusion of his review, will receive his recommendations as to whether any matters not currently under investigation should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation require further resources, or whether any matters merit the appointment of a special counsel.”


  20. Pyrthroes says:

    Lineage societies have what are called “Gateway Ancestors”– if you can prove a relation to certain historical figures, then hizonga!– you’re in direct line of Adelbero d’Cockaigne.

    Relating anything to creepy people such as Lovin’ Lisa and McCabe must lead with minimal ado to precincts celebrating Gangrenous and his cellar-dwelling harridan, MzBill. As for postings lumping Trump with Rats’ own sleazebag cargo cult, we’ll take substance over driveling disrepute, full-frontal sellouts, any time.


  21. fenku says:

    I’m still wondering if Mueller is the shiny light that keeps the demoCrATS looking the other way while Sessions gets things in order? Why be interviewed by POTUS for a job your not entitled to apply for due to term limits ? I know he has a murky past but as an ex marine is he used to “obeying orders”, and does that fit in with the narrative now? Why does everyone he indicts shine further light in the dark corners of the Deep State?
    I’ve also been wondering if his choice of elite Democrat lawyers may be a way to tie them up so that they CANNOT participate in the defence of anyone Sessions goes after ?? Don’t know the legality of this as I’m from “across the pond” but follow this with interest.


  22. Let's roll says:

    If lazy bums in Congress would take the time to go to the SCIF they, like Nunes, would stop complaining/demanding a SC. And learn very important details – largest latest bombshell is the McDonough meeting at the White House tying Obama’s right hand to multiple conspiracies. You think McDonough didn’t confer with O?!?! Session’s prosecutors are up to speed and soon, soon “big ugly” secrets/deception/criminals for all to see…


  23. Perot Conservative says:

    No. More details, please. Publication, players, approx year, blowback?


  24. none other says:

    McCabe did not hire a lawyer for nothing .. Go Fund me lmao go ___ yourself McCabe ,,Ha ha ha ha ha


  25. Mickturn says:

    It is pretty clear that McCabe is a serious BAD piece of work. He would lie, cheat and steal, then step on his mothers neck to get ahead. Just the kind of scum you want IN PRISON, not in the FBI!


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