FBI Director Christopher Wray Assigns Additional 27 Staff To Expedite Chairman Bob Goodlatte Subpoena…

A lot of under-the-radar action happening today surrounding the upcoming DOJ Office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz report.

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte called Inspector General Michael Horowitz earlier today to discuss the content of the subpoena he recently sent to the DOJ demanding investigative records related to the ongoing IG internal review and report.

Simultaneous to this oversight discussion, and related to the content therein, FBI Director Christopher Wray released a public statement announcing additional FBI staff resources committed to fulfillment of Chairman Goodlatte’s request.

FBI – As the Director of the FBI, I am committed to ensuring that the Bureau is being transparent and responsive to legitimate congressional requests.

Up until today, we have dedicated 27 FBI staff to review the records that are potentially responsive to Chairman Goodlatte’s requests. The actual number of documents responsive to this request is likely in the thousands. Regardless, I agree that the current pace of production is too slow.

Accordingly, I am doubling the number of assigned FBI staff, for a total of 54, to cover two shifts per day from 8 a.m. to midnight to expedite completion of this project. (link)

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has ‘at least’ 1.2 million documents gathered as part of his fourteen month investigation into the politicization of the FBI and DOJ.

Included within the exhaustive evidence is the total transcript of text messages between FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Attorney Lisa Page extending almost two years. Some of those text messages were previously released to congressional oversight committees and have structured much of the media storyline and investigative pathways for three congressional committees.  However, only a small portion of those texts were actually release so far.

According to an interview between Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte and radio personality Sean Hannity earlier today, Horowitz has assembled all of the information for his report but the scope of the report is so exhaustive it will most likely be released in segments according to the subject material and the myriad of issues involved:

The first section of the IG report, encompassing the DOJ/FBI political activity -specifically surrounding leaks to the media and fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe- will likely come out first in April.

The McCabe release should be followed by a release of the IG findings on the topic of FBI and DOJ conduct, and the politicization therein, within the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

The issues with the DOJ/FBI representations to the FISA Court, the October 21st DOJ/FBI application therein and other issues, will flow thereafter; there may be sub-chapter reports released supplemental to the FISA investigation surrounding Christopher Steele, Fusion-GPS and/or the private contractors and abuse of FBI and DOJ databases.

However, following protocol the IG report will first be released  and reviewed to the three principles in charge of the internal departments being investigated. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray will review each section prior to further release.

Additionally, it is almost certain the IG report will contain highly classified information.  While congress will see the totality of the report (after Sessions, Wray and Rosenstein review), each segment will be vetted in a similar manner to the April 2017 FISA Court opinion; which is to say – the public version will have redactions. [At least initially].




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290 Responses to FBI Director Christopher Wray Assigns Additional 27 Staff To Expedite Chairman Bob Goodlatte Subpoena…

  1. GTOGUY says:

    You have to wonder why it has taken so long, but then again there are over 1 million documents that have to be reviewed. f you believe what has been reported that there may be Grand Juries impaneled, it could take a while to sift through it and redact.


  2. Rynn69 says:

    Justice delayed is justice denied. Reports are reports. The IG report is just that — a report. Just as the 9/11 Commission Report was. I guess the concern is we detail the what without prosecuting the who. On the upside, patience is a virtue so let’s hold true to that…


  3. Don'tMessWithTexas says:

    I am unclear as to WHY it took Sessions this long to acknowledge WHAT was going on . It is printed at least once a wk in the paper that his peeps are slow walking. He continues to disappoint me w/ his lack of leadership style. I realize there MAY be some underlying work that is occurring that we are unaware of; however, you would think he would be concerned about the petty, small optics of all of this. If it were corporate Am., this would not be happening. Timing is everything. This IG report was supposed to be out months ago. Once again, they predict it will be out in March. It is the 28th. I am not holding my breath. Who thinks it is going to happen in 2 days????


  4. Pat Frederick says:

    I am amazed we have finally heard from Wray. The FBI has 2 black eyes and it seems he is always cowering somewhere instead of manning up and saying he’s taking charge and cleaning out the trash.
    (Admittedly I do not watch the news or read MSM or anything but TCTH anymore, so if he has been making press releases etc, I apologize.)


  5. There is evidence too that Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, has been doing his job all along. These items may have been missed:

    1. Sessions said Weds. he appointed a Special Prosecutor in July to investigate former Obama dept. heads and employees:


    2. Sessions said Sunday that his office has 27 open investigations on people who leaked top secrets:


    3. Another Obama Justice Dept. slush fund of three billion dollars capped, stopped by Sessions:



  6. dogbows says:

    Another poster near the beginning of this thread reported this:

    karmytrumpateer says:
    March 27, 2018 at 11:40 pm

    There are over 10,000 sealed Federal indictments in the PACER system. Sessions has been busy.

    That’s a lot of sealed indictments!

    But I have never doubted that Jeffy was doing his job. If you look up the duties of the US AG, those every day duties are enough to keep an AG busy. But then when you consider all this other crap he is having to contend with, very few if any could hold a candle to Jeff Sessions. I am totally convinced that he will go down in history as the best US AG the US has ever had.

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  7. 4harrisonblog says:

    It can’t happen soon enough.

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  8. HickTick says:

    We need to fight . I want to see stories about what happens to the Conspiritors in a failed COUP . People need to know the truth that this was a genuine failed COUP and that those involved have committed Treason , Sedition , and its very serious ., Government employees don’t get to choose who they want for president . If this is not taken care of , it will happen again and our Republic will be lost ., Lets talk about some hangings .

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    • Steve Johnson says:

      Hick Tick did not incite Vigilante hangings, just PUBLIC Hangings.
      PAY PER VIEW variety of hangings of which Many of us are proponents.


  9. tommyd22 says:

    Trump has proven that he has an inclination to play the long game.. It might be of no surprise if his AG was in fact, doing the same..

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  10. Ospreyzone says:

    Wow, that picture of Goodlatte in front of the microphone is eerily familiar. When I was a disobedient kid, that’s the exact same face my father would get right before he lit up my derriere.


  11. As though this needs to be stated… EVERYONE BEWARE of those claiming to be friends yet sowing the seeds of discord and dragging conversations into divisive side tracks.


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