Intelligence PR Firm Gets Caught in Leak Trap – WaPo Runs Story of McMaster Firing…

The leaks are real; the news is fake. That’s the underlying dynamic behind ‘Black Hat Hunting’.

The PR Firm for the corrupt U.S. intelligence apparatus known as The Washington Post, runs a story about H.R. McMaster being fired tonight.

The Washington Post quotes “five people with knowledge of the plans”.

Except there’s a problem, there are no plans.

No plans except to entrap staff and intelligence community leakers; likely those five ‘leakers’ are in/around the National Security Council, and they just got caught.

WaPo – President Trump has decided to remove H.R. McMaster as his national security adviser and is actively discussing potential replacements, according to five people with knowledge of the plans, preparing to deliver yet another jolt to the senior ranks of his administration.

Trump is now comfortable with ousting McMaster, with whom he never personally gelled, but is willing to take time executing the move because he wants to ensure both that the three-star Army general is not humiliated and that there is a strong successor lined up, these people said.  (read more)

(Sarah Sanders Link)

…”The leaks are real, the news is fake.”

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381 Responses to Intelligence PR Firm Gets Caught in Leak Trap – WaPo Runs Story of McMaster Firing…

  1. Charlotte says:

    New Book Fills In Gaps Of Trump’s Moscow Trip — And It’s Not Good For The Dossier

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    • stringplayer55 says:

      Note, though, that this book is by Michael Isikioff and David Corn, two of the worst purveyors of misinformation in American journalism. You can be sure these authors will do their best to slime Trump. Isikoff was on Fox last night where he claimed the basic tenets of the Steele dossier are correct. A carefully chosen word or two here and there questioning something like the “golden shower” episode is a smokescreen that will lead many to believe that these hacks are are serious journalists who are trying to divide the wheat from the chaff.

      But their main purpose is still to destroy the Trump Presidency. And how best to do that? By appearing “reasonable” and criticizing the worst of the misrepresentations by Steele, they set themselves up as having the ability to divine between truth and fiction when, in fact, most of what they purvey is going to be fiction. They only divine between the most egregious fictions and the lesser egregious fictions.


      • Ned Zeppelin Ii says:

        As signs of desperation mount, and the cracks begin to show, Isikoff has been recruited again to recycle the Steele dossier and phony Russian collusion yarns. His story in Yahoo News was cited in the FISA court proceeding as evidence corroborating the Steele Dossier, when he in fact was part of the FusionGPS scheme to promote the phoney dossier. – a circular and utterly attempt to buttress its veracity. On Fox to restate the lies so that they may somehow be transformed into truth by repeated tellings. A bit part player and about as far from an “investigative journalist” as you can get,


  2. shirley49 says:

    I had some interesting conversations with my Granddaughter who after only 2 years in College has been completely brainwashed. One of her Professors told her how dangerous it was to call the News media fake because it would hurt the Country. I had to break out laughing. I told her the most dangerous thing was for the media to not report the news that did not fit into their criteria and to make a big deal out of their biased news reporting. I then asked her about Uranium one, the FBI scandal, the Steele Dossier, the improving economy etc. She said never heard of them. My response was “I rest my case”. This is a girl raised in a super Conservative family.

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    • Joshua2415 says:

      I got the same response from my liberal arts graduate son a couple of years ago when I asked him about TARP and the FED’s quantitative easing efforts. Any discussions that may raise doubt about the wisdom of government are not allowed inside the bubble.

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      • kpm58 says:

        He would have also had to use that terrible tool of racists known as math.

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        • Bruce Fauth says:

          And as Hillary herself said, “Math is hard.” The libs can’t handle basic math. I could not imagine any of the ‘dyed-in-the-wool’ libs in tough courses like calculus, physics, organic chem. BTW, I had all of those in college even as a business major.

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          • My 8 year old granddaughter spent the week-end with me recently and she was working on her homework. She is in the 3rd grade and is already using some calculus in her math work. I was absolutely flabbergasted!!!! Chuckle – she is so cute! I said that since she was good at math, perhaps she might eventually decide to be an engineer. Her reply? “I don’t want to work on cars, Grandma.” An explanation of the different types and various field that require “engineers” then ensued.

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            • Rose says:

              generally, baby boomers teach girls to get degrees so they can have lots of college debt and then realize they always wanted to get married and have kids, like every other generation ever did, so that they can’t cuz they have college debt. generally, baby boomers make liberal confused millenials….. even many conservative baby boomers. they like their girls going into the military and acting like men till they want to get out or meet the right man and then get pregnant to escape … or leave their kids behind so they can deploy. they show them modernistic ways and seem surprised when they end up liberal and married to the state.


      • Same deal with my adult children who were also raised in a “conservative” household.
        That’s just what the education system is there for- Brainwashing.

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      • Rose says:

        if our kids are not understanding these things from the home by the time they graduate, how is it the college’s fault?

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      • lizzyp says:

        I will never forget an interview with Di-Fi during the lead up to the bail out/ stimulus Bacchanalian. She said ‘My office has received thousands of phone calls, emails and post cards on this. Most of them are begging us not to do this. So obviously there’s a lot of confusion out there – people just don’t understand.’

        I nearly drove off the road I was so angry. It never seemed to have occurred to her that maybe her constituents DID understand and they wanted her to know that they would rather have a certain downturn that We could dig out from than gamble on something that might work and was guaranteed to add huge amounts of debt.

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    • MVW says:

      I am sick and tired of the 24/7 propaganda. This is a propaganda war being fought against America and Americans. It is nothing short of Absolute War. People that are not independent and critically minded will fall prey to this war. So many are.

      Trump needs to name those behind it, and lay out a plan to effectively counter it. To not do otherwise is to lose this War.

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      • todayistheday99 says:

        Another option is to cut the cable and don’t listen to any of it.

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        • TomF says:

          Cut the cable on 3/13.
          Should have done it long ago.

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        • Suit yourself but I will keep my satellite, thank you very much. It is also important to know what the enemy is putting out there so one can counter it. There remain millions and millions of Americans who see nothing BUT the propaganda. It is OUR job to disabuse them of those notions, which one cannot do if one doesn’t know what they are hearing.

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      • Rest assured, he will not lose this war. He does name them. Daily. He started this frontal assault on the Fake Media and has practically decimated them. Look @ CNN (foolish CIA laughingstock); WaPo (naive leakers being spoon fed disinformation); Paul Krugman won the President’s Fake Media Award ~ my particular favorite:) Right now, he’s working on SM & will geld them all w/ the FTC.

        It will end w/ Q (who I think is Bannon – love me some SB)

        Peace to you, patriot.

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        • CA M says:

          Bannon is not Q. It is most likely someone in Trump’s NSA top level security.


        • cali says:

          There is no doubt that the Q team works directly with the president and in the white house. This top secret clearance obviously travels with president Trump as we can see by some pics taken directly from AF1.
          Having said that I am tired of the appearance of the black hats and their mockingbird media having the floor.
          I also know that there is much going on behind the scene quietly and away intentionally from the Mockingbird media.
          But my golly I want it to stop yesterday because enough is enough. Drop the thousands of sealed indictments and lets get it on.
          I don’t get it why Mueller is still at it and again leakers claim that he subpoenaed records from the Trump’s business. If its a leak or not I just want Mueller gone finite. What is this guy still doing?
          In the meantime McCabe groveling to keep his pension. He lost that when he decided to take part in the coup against president Trump. Sessions should tell him to fly a kite.
          Then you have the deep state beating the war drums via the UK now accusing Russia of killing people via nerve gas. Strangely the spy who developed and produced that same nerve gas defected to the US and lives in Delaware.
          President Trump, president Putin and the Chinese president are in the cross hairs of the deep state/NWO.
          I suppose we are really dealing with many psychopaths who just won’t quit until they are dislodged from wherever they hide. Enough!


        • powderdayrules says:

          What is SM?


      • Bladerunner2019 says:

        He would have to eradicate the entire CIA/NSA in order to do it. They are paying the media to promote the lies and divide the country.

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      • noman says:

        Yup, They are using “STUPID” as a weapon and turning out “DUMMIES” that actually think that bagging deer with that most ‘terrible’ of weapons the Ar-15 makes deer explode.
        Lost our granddaughter to the community indoctrination centers and later to the 4 year finishing school’s. Sad that we will have one and maybe two generations that are hopelessly lost and will forever be a detrimental burden on our society. Imagine this, some of them will raise children to be just like themselves. Not a comforting thought. But it is a self evident truth.


        • Strelnikov says:

          You don’t hunt with an AR because the bullet tumbles on impact destroying the meat which makes the stories of children in hospitals hit three times smiling with no tubes sticking out of them rather troubling to me


    • Pentheus says:

      Tell her you’ll pay her for every prager university video she watches on youtube and writes an essay about.

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      • That is an EXCELLENT idea. They are poor at advancing in the work world and need money.

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      • Jenny R. says:

        Funny, I had a colleague go complain to our boss because I showed a Prager U. video on climate change in my class (I showed a pro-climate change model video and the Prager one — because, one should always observe multiple sides of an argument before writing about it)…fortunately we are not Canada…yet.

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    • signfollies says:

      Moral of the story: Think long and hard before sending your kids to college.

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    • unconqueredone (Trump's American Dreamer) says:

      If you send your kids to Rome to be educated, do not be surprised if they come back Romans.

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    • mcclainra says:

      As a former adjunct professor of flute/music at a small liberal arts college (liberal), after leaving there in 2013, AND continuing to teach privately, IMO, almost all of our higher ed institutions are totally corrupt, filled with leftists pushing their agenda. Even if this were not true, NOT everyone needs to go to college!

      I have also changed my opinion about homeschooling, and think it is almost always a better option than our education system, private or public. There is definitely a huge advantage to being in a homeschooling network in a city as opposed to doing so in a small town, however, but still better option.

      Trade schools should be emphasized more, as one can make an excellent living as a tradesman: electrician, plumber, builder, etc., and should be no shame in doing so. Of course, colleges are more interested in making money than anything, so really push the mantra that everyone ‘deserves’ a college education—NOT true.

      I do have a MM degree, and have taught for more years than I care to say………I do not like the changes I have seen either, 98% of them, or maybe all. Not only in education itself, but the disrespect shown, primarily to teachers/students with whom one disagrees, and also the abject deplorable behavior, physical and verbal, by these brainwashed students.

      There are only a handful of colleges/universities that I would consider today, and with granddaughters becoming college age soon, will not be easy. Also see NO harm in taking a ‘leap’ year or two, working, and growing up. Same with joining the military. Good way to mature, maybe, and have your college paid for afterwards. However, our military is not what it once was either.

      Vent/rant over.

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      • Great post. Another good thing about home schooling these days- less chance your kids will get shot by a psychotic maniac.

        Also, the young men I know who become plumbers or carpenters or electricians instead of going to college end up with zero loan debt and jobs that pay $50-$75/ hour.

        Nice way to start your life, a real no brainer.

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      • stringplayer55 says:

        These are EXACTLY my sentiments. The liberal arts college curriculum does not serve a large number of students with anything like real job skills. The fact that the liberal arts college curriculum is pushed for everyone even though a huge number of college grads do not come away with improved career prospects betrays the notion that the motive for pushing this form of education is to indoctrinate the coming generation into the belief systems of the “educators”.

        Given that we hear every day of educators – and educational institutions as a whole – who are rewarded for antagonism to any thought that runs counter to officially sanctioned narratives indicates that the “liberal arts” education is really just “liberal agenda” education. A true liberal arts education would expound on the classics of Western tradition that gave rise to this nation of immigrants as the birthplace of freedom – both freedom of inquiry and freedom to innovate and profit from such innovations. The freedom of inquiry is exactly the reason these educational institutions exist in the first place. But these days, the liberal agenda education dismisses study of these freedoms and places the tyranny of the collective above the rights of the individual.

        Education has been replaced with indoctrination. A lot of money is spent to indoctrinate the next generation, and few skills are attained along the way. At the same time, real, marketable skills (as required for trades) are dismissed as unworthy objectives. We lose skilled tradesmen (which is NOT a sexist term) and society suffers both through our inability to produce goods and services as well as in our inability to engage in productive dialogue. Gone are the days of the Tip O’Neil’s and Henry “Scoop” Jackson’s who believed that we were better off if we found ways to compromise. At this point, we have a failing (if not already failed) political system that is part and parcel of our failing educational system.

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      • Hillsdale College👍👍👍

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      • MontanaMel says:

        The “trade school” or training route is the best way to go now days…for the future.
        FWIW: I have a rough business outline for training new commercial pilots…very well paying, clean, honest work! Requires excellent eye sight and heart and NO drug history or other law issues. Total numbers needed in the USA by 2030 will be 22K + 117K … worldwide, the numbers jump to 640,000 total…overseas from the USA. ALL pilots speak ENGLISH for air traffic control… Takes about 2 to 3 years and about $50k to $75k or so, plus cost of living. Once licensed as a CFI you start earning some offsetting income and gaining your required “hours” of time. The up front investment is about $500k to $1 mil to set up the school – becomes self-sustaining around 5th year… interest??? contact: kd7dcr at netscape dot com.


    • chiefillinicake says:

      Sadly, being from a Conservative family alone isn’t enough to inoculate your kids from these socialist vipers. You need to TALK with them constantly, starting at a very young age, to assure that your world view is very much a part of their world view. I was constantly sharing moral lessons with at dinner, in the car, etc. Most of the time they didn’t even realize what I was up to.

      Thankfully, both are graduating college in May, and both have their heads screwed on straight. It CAN be done!

      But the common notion that you don’t talk to children about politics ( the old “let kids just be kids” saw) is hopelessly bad advice for our current times.

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    • paulraven1 says:

      shirley49 – sad but telling and typical story I’m afraid. This is the entire purpose of the university at this point.

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    • gueppebarre says:

      “One of her Professors told her how dangerous it was to call the News media fake because it would hurt the Country…”

      Hahaha! “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” – Samuel Johnson, 1775.


    • Jeff crawford says:

      My Nephew, a senior at Wheaton College in Illinois is just as brainwashed. Very disappointing. $170k up is smoke. His parents are in denial…. “he’ll come around”.


    • wondering999 says:

      Shirley, tell her that now she will be able to understand the “Good Germans” that colleges love to disdain for not-questioning authorities, people who lived under Fascist/totalitarian systems. Humility helps people to see truth a little better

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    • I’ve seen this more than once. It is sad to watch.


  3. smartyjones1 says:

    This White House sting operation and IMHO that’s what it is must be a prelude to another launch in the plan. Just a hunch.

    While today should prove to be #McCabe Day, or the day the Second American Revolution officially commenced, this America. president is a master of countering the DNC enemedia. This is ramping up to bigger objectives and appears aimed toward public consumption. Groundwork has been laid.

    To have the opposition media literally falling over each other last night can only mean Friday is a good day leading to better. Brace for impact ye seditionists and traitors, your time is neigh.

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    • Ken says:

      Mar 15 2018 19:46:36 (EDT) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 26e3a8 678302
      March madness.
      Public will know soon.

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    • Bruce Fauth says:

      Let’s hope today’s firings along with McCabe (please, dear God, make it happen, then have him indicted for his crimes) should be those leakers that got caught feeding false crap to the media. They were set up by team Trump to be identified. We see Trump hitting his stride and, hopefully, getting rid of the Obozo holdovers and Uniparty career folks in DC.

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      • Elle says:

        So they set up leakers for sharing the leak that McCabe will be fired. But did they also set up others to leak that McCabe will NOT be fired – just before “they really mean it this time” decide to fire McCabe?


      • neal s says:

        Just want to remind you that there are a ton of sealed indictments. His name could be in there somewhere already. Also as long as the indictment is brought before the statute of limitations on various crimes runs out, they can be prosecuted for those crimes even though we don’t publicly know about it yet.


    • gueppebarre says:

      When I saw your screen name then I realized why you said, “…your time is NEIGH.”



  4. sat0422 says:

    Who is paying for her to attend college. Looks like she can learn more from her family.

    I know, I knows, they all need that “degree” except that the degree is now just brainwashing and not about expanding their knowledge and teaching them to analyze and question why? I can remember many years ago having robust debates with other students on the “issues of the day.” I also had some great business and economic teachers. It’s a darn shame what goes on at college today.

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  5. wyntre says:

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  6. Rob says:

    Sorry, I must be missing something. **Who** got caught, exactly, and **when** will they be arrested and charged? And **why** do we think this particular leak is a sting when the previous ones were not?

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    • Scout says:

      Well you might ask.

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    • Eric Kennedy says:

      If the information is not classified, it is not illegal to leak to the press. The point Sundance is making is these are sting operation to root out the leakers and get rid of them. This has been happening for months.

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      • William F Buckley's Ghost says:

        If you have to sign a confidentially agreement to work for the NSA or your boss says….nobody talks to a reporter without getting my permission first then you’re fired. No questions asked. I don’t think that Trump wants to get into the weeds of a criminal prosecution.


  7. rsanchez1990 says:

    They just couldn’t help themselves. There have been enough people agitating against McMaster that they were just waiting for any little sniff of news and tripping over themselves to be the first to report it. The news is always fake!

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  8. covfefe999 says:

    I hope Trump is deliberately setting traps for leakers.

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  9. Guy says:

    Trump just played the WAPO again. Thanks WAPO for confirming who the leakers in the NSA are. I seriously doubt though Jeff Sessions will ever bring indictments of anyone regardless of what Horowitz’s report contains. Nunes and Horowitz are both ending their investigations with supposedly similar results to Grassley. Sessions either acts now, or is revealed to be in on it.

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  10. lunalee says:

    So, what is the point of the leaks? Is anything being done about them?


    • Lurker2 says:

      We might be seeing fake leaks to trigger fake news. What a great idea! Totally corrupt the fake news. Or corrupt it further, it was already corrupt.

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  11. Bill says:

    And what of the leakers? Will they not suffer the consequences? Probably not? Am I the only one growing tired of the ‘news ‘ of leaks and the leakers in DC? Almost makes me give a damn about college basketball.


  12. JoeUser says:

    Gotta love the MSM. The Charlie-Brown’s of news:


  13. 335blues says:

    As just a ‘regular American’ I can only echo what has been stated here numerous times.
    It is frustrating, sad, and very scary to see people in the federal government commit
    felonies without the slightest worry that they will be held accountable for them.
    A two-tiered system of justice exists in America, the one place in the world
    where a reasonable person would never expect that to occur.
    If this is allowed to continue, it will contribute to the
    growing weakness that people feel about our country.
    With so many that apparently have committed crimes
    it should not be hard to pick one or two to prosecute, but
    they all deserve to go to prison.
    Because of his seeming lack of will to do his job,
    Jeff Sessions is either the smartest person on the planet
    and we will all be surprised at the under the radar progress he is making,
    or he is an incredibly over-rated washout who deserves to be fired.

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  14. scott467 says:

    “No plans except to entrap staff and intelligence community leakers; likely those five ‘leakers’ are in/around the National Security Council, and they just got caught.”


    IF there even are five… it’s fake news… there’s no reason to think WaPo didn’t make up the entire story out of whole cloth.


    There may be no ‘leakers’ at all, they could (and certainly would) just as easily have made the whole thing up.


  15. tony5460 says:

    I am confused. Which part of the story is “fake”? I remember when the it was reported Rex would be let go, quite a few people on this board also called it “fake new”. If you are a betting man, would you put your money on H.R. McMaster still works for Trump one month from now?


  16. Rooster says:

    Keep sending your bright sons and daughters to these liberal colleges to get them a solid education, or so you think, and they turn them into left wing, communist, snow flakes that know nothing about how this country and the branches of government were set up to work. Then in a few years they start running the country. Boy are we in trouble.


  17. Maggi T says:

    It seems to me the wise path to choose is to educate children with truth. We can start out with making it mandatory in each state to teach the US Constitution from a young age. I am contacting my State rep. to begin such a protocol.


  18. Alice Leyva says:

    I have been watching many posts about President Trump today. I keep seeing surveys on President Trump and desired actions to be taken, but Google forbids these surveys. Cannot take them.


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