Sunday Talks: Secretary Wilbur Ross vs George Stephanopoulos…

I always find it amusing that ABC News never publishes the excerpts of interviews (on their YouTube channel) that run counter to their political ideology.   I digress…

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross appears on ABC to talk trade with George Stephanopoulos.  Secretary Ross highlights a key point in the discussion about how post-World-War-II trade tariff policies were intentionally constructed to lift Germany, Japan and economically devastated nations after the war.  This was the origin of the progressive trade association that became the WTO.

[Ross’s segment begins at 38:45 of the video below – prompted, just hit play]

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57 Responses to Sunday Talks: Secretary Wilbur Ross vs George Stephanopoulos…

  1. daughnworks247 says:

    Not fair for lil’ George to go up against the Master, Wilbur.

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    • JC says:

      Haha – true, daughn. Pathetic. Just when I think I can’t love our Wilburine any more than I already do, this interview pops up.

      The immaturity and shortsightedness of these playground bullies responding to tariffs is breathtaking.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Poor Georgie – I doubt he even understands what our beloved Wilburine was trying to explain to him. Run home to mommy, Georgie.

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    • Elizabeth Carter says:

      Wilber has such patience. He tells them the truth over and over again in detail and they still try to trap him into something.
      The members of the Trump administration tell the truth and the talking heads just can’t get their heads around that fact. Truth has been something they have rarely heard. It is a pleasure to watch how miserable the truth makes them.

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    • DB says:

      YouTube pulled the video….. found it on ABC News website, after wading through pages of Oscar babble!!! EKKKKKK!

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    • DB says:

      It is so much fun watching interview after interview, debate after debate with this administration’s pros totally schooling the establishment media drones.

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  2. Peter says:

    ya, but, ya, but but, but

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  3. jmclever says:

    So we saved the world (our allies) from the communists and then restored the world from the ravages of war and communism (our allies and enemies). In return we get screwed. As my dad says, no good deed goes unpunished.

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  4. Wend says:

    Wilburine is so very much Yoda.

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  5. Donna in Oregon says:

    Everytime I see George Stephanopoulos I have a mental image of him snorting cocaine off the toilet seat of a White House bathroom.

    Did I see a picture once? Did someone talk about it? I know he had a cocaine issue…..

    I just avoid looking at him whenever possible, this image is disturbing. I think cocaine can stunt a lot more things than science acknowledges, poor George.

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  6. fleporeblog says:

    If our Lion 🦁 drops his MOAB, the entire world would be screwed! Reciprocal Tariffs would be the ultimate BOMB that ends any trade war. If every country in the world came after our President with threats to place tariffs on all American exports, our President would destroy them in less than 24 hours. He would take us out of the WTO and place Reciprocal Tariffs on every import into our country.

    Within one day they would drop their tariffs on everything we export!

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    • Who thinks President Trump’s initial “offers” will be the best for the other side?
      • Start with next week’s announced Tariffs that “level the playing field” per Commodity.

      No Deal?
      • Impose Country-of-Origin Tariffs on ALL of their products to “reverse the damage” … funding RESTORATION of AMERICA’s LOST STEEL and ALUMINUM CAPACITY.

      Still no Deal?
      • Set American Import Quotas on ALL of the offending Country’s products to “even the score” … until America’s FAVORABLE TRADE BALANCE with that country erases our CUMULATIVE UNFAVORABLE TRADE BALANCE with them over the past 25 years.

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  7. Gary Ingle says:

    Wilbur: Let me speak slowly and clearly for you little George…
    Little George: damn get this guy out of here quick and destroy this taping so no one ever sees it again…ever!

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  8. trumpthepress says:

    Trump has picked some incredible leaders around him. A great core of experienced pro-American folks. My favorite part was when the Wolverine said “That’s simply not true”. And following it up with many facts. Terrific.

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  9. trumpthepress says:

    And not the video is unavailable? More censorship?

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  10. bessie2003 says:

    It says “video is unavailable”

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  11. disgustedwithjulison says:

    Clearly the video looked too good for MAGA and Trump…It has been removed from YouTube.

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  12. NC Nana says:

    I couldn’t view the video here at CTH so I went directly to YouTube and looked it up there. I was able to see it:

    My husband had a problem with a video he wanted to view this evening. (Not one on the CTH.) He was using his desk top that has Chrome as its browser. As a test he went to a laptop that has FireFox as the browser. The video came up fine from the the original web site using FireFox. (He didn’t have to look it up on YouTube.)

    He has gone to bed so I can ask him for the details right now.

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  13. Deplorable says:

    CTH keeps putting out stories I never see anywhere else and which usually turn out to be the stories that matter, or would matter if anyone knew about them. Big Media does a mighty fine job of laying a cone of silence over the truth.

    *No, I’m not a relative of CTH staff 😉

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  14. J Gottfred says:

    “I always find it amusing that ABC News never publishes the excerpts of interviews (on their YouTube channel) that run counter to their political ideology. ” -sundance.
    Try placing a comment that is not in agreement with their narrative and it is promptly deleted as spam. -you probably already know that!

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  15. GB Bari says:

    Ross is an excellent spokesman for trade economics. He exudes a depth of knowledge and combines that with an ability to explain clearly the relevant facts and statistics without “going into the weeds”. President Trump picked a great professional for that position.

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  16. MAGAbear says:

    I always find it funny when the globalist special pleaders scream “trade wars, trade wars, oh my!” when we’re already in a trade war that up until now only has had one side fighting! Thank God we have a President defending not only his countries workers, but also keeping our military from having to depend on foreign components to keep it running effectively.

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  17. Beverly says:

    Yeah, the Chinese might not buy our goods. Panic, scream, run around in circles and faint!

    Oh, wait: they AREN’T buying our goods NOW.


    We actually have a man on OUR side in the White House for a change, not a bought and sold creature of the vested interests. Amazing. He even works for free! No one can buy him: he’s already rich as hell and has children and grandchildren as well as a country to fight for.

    Thank You, God.


    • Carrie2 says:

      MAGAbear, they are still buying our goods, especially the pricey brands because the standard of living has truly increased a LOT and they want the good stuff. I can tell you as a visitor and studying there that they are willing to pay big bucks for clothing, purses, whatever for status and feeling good in real great products. However, there are always buses full of Asians coming into the Gilroy Mall to buy our stuff as well and that mall is the most lucrative in the USA. Had Chinese friends visit us with money from friends to take back big brand names here at a lesser cost than in China. They have become more entrepreneurial in China as well and now have many millionaires and billionaires. Always find new things and changes being made on visiting. AND at least in Beijing they want to speak English knowing how important it is for them and their businesses. Glad to say we have schools in CA teaching Chinese to students and adults because it is important to be conversant with them. Remember Ivanka’s 6 yr. old daughter singing in perfect Chinese to Xi and wife (who sang along with her as she had been a folk singer before marrying Xi). Always a good thing to learn and speak the language of the country you are visiting and I learned that in Mexico and that helped me learn other languages.


  18. nyc0007 says:

    Wilburine must be 80 years old, let me know if I am wrong here. the guy is brilliant!
    The best pick to stand by Trump that I have seen. This guy is the real McCoy! And he is hella smart!
    Everything he said was spot on. Good job sir!

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    • Carrie2 says:

      nycoo7, I believe he was 78 when came on Trump’s team and I also like his team on economics and dealing with Mexico, Canada and elsewhere.


  19. Pelicansview says:

    The video appears to have been taken down.


  20. waltherppk says:

    At time mark 39:00 in this video is the Wilbur Ross interview


    • waltherppk says:

      The Wilbur Ross interview runs for 6 minutes from 39:00 to 45:00


    • LeafPeeperTreeper says:

      Thank you, waltherppk, for the working link. I know Sesame Street misses their Muppet, Georgie Snuffleupagus!
      Thank you, Lord God Almighty, for President Trump and his team, Bless and guide and protect them every one I pray. Mr. Wilbur Ross is one of my favorites!

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    • Lindenlee says:

      The account is closed for “multiple instances of copyright infringement”.


      • waltherppk says:

        The video link I posted here works for me, so you must be talking about the first video linked in the topic here that went dead.


  21. “Oceania has always/never been at war with Eurasia/Eastasia” ~ paraphrase Orwell

    After stage setting WW One and Two, Earth’s ruling demonic warlords needed to set up their final three sided Armageddon, the West vs Russia vs China. Nuremberg executed ten Nazis, the Japanese war crimes included genocide, POW slave labor and +200,000 documented cases of cannibalism. The US would have never reconstructed Japan if Truth was known. Over 2,200 Japanese were tried, executed, all records ‘Classified for 50 Years’ while stage setting for WW Three, see….

    “Overthrowing the Kit & Kaboodle” at FauxScienceSlayer….share Truth


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