Big Picture Question: How Do We Know?…

Yesterday the news broke of Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman, Mark Warner, seeking covert contact with ‘Clinton-Steele Dossier’ originating entity Christopher Steele.

Within the March/April 2017 communication, the back-and-forth centered around Chris Steele wanting a written request signed by both the Vice-Chair (Warner) and the Senate Committee Chairman, Richard Burr.

Without that bi-partisan request, Steele was not willing to engage with Warner unilaterally.  If you consider the timing of the attempted communication (March ’17), and you overlay the expressed concerns therein; against the backdrop of the 2016 DC severe ideological effort the push for a special counsel probe based on false pretense against newly-elected President Trump; a picture emerges of Christopher Steele recognizing his endeavors within the enterprise carried considerable risk.

Vice-Chairman Warner didn’t want a ‘paper trail’ and transparently didn’t want the political opposition (republican members), to know of his political intent.  Therefore Warner never asked Chairman Burr for his signature upon the letter requested by Steele. Ultimately Mr. Steele was correct in his suspicions, and prudent in his risk avoidance.

All of that is true, however, very few have stopped to ask: how did we, the viewing public, discover the Warner messaging and communication story in the first place?

How did the story of the Warner text messaging get into the media bloodstream?   Who was the ‘entity’ who investigated, discovered, and eventually released the Warner messaging?

The answers to those questions are similar to the questions that have been demonstrably overlooked ever since early December when we discover the story of Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr.  Each of the aforementioned ‘small group’ officials was removed from responsibility, disciplined and currently remains in stasis.

Within the overwhelming deluge of information that flowed as a consequence no-one paused to ask: How did we, the viewing public, find out about them, all of them, and their activity?

The December 2017 Strzok, Page and Ohr revelations gave rise to massive downstream consequences:

♦FBI chief-legal-counsel James “Jim” Baker was reassigned; ♦FBI Deputy Director Andrew “Andy” McCabe was resigned; ♦DOJ Deputy Attorney Bruce Ohr was demoted again; ♦FBI Asst. Deputy Director and chief-of-staff Jim Rybicki quit; ♦Deputy Asst. Attorney General in charge of counterintelligence, David “Dave” Laufman quits;  ♦FBI Asst. Director Michael “Mike” Kortan, head of the FBI Public Affairs Office, resigns.


How did we discover the original text messages?

  • How do we discover Page/Strzok changing the wording of the Clinton exoneration “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”?
  • How do we discover Bruce Ohr being in contact with Fusion GPS; or working with Peter Strzok; or meeting with Christopher Steele?
  • How did we find out in December about Nellie Ohr, Bruce’s wife, working with Fusion GPS?
  • How do we find out about text messages for the “insurance policy”; or intentionally incomplete “FD-302’s”?

Most importantly – As the deluge of information now floods the geography around us, has anyone looked up to see who was the shadowy figure atop the damn who triggered the collapse?

Every current story is well down-stream from those initial releases of information into the public sunlight.  Not a single story of consequence is disconnected from the origin.  None of the FISA revelations, or anything else, would have happened without the initial December 2017 information release…

…And just like yesterday’s news about Vice-Chairman Mark Warner, no-one apparently knows where all this originating information came from.

Many vague and inferential references have been made toward the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General, and the investigative oversight of Michael Horowitz via his year-long DOJ investigation, as the impetus of the information flow.

I don’t disagree with that presentation a single bit.

It is virtually a guarantee that IG Horowitz and his team of investigators inside the apparatus are the ones who collected every bit of the evidence that has led to these and other revelations yet to come.

But that still doesn’t answer the question: How do WE find out about them?

The dutiful Michael Horowitz has a boss.

Michael Horowitz’ boss is most certainly in the loop.

His boss is:

Carry on…

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696 Responses to Big Picture Question: How Do We Know?…

  1. Red says:

    So Sessions wasn’t stumbling around “whistling Dixie” afterall. I love it….The quite little Southern Gentleman is going to come out of the briar patch and when he does there is going to be hell to pay. It may take him awhile to get it all said and done, but they’ll surely know they have been had!

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    • cwf60 says:

      If that is true, then I was wrong about him. I am happy about that.

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    • Daniel says:

      I have come to re-understand the nature of the Jeff Sessions recusal situation.

      If I were a prosecutor harmed by an armed robbery suspect, would it be appropriate for me to prosecute that suspect?

      Remember that EVERYONE in the Trump campaign and transition team were under illegal surveillance. This would include Jeff Sessions.

      With that understanding, would it be appropriate for this prosecutor to prosecute the suspects?

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    • Trumpelstiltsken says:

      Lots of crow-eating yet to come for the Sessions detractors. I’m still amazed at the myopia exhibited by otherwise “woke” Trump supporters who have been calling for AG Sesh’s head.

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    • Bud Klatsch says:

      I hope this is correct supposition, I want to believe that Sessions would not in any way hinder Trump.

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      • cali says:

        @Bud Klatsch: I agree!
        It takes methodical, extensive and hard work to file as of yesterday 13,300 Sealed Indictments against all bad actors facing courts across this country as well as military tribunals although they are handled a bit differently.
        When reading the new media you can see indictments get unsealed and corrupted politicians are stepping down due to charges. Heck the old msn did not even report the raids/arrests once again in California a couple of weeks ago of 552 more individuals charged with child sex trafficking and pedophiles while 90 children were rescued from the clutches of these monsters.
        These FBI raids are all in sync with Trump-Sessions and have not stopped since January 2017. My guess is that to date the FBI snagged almost close to 8,000 of these monsters with hundreds of children rescued. I could be wrong and there are more. The msn will not and would not report on these raids. The msn also does not report on the group made up with retired spec ops soldiers and others that go after these monsters as well and rescuing children. That organization does it free of charge.
        So yes Session is a busy man and he has hired a number of investigators and attorneys to assist with the monumental task at hand.
        Sessions is the possum in public while he slays the dragon behind the scene.

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    • tempo150101 says:

      This is maddening to me that people don’t understand the nature of Jeff Sessions’ work. They think that getting out in front of microphones all the time and being a blowhard means something’s happening.

      Jeff sessions job is to keep information close to the vest. Putting these kinds of cases together is a very difficult endeavor. This is not like an armed robbery where you have video, fingerprints and DNA evidence. This is all paper, interviews, and getting people to flip. It involves a lot of hard, detailed, meticulous work and it takes a long time to put these cases together and put them together the right way.

      If Sessions wasn’t doing his job, I have no doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t be there anymore.

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      • sat0422 says:

        I dislike talking heads and they are easy to identify. 1. They repeat what others have said.
        2. They often pose “what would happen if questions. 3. I see and hear from them on a daily basis and there is never anything new in their presentations.

        Our country is overrun by talking heads. I hold the 24/7 news cycles on several media outlets partially responsible. I hold the 24/7 news junkies who want someone to talk to them via media also responsible. Get a hobby, get busy learining somethiing new, and limit your news intake to no more than 2 hours per day.

        Please excuse my cynical attitutde, but I also hold them responsible for more and more advertising about medical conditions and the push for new pills that will help us grow to be a 100 years old and keep us with a sound mind. LOL

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    • d2i says:

      Sessions on the FBI and its future, Feb 6, 2018, the day McCabe left –

      ““Well, I have believed it was important to have a fresh start at the FBI, and actually, it was in my letter to the president when I recommended Comey’s removal. I used the words, ‘fresh start,’ and the FBI director is Chris Wray, a very talented, smart, capable leader.

      “I think it will give them an opportunity to go straight to the American people and say, ‘we are gonna win your confidence,’ ” he said.

      “When asked if he was concerned that the FBI had become too politicized, Sessions said the agency needs to be careful.”

      “Well, I would just say it this way. The Department of Justice, which includes the FBI, we all, we tend to be defensive. At this point in time, I think we need to go the extra mile to make sure that everything we do is not political. Everything we do is based on law and facts. And, whether we like it or not, there’s been erosion some in the confidence of the American people at the FBI and Department of Justice,” he said.

      “And we need to earn that back, and because the heart and soul of the Department of Justice is very good,” he said

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    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      On the subject of “How do we Know?” How do we know Steele got anything at all from the Russians? There isn’t a thing in his dossier that couldn’t have been conjured out of thin air by the DNC and their DOJ/FBI moles.
      $168,000 couldn’t buy a cup of coffee in the “bullet in the back of the head for traitors” Russian spy world. But it was enough for Steele to type up DNC trash as his own work.
      Had Hillary won, that was some quick pocket change, but since she lost I am certain Steele would like to return the money and go back to skulking around alleyways.

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      • farrier105 says:

        I doubt that Steele even typed it. He just hawked it to the media like Alex Trebek hawking life insurance for the elderly. Most of the people involved in this are lazy and incompetent, and Steele tops all of them. He wasn’t even worth the money he got paid.

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    • Almost everyone has consistently underrated the AG’s investigative skills. He was widely believed across Justice to be the best investigative US Attorney during his tenure. He knows well how to play the prosecutorial game, and he knows how to gather evidence to mount a successful prosecution. It is gratifying to see.

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    • Thomas Richard Kinsella says:

      The IG has performed in spite of Sessions, not because of him….


      • buckeyeman says:

        Isn’t it true that the IG is supposed to be… INDEPENDENT????? That does not imply that Jeff Sessions is the “boss” of the IG. The IG would not be at all independent if that were the case. Try again.


        • DixiT says:

          Michael Horowitz is called the “DOJ’s Inspector General.” Even though his office is separate (OIG—Office of the Inspector General), he has a strong relationship with the DOJ, because he DOES basically work for the DOJ —just like the other IGs in our government. EACH Agency in the federal government has an IG.

          For 8 years the DOJ’s IG (Horowitz) had his “authority” stripped from him, by former Pres. Obama—as did ALL IGs in our federal government. It was not until Jeff Sessions became AG that ALL IGs were given back ALL the “authority” they once had before Obama’s presidency!

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    • Blue Ridge Mts Va says:

      Ha, funny about Sessions. He is willing to let us all assume he is an idiot just to get stuff done. I was fairly certain that he was very willing to let a certain incompetent image of him occupy our minds while behind the scenes he was accomplishing great things. Just remember how our ingenious PDJT does not announce or telegraph what he will do, or reveal his plans…really.
      Do you remember this article in the American Thinker about Sessions and Trump?

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    • I guess I will stop charging the paddles, put the adrenaline away, and toss the amyl nitrate out.

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    • heytrudi says:

      “Sessions is the possum in public while he slays the dragon behind the scene.” I must go on that premise. I have NO choice and neither do any of you on the side of seeing Justice served.


  2. Another excellent analysis by Sundance. Just when my patience is wearing thin with inaction, and I’m ready to throw anyone under the bus (AG Sessions included), Sundance brings me back to reality – making me think outside the box. A humble thank-you from me to you.

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  3. South Col says:

    That’s an amusing theory.
    Jeff will run with whomever looks like wining , he recuses himself when the Establishment and Mueller look irresistible, now he’s perhaps having thoughts of his other foot getting up for a win.
    What has this clown done except refuse to order the FBI DoJ to comply with Congressional demands for documents? Absolutely contrary to the interests of PDJT.


  4. MAGAbear says:

    I’m sure Sessions having been slimed by the left during his confirmation hearing before the Senate years ago still remains fresh in his mind. You know what they say about paybacks. 😉

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  5. Thomas_Pain-1961 says:

    My pipe dream:

    Mueller informs the press he is going to announce his indictments in two hours. The MSM cable news shows go wild with glee while hosts of the news programs literally dance jigs of elation on camera. The MSM announces to the news consumers that Trump is going to be indicted, dems win the midterms, and the eviction of Trump is well in hand.

    MSM reporters cause the press room to buzz with glee while saliva hits the floor from various reporter droolings. Mueller enters the room heading toward the podium. The mood in the room changes 180 degrees when Jeff Sessions and President Trump enter the room behind Mueller.

    Mueller, with Sessions and Trump standing behind him, announces Trumps exoneration in the Russia probe and then Mueller announces his indictments of the miscreants in the FBI spy scandal, since he was authorized by Rosenstein to take a wide berth in what Mueller investigated.. Then Sessions announces his indictments, including indictments of two former presidents, two former secretaries of state, two former attorney generals, and several reporters in the room.

    Barrack Obama is told by his pilot that law enforcement has surrounded their plane and they cannot take off.

    Loretta Lynch eats her last box of Krispy Kremes

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  6. Beigun says:

    Burr and Rubio have shown their true colors, but Sessions seems to be the ‘Bama Possum laying low for the big game, Obama and Clinton.

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  7. malmino says:

    Now that Sessions is being rehabilitated I would like to bring up the case of Michael Flynn, who like Sessions was an early, vocal, influential, and loyal supporter of candidate Trump. We have been told that he was contacting foreign diplomats (including RUSSIANS!) during the transition, which was perfectly legal and appropriate, but that he somehow mislead VP Pence about his activities and had to be fired. I don’t believe it. We are told that he then stumbled into a perjury trap by lying to Special Council investigators about his perfectly legal activities. I don’t believe that either. We are told he then agreed to cooperate with the Special Council in exchange for a lighter sentence. I don’t believe that either.

    None of this makes sense, but thus far I have not been able to develop a cogent alternative theory. Did Michael Flynn go undercover? How would that help the White Hat team? Is there something significant that he could learn only from that vantage point. I open to suggestions.

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    • MTK says:

      Flynn’s plea is part of the duality of winning.
      Those seeking to expose had to appear to be losing(still winning) and those looking at loosing had to be believe they where winning(actually losing).

      The pic the other day, of Trump burying the swamp rats in their own pit. Can easily be remade now… Put a shovel in the hand of each and everyone of them, with Trump standing above them with a garden hose giving them shower.
      Of course the irony of it all, could just as easily be re-image with a different kind of hose in hand. But, trying real hard to keep it PG.

      Point is they all buried themselves, hence the proverbial shovel in their hands. And, the garden hose metaphor, well was that not the kind of shower they tried to bury PDJT with.

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    • MTK says:

      Did MF go under cover…

      To answer that, you need to be asking a different set questions. That is a subject way above our pay grades. But, rabbit hole is out there and the MSM media actually covered it quite extensively in its day.

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    • Eilert says:

      Flynn will not only be exonerated.
      He wil be back in the White House.

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    • CannabisBarbi says:

      Flynn spoke to Strzok without an atty. during this “interview” Flynn got a date wrong. Flynn was charged with lying to federal investigators. Process crime. Flynn plead guilty. Mueller postponed his sentencing date. To when? Nobody knows. (Flynn’s sentencing is effectively canceled.) The Memo was released. Now that Strzok is probably legally liable, Mueller is backing off.

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      • buckeyeman says:

        What makes you think it was MUELLER who postponed the sentencing as opposed to the judge? You Sessions rehabilitators are resorting to fantasy. The original Flynn judge was deceived and recused himself. Mueller had nothing to do with it. Mueller is as dirty as dirt. Only time will tell what the new judge decides to do, but Sessions has had nothing to do with any of this.


        • MrDjay81 says:

          Mueller postponed Flynns sentencing around the time the Nunes memo came out, not a judge. But you are right that a few months back a judge did recuse himself from the Flynn case. Im guessing its because of the fact he is also a FISA judge and had a conflict of interest because of it. As for the delay, I think its because Mueller knows that any half sober defense attorney could get Flynns guilty verdict thrown out on appeal. You got to remember 2 FBI agents interviewed Flynn. One of them said Flynn was telling the truth and was not trying to lie. The other agent, Peter Strzok, said Flynn was misleading and good ol Andy “First we f*ck Flynn, then we f*ck Trump” McCabe agreed with Strzok. SHOCKER!! McCabe hated Flynn because Flynn backed up a woman that accused McCabe of misconduct and McCabe had it out for him ever since. So Mueller really had no option but to delay the sentencing. Part of me thinks Mueller is either waiting for the IG report or he knows whats in it and that it exposes the corruption of the people who interviewed and went after Flynn. If thats the case and the IG report is as bad as it looks to be I think there is a good chance Flynn gets his charges dropped.

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    • Sue wared says:

      Watch very carefully the name Rudolph Contreas, he’s the judge who just recused himself from sentencing Gen. Michael Flynn . Why? It was a cut and dried case Mueller reduced the charges so all judge had to do was basically accept already agreed upon terms. He recused because it will very soon come out HE WAS THE FISA JUDGE who signed off on the warrant to allow the spying. Fisa judges are posted ahead of the day they serve , because it’s a 24 on call term. The FBI intentionally waited until he was judge of the day. They went Judge shopping. Why? Because this judge was appointed by Slick Willie Clinton. If some honest sharp person would do some checking they could tie judge, judges family wife ,daughter to Clinton foundation, and ,and. Start watching. Grassley and Miss Lindsay Graham have already seen all 4 Fisa warrant applications and all supporting documents ( which would include the name of the judge who signed off and who signed the application from doj or FBI). It will show all 4 times they went in for re authorization of warrant. Any guess who signed each time? That’s why they are doing the criminal referral directly to Sessions. Remember inspector general is semi independent but works under Sessions. Wray said he removed McCabe after he got details of upcoming IG report. The IG s office had the texts when the FBI said they were lots. Issue is how bright aggressive and honest is newFBI director Christopher Wray?

      If the supporting documents for fisa warrants are made public all hell will break lose.
      Rep. Adam Schitz who wrote the dem memo is crooked . Nothing is stopping him from going before Congress and reading the entire memo into the congressional record. He could do it today by law. Once it was approved by the intelligence committee and it was, he could have run not walked ,to read it publically into the records with no redactions. He’s a creep . He put highly classified info in it intentionally, to make it look like Trump was political, when it’s actually him. We need to demand everywhere we could that he reads it now publicly. Watch how he weasels out. He wouldn’t dare want to be responsible for reading the confidential info.


  8. Summer says:

    Sorry, Sundance, but this article is just wishful thinking, in my humble opinion. Sessions recused himself from all matters pertaining to the campaigns. That includes the FISA scandal, Dossier etc.

    As you know, Congress and the White House officially communicate ONLY with Rod Rosenstein. Because once again, Jeff Sessions recused himself. Sessions is not even being briefed. It would be unethical for him to secretly oversee anything he publicly would not. Are you suggesting he is no better than Obama?

    Everything is addressed to Rosenstein and every response is signed by Rosenstein. Risenstein is in charge, as ordered by Sessions.

    And no, I seriously doubt that Sessions would leak classified material to Fox News or anyone else. No friggin way. Leaking classified material is a crime, and if it becomes known that he is a leaker, after creating a special unit to combat leaking, that would be the biggest bombshell which would lead to Trump JUSTIFIABLY firing him.

    We “know” all the stuff we “know” because of tireless work of many patriots, including yourself, and because President Trump has these people’s back. A lot is discovered because it is much harder to cover up now. Many roadblocks are removed (Perhaps Sessions helped but we are well aware that his department stonewalled Congress and Judicial Watch for a year, and is still stonewalling — FACT.)

    If I somehow misunderstood your point, I apologize. But I really fail to see how Sessions can be credited for anything here.

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    • MTK says:

      I am sure when the guilty are exposed, not a lawyer in the Land will make the piller of their defense, “Oh, but he lied on excusing himself”. Specifically, when the charge basically comes down to lying to us Citizens!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Newt Love says:

      Summer, I am seriously doubting your understanding of the Constitutional framework of our government and how the scope of a recusal works.

      Jeff Sessions is the AG of the DoJ. He recused himself from matters relating to the Trump Campaign and Russia.

      He did not abdicate his role of head of the DoJ (over the FBI) on ALL OTHER MATTERS. He is still “the big boss” of both, and except for “Russia Russia Russia” thing, he is still responsible for everyone who works for him, and what they are doing, and what they are Investigating, and such. He has a HUGE Department to run and oversee.

      While he recused himself from the Russia stuff, he can still read reports, and decide if various investigations should go forward. He still determines the amount of resources to allocate to each effort, and has the final decision on prosecute or don’t pursue for each case.

      W.R.T. the IG Horowitz investigation, under Obama, Deputy AG Sally Yates wrote a lengthy (50+ page) brief on why IG Horowitz could not oversee the National Security Division (NSD) of the DoJ. [That is where the Obama DoJ was developing the FISA Warrants to allow “about searches” on Trump Associates, during and after the election.]

      President Trump (rightfully) Fired Acting AG Sally Yates for not representing the POTUS in front of the Supremes. He got Jeff Sessions appointed AG. When IG Horowitz asked AG Sessions about overseeing the DoJ including the NSD, AG Sessions said, “Of Course!” And then the shit started to roll downhill into the Nunez 4-page memo and all of the subsequent memos.

      Et cetera, et cetera, and don’t you even read the news? Or are you a Troll, who’s primary language is Trollish, and relies on the Google Translate App for Trollish English which is not doing well? Maybe you should switch to the Apple Siri translator that does a much better Trollish English translation, from what I’ve read.

      Seriously, the job of the AG is HUGE! The “Russia Russia Russia” probe under Special School Counselor Robber MuleEar is a minuscule slice of the DoJ, only it seems bigger because the LibTard MSM keeps pounding it into the front of newscasts.

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      • Summer says:

        Newt Love, I am seriously doubting your understanding of “how the scope of refusal works.” Moreover, I am seriously doubting your understanding of the concept called “logical fallacy.” Did I claim that Jeff Sessions does not do his job, aka “asleep at the wheel”? No. Did I suggest that the AG job is simple or there is nothing else to do except Muh Russia? No. Strawman. The topic is not his multiple duties or how well he performs. The topic is “how we discovered all this information.” Re-read Sundance’s post please. The topic: speculation on the AG Sessions’ POSSIBLE role in the deluge of information we are experiencing. Got it?

        Here is Jeff Sessions statement:

        “I have decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigations of any matters related in any way to the campaigns for the President of the United States.”


        Do you think Dossier is unrelated? Do you think the FISA based on the Dossier is unrelated? Do you think the Nunes Memo is unrelated? Do you think Warner’s contact with Steele via Russians is unrelated? If the answer is yes, please elaborate. I am sure it will be interesting to hear your arguments.

        But if you agree that these things are related to the campaigns, then perhaps you would consider that AG Sessions cannot supervise any investigation into any of these things. Moreover, it was reported that he is not being briefed on the investigation. Does he read the reports? I don’t know. And neither do you. Does he privately discuss matters with the Congressmen and the media? Most probably not. And he should not. HE RECUSED.

        Therefore, any information LEGALLY disclosed and made available comes from someone other than Sessions. Any firings/demotions/resignations in connection with the revealed corruption related to this particular investigation originate from someone other than Sessions. That is not to say he is not consulted.
        And most importantly, there is zero chance that any confidential info (such as Warner and Steele) would be leaked (disclosed ILLEGALLY) to Fox by Sessions or with his approval. I am sure his every step is scrutinized. So, as Obama used to say, someone else made that happen.

        So, while I agree that Sessions probably played a big role in the process of opening the windows and letting the sunlight into the dark recesses of his Swampy Department, he is not the one who is uncovering all this and letting us “know.” The IG investigation started during Obama’s term, Sessions has nothing to do with it. Nunes and Goodlatte and Grassley were stonewalled and had to threaten the DoJ with holding them in contempt in order to get the requested documents for their Memos. Judicial Watch keeps on suing DoJ. And winning. Investigative journalists (the real ones) uncover stuff. We should thank these patriots. That’s how we “know.” Because of them.

        And I am still waiting for at least one indictment.

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        • Kaco says:

          I agree with you, it would be completely contradictory of Sessions, to become a leaker, and of information he has recused himself of. Until some public declaration is made, I am just watching how this plays out. I can’t dismiss the stonewalling of Congress and Judicial Watch either.

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        • mimbler says:

          Very well written post, Summer. I’ve pretty much given up presenting facts on this issue, though.
          They just don’t break through to the faith based, or personality based supporters, so I realize I’m just writing them to people who already agree with me!

          And people can believe what they want. Time will eventually present us with the truth, whatever it may be.


        • Apollo says:

          Exactly. Still waiting for at least one indictment.

          That’s when we’ll know it’s real–that the rule of law is really being preserved.


        • nyc0007 says:

          I can’t tell you the amount of people I know that know that the Dems are crooked, but refuse to pay attention until someone gets indicted. They simply don’t trust Congress or the upper management of the DOJ and FBI. Corrupt is as corrupt goes.


  9. Christanne Schey says:

    You knocked it outta the park! Especially since I just read that weasel Chaffetz was putting down AG Sessions on Fox. Although the investigation itself is nothing short of amazing I’m blown away by the skillful public rollout as well. The perps are being removed with scarcely a ripple. No doubt almost all everybody will be on board by the time they are shipped off to Leavenworth. Or Gitmo.

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    • Remington..... says:

      I cringe every time I see that idiot Chaffetz on TV. ‘Seems like his mission, the very reason he was hired, is to trash talk Sessions. I just don’t understand why folks can’t see through this pretender.

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    • jamesvsmithjrj says:

      Good insight on “scarcely a ripple.” When SD starts listing them in a single paragraph, it begins to look like a swell. Waiting for the tsunami.


  10. albrevin says:

    bet Sessions has sting operations going on all over the place to find the leakers. Bet we are seeing the results of that and going to see more.

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  11. Derek Hagen says:

    Oooh Sundance, you warm my heart.

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  12. JimBob says:

    Do I dare touch a toe into the Swamp of lies-upon-lies?

    First, THANK YOU SUNDANCE for shining daylight on so many nefarious people and their activities!

    It bubbles up in my memory, the Anthrax panic and investigation, and the many leaks (In huge headlines) that pointed to Mr. Steven Hatfill as the bad guy. Highly publicized FBI raids (on Hatfill’s HOUSE!…. same technique as used on Mr. Manafort ) and a media feeding frenzy followed. Only trouble was, Hatfill WASN’T the bad guy. When all the smoke had cleared and the dust had settled, it was someone else. But it took Mr. Hatfill a couple of years of enduring a government and media attack- labeling him a pariah and costing him his career- before he was able to get it acknowledged (in small print) that he was innocent.
    My understanding is that the person behind the ‘leaks’, the person who caused the media frenzy was……. our esteemed FBI guru, Mr. Mueller.
    Just seeing some similar techniques being used today.

    Hey, I’m just a regular guy trying to keep up with what is happening. Anyone with any better information ….. please chip in!

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      JimBob, you hit the nail on the head with Mueller’s persecution of poor Hatfill. It was a disgrace and cost the government a few million bucks to settle up with the professor whose life Mueller destroyed (the man ultimately committed suicide, as I recall). Mueller is a villain who makes Iago look good.

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      • ADDgolfer says:

        JoAnn Leichliter:
        For six years, the FBI focused its investigation on Steven Hatfill. In 2008, authorities exonerated him.
        In 2006 the FBI started investigating Bruce Ivins, like Hatfill using circumstantial evidence.
        Bruce Ivins is the one who commited suicide in July 2008 of an overdose of Tylenol/codeine.
        After Hatfill was exonerated in March, The FBI came after Ivins hard. It affected his personal life, job, and mental stability.
        No formal charges were ever actually filed against him for the crime, and no direct evidence of his involvement has been uncovered
        source: wikipedia

        That’s Mueller’s and his FBI. So, for those thinking Mueller might be a secret “white hat”? Does a leopard change its spots?

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  13. MTK says:

    All should remember the ‘Gunpowered Plot’ did not end well for Fawkes.

    Oh how, the Left loves to talk about cultral miss-Appropriations.

    Great work SD

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  14. Rynn69 says:

    Sessions better be in charge…if not…our country is GONE.

    Liked by 4 people

  15. Republicanvet91 says:

    Just curious. Was the public spat and Trump’s tweets against Sessions not doing much just a ruse?

    Yes, he recused himself from the Russian investigation and is letting Rosenstein be the public face of that goose chase, but I don’t believe he has recused himself from all else.

    Was all that a setup to let him focus on the real issues here of ferreting out leaks and going after this other stuff?

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    • Rynn69 says:

      I think the “spat” was a ruse. However, I do think Session’s recusal was a mistake and unwittingly done by Sessions and truly frustrated Trump.


  16. Mark Wothe says:

    I hope this is the case. I’ve been defending Sessions for months from some pretty harsh attacks. I think he’s a great man–even though I disagree with him a few things. I’ve admired him for years and it’s really bothered me to see him maligned so badly, especially from people on “our side”. One of my biggest hopes is to see Mike Flynn and Jeff Sessions both rightfully vindicated. #MAGA

    Liked by 5 people

  17. Yep. This post. 100%

    Sessions is a white hat. President Trump might be many things, but stupid isn’t one of them.

    May God bless him and protect him.

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  18. Bill_M says:

    Astute observation, Sundance, to a very obvious question which has been totally ignored in all the other folderol. And likely correct.


  19. jeff says:

    Which leads us to the question …..Why is AG Jeff Sessions waiting…waiting …waiting to prosecute . The AG Jeff Sessions has all the evidence he needs to prosecute those involved in an attempted coup d’eta of a duly elected sitting president . As well as all the crimes of the Obama administration . So what is he waiting FOR ?

    President Trump put pressure on CONgress to extend authority to his cabinet to clean up the DEEP STATE . As more information slowly comes out to RED PILL more and more Americans the pressure on CONgress UNIPARTY will grow to do as our president asked .

    “Who’s got the Monkey ” is how Trump manages a massive conglomerate by delegating in his private business. Same thing applies here !

    ” I call on Congress to empower every Cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American People ”

    ANSWER ….The political class and their subordinate federal agencies are levels 4 & 5 of the modern feudal system . President Trump and AG Sessions are going for the top 3 tiers as well !! These are the GLOBAL ELITE HUMAN FARMERS That Orwell warned us of in his novels .

    At the top are the owners of the NOT federal and NO reserve. A privately owned banking Oligarch that controls our money . They get paid when you spend or make a $1 . They steal your wealth when you attempt to save a dollar by devaluing the currency .

    “The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy
    the Americans freedom and before I leave office I must inform the Citizen of
    his plight.”
    PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY(10 days before he was murdered)


    IN the second tier are member banks and their ” elite” ownership class .

    The third tier is the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE FASCIST multinational corporations who benefit the most from ” TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE AT STAKE ”

    One clue to that is VANGUARD ‘s CEO stepping down . The EO from 12/21/2017 has CEO’S across the multinational spectrum stepping down , taking lesser positions and some have been already arrested for human rights violations and sexual harassment .

    The short of this is the situation at levels 4 & 5 is already in hand . AG Sessions and OIG Michael Horowitz is WAITING WAITING WAITING for THE STING at the top !!

    What we are seeing from the emerging media and some from FOX is level 4 & 5 . Obama and Hillary are merely puppets of the upper levels .

    Vanguard is the wealth management fund that is a large holder of the DEEP STATE and MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX . As well as Treasury Bonds , muni -bonds , and pension fund management . THICK AS THIEVES with the SHADOW GOVERNMENT.

    THIS IS THE BIG PICTURE !! Trump and his WHITE HATS are draining the SWAMP all the way not just at levels 4&5 in DC

    TWO things not to forget …THE SAFE ZONES in Syria and Yemen . A great place to DEPORT refuJIHAD !! back home where they belong !!


    ………AND President Trump’s parallel banking system for MAIN STREET . A GREAT place to introduce sound constitutional currency once again .

    .( )

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  20. Lburg says:

    The dried up riverbed of real information turns into rapids in part based on the release of original documents. We no longer take the news as anything but fakery and are doing our own due diligence. Peeing in my boot and calling it rain doesn’t work when I can see the words with my own lyin’ eyes.

    We have become the reporters. The MSM mouthpieces do serve a purpose however. “Nothing to see here” is loosely translated to “Start here and work your way back”.


  21. Thomas_Pain-1961 says:

    If Sessions is a weak doddering inactive fool, then Trump would have to be an idiot. It is my opinion Trump is not an idiot. I was was quite surprised, and extremely gratified to see Trump deliver one campaign promise after another. Trump promised us that he would lock Hillary up. I am convinced he is going to do it.

    Could Hillary’s public coughing fit preclude a trip to the hospital making her “unable” to cooperate with prosecutors ala Nixon? If Hillary didn’t want you to see that coughing fit, you would not have seen it..

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  22. cdr164bn says:

    Good job Treepers. The CTH is my go to site since the information is good and the comments are even better. Treepers are way ahead of the info curve. I read things here well before they get into the news cycle. Kim Strassel is doing a good job with the MSM crowd but Sundance beat her by weeks with the same info. Well done!!


    • Lindenlee says:

      It has really ticked me off to see Hannity and Sara Carter crowing about how they did all he investigative work on this, when it was Sundance. If I were him, I would be ticked off, but it is a credit to his love of truth and country that he doesn’t care who gets the credit, as long as the truth comes out. Kinda like Flynn and other baseline White Hats.

      Thank you, Sundance. You are one in a TRILLION.


  23. Jeffro says:

    Here’s a thought (feel free to take pot shots at it… it’s just a point for discussion, nothing more)… I know we tend to give Trey Gowdy (ol’ roosterhead) a lot of grief around here for his tendency toward big talk, little to no action; but, I have to wonder, now that he is leaving the House, whether there might not be a role for him to play in the DOJ? After all, in his remarks where he discussed his departure, he indicated that he was looking forward to getting back into his first love, which was working with the law. He may or may not have had his hands tied somewhat within the confines of his role as Congressman, but perhaps as a Deputy Attorney General (let’s just say), the gloves will truly come off. Hmmmm… Just wondering. Would love to get everyone’s feedback, especially Sundance’s (although I know he’s a busy, busy man!).

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Franklin George Furter says:

    I fervently pray that Sessions, RR, Mueller, Horowitz and others are actually not swamp & will bring the seditious conspirators to justice.
    It’s been decades since criminals in our government have been punished. So I don’t have much faith remaining.


  25. phoenixRising says:

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    • phoenixRising says:


      • phoenixRising says:

        Comments at Larry’s tweet on Sessions


        • phoenixRising says:


          • phoenixRising says:


            • phoenixRising says:


      • phoenixRising says:


        • phoenixRising says:


  26. My opinion is the President can fire at will all appointed people and more if he so desires. So if he is good with these people so am I. Some might be blackhats but he will know things I do not know and I trust him. Below is a read on the way I think it works. It is a copy and paste not sure who has written it.
    The President can hire people to serve in federal agencies, though clearly staffing of those agencies is delegated to managers at all levels, and is done in accordance with federal employment law.
    The President must nominate and Congress must approve positions that have been created by Congress, such as the secretaries of various departments, etc. The President has the ability to fire those secretaries at will and any other federal employees at will to the extent that it doesn’t contravene a contract or federal employment law.
    The reason for nominating certain positions is explicit in the Constitution and there’s some interesting case law about why the President can fire the same people without Congress’ consent.
    I’d suggest the book America’s Unwritten Constitution by Akhil Amar for more detail on that.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. T.L.T. says:

    Nice. 🙂 There’s more then one way to unrecuse an AG.


  28. Janie May says:

    I decided long ago that Jeff Sessions was doing exactly what Donald Trump wants him to do – otherwise Trump would be skewering him on Twitter and he hasn’t said one word, aside from the first little tiff over his recusal which I honestly think was theatre.
    You have to understand that you simply cannot come at these people from a frontal assault. It is like using Napoleonic war tactics on a cyber war field, it doesn’t work. I say we keep using the ammunition they are supplying us and spread the news far and wide. We need to completely red pill the naive and take back control of our government away from elites to the people!!!
    God Bless President Trump, all MAGA Patriots and America!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Lindenlee says:

      Yes, yes! I cannot imagine heading up the corrioted DOJ, figuring oyt where the landmines are, who is friend or enemy, actually DOING THE JOB, exposing, investigating enemies within and without, getting indictments, not having your lower levels staffed with supporters, sabotage at every level…. And trying to round up grand juries in that town!

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  29. jonvil says:

    Excellent question, never once even thought about it.
    With a cast of thousands and the virtual blizzard of e-mails and documents and my brain in overload, I probably unconsciously ASSumed the source was in there…somewhere.
    As I posted on another site, I’ve taken a long term wait and see on Sessions, the problem is that I’m 75 and running out of time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  30. ozarkhitman says:

    Fantastic article ! I am guilty of being down at times of Sessuons . I get pissed it seems like there is no Justis. That’s my lack of patience. I know that to dismantle this coup it has to be done methodically. Maybe I am seeing the light. Even if I thought sessions was totally asleep there would be some comment from him. Now I realize the immense pressure he is applying and his lips are sealed.
    Horowitz you go man!!

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  31. ozarkhitman says:

    If this really is what’s going on. None of us even DJT top loyalists can do anything but stand in awe at how a showboat reality show host super trolled everybody. MAGA


  32. ozarkhitman says:

    If we get justice, the boss gets most credit! It will be remembered as saving the greatest country ever. Founding fathers will big grinn !!

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Tick Womp says:

    Dear Jeff,

    I’m sorry I ever doubted thee.

    Yours truly,


    Liked by 1 person

  34. Rynn69 says:

    I hope SD is right. It is a simple choice – either A.G. Sessions will do down as the greatest A.G. in American history, or the worst.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. willis forster says:

    Judicial watch brought out much of this information by with FOIA requests. These inspectors can be fired , obama fired at least one

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Robb Westfall says:

    I have been the biggest critic of Sessions on the planet. I have openly criticized him since he recused himself at his confirmation hearing. I find him as useful as a 5th leg on a cow. I pray I am wrong! I hope all my disgust at the guy will be all for naught. Because if I am correct, the sewer will swallow Trump. Trump will NEVER win re-election unless he drains the DC manure pile (aka the sewer). But one thing keeps me hopeful that I am wrong… something Conway said. She said Trump DEMANDS greatness! And Trump has been silent concerning Sessions. I have no doubt Trump would fire Sessions in a minute if he felt Sessions was betraying him. But he says nothing about Sessions. I truly hope I’m wrong about Sessions because civil war will come and it won’t be pretty.


  37. Matt Rees says:

    I really enjoyed your use of pictures, including the “perp-walk”, but your conclusion, a picture of AG Sessions seems a bit speculative. Is this fact or calculated guess or mere speculation?


  38. L. E. Joiner says:

    Back in July I argued that it was time for Jeff Sessions to rescind his recusal, and fire Robert Mueller. I even wrote a speech for him to give, ending with:

    I am informing Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller that his charter has been cancelled, and his job is at an end. I regret that he and the large team he has assembled were set on this wild goose chase, but there is no goose, and the taxpayers will be spared any further expense at chasing it. . .

    But it did not happen. It was clear then that the ‘Russia Collusion’ story was a complete fabrication, but Mr Sessions apparently decided to just lay low and let all the sordid details play out. Was he responsible for us learning of them, as Sundance suggests? I don’t know, but surely the time is now coming when he must emerge from the insane recusal cocoon and start taking action. It is time for grand juries, and maybe a public Congressional Select Committee to investigate the Conspiracy to Stop Donald Trump, a conspiracy that reached the highest levels of the Obama Administration. If AG Sessions is really a butterfly and not a dud of a larva, it is time to spread his wings.



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