House Speaker Paul Ryan Discusses Memo Release Process…

The Memo team have done a great job utilizing the media reporting to draw in interest to the content of the House Intelligence Memo on DOJ/FBI FISA abuse.  During a joint House and Senate  leadership press conference today, Speaker Paul Ryan again clarified the process and procedures.  [Video @08:28 Prompted]

Remember, what is contained in the full story of this DOJ and FBI activity, directly strikes to the heart of the two biggest and most defended people within the Democrat party: former President Obama, and former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The media are losing their minds over this, because of the consequential nature of the facts and what they represent.

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374 Responses to House Speaker Paul Ryan Discusses Memo Release Process…

  1. Ziiggii says:

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  2. Ace says:

    Trump should keep teasing and delaying the memo for weeks, until the dems are carried out in straitjackets.

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    • he has 5 days to act upon it after that if he doesn’t release it then it will go back to the House for a vote on whether to release it or not.
      The president’s time is up on Monday….after that it goes back to the House

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Watching the FakeNews presstitutes pull their hair out would also be amusing but we can’t wait. Release it tonite via a fed website and M A G A.

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    • d2i says:

      Oh good God, please do not wish further delay. There are those of us who want to get this train moving and any further delay would send us for the edge…bad, bad wish…:-)

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      • YvonneMarie says:



      • EWEatherwax says:

        I’m with you.


      • suejeanne1 says:

        I do wish they would release it sooner rather than later – but in that short little period of time, perhaps some of the members of the press will have an epiphany and say to themselves, “why should I bend myself into a pretzel trying to help out Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama, if they are doing things that are wrong? What do I owe them that I should be doing this? I am just going to do my job as a journalist and go where the facts lead me, I am not a flack or a hack. I am jumping off their merry-go-round!”


    • sunnydaze says:

      Have to agree, Ace, that *would* be fun.

      I’m kinda anxious to see what’s in the Memo, but that would def. be an upside to a delay.

      Pelosi and Schiff seem very close to “straighjacket time”.

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    • Tom22ndState says:

      As the memo is just the opening salvo I disagree. It’s released tomorrow amid great wailing and gnashing of teeth. The democrat counter memo has been released to the whole house. Let’s enjoy watching the juggling of denying the memo whilst seeking to prop up the futile obfuscation that casts doubt upon Nunes’ move.

      Meanwhile Grassley is advancing and surrounding the DOJ with the truth. Goodlatte does the same in House Judiciary.

      The storm’s here and the undersea earthquake (memo) has commenced. Come late spring, early summer I expect an outside-the-beltway killer type special council to empanel some grand juries.

      The. The fall campaign s begin.
      MAGA, the memo is upon us.

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    • jefcool64 says:

      That’s the part I get sick of winning 😉

      It’s like winning in chess but instead of going for the checkmate you decide to upgrade all your pawns. Of course the opponent is too stubborn to yield so you just laugh the whole time.

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  3. Bud Klatsch says:

    Get er done Republicans. This will carry the MAGA (gop) party to major sweeps in18!

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  4. I must say, Paul Ryan is really coming through for the POTUS on this and also every thing. He has pulled the House GOP together and they are united and sticking together…kudos to Ryan!

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    • ZurichMike says:

      Yes, Skippy the Cheesehead finally figured out the answer to “Who’s Your Daddy?”. Hint: Iit begins with the letter “T”!


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    • Linda says:

      I wonder what POTUS had to do to him to get him to that point.

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      • beach lover says:

        show him to win

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        • beach lover says:

          how to win

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          • Yes, I do think that is it; I think getting the tax bill passed convinced both Ryan and McConnell that Trump knows how to win.

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            • 🍺Gunny says:

              Our President showed him reality…like seeing your life before your eyes…the trip to Saudi was like him waking up with a Horse Head in his bed…Ryan did not change because he thought it was right..Ryan changed because he was made to see “reality”…the reality that would be his future…is he did not see the light..

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              • Cow wow says:

                Gunny, seeing the truth up close and personal for Ryan must have hit him like a baseball bat banged against his head. He could only stay obtuse for so long and now he has the support he needs to go forward.
                For whatever reasons we think have kept him blinded, we really don’t know his reasons. But finally all the Republican House Members DO know the same truth that Paul Ryan knows.
                About time and thank the Lord he does.

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                • Cuppa Covfefe says:

                  Kind of like Scrooge being faced with the “Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come”.

                  I think he saw things in Saudi that shook him to the core of his being (as shown by his stunned expression). That will set anyone straight…

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                • piper567 says:

                  Cow wow, I’ve noticed Ryan crossing himself twice in the last few weeks (appropriately).
                  Maybe he has seen the light?


            • gueppebarre says:

              Yes, it did – also the Schumer shutdown democrat wipe-out, engineered by MAGA POTUS Trump, showed Cheesy (Ryan)and Appeasy (McConnell) how to handle these periodic shutdown debacles and have them backfire on the commucrats. That was championship!

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            • Benson II says:

              I think he showed them what they need to do to keep their jobs. Both had ample time before this to show some spine and do the right thing, neither did. Both thought Hillary would win and co-operated fully with Obama for eight long treasonous filled years. Neither have my respect or confidence. If they continue to support Trump I’m glad they are at least turncoats in the right direction for a change.


      • TreeClimber says:

        Had Devin Nunes take him to Saudi Arabia. ^_^

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      • larry outlaw says:

        Probably had to b—h slap him a couple times.


      • kate says:

        How to be a real leader, a doer, and follow through, tough love helped too.


      • El Torito says:

        He was legally bound to do nothing or face obstruction charges. Trump as shown GOP he’s not their enemy and if they give him a fair shake they will gain geometrically, now they see it. As he learns the ropes of being on the inside, they are understanding he’s on their side.


    • AloftWalt says:

      A leopard can’t change its spots. Still the same guy. He’ll continue to go which ever way the wind blows.

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    Wow was that really Paul Ryan?????? The man has finally grown a pair of balls. He stood at that podium and defended Rep Devin Nunes and said we should put it all out there for the American people to see. He said what SD has said numerous times that Sunlight is the best Disinfectant.

    The Democrats, MSM, Barry, HRC, FBI, DOJ are DEAD! They are going to continue to push which will allow our side to share even more. Barry must be screaming at Valarie Jarrett to fix this FU…..KING problem or we are going to ALL HANG BY A NOOSE!

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  6. Scott says:

    Doesn’t the Senate have their own investigation on this matter as well? Will their “report” corroborate the House memo?


  7. Larry Bucar says:

    I don’t think this guy has changed a whit, he wants to “hold the system accountable”, WTF does that mean??? o place “the system” on house arrest I guess

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  8. dez91 says:

    I have to hear this from house speaker Poor Rino ? ,he’s part of this deep state of corruption ,someone should write a memo on him


  9. Three-Pound Sledge says:

    HUSSEIN and Hillary: ‘We only did what we were told to do.’

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  10. MfM says:

    So have there been any Obama sightings lately?


  11. maiingankwe says:

    Okay, Ryan said all the right things, so what’s up? I don’t trust him and sincerely doubt I ever will. However, I will take this, and I really do hope there are many more instances to come.

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  12. sunnydaze says:

    Ryan did a great job explaining to the #PressTots – and simultaneously , the American people- what is going on here.

    Credit where credit is due.

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    • Bert Darrell says:

      We are already 1 month inside 2018 and every day that goes by stresses the fact that the entire house (and a part of the senate) has to face elections next November. They’ll be good boys and girls until then (except those in “safe” districts/states). After that, they will -if reelected- they will go back to their old tricks. Draining a swamp is a slow process but it has to start, and started it has already. The mid-term elections will speed up the process.

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  13. truthbomb says:

    Amazing that reporters are defending a total lack of transparency. Wow.

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  14. freddy says:

    I will NEVER trust Paul Ryan…He is just covering his own a$$. For almost a year he was sure they would get Trump and now it’s failed he changes his tune. Hickory dickory dock you POS RINO betrayer and saboteur…..No kudos ever for this freak….

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  15. quintrillion says:

    It is the Congress that has passed these UnConstitutional “laws” that have allowed this to happen. Every single American citizen should be outraged that every single thing you say and do is now subject to this type of ….blackmail…, I don’t know what else to call ,,,,spied upon and blackmailed because of …terrorism. The US Congress is as responsible for creating this as the people and companies that are in league with this evil.

    How do we get out country back when this can occur minute by minute because we have allowed muslim terrorists here in US to create this against us. We can not claim freedom as long as these laws exist….just who are these laws protecting?

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  16. Thomas_Pain-1961 says:

    Sometimes the bad guys lose big. Everyone today was yokking over the democrats being depressed at Trump’s SOTU speech. It wasn’t the speech but the impending doom above the democrat party via this FISA Memo that had the dems so bitchy and gloomy. Now Trump is holding the memo and the democrats can’t do diddley about it. SMASH!

    Now the democrats are gobsmacked because they have to, yet again, got and put shines on turds Clinton and Obama, again, again. Hey James Carville, come on out again in your old age. Rile up your righteous anger, yet again for the umpteenth time, and tell how we are defective because we perceive Hillary Clinton as corrupt. Things are so much different now, The dems will lose big this time.

    The republican party was in a trainwreck heading toward a location with underground bunkers. Helicopters are in the air above them. These are interesting times.

    This is the eve. After tomorrow, much will be different.

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    • Iamcat says:

      I feel the midterms are going to be a huge and humiliating red sweep for the Dems. America was not stupid enough to elect Hillary, and I trust them to put in good men and women to MAGA. The economy going gangbusters is going to push us over the top.


  17. Bert Darrell says:

    Eveybody with a family: please tell your children that journalism is not an honorable profession anymore. Encourage analytical thinking and an ability to respectfully challenge teachers.

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    • piper567 says:

      OTOH, you could tell your children to Make Journalism Great Again.
      Start their own Newspapers, write Editors, go on local news, start YouTube channels, be a Twitter Warrior, and so forth.

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      • suejeanne1 says:

        I think it would be great, too, if young people could delve into and learn thoroughly about Gutenberg, movable type, the printing press, all that – as I recall, at the Huntington Library in Pasadena, there is a Gutenberg Bible – just to contemplate what a great turning point that all was – it would be great if there was a way to have an old-time set-up, with linotype machine, metal slugs, type beds and of course, a printing press (the one at the newspaper I worked at in high school was built in 1903, the same year one of my Grandmothers was born) –

        of course, computers, word processing revolutionized printing and that is a vast improvement over having to melt down all those metal slugs, having your hearing destroyed by the sound of the linotype machines, etc., – but I think there has to also be a way to be independent of the conglomerates that have taken over much of the newspaper business and have ruined much of the pleasures of reading a paper.


  18. TPR says:

    Once the memo is released and is understood by the public, Republicans need to press hard on the risks it poses to ALL Americans but especially public officials, politicians, and judges. Are Democrat voters okay with Trump and Republicans having the power to use the FBI and secret intelligence tools to target and hurt Democrat candidates? This shouldn’t be a partisan thing.

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  19. El Torito says:

    In regards to all the Ryan negs tonight – the obvious fact is that he has no choice but to come down on the lawful side of this issue. Anything gray would be truly bad optics. This is as binary as gets – he and Mitch are being very care to come down on the right side of the law. Between this and the amazing success of PDJT’s first year, we should have a great midterm, hopefully ending up with a filibuster-proof Senate majority. I believe on that point Ryan is following Trump’s lead.

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    • Donzo says:

      All this nonsense about the generic ballot favoring Democrats (less so in recent weeks) doesn’t take into consideration the fallout from the imminent scandal which wil be a game changer.
      Even discounting that, the economy itself would win the day. Then there’s the small issue of predicting election and polls as propaganda tools. Didn’t work put so well for Dems last time around. Don’t bet against PDT.

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  20. What’s up with the clean shaved Ryan?
    Looks like he follows POTUS’s orders.
    One POTUS told him to grow a beard and get rid of balls. He did that.
    Now THE POTUS says get rid of the beard and grow some balls. He did that.
    Maybe this is all smoke and mirrors for 2018 re-election.


  21. Mike diamond says:

    Ryan always acts like a weezel ! Why is that????he seems to be part of the swamp!


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