Giddy Up – Friday Night Document Surprise from Office of Inspector General…

Well, well, well… here’s a surprise.  Office of Inspector General has apparently begun giving Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte the 1.2 million pages of evidence from the year-long inspector general investigation into FBI and DOJ politicization:

As previously discussed, Inspector General Michael Horowitz had promised to deliver around 1.2 million pages of documents from his investigation to Chairman Bob Goodlatte on/around January 15th, 2018.

The DOJ Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs is Stephen Boyd; he’s a Trump appointment and replaced the politically corrupt Peter Kadzik (John Podesta’s pal).  Boyd is the liaison between the DOJ and Congress responsible for complying with oversight requests from the Judicary Committee.  Looks like Stephen Boyd delivered early.

“He who laughs last”…

More from DaveNYviii today:

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473 Responses to Giddy Up – Friday Night Document Surprise from Office of Inspector General…

  1. tdaly14 says:

    I’s this backing up the ties with all the ppl
    Involved in all the Uranium deals? What Dan Bongino talked about?


    • Pam says:

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      • MM says:

        I saw this earlier….
        Ted Lieu LOL……….
        This guy needs to buy a clue…..

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      • maggiemoowho says:

        Ted Lieu is a disgrace to our country and he should be arrested for harassing Trump all day.

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      • rashamon says:

        Is Lieu being blackmailed by the Awans for what they accessed in his emails? Inquiring minds want to know.

        Frankly, in all my years of studying politics, I have never seen so many people scramble so fast to distract from the question, throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what will stick. I should have invested in pasta; it’s more relevant than bitcoin or tulip bulbs.

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    • dutzie60 says:

      wtd, take the mobile out of link for tweet to show up like Pam’s.

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  2. LibertyONE says:

    Capt. Trump to bombardier: “Are we over the TARGETS , yet”. B to Capt” Yes sir and as you can see we’re taking a lot of flank” Capt T to B” Then drop the entire load on the sh*t holes”!

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  3. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    is there a link to the IG documents?

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  4. Rock Eye Jack says:

    The Conservative Treehouse is easily the best site for Investigations of Democrat Crime

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      AND Republirat crime also, RockEyeJack. TRUTH has no AGENDA!

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      • Nice to find you here as often I do, keeping it real. You have my gratitude and support! 😉


        Because globalism, “their” feudal system gone wild. The lust for power, control, and trillions.

        I prefer liberty and sovereignty.

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      • BWH says:

        However, Democrat Party “problems” are much less likely to be made known to the public since the media helps to keep it quiet. Like they did with the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting in AZ. CBS, WashPost and others buried the story as much as they could (emails document it) and people within the FBI did thinks to cover it up.

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  5. FYISAKI says:

    Did I read correctly? Someone above said that the Statute of Limitations on Hillary’s State Dept activities runs out in February? That’s just 19 days away.


    • treehouseron says:

      Don’t worry. She’s so f&&&&&&&7 crooked she probably committed a felony last week.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      It depends on what she is charged with.

      Most all of her illegal activities could fall into the category of ‘Fraud’.
      There are different types of Fraud.
      The Statute of Limitations is extended for so long as the Fraud continues.

      The coverup of Fraud, extends the Statute of Limitations.
      And the coverup of Hillary’s crimes is still ongoing.

      I am not a lawyer…but from what I’ve read, it looks to me like a smart prosecutor could go after her for Fraud, and avail themselves of the lengthy Statute of Limitations afforded with that crime.

      For example:
      When Hillary destroyed her home server…she was under Subpoena to produce what was on that server.
      That’s ‘destroying evidence under subpoena’ which is a crime in itself.
      She did so willingly and committed ‘fraud upon the court’…which puts it into the area of Fraud.

      Like I said, not a lawyer, but looking at it with layman’s eyes, I think a good prosecutor could go after her for multiple counts of Fraud.
      Then all of her other various crimes could be folded into that.

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      • Old Codger says:

        SOL on fraud doesn’t start until evidence of the fraud is discovered! Not certain it has even begun to run! I’d argue (I am a lawyer) each day the FBI covered it up, it delayed the start ot the SOL..

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    • joninmd22 says:

      The email server was in use well past her tenure at State. The CF is still in business.

      That and there’s no statute of limitations on murder.

      The Clinton’s are nowhere near out of the woods.

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    • KBR says:

      The end of Hillary’s SOS term was not necessarily the end of Hillary’s criminal actions.

      Besides, some crimes have a longer statute of limitations than five years:

      Evading federal income taxes: 6 years
      Not filing a federal tax return with the IRS: 6 years
      Significant fraud of $1 million or more involving the US government: 7 years
      Arson: 10 years
      Embezzling money from a federal institution: 10 years

      Also federal crimes with potential death penalty have no statute of limitations.

      Federal crimes with the death penalty
      Terrorism crimes that cause death or serious injury
      Sex crimes with a child or minor

      Federal crimes with the death penalty are here, and include espionage and treason, as well as many crimes involving deaths and murders.


    • Winston says:

      The clock starts from discovery of the crime, not the date committed.
      Boiler plate law.The cover ups are ongoing conspiracies to obstruct
      justice.They’re screwed either way in other words.

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    • dobbsfan says:

      I’m probably alone on this…..but I still think criminal charges will be brought against Hillary this month.
      Likely a stretch…..but a man can hope! 😉


  6. Michael says:

    So I’m tired and this may make no sense but

    were the stolen NSA hacking tools used to hack the NSA?


    • MM says:

      I do remember one day right before the general election when NSA was offline due to a hack….I have to wonder did Brennon and company steal the tools???

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      There was no hacking of the NSA per se. The info retrieved from the NSA stash, was removed from the inside, with IMO the full knowledge clear up to Obie. It was illegal what they did; but they did not “hack” Remember, Obie didn’t really believe in the Rule of Law!

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Indications are the tools were used to hack the US government databases (thought to be by the Chinese). You can be sure that the Chinese and Russians, North Koreans and Iranians have penetrated most of the IC of the US Govt. No one wants to face that reality.

      Do you notice how the Chinese and Russians and Iranians are so calm even when sanctions are put on them? How real crises are never at the point of “danger”?

      They are “inside”. Not many secrets they can’t know.

      CIA and NSA area botch. They still can create a lot of hell and chaos for small nations and corporations and citizens, but the big “threats” are laughing.

      The dangers are war and use of proxies for terror (and this all comes from “our” government).

      Now you know why they don’t want the US citizens to know how badly they’ve screwed up.
      Hell, we’d form a Color Revolution and change everything. We’d call it MAGA and elect a Leader who would clean them out.

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    • Newt Love says:

      > “were the stolen NSA hacking tools used to hack the NSA?”

      Sundance said that the Fusion GPS guys were on FBI Contractor roles to do the 702 (17) “upstream” surveillance to get the data for the Fusion GPS Dossier that could be used to obtain the FISA “warrant” approval for the FBI’s 702 (17) searches.

      See “go “F” yourself” under the Alinsky protocols!


  7. woohoowee says:

    Yep, Crooked was supposed to be under FIB investigation, but instead Crooked and the DNC were rigging a primary election and the FIB was spying on the opposition.

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    • Little Annie’s Fannie says:

      HaHa!! FIB investigation!!
      Fileserver Is Broken!
      Found’em In Bed!
      Foundation In Bankruptcy (funds mysteriously diverted)!
      Flippin’ Iranian Bomb(shells)
      F@$§ing Issuewith Benghazi
      Fomenting In Bribery

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  8. angieunderground says:

    Well this explains the rather strange PSA I heard on WABC this evening while listening to John Bachelor: a short talk on how the corruption of a few FBI agents casts a taint on the entire Bureau so remember, most of the agents are good men and women, or words to that effect. It was attributed to “The FBI Today” or something like that. Did anyone else hear this? Looks like they’ve been bracing for the revelation of a scandal.

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  9. Piper77 says:

    I keep hearing Republicans say “98% of the FBI are great people.”

    Is there any proof of that claim? Seems to me there are a big number of crooks there.

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  10. Pam says:

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  11. V says:

    🙂 While we’re waiting, here’s another aspect to the treason:

    Visibility increasing on the formerly hidden thread of NWO financial cabal running through the fabric of the deepstate IC cabal to take down Pres. Trump and the USA:

    FBI’s Strzok’s atty Aitan Goelman, Strzok’s wife Melissa Hodgman at SEC, Hillary Clinton’s emails coverup*, FBI’s Priestap’s wife Sabina Menschel connected to Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve via Richard or Ronay Menschel, her work on post 911 related matters, Fusion GPS, Adam Schiff/ratshit connections…

    (Applause to CTH Treepers for their research on Sabina M, quoted below. And Gatewaypundit re Hodgman.)

    *Consider the possibility that Hillary was selling access to her cell phone and private server to, for example, Wall Street for insider trading by listening in on State Dept policy discussions, to foreign countries for US intel, etc. Espionage Act.

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    • V says:

      Aitan Goelman is Strzok’s atty, as reported by Foxnews.

      More about Aitan Goelman:

      (Is he another of Obama’s shakedown-for-slush-fund goons?)

      “Jun 1, 2017 –
      Zuckerman Spaeder LLP announced today that Aitan Goelman is returning to the firm as partner after serving as the Director of the Division of Enforcement at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Mr. Goelman previously spent 11 years as a partner with Zuckerman Spaeder and nine years as a federal prosecutor, including as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York.

      Described by The New York Times as “One of the Obama Administration’s…Wall Street Enforcers,” Mr. Goelman led groundbreaking cases using new authorities provided by the Dodd-Frank Act. While Mr. Goelman was Director, the Enforcement Division set records for the highest monetary sanctions imposed and collected in a single matter, highest total sanctions imposed and collected during one year, and the largest whistleblower award granted.”

      “At Zuckerman Spaeder, Mr. Goelman will lead the firm’s Securities & Commodities Litigation Practice. His work will focus on the securities, commodities and derivatives industries, internal investigations, and defense of cross-jurisdictional regulatory and criminal matters, as well as complex commercial litigation.”

      Melissa Hodgman

      Aitan Goelman probably knows Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman, promoted to Associate Director in SEC Enforcement Division on Oct 14, 2016

      “The promotion came after the FBI found emails pertaining to the Hillary Clinton email server scandal on her aide Huma Abedin’s husband s laptop.

      After news broke of her husband’s alleged bias in Mueller’s investigation, Hodgman scrubbed all evidence of her supporting Hillary Clinton from her social media, according to Gateway Pundit.”


      Sabina Menschel

      Strzok’s ex-boss Priestap’s wife: “Sabina-Menschel-Joins-Managing-Director-Head-Nardello – Menschel is a graduate of Harvard College and the Harvard Business School. After graduating from Harvard Business School, Menschel served as a Special Advisor in the Directorate of Intelligence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s headquarters in Washington, DC. In that capacity, she worked with senior management to refine and strengthen the FBI’s intelligence gathering capabilities and implement its intelligence transformation efforts in response to the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.”

      Sabina Menschel and her “global asset recovery investigations”

      Fusion GPS also involved with global asset recovery:

      Glenn R. Simpson …” In December 2010, a two-year investigation ended with a verdict against a sovereign wealth fund worth over $70 million.”

      Fusion GPS site on Wayback Machine 11 Jan 2011 screen capture of

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      • The incestuous relationships between lawfirms, consultants, lobbyists, and politicians is CRIMINAL… or was until all the lawyers created scenarios in which it is not illegal.

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        • Carrie2 says:

          James, see how many are graduates of Harvard and Yale and you get a big clue that they are bound to be criminals especially when it has to do with business.


          • Your Tour Guide says:

            Amen. Anyone that wades through Katherine Austin Fitt’s
            writing (“Aristocracy and the Stock Profits of Dillon Reid),
            soon notice one thing. There’s a cast of characters that have
            been at work helping destroy the country for decades.

            All are Harvard or Yale, with about 2-3 exceptions.


      • wheatietoo says:

        Aitan Goelman…I’ll bet you’re right, V, about his involvement CFPB.

        CFPB – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
        This is Lizzie Warren’s creation, used to shake down banks & financial institutions for big bucks…then funneled those funds into Leftist Activist Groups.

        Goelman –> “set records for the highest monetary sanctions imposed and collected in a single matter, highest total sanctions imposed and collected during one year, and the largest whistleblower award granted.”

        Goelman was their ‘enforcer’.
        A hitman, who went after banks.

        He paid ‘whistleblowers’ to show them…what? Show them where to look?
        Or were those ‘whistleblowers’ paid saboteurs working inside those banks, who created the so-called violations that the banks were then charged with.

        It’s hard not to suspect such things, when we’ve seen these political operatives manufacture ‘evidence’ that is then used to accuse and prosecute innocent people with.
        Like they have done to our President.

        Good catch, V.

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        • prenanny says:

          The CFPB shakedown model was patterned after what Jessie Jackson perfected in private sector. Eliot Spitzer turned it into a State government function and Warren et al Federalized it. You and I call it EXTORTION.

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          • wheatietoo says:

            Yep! Exactly.

            And just think about what they could have done with NSA data.
            NSA is like a candy store.

            For all we know, Hillary’s server could have been full of NSA data/files on people…all over the world.

            It would explain why so many rich people, even countries, were willing to give her all those millions…via her Clinton Foundation.

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            • prenanny says:

              The funny thing about the clintons AND their spawn is that they have never had an original idea not a single one. I caution you to hold all three to account make no mistake they are in this together it aint just her.

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        • V says:

          Goelman was with CFTC. But yes, just like with CFPB, all of the above, wheatietoo, prenanny.

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Strzok must think he is in deep doo doo to be hiring Goelman. It would be interesting to know what his fee is like and what Strzok’s salary is.

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      • Melanie says:

        Q says……Follow the Wives👌🏻


  12. Michael says:

    IMO the entire ECHELON & PRISM simply CANNOT be controlled.

    The answer to the Fermi paradox may be Singularity.


  13. Gmandet17 says:

    I do believe in ghosts, I do believe, I do believe in truths, yes, I do believe, I do, I do.

    Nothing to fear when the truth appears.

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  14. NJF says:


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  15. History Teaches says:

    We can only hope that ‘the big hurt’ truly begins!

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  16. 4beagles says:

    OOOga OOOga OOOga Step right up Treepers
    free popcorn and peanuts

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  17. Justice Warrior says:


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  18. midmogirl says:

    For all you Chess players…
    Personally, I prefer Monopoly, and Go Directly To Jail.

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  19. McLeod00 says:

    The dark hand of the most evil on earth have controlled The United States for too long. The democrat party entirely and the RINOs are pure evil and anti God. They hate the country and they only wish death and destruction upon it.

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  20. Sporty says:

    Goody has been the biggest blowhard, it’s killin me I didn’t see this coming.

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  21. usayes says:

    What? No pithy Comey comment tonight?? Wolverines got his tongue???

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  22. one exciting week and days ahead.


  23. bill says:

    Three intel sources have disclosed that Pres. Obama turned to British spies to get surveillance on Trump

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  24. Is Glenn Simpson related to OJ Simpson?

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  25. Has DoJ started revoking passports yet? Start w/Rodent Rosenstein or he’ll end up in Haiti.

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  26. Bonnie says:

    Now that’s some great Friday night news to sleep on! Maybe there will be justice!

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  27. bill says:

    Napolitano claimed the GCHQ was approached on behalf of Obama. He said the unnamed man who ordered the surveillance quit his job in January.

    “President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump, conversations involving President-elect Trump, he’s able to get it,” Napolitano said. “What happened to the guy who ordered this? Resigned three days after Donald Trump was inaugurated.”

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    • V says:

      23 Jan 2017 – right after Pres. Trump was sworn in as president

      Robert Hannigan, director of GCHQ since Nov 2014 – gives specious “time with family” excuse for resignation.

      “At the time he took on the job, GCHQ had been forced onto the defensive following the leak of information about mass surveillance by Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee.” (2013)


      Was there someone in the US govt who also resigned at that time?

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      • bill says:

        Sundance, I am sure has all the answers but this what I think so far:

        Obama somehow realized it could spy on the Trump campaign and calls on the GCHQ to help.
        GCHQ information and intelligence (ie.,S702) was feed to CIA(Brennan) and others. But they wanted a legal version (i.e., the FBI version via FISA). Otherwise when or if they found something. They would have to explain that the source of this information was GCHQ (very illegal). It would embarrass Obama and his administration. So, how do you go about getting a legal version.They realized that a cover story “Russia Collusion” needed be created. And, then they used it to get FISA approval for the Dossier. Who will create the “Russia Collusion” Dossier. We can use our CIA subcontractor Fusion GPS. Who will pay for the work on the “Russia Collusion” Dossier, Hillary Clinton/DNC and the FBI.

        Three intelligence sources were never identified but you can bet they existed since Napolitano was forced off of Fox News, very fast.

        Here’s part of the Napolitano transcript:

        Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command. He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use the Department of Justice… He used GCHQ. What the heck is GCHQ? That’s the initials for the British spying agency. They have 24/7 access to the NSA database. So by simply having two people go to them and say ‘President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving Candidate Trump, conversations involving President-Elect Trump,’ [Obama’s] able to get it, and there’s no American fingerprints on this.

        There is a theory from another source indicating that the CIA started an investigation into Russia Collusion before the FBI.

        Did GCHQ pass information to Brennan (CIA) which started the FBI investigation with the NSA? The eyes only material Obama received at the WH? Would suggest it’s true.

        Did GCHQ start the wiretapping of Trump and Trump’s people at Trump Towers on behalf of the CIA and FBI prior to FISA approval? But, with Presidential (i.e., Obama) approval? Well the GCHQ director Robert Hannigan was retired.

        According to one account, GCHQ’s then head, Robert Hannigan, passed material in summer 2016 to the CIA chief, John Brennan. The matter was deemed so sensitive it was handled at “director level”. After an initially slow start, Brennan used GCHQ information and intelligence from other partners to launch a major inter-agency investigation.

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  28. Jeff says:

    As for what charges will be brought on Hillary Clinton the depth and scope of many investigations will be to prove without a shadow of a doubt her guilt for a multitude of crimes . Sedition , treason , felonies , murder for hire ,money laundering , espionage …the list goes on and on .

    The chance of her and Bill for that matter being this centuries Julius and Ethel Rosenberg rise daily . Peacetime espionage for just attempting to pass US nuclear secrets to the Soviets . ACTUALLY SELLING the Russians 20% of our US uranium should up the voltage on the electric chair quite substantially.

    THE QUESTION IS ….Can America handle the execution of The Clinton’s ..or will they be jailed ?

    If I’m a betting man …Satanic worshipers like the Clinton’s will chose to take their own lives before every giving WHITE HAT American’s the pleasure of seeing them FRY !!


  29. jeans2nd says:

    Yesterday morning Ed Henry said he had a heads-up this was coming; said they were starting w/the Strzok/Page emails. Henry said the relevant House members had gone to a SCIF and had seen the FISA orders for surveillance, confirms dossier was used at least in part for FISAs. Starts at 01:11; 7 min 53 sec; 30 sec commercial at beginning.
    Apparently Paul Ryan told Rosey/Wray to get bent when Rosey/Wray visited. Strange happenings…


  30. gueppebarre says:

    Trump Soldier’s Twitter account is suspended for “violating Twitter rules”. IOW, making leftists look bad.


  31. bill says:

    Judge Nap: Obama Used British Spy Agency To Spy On Trump

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    • bill says:

      As we have pointed out at AIM, it has been long-standing procedure pursuant to “UKUSA” intelligence agreements that British GCHQ staff physically stationed at NSA headquarters in Maryland use NSA computer terminals and other equipment to spy on U.S. citizens designated by the NSA—or now, it appears, designated through the direct intervention of high-level Obama officials, thus bypassing the NSA itself.

      AIM has confirmed Judge Napolitano’s account from one of his three sources and found other confirmation of the likely procedure used, from a former NSA/CIA contractor. Judge Napolitano was suspended by Fox News for a week for revealing the GCHQ spying on Trump, but returned saying he and his sources stood by what he had reported.

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  32. Fishelsea says:

    Bring on th ig horowitz documents and the inevitable leaks. Hopefully we can get a feel for what
    Color hat he wears


  33. Fishelsea says:

    P.s. as much as i love sundance articles, these comment sections are riveting


  34. Fishelsea says:

    11:15 on 01.15.2018. Where is it horowitz 1.2 million page document dump. Why hasn’t Dianne Feinstein released released it yet. What color hat does horowitz where. The longer we wait,


  35. old farta says:

    Drip, drip, drip, until the deep state has enough time to talk their way out of kettle.


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