Canada Increasingly Convinced POTUS Trump Will Pull Out of NAFTA…

Oh, go figure.  They re-cog-o-nized that all by themselves…

Yesterday CTH noted Princess Rainbow Sparkles was in Washington DC lobbying Washington State Representative Dave Reichert, Senator Jeff Flake, Senator Lindsey Graham, et al. Isn’t it funny how Canadian officials lobby U.S. representatives for their unique economic interests, but if a U.S. official stepped into Canada to lobby one of their members of Parliament,… yikes, heaven forbid. Foreign election conspiracy. I digress.

Reuters is reporting today that Canadian trade officials are increasingly convinced that President Trump is going to pull out of NAFTA.  The next round of negotiations is scheduled for the end of this month.  Half of the Canadian contingent thinks Trump will exit, the other half think the appearance of a pull-out is simply a negotiating strategy.

An official WH source “close to Trump” is attributing a statement to POTUS: “I want out”.

Ya think?  Scott Minerd, Global Chief Investment Officer at Guggenheim Partners, said “if Trump were to announce a NAFTA exit, the stock market would probably pull back by 5 percent or so, before advancing to new highs.”  He’s correct.

With the passage of the recent tax bill U.S. corporate tax rates which includes the immediate capital investment expense write-offs’, if President Trump was to pull us out of NAFTA there would be a significant number of U.S. companies in Mexico and Canada who would immediately make plans to return to the U.S.

LONDON, Ontario (Reuters) – Canada is increasingly convinced that President Donald Trump will soon announce the United States intends to pull out of NAFTA, two government sources said on Wednesday, sending the Canadian and Mexican currencies lower and hurting stocks.

The comments cast further doubt on prospects for talks to modernize the trilateral North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which Trump has repeatedly threatened to abandon unless major changes are made.

Officials are due to hold a sixth and penultimate round of negotiations in Montreal from Jan. 23-28 as time runs out to bridge major differences.  (read more)



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348 Responses to Canada Increasingly Convinced POTUS Trump Will Pull Out of NAFTA…

  1. robert granholm says:

    One of the reasons US business relocate to Canada is cheaper medical coverage, as Canadians are all covered by provincial health programs. If is far cheaper than the premiums paid by companies & workers in the US.

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    • ej says:

      And it is garbage, hence the reason Canadians come here and pay for certain procedures.


    • Carrie2 says:

      robert, WRONG, the socialist medicine there is horrific and leads many to death and/or suicide, which is why they come over the border to America to get real health care. The English have the same problem and when I was in China met an English woman waiting 5 yrs. for a knee replace so she came to have it done in China at a very, very reasonable price. Just because all are covered does not mean good health care and in Canada it ain’t. Have friends with family members in Canada and can confirm this statement.


    • Julian says:

      I worked in a hospital and we saw tons of Canadians who self paid for procedures. Because they couldn’t get them in a time frame to help them. Companies went to Canada because they got incentives and they made more money.


  2. robert granholm says:

    One of the reasons US business relocate to Canada is cheaper medical coverage, as Canadians are all covered by provincial health programs. If is far cheaper than the premiums paid by companies & workers in the US.


  3. robins111 says:

    To start with. The liberals in Canada are stupid enough to believe that they can parlay the SJW stuff they insist on into anothef election win. They are banking on the notion that most Canadians are anti-American. That is simply not true. Anything west of Sudbury tend to admire our neighbors and would love to see the Urban lizards destroyed in an election.

    Second the NAFTA was as destructive to Canadian small businesses as it was to the US and the labor force was decimated by factories moving to Mexico and/or shutting down factories and importing cheap asian products, and transporting them to your markets under the agreement as Canadian goods

    Our oil industries got landlocked by globalist politicians in Canada, who blatantly brag about getting funding from Tides, Soros, Ford Foundation etc and what we can move is sold at a significantly reduced price to you fellows

    The truth is, if the US annexed everything West of Sudbury, you’d see a lot of happy Canadians with the possible exception of the urban centers which produce nothing but red tape and crime

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    • Matt Musson says:

      Truth – Every Post WWII Trade Pact that the US has signed has been primarily about Security and only secondarily about Trade. But, now that the USSR is gone and their is no obvious existential threat – Trump want trade pacts renegotiated.

      Trump wants new Trade pacts that are primarily about Trade.

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  4. Gary Schroeder says:

    tell you the TRUTH canucks
    when I’m getting kicked in teeth by Trudeau
    my bloody mouth may utter an obscenity or 2
    sorry all American lovers in Windsor – however few of U
    are EMPLOYED in Detroit – MAGA? Y any . . .


  5. Tim Cunningham says:

    A couple of points. First, the US government lobbies Canadian politicians all the time. That’s one of the reasons countries have ambassadors.See PDJT and T-Rex lobbying NATO for example. So it should be no surprise that politicians from other countries lobby their American counterparts.

    Second, It is ironic to note that of the reasons Canada became a US manufacturing surrogate is that US government regulation of health care costs made Canadian products relatively cheaper long before Obamacare arrived.There are two ways to address this problem. 1) Reform the US health system to either a truly free market which will make costs plummet or an efficiently run managed healthcare system such as Singapore, or 2) restore the US health care system to its pre-Obamacare overregulated state and try to punish US trade partners to distract voters from the resultant inefficiencies. This course can boomerang in ways that might not be anticipated by US government regulators.

    Here’s a case in point. The US recently doubled duties on a Canadian product, a Bombardier jet the C7. According to reports, this was done to “level the playing field” for Boeing which also receives government subsidies from the federal and state governments. but also does not build any jet in the C7’s class. The Canadian company then turned around and sold half its share in the new jet to Airbus gaining not only the money to relevel the playing field but also access to Airbus technology. So the end result is this: If Boeing now decides to compete in this market, it will face a much stronger competitor and it will have its executives stupidity(and that of the US trade negotiating team) to thank for it.

    The irony is that the US government action was totally unnecessary. With the corporate tax rate cut, Boeing gets to keep enough additional funds to more than compensate for the Canadian subsidies, should it decide to field a competitor to the C7. And if Congress ever does fully reform Obamacare, the supposed Canadian cost advantage in this area is gone for good.


  6. Gary Schroeder says:

    can we find a REAL AMERICAN
    to take an auto job at full benefits
    from a Canadian border jumper ?
    5 blacks from 1 Lakepointe block along said YES


  7. Gary Schroeder says:

    let’s rebuild the Eastside of Detroit
    before American taxpayers hand over . . . M O R E
    $’s to Mexico and Canada
    we should take back American jobs too from these usurpers

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    • Andy Krause says:

      I think we should open the abandoned Detroit areas to homesteading.


      • jmclever says:

        Homesteading works best when you are allowed to have a rifle to shoot varmints and predators. So Detroit is no go until some changes are made at higher levels


      • Gary Schroeder says:

        OLD fashion Homesteading with “a landrush” would work in Detroit
        everyone lines up along Eight Mile Rd. At a given time the corridor between Gratiot and Woodward all the way to the Detroit River WILL be given (gov owned) to Rushers
        – Rusher pays entrance fee of $1000 in cash in advance
        – Rusher most live on land within 2 years or be evicted
        – Rusher must provide a liveable/viable/taxable house to obtain final ownership


  8. holymercenary says:

    I sincerely hope he terminates NAFTA. The entire thing is a scam. Let Canada and Mexico stand on their own two feet and stop parasitically feeding off of us.

    Honestly, the most infuriating thing is listening to socialist countries lecture us as they directly or indirectly depend on us, when most of these nations would be in horrible shape. The USA can stand on its’ own. Can these other countries say the same? And then they have the gall to lecture us?

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  9. Gary Schroeder says:

    I’m told Canadians
    around Windsor, Ontario Canada
    have applied to USA for Statehood stating they hate Trudeau
    President Trump is considering countries for USA statehood – uhm – a good fit


    • Lawrence Ogorman says:

      I am from Alberta, Canada and I would like you take Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and that would relieve a lot of problems in Canada and we will trade for a Trump for the entire Liebrel Party.

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  10. Mickturn says:

    Interesting perception: “Half of the Canadian contingent thinks Trump will exit, the other half think the appearance of a pull-out is simply a negotiating strategy.”
    That may be true BUT negotiating is not about playing games and then giving in, it is all about using the “negotiating strategy” as a hammer if the other party does not take it seriously. Negotiating isn’t about giving in, it is all about using your leverage to get what you want, PERIOD.
    Our govt. officials apparently are schooled to play games and give in to appear as nice guys, meanwhile the USA takes it in the shorts and always loses. MAGA changes all of that! GO TRUMP!

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  11. PowerCord says:

    POTUS is now telling us WHEN he is going to win. How cool is that?

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    • Gary Schroeder says:

      Walmart employees are Very Satisfied with President Trump leadership
      96% said they will support the “Trump Team” in 2018 and 2020
      4% were absent from work on day of vote for trump
      reporters couldn’t find anyone that did not like Trump a Bunch
      Detroit Area Walmarts included


      • Skeptic says:

        Sounds legit… :^)


      • Carrie2 says:

        Gary, and at our local SuperWalmart, the employees are still in shock that new they start at $9, but trained now will be $11, and for those with years with Walmart a bonus from $200 to $1000, plus added benefits. Believe me, more want to work for Walmart than ever before. Lots of wonder and smiles when I was there on Friday, 1/12/18.


  12. jeans2nd says:

    In yesterday’s State Dept’s press beating with Under Secretary Steve Goldstein and Brian Hook Director of Policy Planning, the State Dept announced SOS Tillerson’s upcoming trip to Vancouver on 16 Jan 2018 to cohost w/Princess Sparkly Rainbow Twinkles to discuss ways forward w/NoKo.

    At 06:41, Andy Mitchell asks if there will be a naval blockade of NoKo to enforce sanctions.

    State Dept guy replies that yes, “we will be discussing naval interdiction.”
    Dayum, you guys are good. Once again, you all called it. Well done. Humble appreciation.

    Boy is Andy Mitchell dumb. She asked a question from some former big shot guy from NATO. Heaven forfend Andy has an original thought.

    Anyway, back to NAFTA, any wagers that Princess Sparkly Rainbow Twinkles has a pull-aside with T-Rex to lobby for Canada’s side of NAFTA? Boy, would love to be a fly on the wall for that one.

    Oh yes, China and Russia were not invited to this mtg in Vancouver. The Vancouver discussion starts at the beginning and lasts for about 15-1/2 minutes.

    Have not finished listening to the rest of this beating. Heather’s son is ill, but is improving, and is expected back next Tues.

    Hoping you all present your take on this confab next Tues.


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