Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo -vs- Trey Gowdy….

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Trey Gowdy, appears on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.

Some key takeaways:  Remember, Gowdy is Chairman of the specifically purposed UniParty committee that drives investigations to no-where (FnF, IRS, Benghazi, emails etc.). As such, it is obvious between the spoken lines that Gowdy is positioned on HRC’s defensive flank; it is part of the UniParty fingerprint.

Secondly, mid-interview Mrs. Bartiromo is 100% accurate in her framework of the Strock described “insurance policy”; she gets it exactly correct.  Thankfully, the beltway apparatus has wedged the investigations that really matter away from Roosterhead.

Accepting the current storyline, in combination with the conversation, it looks like the Clinton email and Clinton foundation investigations will likely go no-where.  The investigation(s) that matter are how the FBI and DOJ handled the prior investigations and the mounting evidence against both agencies surrounding the 2016/2017 election corruption (Intel and Judiciary).

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282 Responses to Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo -vs- Trey Gowdy….

  1. jefcool64 says:

    “Thankfully, the beltway apparatus has wedged the investigations that really matter away from Roosterhead.”


    Trump is that you? Rooster Gowdy, always there to alert us that there is an investigation into something.

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  2. Howie says:

    Howdy Gowdy has a problem.

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  3. Does this SOB have even a tiny bit of patriotism and honesty in his soul? Does he have a family that is going to be able to see his duplicity some day regarding doing the right thing for the US of A in a time of crisis?

    You know what I hate? I hate that I once thought this lame poseur was on our side.

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    • rf121 says:

      The one huge benefit of the PT win was the “awakening” that occurred. True colors and allegiancies were revealed. Where we assumed we thought the same on a given issue it turned out we really did not. I think it was PT’s direct way of getting the message across that really shook things up for those week in the knees.

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    • oldschool64 says:

      I used to as well. But when you see a guy has real talent, yet has a record of 0-6 or 0 and whatever you start wondering if he’s on the up and up.

      His grandpa was a helluva sports announcer and great outdoorsman. I doubt Trey is one-tenth the man Ol’ Curt was.

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    • Turranos says:

      I am with you. I thought the same thing. He asked good questions but in the end that does not matter one whit because this Twit always takes them down the road to Nowheresville!

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    • peace says:

      You’re not alone. Roosterhead is a slick saleman and many of us were fooled. Now that we have President Genius Trump, a lot of us have been enlightened. His Benghazi failure did it for me.

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    • CleanhouseinDC says:

      It’s about results. When has any Congressional hearing or investigation resulted in something positive for the American People. They exist solely to provide a Kabuki moment for re-election commercials, and to sweep evidence and issues u see the rug, so business can continue as it was.

      That’s why many of us have no confidence the current DOJ/Congressional activities will lead to anything more than it already has. There has been more than enough evidence leaked for criminal charges for a lot of the Swamp creatures, yet all they do is go on TV or on tour and pitch more of their BS.

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      • neal s says:

        I have a dream. Sometime in the near future, with cooperation of DOJ, at the end of someones damning testimony at a congressional hearing, US Marshalls are asked to take those testifying into custody, to be indicted and tried for their crimes.


      • TPW says:

        And they call for a “special councel”right?


    • 🍺Gunny says:

      Rooster Head….the dead of Bengazi are on his hands…he seems like the guy that always got beat up in high school, tripped in the hallway, and ran crying to the principal for help..screw him…

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    • Sunshine says:

      Same here.
      God Bless the public hearings where we all realized ‘What is he doing, stopping short of the real questions?’
      The Benghazi hearings opened my eyes to this treacherous Trey Gowdy.

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    • Go my son, and be duped by RINOs no more……

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    • churchill says:


      Well, cherubs, this is a shock.

      Like sixblade and, I’m sure many others, I thought Gowdy was an honest man. Now you’re sayin’ he’s a swamp member. It’s a hard thing to believe.

      Second-guessing SD has never been a profitable exercise and I’m not about to start now. But I’m damned if it ain’t a hard thing to believe. Trey Gowdy? Come on…

      No-one seems shocked – has this been intimated or discussed before? Have I missed something?



  4. FofBW says:

    It is all about the money.

    That is why PT drives the deep State nuts. He is not for sale. Totally our if their paradigm.

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  5. oldschool64 says:

    Here’s what happens when you “Let Roosterhead be Roosterhead”!

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  6. Howie says:

    I think an autographed picture of Lady Justice by Gowdy Doody will be a collectible. If you can get one.

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  7. Apfelcobbler says:

    Roosterhead — “all hat, no cattle”, as Kelley once said (in another context)! Yes, let Mr Hairdo flap in the wind.

    The emerging interest (past couple of days) on Steele has wide-ranging and profound implications – because it indicates a UK spy operation against a US President … huge implications for the special relationship, which has been on a bit of a rocky footing lately.

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  8. H&HC 2nd-16th says:

    “The investigation(s) that matter are how the FBI and DOJ handled the prior investigations and the mounting evidence against both agencies surrounding the 2016/2017 election corruption (Intel and Judiciary).” That’s the key. Don’t publicly aim for HRC and Obama. If the miscreants in the FBI/DOJ are indicted and if it appears there’s some slam-dunk convictions, you’ll see some will start flipping to save their skins. Hopefully, it will lead to Brennan and Clapper. If it goes higher – oh well – they’ll get what they deserve.

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  9. joshua says:

    Frayed Doodie to the rescue of cable TV….not.


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      He’s on a lot of HLN re runs when he was the DA up in
      Greenville. He came across as a go getter, effective.
      What a dissapointment. Would pray for his soul, but
      I have doubts if there’s still one there.

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  10. Wayne Robinson says:

    That is very astute about Gowdy . You might add Chavetz to this list . One painful observation both are blowharts without one accomplishment and all wind and thinder but no light . Up to this point they have been involved in dishing out immunity agreements that will be revoked , just wait and see. These two will have to decide what team they are onshortly . I have zero respect for either one .

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  11. Bob says:

    Wow, now Gowdy wants a four branch of government. Or at least maybe make the Judicial even more powerful.

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  12. StormyeyesC says:

    “Accepting the current storyline, in combination with the conversation, it looks like the Clinton email and Clinton foundation investigations will likely go no-where.”

    I hope you are wrong.

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  13. MM says:

    RoosterHead is just doing what Roosters do He’s Crowing….

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  14. badlass says:

    I believe the purple tie is a dog whistle to let the clintons know he’s got their back.

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  15. Love22 says:

    Gowdy uses his right hand to dismiss the notion that anything will become to hold her accountable and blinks every time he lies, like a POW using Morse code.

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  16. Love22 says:

    Be done…not become lol


  17. cowpokesblog says:

    Well, in fairness you need to understand the backstory on his (Gowdy) record.
    How can you say he is 0 for 6 when the win is subjective in the larger picture.

    Take Benghazi for instance and this historical frame:
    Speaking Sunday on CBS’ Face The Nation, South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy dismissed recent statements by two Republican lawmakers — including Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California — implying that at least part of the panel’s mission was to embarrass Democrat Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of State during the Benghazi attacks and is now running for president.

    “I get that there is a presidential campaign going on,” Gowdy said on the show. “I have told my own Republican colleagues and friends to shut up talking about things you don’t know anything about and unless you’re on the committee, you have no idea what we’ve done, why we’ve done it, and what new facts we have found.”

    So in the larger picture, by Gowdy holding hillary accountable in the court of public opinion may have been as close to a “win” with out him actually putting points on the board.

    Remember, Defense wins championships…


    • RedBallExpress says:

      Good point but for every saying there is another one:

      People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.
      Vince Lombardi

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      During that time I think the Congress can refer to the DOJ. Holder or Lynch. But my problem with Gowdy (almost typed Howdy, all the jokes are making me forget his real name) Gowdy always goes right up to asking the question that needs to be answered. He never asks the right questions.

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    • Bacall says:

      Sorry, I don’t buy it. He has been a “spokesman” for the House on several of these scandals and has flinched every time. I recall him publicly defending Comey’s decision not to prosecute Hillary for mishandling top secret and/or secret confidential memos on her private server which were ripe for foreign hacking and for offing our agents and informants. He said that he was “aware of facts” that the public does not know which obliged Comey to back off of prosecution. This guy has no moral compass. He cannot be allowed to be at the helm of any investigation and needs to be removed from the Intelligence, Judiciary and Oversight committees. Stay home Gowdy; you are a fraud.


  18. freddy says:

    Gowdy was a prosecutor with a 90% win rate. Since he has come to the house he is batting .000000000. He is a schill and a POS liar who gives out alibis for the crimes he trys to shield. He is the worst of the GOP RINOS and should be flogged in public in the street. Right next to Shifty as they are the same cold blooded invertebrate. Gowdy fooled many a person here and I’ve heard his praise. Instead of going with the act he has chosen for his kabuki go with his results. .0000000000. He’s a plant to cover the dirty deeds…………. Like in the mob he’s the cleaner…Yes Maam yes mammm……….

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  19. patrickhenrycensored says:

    IT puts whitewash on the fence, ……………………………………………and we get the hose.

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  20. Athena the Warrior says:

    People are onto all talk no action Gowdy. I know there is no love lost between you & Mark Levin but even he called out Gowdy for talking about but not moving forward. 99 to 1 of the comments called out Gowdy as well. People want action now.

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  21. lawton says:

    If they wanted they could nail her for the Clinton foundation stuff even if they aren’t going to ever charge her with the e-mail stuff.

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  22. mikgen says:

    Clarice Feldman in her weekly piece on American Thinker pointed out that “no FISA warrant could have been issued without then-attorney general Loretta Lynch’s signature of approval on the application, it might appear the committee is working its way up the ladder.” If Clarice’s assertion that the AG has to approve the FISA applications then it would appear that the committee doesn’t have that many steps left to reach the top of the ladder.

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    • 4harrisonblog says:

      Lynch has an excuse, I didn’t know what I signed. So there was no intent.

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    • Angel Martin says:

      “no FISA warrant could have been issued without then-attorney general Loretta Lynch’s signature of approval on the application, …”

      I’m not sure that is entirely correct. In the FISA section of the law the Attorney general is defined:

      (g) “Attorney General” means the Attorney General of the United States (or Acting Attorney General), the Deputy Attorney General, or, upon the designation of the Attorney General, the Assistant Attorney General designated as the Assistant Attorney General for National Security under section 507A of title 28.


  23. citizen817 says:

    Rooster should be in lala land picking up his award tonight for ‘best fake drama’. Hell, most of our congressmen are some of the best actors in the world. Disgusting!

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  24. mikgen says:

    Let me try again without dropping words:

    Clarice Feldman in her weekly piece on American Thinker pointed out that since “no FISA warrant could have been issued without then-attorney general Loretta Lynch’s signature of approval on the application, it might appear the committee is working its way up the ladder.” If Clarice’s assertion is true that the AG has to approve the FISA applications then it would appear that the committee doesn’t have that many steps left to reach the top of the ladder.

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  25. Trey Gowdy sucks… All talk no action politician 😝

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  26. starshollow88 says:

    He’s a MAJOR disappointment.

    Nunes is the star. I’ve been donating to him when I can, he’s getting hit pieces and attacks like crazy. Expect more! And Grassley is a truth-seeking Patriot as well.

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  27. shiningfields says:

    Maria Bartiromo is the smartest lady in media. Period. And, I do not think for one minute she is buying any of what Gowdy is selling.
    “It is only infuriating if you have high expectations” –Gowdy. That statement is everything you need to know about Gowdy and his UniParty end game.

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    • 🍺Gunny says:

      How the…could he make a statement like that? He seems to know…this may be going nowhere…

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      • Carrie says:

        Gowdy knows w/o a doubt that this “investigation” will go nowhere. What the UniParty is banking on is that the Red Pilled public will buy the feigned outrage just like we did with FnF, IRS, Benghazi, etc…
        At first, I was shocked Gowdy would make such a statement. However, I realized that Gowdy inadvertently tipped his hand and tried to cover it by implying that because he’s been in Congress for 4 terms that he sees DC for what it is. That’s why I pointed out that specific statement really is all we need to know about him and the UniParty.


      • AZ18 says:

        And I interpreted his comment about Sessions appointment as a political favor implying bias. That’s a new theory to me. Wondering if this will be the new talking point.


    • WSB says:

      That is when I started throwing slippers at the screen. Just so I do not have to replace the expensive toys.


      • Carrie says:

        I really did think Gowdy was honest in his public outrage. Then I realized it was typical southern lawyer self-righteousness. I can say that b/c I’m from the South.
        I get mad and want to smack Gowdy in the back of the head, then I shake my head and say “He needs Jesus”.

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        • Boots says:

          The Old Testament is filled from beginning to end with examples of God smacking Judah and Israel on the back of the head to get their attention. To whit, ‘I withheld the rain and you did not seek me….I let the crops fail and you did not seek me….your business ventures failed and you did not seek me…’, etc.

          After all the head smacks failed, he appointed Nebuchadnezzar and a succession of other foreign kings to humble Judah and Israel. I wonder how bad the people wailed and wept when Jeremiah told them it’d be 70 years before the Lord would remove them from Babylon. We already know those who remembered Salomon’s temple cried their hearts out when they saw the rebuilt temple.

          Sin has a price. That price goes exponentially up in relation to the depth, breadth, length, and longevity of the sin(s).

          So go ‘head an smack that boy in the back o’ his rooster head, hard! He needs it!

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        • WSB says:

          You nailed it! Trey needs to pray.

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  28. MAGA Happy Boy says:

    If you want the definitive visual on Roosterboy’s effectiveness, watch his posture during freshman Rep Elise Stefanik’s questioning of Comey. She schooled the cowled-one on how to put forth probing inquiries. No bombast, no showboating, no recalling the thousands of years’ experience as a federal prosecutor. She got in. She got out. And Comey experienced scorched earth for the first time as FBI Director.

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  29. freddy says:

    and the Golden globe this year goes to Rooster boy Trey Gowdy for his memorrable and historic portrayal…or betrayal… of a concerned congress rat trying to find truth and justice…..Since no one is fooled by such a clown he will fit in perfectly in the audience clapping loudly for meryl Streep and friends who say they never knew or had any idea the young actresses they fed to harvey were being harmed….Same form of scum Trey your fooling no one……..Maybe drunk Boehner but nadie mas….

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  30. penny munday says:

    Ugh. I watched that just to see what he had to say, all he brought up was democrats, impeachment, trust Mueller etc. etc. etc. He’s already laying the foundation for another do-nothing committee investigation that goes exactly nowhere.

    Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation is the straw that broke the camel here. I threw away my gop card after that and swore I wouldn’t vote for another. Trump changed my mind.

    Note to self: Never trust a man who wears his codpiece on the wrong head.

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  31. Donna in Oregon says:

    I listen to Jim Jordan. I listen to Sen. Grassley. I listen to Devin Nunes. The statute of limitations is going to be a problem when it comes to prosecution for Hillary and her pals. The DOJ/FBI has earned a thorough cleaning. I hope and pray they get one.

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  32. MM says:

    Here’s the question I would like Gowdy to answer in regards to Benghazi
    Where’s MARK TURI?

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  33. johnparham1 says:

    ” it looks like the Clinton email and Clinton foundation investigations will likely go no-where” Say it ain’t so!

    Why this statement and how might Gowdy undermine that? Not sure I see him as a black hat in disguise?

    Was he the reason, and did he purposefully undermine Fast, IRS, Benghazi, etc?

    Can someone help me out?

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    • WSB says:

      Fake investigations that Gowdy either chaired or was a part of. All to cover up everything.

      Also, have a look at Jason Chaffetz.


    • Well, look at it this way. Gowdy talks a mean prosecution–He questions people dramatically not unlike TV attorneys such as Matlock, Perry Mason or Ironsides.

      Then after his investigations………. nothing……… nothing ever happens. The defendants are never prosecuted, they do not go to jail, there is not even an indictment.

      So what did he do? He put these people through a dramatic hearing with intense pressure and never finds something wrong–He clears these people in a way that no one really questions because the acting was so good……And those people now have a comeback when questioned about their crimes: “This has already been adjudicated by Gowdy Doody, and nothing was found.”

      Trey Gowdy is a sham artist for his Uniparty.


      • TPW says:

        Can’t stand Gowdy….. but the committees can recommend indictments is that right….but DOJ would have to do the hard work…….Holder would never take those recommendations…but Gowdy could have still requested them and he did not correct?

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        • That is the way I understand it. But you gotta watch these RINOs.

          They will usually only do something Republican when they know it will never be implemented.

          For example when Obama was in power and the RINOs knew he would veto it, they easily repealed Obamacare.

          But now that P Trump is in office and WILL sign it…… suddenly they cannot pass anything repealing Ocare.

          This is the way the uniparty works…..


  34. mimbler says:

    The problem I see with going after how the people handled the investigations is that it is unlikely to produce prosecutions.
    It is unlikely that they left any memos saying, “do this to get Hillary off.”

    So while it is clear they were covering up her crimes, it will probably be pretty easy to sum up as a series of “bad judgements”.

    Whereas Hillary and Huma’s crimes, for example, have concrete artifacts. They scattered classified material around like confetti. These are easily provable crimes (in my mind, they are already proven with information in the public domain).

    Just my take on it. I would be delighted for the whole crowd to go down if they can do it.

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    • johnparham1 says:

      I tend to agree that it will hard to prove intent. But there are so many “concrete artifacts” of laws broken:

      – Hillary and company deleted, bleached bit, and lied about emails
      – Comey and the FBI/DOJ used a clearly compromised document (the Steele report) to gain a FISA warrant.

      The above examples cannot be disputed and are prosecutable.

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      • mimbler says:

        The first, yes cannot be disputed.

        The second is a good example of what I was talking about. The Steele document was fake, but it could be explained as a bad judgement call to not recognize it as fake.
        That reasonable doubt is a big hurdle in a criminal prosecution.


      • You do not have to prove intent…….The law is clear that you only have to show gross negligence…… If we think about other crimes, is intent necessary for a conviction?

        “Officer, I might have been doing 90, but I had no intent to do that…… ” You will be laughed at.

        Please do not believe these sham lawyers…..


    • TPW says:

      What I don’t understand about the statute of 5 years…..yes she resigned Febuary 2013 but there were many provable and individual crimes committed during the span of 5 years. Some occurring say 2014 2015 and so on. Why could she not be indicted on individual crimes that were committed in say 2014. Guess I am dumb.


  35. Mk10108 says:

    What answer from ANY question rooster asked lead to prosecution?

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  36. Karmaisabitch says:

    He talks too much, he worries me to death, he just talks, talks, talks, talks too much.
    Was that Fats Domino?

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  37. burnett044 says:

    When I think of Gowdy …well this saying comes to mind.

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  38. Patriot1783 says:

    As usual Gordy mo, all talk no substance.

    Wonder what the deep state has on him?

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  39. signer1 says:

    I thought I was the only one who thought Gowdy looked like a rooster and made much noise but no results.


  40. Summer says:

    Gowdy ostensibly took his own name off the list of potential picks for the AG (probably realized that he would not be picked anyway) but now he acts as if he was passed over for a promotion.

    Always maintained that Trump necessarily relied on advice when it came to selecting qualified lawyers for various positions because it’s outside his area of expertise. That is why almost all his picks, including Sessions, were so underwhelming and that I is why we have Mueller. Compare this to his picks for anything trade-business-budget-finance related and you would see my point.

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    • mimbler says:

      That has been my thought exactly. He a very stable genius, but his expertise does not extend into every element of life.

      He’s had to depend upon advisors in those areas and I suspect some of the advisors were deep state or at least GOPe.


  41. America First says:

    With all due respect, the investigations into HRC’s emails and, most importantly, the Clinton Foundation corruption DO matter, if we, the people, are ever going to have confidence that we are living under the rule of law of a legitimate government. There’s no way Hillary and Bill can be allowed to get away with taking money from dozens of dictators and oppressive regimes in exchange for our nation’s foreign policy, no way we can permit them to get away with selling a defensive asset let Uranium to the Russian government in exchange for Bill and Hillary’s own personal enrichment. Roosterhead needs some extra feathers, applied with tar, if he railroads those investigations!

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  42. realcapedcrusader says:

    When people look back at our history Gowdy will be nothing but a fart in the timeline.

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  43. William F Buckley's Ghost says:

    Love the way Howdy Gowdy slowly enunciates the word….EVVV-A-DENT-SHE-ARY like he’s trying to impress some rubes from the boondocks with who don’t know any better with fancy city-slicker lawyer talk! What a fraud! He’s trying to be Paul Ryan Jr.????

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  44. Meatzilla says:

    Yep. Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy III has always, always, always been an all-show;no-go TOOL. However, it was Darrell Issa who taught Trey Gowdy how to ‘hold people accountable’ while holding no accountable at all, ever, and how to be so freakin’ darn good at it.

    By the way, WIKILEAKS has made that cover-to-cover batch of swill anti-Trump book, “Fire and Fury”, available for free in PDF form. Read it or don’t read it, but please feel free to pass it on… for [lack of] royalties sake if nothing else.

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  45. rmnewt says:

    Best line: “I’ve been in congress for 7-years.”
    Square filled, its now time to go!

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  46. Howie says:

    The Russia dither haz jus begun. The dithering will be epic in this election year. Sooper Dither of the first magnitude begins. The blah blah rebote

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  47. Donna in Oregon says:

    Here is a summary of the Benghazi Report. This report more accurately portrays what happened to our people that were murdered under the Obama admin. in short form.

    Hint: It wasn’t about a video like the Sock Puppet Susan Rice parroted all day on a Sunday.

    Also, the Benghazi committee failed to reveal the covert operation that Obama was sending weapons to ISIS in Libya. That is why most Americans are still angry about Benghazi, the full truth was not given.

    The Obama government gave weapons to our enemies. This is why most Americans are still pissed off about Fast and Furious. It appears that the Obama admin loved to give serious weaponry to our enemies…..

    Fast and Furious (high-caliber guns, possibly grenades)


    Uranium One
    Gave our Uranium to Russia.

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    • MM says:

      That’s why I’m saying ask Rooster about Mark Turi.. The arms dealer that Clinton hired to run the guns with no identifying makers on the weapons….He has the emails from Clinton…

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    • William F Buckley's Ghost says:

      They lied and said military resources were 2500 miles away. Not true! French and British military units were an hour flight away but were never asked to help. A boy scout troop could have run off the Muzzies that were about to murder Ambassador Stevens!


  48. Howie says:

    I cringe every time I hear that little crook babble about Lady Justice.

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  49. Robert Warchol says:

    Thanks I’ve left ol Roosty Head a really nice message.

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  50. Some Old Guy says:

    Gowdy is a less effective human Foghorn Leghorn.

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    • WSB says:

      “I say, boy, I say, boy…” Leghorn had a LOT more influence on making sure we did not grow up as snowflakes and general disappointments to our families. Bigly effective, IMHO!

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