South Korea Intercepts SECOND Oil Tanker Headed To North Korea…

Many readers might remember back in the summer 2017 (throughout July) when there were indications that President Trump, and allies, were positioning assets and drills for what appeared to be a strategic naval blockade. Well, today Reuters is reporting that South Korea has seized a second oil tanker, flagged under Panama, headed to North Korea.

The cost of smuggling oil into North Korea is getting very high. These oil tankers are very expensive and the cost of commerce in international ocean freight is underwritten by massive global insurance companies. Each of these interdictions’ makes the business end of smuggling much more unstable.  Additionally, each of these violations opens up the co-dependent enabler as a target for massive U.S. Treasury Sanctions previously established.

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korean authorities have seized a Panama-flagged vessel suspected of transferring oil products to North Korea in violation of international sanctions, a customs official said on Sunday.

The seizure was the second to be revealed by South Korea within a few days, as the United Nations steps up efforts to squeeze essential oil supplies to the reclusive North following its nuclear or ballistic missile tests.

The ship, KOTI, was seized at Pyeongtaek-Dangjin port, the official told Reuters, without elaborating, due to the sensitivity of the issue. The port is on the west coast, south of Incheon.

A marine official also confirmed the seizure, which he said was done “recently”.

The KOTI’s estimated time of arrival at the port was Dec. 19, according to VesselFinder Ltd., a tracking service provider,

The ship can carry 5,100 tonnes of oil and has a crew mostly from China and Myanmar, Yonhap News Agency reported, adding that South Korea’s intelligence and customs officials are conducting a joint probe into the vessel.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed the probe, declining to provide details.

“The government has been in close consultations with related countries and ministries to thoroughly implement the sanctions by the U.N. Security Council,” the spokesman said. (read more)

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88 Responses to South Korea Intercepts SECOND Oil Tanker Headed To North Korea…

  1. Texian says:

    The UN has all been just smoke and mirrors for a long time.. their scam is over..

    MAGA the world..

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    • Matthew Musson says:

      Trump understands that you don’t have to sink ships to stop the flow of oil. You just have to make it too expensive for them to operate.

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      • Remington..... says:

        I don’t know, maybe take the oil and scuttle the Damn thing.

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      • “You just have to make it too expensive for them to operate.”

        Impound the ships:
        • Lost income for ship owner.
        • Lost income for oil producer that must find another ship for future shipments.
        • Asset forfeiture for owners whose lost income leads to defaults on debt financing.
        • Insurers raise rates to cover lost income (if they covered it) or refuse to insure.
        • Shippers raise rates to cover higher insurance rates for both profits and ships.
        • Shipments to NORKS cease.
        • Sanctions on shippers to China due to complicity in China’s corrupt practices.
        • Sanctions on oil producers shipping to China for the same reasons.
        • Shipments to China begin to dry up.

        Panda starts looking stupid, as crossed eyes are not a great way to save face.

        Panda sees one way out of its image-and-economic death spiral:
        Denuclearize the NORKS.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      DPRK should call for UN security forces to blockade NK.


  2. Carrie2 says:

    Oops! Not good China to back down on your agreement NOT to get oil to NK. Trump is nice but he can also be terrible nasty so should watch you Ps and Qs is my suggestion. Thank you, SK, being on guard and stopping this invasive/illegal oil container.

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Interesting that the crew was mostly Chinese, with some from Burma…

      Ships in your sight
      Don’t load tonight
      Your trade(lives) to save

      Burma Shave…

      (dating myself there, I know – many, many trips on old Route 66)
      (anyone remember Big Chief Yellowhorse in Arizona? )

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      • Nonlocality says:

        Ever see the “Nazi bridge” outside Yuma? Awesome camping area.
        Saw my first snow on Snow Bowl, Flagstaff (thanks to my USMC son!)
        Remember Nelson Riddle theme from Route 66?

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        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          Yep. I love that piano riff. We used to hear that all the time when I was a kid…
          Here’s the title sequence (interesting – Squaw Valley is quite a ways from Route 66 🙂
          I guess it was more than they could (Big) Bear 🙂

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          • Remington..... says:

            Right up there with 77 Sunset Strip….

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          • Cuppa Covfefe says:

            Crazy, it you look at the guidebook that the one fellow is reading, it looks like the “National Automobile Club” guide of the day. Taller and narrower than the AAA guides…
            (we had one like it – now if I could only find it)…

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          • WhistlingPast says:

            That Route 66 theme is very complicated to figure out. There are so many rapid key changes cleverly strung together… that’s what grabs the ear.
            Best I can hear it starts off in G, then goes to F, A♭,C, E♭, F, C … then I get lost. Sheet music is probably online somewhere.

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            • Cuppa Covfefe says:

              Reminds me of doing “West Side Story”, some of the key signatures were daunting, at best. “A Boy Like That / I Have A Love” went from (what felt like) 11 flats to 7 sharps, enharmonically the same key, but very, very different in character.

              BBC has a series with András Schiff playing and analyzing Beethoven’s “Tempest” Sonata, where he’s modulating through the keys, relative minors, etc. [Hmm. If it was a Capella, would it be unaccompanied minor?] [sorry]…

              Oh, for those days of great music and theme songs. Can’t think too well now as fireworks are going off all about.


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              • WhistlingPast says:

                The genius of these composers, Nelson Riddle included, is that despite how complex the score, to the ear it all makes sense.
                For another example, you may think you know the music but try singing along to Nelson Riddle’s “The Untouchables” TV theme song. Like with Route 66, you’ll feel like a rug is pulled out from under you. Key changes out of nowhere.


                • Cuppa Covfefe says:

                  Ives’ Psalm 24 tests the limits of following a tune, even for those of us with perfect pitch.
                  Kind of the other extreme. Frank Zappa hid a 12-tone fugue in one of his songs, and the secondary theme in “Rocky and Bullwinkle” in the early 1960s was 12-tone.

                  Composers seem to love playing tricks on us (PDQ Bach notwithstanding). What’s really cool is when the music is great along with it… cf. Brubeck’s “Time Out” and “Time Further Out”…


            • emet says:

              Nat King Cole has the version I like. You might try, for example, F, (if you) B flat 7 (plan) (walk the bass). Then Gm9 (get your kicks) C7 (on route etc). Sheet music is for classical. Use your ear and learn the Nashville number system.


          • Cuppa Covfefe says:

            Interesting too that the comments on this vid (on YouTube) are a good deal more MAGA than the usual garbage comments that have plagued YT of late…

            Need to trade my minivan (Touran) for a 62 (or so) vette. Or a Chevelle 442 SS…sigh…

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            • jeans2nd says:

              There was one Incorrigible Deplorable, way back in ’08, who converted and uploaded all those Route 66 vids like a torrent. So many wanted them, no one else had them.
              And here you all are, enjoying those same vids on youtube.
              Some say she was a pirate. Some say she is a myth.


            • Orygun says:

              Chevelle 454 big block and the Olds 442( 400ci, 4 spd, dual exhaust)… man I loved that era 60’s and early 70’s. I had a 56 chevy hardtop with a 301 vette engine. What a fun car. Sold it to my brother and he let a drunk wreck it. Oh, well!


      • Michael says:

        A sailor travels to many lands,
        to any place he pleases,
        And he always remembers to wash his hands
        So he don’t catch no diseases.

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      • WhistlingPast says:

        The news item only says Myanmar so the Burma Shave reference is double-y clever 🙂
        Your doggerel brings up another throwback:

        “Don’t load tonight
        Call Chicken Delite.”

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      • nor'easter says:

        Re; “Panamanian flagged” vessel.

        Vessels are often registered to countries other than that of actual ownership due to favorable conditions mostly related to costs (lax inspections of material conditions of the vessel, (un)safety, low wages, substandard trained crews, and especially insurance, etc.).
        As we know, low standards and poor working conditions lead to criminal activity.
        Just look at any democratically controlled metro area, and the slums that goes with it, and who keeps reelecting their political representatives.

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      • emet says:

        Ethnic Chinese from Myanmar

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        • jbrickley says:

          Well except for the one Chinese MSS (Ministry of State Security) operative. Or maybe he jumped on the North Korea vessel after the transfer of oil was completed.


      • fred5678 says:

        My favorite as a kid:

        Free, free
        A trip to Mars.
        For 500
        Empty jars.


      • Imperator Rex has reimagined the Burma Shave “Thread”.


    • holymercenary says:

      This all begs the obvious question: If China keeps preening about how important it is to de-nuclearize NK and how important it is to abide by the sanctions, what are they doing trying to sneak a vessel in the dead of night to NK with oil?

      Isn’t that the most blatantly obvious question? Doesn’t it blatantly prove the Chinese to be liars?

      And then the next obvious question: If China actually doesn’t care about the sanctions, abiding by them, then does that mean it doesn’t care about de-nuclearizing NK?

      Of course, we know the answers to these questions already, but this is the first time in my recent memory that it is so blindingly clear, that China is so clearly proven for the liars they are. Trump is humiliating them, but he’s not doing anything special: merely clarifying the field and pointing out loudly when they lie.

      At what point does the general public see that China is simply a pack of liars? That’s not rhetorical, I genuinely mean, if these actions continue? The “Panama flag” is meaningless, as is the “Myanmar crew” – this was China through and through, dressed up in disguise, feeding their junk-yard dog.

      Keep exposing them, President Trump. Greatest President of all time and we ain’t seen nothing yet. I said it the day he was elected. GOAT.


  3. Trent Telenko says:

    It looks like the price of Pres Trump promising the ROK President not to have the US Navy blockage the Norks was that the ROK Navy had to…and it is doing so now.

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  4. Trent Telenko says:

    See Russian Oil-Running to the DPRK —

    Russia Is Also Selling Oil to North Korea in Violation of UN Sanctions

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  5. Homesteader says:

    Bet there’s one p+seed off rocketboy stomping his little Commie feet right now.

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  6. MVW says:

    More NOKO slave hours needed for the oil. What a wonderful dark spot on the planet. Communism is for workers… what a sick Marx joke.

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    • Lindenlee says:

      My understanding is that China uses the NKs as slave labor in many factories to keep the profit margin higher, as this wages rise for Chhinese labor. Truly despicable people.

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      • The Devilbat says:

        They are no worse than the GOPe who for years before President Trump arrived on the scene imported cheap labor from Mexico. Also, you need to check out the cheap labor in Haiti. Women there sew baseballs together by hand for only two or three dollars a day.

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        • jmclever says:

          A missionary came to our church. She brought one of those baskets. And shared that the people are so poor and exploited that many resort to feeding their children dirt to at least keep them from the pain of an empty tummy


      • trialbytruth says:

        Yes they are of kind of like chicken processors here. Why hire an american for 15 an hour when you can hire a Mexican for 6

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  7. RedBallExpress says:

    I stumbled across this earlier today and posted it on the Presidential Thread but it seems more relevant here: The Chinese based DJI Company produces about 70% of all camera drones sold to the civilian (& also military) market in the US. When the drone camera footage is downloaded into the owners computer guess who gets the video along with GPS coordinates?

    US Says DJI Camera Drones Are Spying for China, DJI Calls Claim ‘Insane’

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    • emet says:

      This has been going on for decades. Chinese imported electronics loaded with viruses, backdoors, etc. A few years ago a high-ranking Chinese PLA officer (surname Zhao) was convicted in the Eastern District of Virginia of trafficking counterfeit Cisco equipment. She was imprisoned, fined, US citizenship revoked. A lot of the stuff was sold to the Federal Govt as well as businesses. Not much reporting on this sort of thing,probably because its a major threat and because there is no Trump/Russia angle.

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  8. Troublemaker10 says:

    South Korea has given Trump both praise and support in his NK strategy. What happens with the oil and ships that South Korea intercepts?

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  9. kea says:

    They were just ummm lost…..really….yeah….lost……

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  10. Nonlocality says:

    Wishin’ a wonderful and swamp-draining 2018 to this Treeper community of patriots!

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  11. Donna in Oregon says:

    The United States has also proposed that the United Nations Security Council blacklist 10 ships accused of illegally funnelling coal and refined petroleum from North Korea, an idea that China has resisted.

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  12. fleporeblog says:

    Happy to see the South Koreans stepping up their game. I guess their liberal Leader realizes that being soft during these times is the worst thing for his country. Our Lion 🦁 probably told him during his visit that he needs to 💩 or get off the pot.. These morons actually think these huge tankers cannot be seen at sea. China 🇨🇳 is playing a very dangerous game. They keep this up and our President will go to Economic War with them. They should take a serious look at what is happening in Iran when the people get sick and tired of living a miserable life. Many Chinese people have gotten a taste of money. They don’t want to go back to poverty!

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  13. scott467 says:

    “These oil tankers are very expensive and the cost of commerce in international ocean freight is underwritten by massive global insurance companies.”


    Do commercial ocean freight insurance companies pay out when the insured party is engaged in international criminal activity?

    Seems inconceivable, considering that insurance companies will try to use ANY excuse not to pay a claim… losing your property to seizure while violating U.N. sanctions certainly cannot qualify as a legitimate claim for loss?

    Those insurance companies better watch their own activities, and who they do business with, or they may find themselves (and their global assets) subject to DJT’s new Executive Order.

    Talk about draining a swamp…


    “Each of these interdictions’ makes the business end of smuggling much more unstable.”


    Since the satellites are capable of not only spotting the U.N. sanctions violations, but even being able to read the NAME of the specific ships involved, it would seem to make the business end of smuggling impossible, at least when it comes to oil.

    You can’t hide oil in your pocket, or in a backpack, or sneak it through customs. It takes a large ship, and you have to transfer it to another large ship, on the open sea.

    And the open sea is not crowded, it’s like a vacant parking lot. It can’t be too difficult for satellites to monitor the sea near North Korea, isolate on ships having the necessary size / tonnage for oil tankers, and then zoom in and photograph whenever two such ships approach each other on the open sea.

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    • LBB says:

      Good visual of doing this “open sea” style , which were described in the Russia violators too.

      I was disappointed to hear this one today. Up till now , all the other seizure / violations stemmed from time frame of Oct-Nov before Treasurys’ official sanction against people/companies. Even the last SK seizure, though more recent (because of newest UN sanctions) the incident still stemmed back before Dec.

      I was disappointed because I want to see measurable improvement in this area. I want our President and team to win in areas where previous admins couldn’t or wouldn’t . I want them to win on NK, and us, and the general population of Korea. Maybe, though this ship was seized recently, it also has to do with something done earlier. I remain hopeful for eventual (non-war) resolution.

      Checked out a few vessel finder sites. This vessel was called SEMUA SEJATI up until May 20th, 2017 with a Malaysia flag. If you look at the last 5 ports for KOTI it had a May 2016 , then didn’t sail again until July 2017 and then 2 additional journeys.

      Date / TimePort / Country
      Dec 22, 2017, 10:04 UTC PYEONGTAEK, KOREA
      Aug 14, 2017, 06:11 UTC ZHOUSHAN, CHINA
      Jul 06, 2017, 04:04 UTC NINGDE, CHINA
      May 20, 2016, 13:13 UTC SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE

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      • LBB says:

        For the record, the port info was copy and pasted off the website under the “last 5 ports” header. Now says “no data” when you go in there. Interesting how fast something can disappear.

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  14. LafnH2O says:

    A tanker in limbo generates 0$ for the owners going forward.

    Also, it leaves less capacity to meet expectations… already agreed to.

    Go head… send another 1.

    They (oil tankers) make excellent gifs.
    Or sumthin… 😉

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    • emet says:

      Yes. They lose money as they sit. Many years ago I witnessed an incident at Richmond longwarf wherein a tanker was delayed pumping because the public gauger was not present. Customs requires one present (at least in those days) because there is duty on petroleum, and so volume, temp etc must be tracked. As it turns out, a security guard had held up the gauger and prevented him from driving onto the property. The place went crazy!

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  15. scott467 says:

    What are the North Koreans DOING with the oil?

    How many oil refineries does North Korea have?

    Just two:

    From Wikipedia:
    The Ponghwa Chemical Factory (Korean: 봉화화학공장, “Torchlight Chemical Factory”) is the larger of North Korea’s two oil refineries. It is located in Sinŭiju, on the river border with Dandong in China, and originally was supplied with crude by rail from the Daqing oilfields in China.

    Sabotage the refineries, and smuggling oil becomes a moot point, doesn’t it?

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    • LafnH2O says:

      Have to agree with ya!!
      And, rorry… didnt mean to step on your earlier post.
      Geostationary ..👍

      Be a shame if something happened to em.

      Temporarily of course. 😉 Like a
      glitch…. or sumthin.

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Sounds like a job for Stuxnet or similar… or “sneakernet-jumping” code… (don’t care ’bout no steekin’ air gap)…

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  16. trapper says:

    “Additionally, each of these violations opens up the co-dependent enabler as a target for massive U.S. Treasury Sanctions previously established.”

    That’s the money quote. If shipping company A, doing X billions of dollars a year in shipping business, loses a ship, well, it hurts but they can carry on. But if the US treasury’s OFAC freezes and seizes all their assets in the US and in every foreign branch of every US entity, their cash flow immediately dries up and they can’t make payroll next Friday. Say hello to my little accountant. We call him “Killer.”

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  17. jmclever says:

    The revelation and release of photos of the contraband oil lightering that happened in October seems now a strategic move given that now we see that certain players have not abided by the very resolution they unanimously voted for. Ten ships being asked to be banned by the UN for violations and a trespass as recent as today. Whatever Trump does next will be wholly justified.


  18. Ziiggii says:

    Interesting! Add the new rhetoric re: Nuclear war
    US closer than ever to ‘nuclear war with North Korea,’ Mullen says


  19. jbrickley says:

    Hmm, how come you’re 2,500 tons light? We ordered 5,100 tons and that’s all you’ve got? Did you spring a leak on the way here?


  20. Sunshine says:

    Kim is very upset. He now has the nuclear button on his desk and all systems are ready to launch.


  21. Mal says:

    You bunch of war mongering bastards, I hope there is no war. The naval blockade being discussed IS an act of war, you Americans can’t wait to get more of your young men killed and for what? Another central bank for NK? Iran’s “revolution” is pure Oded Yinon plan materialising but you lot are too far up izrahell’s arse to notice. I’ll bet none of you have even heard of the greater israel project. You really are a dumb bunch, you follow this sundance person like sycophants, it’s sickening to read.


    • USA loves Melania says:


      Sweetie. Babydoll. We gots to talk a little about your technique. Yes, I’ve heard of the “greater Israel” thing. Probably most people here have too, just guessing. But anyway, here’s a pro tip for you: If you believe passionately in something and want to convince people to come to your side it would probably help to not call them “warmongering bastards”, “dumb bunch”, “sycophants”, and say that they are up anyone’s arse. That stuff tends to turn people off. Try to be nice to people and your luck might improve. I’m trying so hard to be friends with you. That’s why I’m not engaging in the name calling. For instance, I would never call you a “jerk” or a “lunatic” even when you display those qualities. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Happy New Year! 🙂


    • cdquarles says:

      Just because there isn’t any shooting, Mal, doesn’t mean that there is no war. In the case of NPRK, that war (duly declared … all it takes is for Congress to authorize money being spent on combat operations) is still on. A cease-fire does not end a war. To end one, a peace treaty must be signed by the President and ratified by the Senate (Iraq war is over .. it started in 1990 or thereabouts and ended in 2008).

      That said, I do want us to get out of the many entangling alliances we are in.

      That said, just because we don’t want a war doesn’t mean we won’t find ourselves in one.


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