Former Bush Presidents Pen Book Specifically To Trash President Donald Trump…

Personally I hold a slow burning fuse…. As a general disposition I also find no value in cussing.  However, there are times in the course of current events when a person steps forth that is so arrogant, so condescending, and reflects behavior that is so self-serving, so genuinely and painfully a fraud of the highest order; that there’s just not enough tongue to bite.  Fuck George Bush – both of them.

The former presidents have penned a book waxing philosophically about their losing control of the republican party.  In the title of the book they have the audacity to call themselves “The Last Republicans”. :::gag:::

Within their high-minded views of their own importance, i.e. as gatekeepers of things righteous within the body politic, they can’t even see their pontificating elitism and how that condescending arrogance destroyed a cherished part of our nation; our middle-class.  CONSIDER:

NEWSWEEK – Both former President Bushes had choice words for current President Donald Trump in a new book scheduled to be published later this month, with the elder Bush reportedly calling the billionaire commander-in-chief a “blowhard” and flatly stating he does not “like” him.

Presidents George Bush and George W. Bush, the 41st and 43rd top executives respectively, spoke to author Mark K. Updegrove for the book “The Last Republicans.” It detailed the relationship between the father-and-son presidents and how they were fretful of what Trump had done to the Republican Party.

Furthermore, both ex-presidents admitted they did not vote for Trump. The elder Bush pulled the lever for Democrat Hillary Clinton while the younger told Updegrove he voted for “none of the above.” (read more)

Damn, just think about this.

President George Bush (41) attended the Ohio 2016 GOP convention – where the people’s nominee, Donald J Trump, gave effusive praise to the former President.  Yet that man, that slimy creature of pus, filled with bile and self-interest, has the audacity to pen a book telling the world that he voted for Hillary ‘effen’ Clinton.

Screw you slime-ball.

These jackass former Presidents, whom many of us defended while surrounded by a 360 degree furnace of hate, specifically because we uphold honor to the office of the presidency and respect the will of the voters who put them there,… these shallow and small bitter shells of humanity, have the nerve to keep their mouths shut during the entirety of an Obama presidency that destroyed the very fabric of our constitutional values; and now step forth to say the people’s president is a “blowhard” who hurts their delicate sensibilities?


These Globalist idiots who intentionally constructed economic policies (think NAFTA), that sold out the interests of the U.S. to their corporate friends and foreign finance interests, have the audacity to bemoan the goals of an American President who simply wants to rebuild the values of middle-America and restore the economic sovereignty to hard-working blue collar people.

There is no value in hatred.  But if there ever was a time when the invalue of hate aligned itself with an accurate target, the Bush family -writ large- would be the visible personification.

This family began a war in Iraq based entirely on a lie.  A lie that killed 4,526 soldiers; left more than 32,000 Americans wounded and cost over three trillion dollars.

This family sold out our economy to the highest international bidder; and along with the usurping Democrats of like-minded sentiment, gave away our most important assets while indulging themselves personally within the scheme and graft.

The Bush policies were so inherently anti-American, and so devastating in consequence, that the outcome of them was to exit office having given the Democrats a filibuster proof majority in the Senate, full control of the House, and control of the executive branch to a the only person possibly defined as more inept than themselves, Barack Obama.

As a direct consequence of the Bush failures we were forced to receive ObamaCare, which, ten years later, is still destroying the very fabric of the U.S. economy and collapsing the financial stability of the American worker; and during which time they sat quietly surrounded by their own indulgences and said nothing.

… And they have the audacity to pen a publication to claim themselves as the “Last Republicans”?

Then again, the Bush failures were so well understood, and so well versed and felt by the electorate, the 2016 GOP nominee won the nomination, and later the oval office, specifically by campaigning against the very principles these “Last Republicans” seek to retain.

Indeed, you can make a solid argument that without the Bush Family, which led to an Obama presidency, there would never have been a need for a Donald Trump.

So yeah, the last republicans is probably correct.


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713 Responses to Former Bush Presidents Pen Book Specifically To Trash President Donald Trump…

  1. I can’t wait to post this on social media ❤ ❤

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  2. FANTASTIC article. Needs to be republished weekly. Damn GW, damn him to Hell. He is responsible for so much damage to this country its almost incalculable. This idiot, this doofus, this absolute moron let THE EXACT SAME BASTARDS that ruined his dad’s presidency destroy his. How stupid can one human being possibly be? AND on top of that, he considers Bill F’ing Clinton his brother….God Almighty what an idiot.

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    • Ken says:

      It was an eternal shame that when it was GWB’s turn at bat he didn’t come out swinging against the losers that helped derail his dad. Those same forces he was silent on for his 8 years. Now that the better man beat his lackluster brother for the nomination and their buddy the Hil-hag for the top job the Bushes are getting all snowflakery. I voted for GHWB and GWB but they and that whole family have become YUGE disappointments.

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    • honor78 says:

      Everything they did was on purpose. Machiavellian .

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  3. Mongoose says:

    “W” you idiot! You have to stop riding that damn mountain bike. That last fall you took must have really given you a nasty concussion. Better get that scanned and treated. You big fool

    And I want my money back that I donated during your campaign against Kerry! Big lummox.

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  4. Nailbanger says:

    Elite dirtballs,,,

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  5. tommyd22 says:

    It all goes back to HW, the CIA, and their disdain of the light of day.. The Bushes are not America first.

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  6. Ken says:

    Sundance I would love to meet you so that I can shake your hand. You hit a World Series home run with this post. I remember as a young man being able to vote for GHWB. I also remember being a sailor in the best Naval fighting force on the planet voting got GWB. As you know the alternatives in those elections were far worse. Now when I look back on it both father and son did damage to our great nation. Their stupidity and ineptitude lead to the elections of both BJ and the real O’Blowhard. Now since it came out that GHWB is more hands on than Biden the family has become more pathetic. My wife caught the dumb morning show on her vacation where Jenna Bush was on with Kelly Clarkson . She said that it was absolutely gag worthy. I told her I can believe it because she’s like her dad and grandpa. As far as their stupid book. I wouldn’t buy that dreck if it was in the 1 bin at Ollies. The Last Republicans? More like the last morons.

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    • chbailey says:

      ^ OBlowhard. ^ Nothin’ like drawing attention to one’s self and one’s own.
      Blowhard – a person who talks too much (OBlowhard, 41Blowhard Bush, 43Blowhard Bush, Crooked Blowhard), a person who talks foolishly (OBlowhard, 41Blowhard Bush, 43Blowhard Bush, Crooked Blowhard), and a person who talks boastfully (OBlowhard, 41Blowhard Bush, 43Blowhard Bush, Crooked Blowhard). May their every utterance continue to be blown out as gas.

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  7. Victor Adam Smith says:

    RE: “This family began a war in Iraq based entirely on a lie….”

    That is at least the second war that this family began based entirely on a lie.

    In 1990 GHWB sent a member of his administration (a young woman) to report to the “MSM” that he would not do anything if Iraq invaded Kuwait. Then the Bush Sr. administration had her coming out with apologies for saying the “wrong thing” after Saddam invaded Kuwait.

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  8. NJ Transplant says:

    I never supported the Bush presidents. I loved it when Jeb Bush claimed that his brother, W kept us safe, and PDJT said that the 9/11 attack was under W’s watch. It was like the Emporer’s new clothes. It always made me aggravated when media claimed W kept us safe. I still think something really stinks with how W and his administration reacted to intelligence about the 9/11 attack and the actual attack. There is still no explanation of why fighter jets didn’t go after the attack planes. Fighter jets even go after small planes that go off their flight plan.

    Likewise, I didn’t support the Iraq war. There were people, even in NJ calling me a traitor at the time. it was so obvious that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11. As a consequence of the mass killing of Iraqi citizens in the Iraq war, we now have ISIS. Obama supported ISIL, as he called it, more than the American people, so things got much worse under him. The Bushes never had a problem with Obama.

    This seems to fit in with the Bush article. I just read the explanation of the questions for tomorrow’s vote in Maine. The one about the Medicaid expansion reads “Act to enhance access to Affordable Health Care.” It raises the amount people can earn to get Medicaid from 125% over the poverty level to 133% over the poverty level. When you look at the actual statute proposed, it includes “non-citizens admitted legally” for pre-natal and pregnancy costs up to 60 days after birth and children under 21. Unless they snuck in, any foreigners who are here, even illegally due to overstaying a visa, would be covered by this. Apparently, they are already getting Medicaid if they earn 125% over the poverty level. If they do not claim their income, even more of them get Medicaid.

    Why are social security and Medicare being lumped in with Medicaid? I don’t recall President Trump saying that he won’t reduce Medicaid.

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    • linda7780 says:

      Republicans have been wanting to raise the age of Medicare recipients on the younger generation to age 70 for a long time now. That may be well and good for those who work in comfy chairs in office buildings all day long but, what about those who do the jobs that require really hard manual labor all of their lives?…you know, the jobs that many won’t/don’t do but, rather, hire it to be done for them? Where do these people fit in?

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  9. linda7780 says:

    I am truly blown away after reading this article by Sundance. When I think of all of the arguments standing up for GB’s son with one of my most precious family members and my defense of him and then saw how he cosyed up to the Clintons and, then, Obama in pictures later on of them all ONE, I must say I thought I would be sick. It made me feel like watching two attorneys in the court room pretending to argue and actually fight for their clients, then leaving for drinks afterwards and elite parties laughing at all of us “common stooges” thinking they really had our best interests at heart.

    I am and have been sorry for any support and votes I ever gave them. This is/has caused me to see that all along we truly DO have a UNIPARTY. I don’t know about the rest of you but, this article has truly opened my eyes to the fact that our governmental parties are just exactly what they say they are, ONE BIG PARTY!!! I have never been so disappointed and felt so deceived as I do right now.

    I would like to ask the Bush family what exactly being a Republican means to them??????????
    Right now I am so disillusioned and disappointed that I have no words. I voted for PT and need to offer an apology to him for writing him a letter saying I was sorry for voting for him when the DOJ went after little people like me who,in my 60s, need to have medication just to maintain a decent standard of living that is somewhat normal rather than the people who resort to drugs for a high time and the dealers. I was angry at the time and have since regretted it.

    But, THIS. is the ultimate betrayal to me to see what the Bush family have done to US as a country! I should have known when he replied that The Constitution was just a Damon piece of paper!

    I need to quit typing now because I am so mad I need to think before speaking more. I do wonder though just exactly how many more in the Republican PARTY and Democratic PARTY are really just doing the same thing. That phrase “all the world is a stage” is surely ringing true right now. I think I am going to go listen to some old George Carlin videos because they rear don’t give a Damon about US.

    Thank you Sundance. I certainly needed to read this. You expressed in words that I cannot, all of the feelings I have right now. Now. I am going to fume for awhile for being so stupid and ask for forgiveness for arguing with that wonderful family member over nonsense that only took precious time out of my life that could have been better spent!!!!!

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  10. linda7780 says:

    damned piece of paper not Damon, as auto correct shows above.

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  11. chbailey says:

    Please, for goodness sake, let us make it so – that Bush and his entire family, together with all of their like-minded cohorts, ARE The Last Republicans:
    The elephant charges forward, kicking up dust. But the back lighting of the sun blinds him to a movement… there, on the right, a lion pulls into view. The lion overtakes the elephant, and drawing all after him, the lion gains ground. And now as the dust settles, the elephant seeks shelter from the sun and his ears are full of a lion roaring, roaring in the distance.

    May the Bush Janus-faced treacheries accuse them all to be pariahs and the lie that is the Bush “Presidential Library and Museum” (on a Methodist Campus no less! in Dallas) be abandoned to dust and tumbleweeds.

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  12. linda7780 says:

    Regarding quote in my OP: Correction: Guy @ has since retracted his statement about Bush stating he Constitution is just a GD piece of paper.


  13. yy4u says:

    George H. W. Bush was the Republican Establishment’s mole in the Reagan Administration. Republicans don’t want to remember it now as they claim Ronald Reagan as their own, but the same things the GOP-e said about Donald Trump in 2017 were said about Ronald Reagan in 1980 — including Gerald Ford commenting on Reagan’s “orange” hair! The GOP-e “patricians” looked down their long noses at Ronald Reagan — a B actor who thought he could be president — and were just as shocked that he beat GHWB as they were when DJT beat Jeb! And just as gracious (snark). They aren’t classy — they just have money. BIG DIFFERENCE.

    H. W. Bush rode into office on Ronald Reagan’s coattails and then immediately began undoing everything RR did (“read my lips…) He never intended NOT to raise taxes. Raising taxes is what Democrats do whether they have a D or an R behind their name. Ask Paul and Mitch!

    Many here blame Perot for Bill Clinton but Perot was the PDJT of 1992 — he just didn’t have PDJT’s smarts (to run as a Republican) and guts (he dropped out of the race because he was afraid of the Bush machine). But Perot was 100% right on what was going to happen to America. Here’s the link of him telling us in 1992.

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    • Ken says:

      You are so right about H. Ross Perot. The morning talk show host I listen to on the way to work (1.5 hr. commute) played this same clip. It’s election day in the Old Dominion so he was playing this as his funny way of making fun of Ed Gillespie. I emailed him and told him I didn’t think that was funny. Nonetheless I was a teen when GHWB became president and I remember the great RWR when he beat Mondull like a drum back in 1984. The similarities of what happened back in 92 and between Dweeb, er I mean Jeb and PDJT are striking.


  14. mark4trump says:

    The Bushes were the only viable candidates at the time — but now we have Trump! I am so thankful that Trump is truly for America and the forgotten men and women. After seeing the Bushes despicable behavior I am so very grateful to God that he has given us a President that we can rally too. Trump is God’s answer to many prayers. My wife & I prayed, God, give us a fighter! Give us someone who we can rally to! Hallelujah for His mercy on our country. Thankful that our enemies are getting aggravated & defeated by our Lion and his allies..

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  15. domain496 says:

    Small, petty, venal….I am embarrassed to think I ever supported one of them.

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  16. pcockroft says:

    Little jealous. What did they do to help the people of Houston? Trump gave a million of That’s right Bush secures money for Nazis(Hitler) to finance a war. But we used our money for Iraq courtesy of the Bushes and for absolutely no reason except to destabilize the Middle East. Give us a break burn your book.

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  17. Mike diamond says:

    The good news D J TRUMP IS PRESIDENT !!! That’s who we voted for!!!! Write all the books you want we love President Trump !!!


  18. Mike diamond says:

    Looking back I should of voted for Perot instead of bush !


  19. F U C K the Bushes… why is it so important that the middle class get screwed? Is it really so terrible that we have a man in the White House who doesn’t need to be bought so he is doing things for We The People.?


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