Elizabeth Warren Admits the 2016 Democrat Primary Election Was “Rigged”…

… And here we go.  Toldyaso.  Right on cue…  Elizabeth “Liawatha” Warren outlines to Jake Tapper, the #1 goal of current DNC Chairman Tom Perez is to bring back the Bernie Sanders supporters ahead of the 2018 elections.


Of course the part Senator Elizabeth Warren leaves out is that she knew the DNC was under the direction and control of the Hillary Clinton campaign back in 2015, Hillary told her, and that’s why Warren never put her name in the candidacy hat. Duh.  Oh, and like none of the-deep-in-the-weeds political reporters knew this?  Ohhkay. Sure. Whatevs.

Unfortunately the Bernie crowd is just gullible enough to buy this re-branding strategy. And of course, in an effort to retain their opinion of Teh One, none of the progressives will admit to themselves that President Obama most certainly knew of the plan.


On the positive side, considering the timing, the Democrats are conceding to lose all remaining special elections in 2017 due to deflated voter enthusiasm.  However, that’s a short price to pay for the larger re-branding strategy.

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332 Responses to Elizabeth Warren Admits the 2016 Democrat Primary Election Was “Rigged”…

  1. fedback says:

    Hilarious reading the twitter responses to Jake Tapper’s tweet about DNC rigging the election.
    The majority simply say that ‘Bernie wasn’t a democrat’…. Such dishonesty

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    • Bernie isen’t.

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        Hiraly took one tiny opportunity to point out that Bernie was a Commie – I was astounded – that is the ONLY bit where national-level Dems have attempted to put sunlight between them and Commies – –

        Myself, I believe I can give a decent answer. It has to do with “government comes in where the market fails, and the market comes in where government fails.” It also has to do not only with what is economically helpful, or is guaranteed by negative rights, but what is moral. I could go on at length with my views about each and every kid getting a solid education, and figuring out some way to ensure a decent environment, and ways to make big business pay their way versus getting to pollute then hide away from liability by using shell companies, but those arguments are arguments for another day.

        We first need a Constitution-based nation to work with.

        The Dems may have a Constitution-based ideology. But either way, they will NOT distance themselves from Reds…
        They will NOT distance themselves from Antifa and other Red political efforts…
        Despite being the smartest people in the room asked to answer a college-level civics question, THEY WILL NOT distance themselves from Reds…

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      • Bendix says:

        Donald wasn’t a Republican either. Bernie wanted to run as a Democrat, and in fact did register as one, that excuse of theirs does not hold water.
        The real reason they couldn’t have Bernie was revealed in that frontpagemag.com article about why Obama couldn’t stop spying.
        I can’t locate the link right now, but it was linked to here previously.


    • frankie says:

      Lieawatha Warren isn’t an American Indian either.

      Nor was she a sex abuse target. Her personality is a birth control aid. So are her looks and body odor. She has a face only Rachel Madcow could love.

      Even Hillary has a stable of younger babes (Huma, Chelsea).


  2. pam2246 says:

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  3. TwoLaine says:

    I’ve been wondering where they’ve been hiding the normal loud mouth Fauxcahontas. I knew there was a CROOKED Reason she was silent. Pretty hypocritical of her to say it’s someone else’s problem, when they are clearly ALL CROOKED, and always have been.

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  4. MfM says:

    It was rigged for Hillary to win in 2016 . The problem was as much as they cheated, they couldn’t cheat enough.

    If she had won, none of this would have come out.

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    • Betty says:

      “… they couldn’t cheat enough.” There you have it, and the only way we can gauge the extent of their cheating is by observing how thunderstruck they were when she lost, despite the evidence from months and months of thousands and thousands of Trump supporters showing up for rally after rally right up to the early hours of election day. And still Hillary and Podesa were astounded – when they, of all people, knew the will of the People was against them.


  5. G3 says:

    Bernie needs to buried for being such a dirty ole socialist taking his cut while looking the other way.

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    • Patriot1783 says:

      Yep that $600k bought a nice little vaca house.

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    • Bendix says:

      If the Russians could rig elections, wouldn’t they have rigged it so the commie won the Democratic race?


      • Flamethrower says:

        One thing I have never understood in the entire year that the Russia, Russia, Russia thing has been going on is why would the Russians favour Trump over Hillary? Why would you choose someone who cannot be bought, and obviously won’t be told what to do, over someone weak and compliant and proven to be for sale to any bidder?
        The whole idea is irrational and nonsensical.


  6. jeans2nd says:

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    • covfefe999 says:

      Assange is wrong about the GOP primary. Hillary didn’t rig it, the Bushes did. And after typing that I closed my eyes and said “oh my God” because we won, we got Trump elected in the face of all of that high powered opposition.

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  7. covfefe999 says:

    There are a whole lot of Democrats who should be going after Hillary for the massive amount of money she siphoned off.

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  8. John Post says:

    Let me get this straight, the halfrican left the dimmocrat party $24 MILLION dollars in the hole in the run-up to the 2016 election.

    According to an article on cnn.com dated April 7, 2016 obama had attended more than 50 fundraisers so far in 2016 (and had attended more than 150 such events since his re-election in 2012) and was slated to attend a whole slew more in hollywierd in the months after April 2016.

    My question then becomes WHERE THE HE!! DID THAT MONEY DISAPPEAR TO???

    Enquiring minds want to know!

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    • Michelle says:

      Yep and he couldn’t even bother to pay it back. Democrats are terrible money managers and don’t care if they waste money. No wonder all democratic run cities fall apart.

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    • LEET says:

      So if the DNC was bankrupt did they spend stupidly or was it waste/abuse of all the money obama supposedly raised, OR is it a fallacy that obama raised all that much money from his many fundraisers?


    • Bendix says:

      Yes. Nothing but “fundraising”, with no funds to show for it.


  9. BobBoxBody says:

    Relative. I don’t think the “rebranding” is going to work. And neither does Styx. This doesn’t change the fact that you have “factions” that are going to be fighting over control of the party and pieces of the pie. The GOPe under Trump is more fundamentally united even if it’s split with the MAGA crowd versus the dwindling establishment.

    The “progressives” are radioactive and are going to poison the party if they aren’t brought in line or purged from the DNC altogether. They have to abandon identity politics. It’s not going to happen.

    Contrary to what Sundance thinks, the DNC is ***CED!


  10. MVW says:

    Speaking of FrankenStein. It will be Franken-n-Warren for 2020. Pure Red/Green.

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  11. Mitch says:

    This big admission by the leftist media and there cohorts that the election was stolen smells to high heaven especially as we approach the November 4th date.

    I believe this was intended to get the Bernie crazies out in the streets in big numbers for the November 4th march and beyond for their Red revolution.

    Leftist radicals don’t change their colors overnight when they have been at this game for all of their lives and unfortunately Hannity who is a patriot once again takes the bait.

    You watch as all media push this Hillary stole it from Bernie story which was clearly evident at the time but for obvious reasons (Thinking Hillary would win the presidency) the libs and Donna (The one who gave Hillary the questions to the debate) sat bye and allowed it to unfold.

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  12. Dems turning on Hillary like actors turning on directors. producers, other actors. They ALL KNEW it was happening when it was happening but Leftist-Narrative-Uber-Alles!

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  13. Brant says:

    I wonder if the chances of NFL fans returning are the same as Bernie voters returning.

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  14. jeans2nd says:

    Is funny, was talking w/Wicked Son ~1.5 hrs b4 reading this. WS was having to let his new DBA go. DBA follows step-by-step directions well, but cannot think of solutions on his own. Guy is 40s to 50 yo.

    The prob may be not w/Bernie Buddies, but w/their parents. Time will tell. Or, we are anomalies…

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  15. Payday says:

    Uh oh. Just reported Session may have given false testimony regarding knowledge of a trip to Russia by Carter Page. If media pushes this…does sessions resign? Does Trump finally appoint someone who will do something? Talk about Mueller and his mafia being between a rock and a hard place!

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  16. B Woodward says:

    So does anyone think that there is any truth to this story of rigging the primaries from Seth Rich’s alleged girlfriend Claudia Kash?


    Seth Rich discovered that Hillary used the DNC website to refer voters to bogus polling places that looked like official voting sites. It was set up with DNC volunteers, regular voting machines etc Voters would be checked off on a voter roster, same as at the official polling places, and given a ballot. Then after the polls closed, the DNC supervisor would pick up the roster and the ballots. The supervisor would then pick up the roster and ballots from the legitimate polling place. He (or she) would then replace a number of the real Bernie Sanders ballots with an equal number of the ballots from the Hillary Clinton voting location. Then the Bernie Sanders ballots would be destroyed. That way the number of people who voted on the official roster still matched the number of ballots counted. This is why so many states reported a lower than expected voter turnout. Seth Rich, who was responsible for the app that helped voters find their polling places did not realize there were two sets of polling places until he himself went to vote. Seth Rich was appalled by the corruption, and as a result, dumped to Wikileaks.

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  17. scott467 says:

    “Unfortunately the Bernie crowd is just gullible enough to buy this re-branding strategy. ”


    DJT has the Kryptonite answer to what the Demonrats are attempting here:

    “We can’t fix the rigged system by relying on — and I mean this so, so strongly — the very people who rigged it,” Trump said. “The Clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves.”

    GOP nomination victory speech – https://www.vox.com/2016/6/7/11880448/donald-trump-victory-speech-transcript

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  18. pmdea says:

    Am I getting this. They, the mighty and powerful are going to let Podestas and Hillary hang, unwillingly no doubt…regroup DNC…run Superman or the Rock in 2020 preaching peace and safety (then sudden destruction comes upon them)..

    Let ANTIFAR loose starting this weekend..as President Trump is so divisive…
    Everyone is to forget their corruption and moves on to live in Utopia once they finally have their chosen unifying President!

    Bet Hillary and Podesta don’t go quietly. Maybe Present Trump is anticipating this as he tweeted that the Podesta’s know all the corruption of the Democrats.

    They really are deep strategists… Pray everyone stays safe as their plan is bound to explode, then they will be desperate.


  19. jeans2nd says:

    Oh dear.


  20. Sean Hannity, and Congress are crying, “Where is Jeff Sessions? He recused himself from all things Hillary. He said he wasn’t going to prosecute Hillary. He is part of the deep state establishment.” Jeff Sessions statement that he recused himself from the investigation is a matter of semantics and verbal posturing.
    The Attorney General never prosecutes a case himself. He simply hands it over to a lead prosecutor down the hall from his office. Anyone with common sense knows that. Just because Bob Mueller has a grand jury to investigate Russian collusion doesn’t mean that there are no other grand juries.
    There is no need for a special counsel to investigate whether or not Hillary committed any crimes. Why? Because the FBI and the DOJ have the evidence that was collected by Comey during the Obama presidency. All Jeff Sessions has to do is to give one of his lead prosecutors the evidence to give to a grand jury. And it doesn’t have to be the same grand jury impaneled by Robert Mueller.
    Silly rabbit, “Trix are for kids” And Jeff Sessions is acting like the silly rabbit on purpose in order to bait the Democrats to turn on Hillary.


  21. Rob1 says:

    This could be a rebranding strategy, as Sundance suggested. But it also could be a few Democrats (Brazile, Warren, maybe others) have realized that Hillary is going down and are looking to distance themselves. “I’m one of the good guys!”. I just wonder if they know something that we, the general public, do not know.


  22. Bendix says:

    Bernie tried to get the Democrats to go with the Muslim, because Perez was Hillary’s pick and would continue down the road to hell.
    They pick Perez anyway, and think the Bernie people are coming back?
    How many times can anyone get kicked in the teeth, spit on, and abused?
    Why didn’t Liz try to keep the Democrats from becoming this insane, corrupt, hate group?
    I think she’s lost her mind.


  23. Mia C says:

    I think Bernie bros will still vote lockstep with Democrats. But I also think they’ve lost the white working class and will continue to do so. They’re all in on the race-sex divide and bait which is a turnoff to middle of the road types.
    –They’ve lost minorities like me that don’t hate America.
    –I don’t know what we’ll do after Trump, but while we still have him we’re in a strong position.
    –I just hope that unlike Obama he does something to win-win-win and then replace himself with a MAGA winner.


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