MAGAnomics – U.S. Consumer Confidence “Reaches Highest Point in 17 Years”, Wage Rates Climbing…

The U.S. Conference Board is an economic think tank in partnership with Nielsen surveys which provides predictive economic analysis based on consumer and economic surveys within the larger U.S. economy.  The latest monthly report from the board shows a stratospheric level of consumer confidence, 125.9 the highest level since 2000.

Accordingly, “consumers were even more optimistic in October than economists polled by Reuters expected.”  The media and economic teams who thrill at the possibility of being able to talk-down the U.S. economy are apoplectic…

(Reuters) U.S. consumer confidence jumped to a near 17-year high in October, with households upbeat about the labor market and business conditions, which could underpin consumer spending and boost the economy in the final three months of the year.

The economy’s prospects were further bolstered by other reports on Tuesday showing an acceleration in wage growth in the third quarter and sustained increases in house prices in August.  (read more)


The only ‘unexpected‘ part is actually the speed of Trump’s MAGAnomics taking hold within the larger Main Street economy; specifically regarding wage increases.   CTH forecast the American labor market seeing the year-over-year comparative wage rate increases around 3 to 5% happening in the second full year of applied MAGAnomic policy. However, there are signs the blue and white collar wage growth is six to eight months ahead of schedule.

American wages and salaries, which account for 70 percent of U.S. employment costs, rose 0.7% in quarter three (July-Sept).  Those same wage rates increased 0.5% in the second quarter (April – June).   This means the year-over-year comparisons for wages and salaries are now trending up 2.5 percent in the 12 months through September (’16 -vs- ’17) after gaining 2.3 percent in the Q2 comparison through June.

With inflation on highly-consumable products, food, fuel, energy holding steady at near zero, the increases in wages mean actual disposable income increases.  This lowered cost of living dynamic is allowing growth in consumer spending for the middle class.

Trump’s MAGAnomics is now entering a phase of self-fulfillment.  Drive down energy prices;… which keep costs down for high consumables;… while simultaneously increasing  overall middle America economic development;… which drives up wages; ….which facilitates the American worker’s ability to spend;… which drives GDP growth.

If President Trump’s economic policies can keep the momentum (note, tax help from congress would be nice), then after approximately two more quarters of this level of GDP growth the economic engine will be running on auto pilot; and once again the common sense free market Main Street (transactional) economy will be operational.

On the housing front you’ll note another dynamic at play which is directly related to growth in the Blue-Collar economy.  Remember, the housing sector is directly related to the regions of the U.S. with the largest expansion of economic growth.  A third report on Tuesday showed the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller composite home price index of 20 U.S. metropolitan areas rose 5.9 percent in August from a year ago after increasing 5.8 percent in July.

In the aggregate housing prices are being driven by a limited number of properties available for sale in the areas of the U.S. with the strongest economic growth.

Record-breaking increases in consumer confidence, combined with rising wages and strong house prices should keep consumer spending very strong for the rest of the year.

Yes, Mr. President, we will be saying “Merry Christmas” again…

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91 Responses to MAGAnomics – U.S. Consumer Confidence “Reaches Highest Point in 17 Years”, Wage Rates Climbing…

  1. tax2much says:

    John McCain is saddened.

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  2. magatrump says:

    Winning!!! God bless President Trump. God bless America!

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  4. sundance says:

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  5. sundance says:

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    • Dekester says:

      I remember when PDJT said to folks in one of his speeches a year or so back.

      “ don’t sell your house.” He may have been talking to folks in W.Virginia.

      His detractors are fools, as well as being evil.

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      • FreeLayerOK says:

        My brother and his wife are selling their house and moving up to something nicer. Looking good!

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      • carrierh says:

        Dekester, here in CA the prices are sooo high, no one can afford them but some have been able to sell their homes and gain a small fortune to go and live in another state buying a good to great home with the money and money left over. Rents are so high we have a huge number of low income homeless and no aid available to them, but only to illegals! Food costs are also high but those on welfare seemingly can still enjoy wine, steak, lobster, etc.

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        • Dekester says:

          Carrierh, Same here in the
          Vancouver B.C. area.

          Tragic event in N.Y. I hate our politicians all of them..even the supposedly good ones, they should be screaming from the rafters.

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        • Travis McGee says:

          Yes they are. They’ve totally Californicated Oregon’s Willamette valley which dictates policy for the state. At one time we had a governor that said “I urge them to come and come many, many times to enjoy the beauty of Oregon. But I also ask them, for heaven’s sake, don’t move here to live.” Unfortunately they did and have ruined a beautiful state.

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          • John Matrix says:

            So sad, but true Travis!
            Without a doubt, relocated Californians are the ( for the most part) most unwelcome sight in any community. A group, so dense in that they have lived through years of bad policy, finally escape it….only to turn around and scream for the same things that they fled!
            They are a plague, not unlike a locust swarm.

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  6. sundance says:

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  7. Woohoo! I love the pic of Nancy. Why do people doubt PDJT ability to get this country on track (the Trump Train) when his whole life was a precursor to him being president? Those who are against him should not be allowed to enjoy the fruits of his success.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      They do not ” doubt” he will put the country on the right track….they know damn well he WILL. Thus the liberal hysteria. Status Quo turned upside down. ( insert sad face)

      MAGA to a lib is like sunlight to a vampire. The usual hissy fit of screaming, rolling on the ground and kicking their feet ensues. Best ignore it. Grown up usually do. ; )

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    • The people against president Trump, democrats, rinos and never-trumpers know full well that the president’s agenda will truly make America great again and THAT is what they fear…that the average American will wake up from their fog and see just what these people have done to America over the years.
      They don’t love this country the way that president Trump does; they want a global economy of our wealth being redistributed to poorer nations…they want communism/socialism the world over…..billions of poor people and rich politicians to rule over us.

      The president Trump agenda goes directly against that goal of theirs and if Hillary was elected we would really have lost this country forever; that’s how close we came.

      Now it’s up to us to get out and vote and make sure PDJT gets a 2nd term and make sure that we get every traitor voted out of office when possible.

      Take a look at the present day democrat party almost to a person they would prefer to destroy this country than to help PDJT make it great again.

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  8. Dogstar_K9 says:

    This news is great! How do we stop 401Ks from being raided?
    You know and I know so much of this is in the hands of Congress but President Trump will be blamed (as I just saw on Fox Biz). There is many names that can be used for Congress but none of which are suitable for a family oriented site.

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  9. Howie says:

    Muelley hooked up to wrong fish

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  10. fleporeblog says:

    The Economic Train left the station on January 20, 2017! It had been sitting idle for the previous 8 years. Now that it is rolling across our country, it will not be stopped. There is absolutely nothing that the Democrats, Rhinos, MSM, CoC, Big Club, Barry from Kenya, Globalists etc. can do to slow it down.

    Our President predicted that by the end of his first year in office, he would have our annual GDP at 3%. People absolutely laughed about his prediction. They aren’t laughing anymore! It will take an alignment of the stars for the annual GDP to hit 3% but it is doable. Here’s why:

    1st Quarter (Jan 1 – March 31) – Our final GDP was a miserable 1.2% since Barry was still in office for 20 days and our President began to implement his Energy Dominance and kill regulations.

    2nd Quarter (April 1 – May 31) – Our final GDP was 3.1%.

    3rd Quarter (June 1 – September 30) – Initial release had GDP at 3.0%. Please keep in mind that the initial 1st Quarter was 0.8% before going up to 1.2% and the initial 2nd Quarter started at 2.8% before going up to 3.1%. I anticipate the final GDP for the 3rd Quarter to be 3.3%.

    That would mean the following:

    1.2 + 3.1 + 3.3 + 4.4 = 3% GDP FOR 2017!

    That is asking for a lot but keep in mind that the Hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida cost the 3rd Quarter 0.8%. As construction begins in those areas, we could see the 4th Quarter propelled. Just the fact that I am writing this means our President has done an AMAZING job in hist first year!


    From the article linked above:

    U.S. consumer confidence jumped to a near 17-year high in October, with households upbeat about the labor market and business conditions, which could underpin consumer spending and boost the economy in the final three months of the year.

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    • Covfefe-USA says:

      And if the illegals do get booted out, think of the amount of tax-payer $$ freed up for our roads, infrastructure, bridges, etc. Also think the reason why our retirement benefits have changed, has been due to a relocation of tax $$ to support them.

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  11. 1hear2learn says:

    Going to be a very Merry Christmas indeed!

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  12. fleporeblog says:

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  13. fleporeblog says:

    If you build it, they will come! That is exactly what is happening with our President at the helm. America is open for business!

    From the article linked above:

    President Trump said Tuesday that a major announcement was coming soon about companies returning to the United States, which he credited to the tax reform effort.

    Expect an announcement that companies are “pouring back into the United States,” Mr. Trump said at a meeting with business leaders at the White House.

    “We have companies that really want to move back into the United States now because of what we’re doing with taxes. And some big ones are going to be announcing very soon,” he said.

    The president said he was holding firm on his demand that the tax reform bill emerging in Congress cuts the corporate rate from the current 35 percent to 20 percent.

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  14. MIKE says:

    And yet, PDJT polls remain inversely proportional to housing, employment, GDP and all other economic indicators.
    Makes about as much sense as liberals do. PTL for this man who left behind possibly the worlds’ greatest life ever, to take on the swamp scum that almost gave away entirely the greatest country this planet has ever seen.
    Thank you, Mr. President, from every chamber of my heart.
    I am a man that wouldn’t take kindly to a life of serfdom.
    I owe you, bigly. And I can look my children in the eye without guilt.

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    • Flight93Gal says:

      Mike, I was just thinking about POTUS low poll numbers. Consider this rationale: Recall how Obama’s numbers were ALWAYS high, despite horrific economy, stagnant wages, etc. My theory is simply this: The Media’s adoration/adulation and ever positive stories on Obama caused Americans to think positively about him–thus his high poll numbers. The Media’s ever negative stories on POTUS have the same impact. “Low information” Americans think negatively about POTUS because the media trumpets this negativity daily. However, all the MAGA Treepers know POTUS is responsible for turning the economy around while impacting wage growth! MAGA!

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      • MIKE says:

        Truth. Nail, meet HAMMER!

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      • FL_GUY says:

        Simple explanation: The polls were ALL LIES! They continue to be LIES.

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      • gfgustav says:

        I wonder to what extent the misleading polls are due to the left silencing any hint of a countervailing voice by smearing people with today’s version of the n-word (racist, white supremacist, Nazi, etc.) in the finest tradition of every banana republic?

        An astonishing 58% of Americans, basically 6 in 10, will not share their political views. Instead, they will quietly vote them. Which is why “popularity” or “approval” polls mean absolutely nothing, not to mention polls of the coming 2018 election.

        I would be surprised if the Repubs don’t clean shop on the GOPe and GAIN seats in both houses, leaving the Marxist Media “astonished,” wringing their hands, screaming for playpens, and blaming it on the “Azerbaijan conspiracy.” (/s … but only a little…)


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      • Convert says:

        I have said that for years! People respond to this poll question on a personal basis. They ” liked” Obama as a person, but a majority actually disagreed with much of his agenda. Trump is the opposite. People agree with most of his plans but find him personally very grating, immature, egotistical. Most important- will they vote to re-elect? Yep.


  15. joninmd22 says:

    No President Obama, It’s not a magic wand that creates opportunity. It’s an invisible hand.

    Obama’s such a loser.

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  16. Michael says:

    I keep telling my 30 something son he has never seen a healthy economy but hang on it’s being delivered by the TRUMP Train.

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    • Ellie says:

      That’s interesting that you would share that with your son. I told my 3 children (28, 30 and 32 ) the same thing.

      I remember the Reagan years. I also told my children that the press would try to crucify the President, same as they attempted to do to President Reagan.

      Washington and the press doesn’t take kindly to outsiders.

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  17. I live in northern Alabama. Our area is booming! It’s unbelievable the difference in this area between this November and last November. Traffic has increased, people are working, and even better, PEOPLE ARE HAPPY! You can just see it in their faces, demeanor; it’s wonderful to observe. Merry Christmas for sure in Alabama.

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  18. Howie says:

    Nothing less will do.

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  19. thesavvyinvester says:

    Oh boy, time to put on the nomex undees…. Jan 2000 is when the market topped. The warning sign was Small Cap Growth had an outstanding 1999 ( anybody remember the tear “QQQ” was on?) From a teacher of the Series 66 Class ( not investment advice here ) Small Cap Growth signify a top of a market as well as coming out of a recession. Let’s see how SCG fair on 12/31/17. Sentiment of as high as 2000? Um for the 1st time I am a bit concerned and I totally get MAGA and think we will have a GDP of 6 or 7% w/in the 2 terms of PDJT, but returning to 2000 has me concerned….


    • I don’t pretend to understand all the economic factors at play and how they effect each other, but are record high housing prices good? Prices were pretty high in 2008 too as I remember.


      • gfgustav says:

        In 2008, we had the subprime mortgage crisis. (If you haven’t seen the movie, The Big Short, I highly recommend it. Great stuff.)

        Today, the dynamics are very different.


    • The Boss says:

      We had eight consecutive years where the US economy suffered through OIC (Obama Induced Constipation). I’m not worried yet. A few more quarters of REAL growth and I’d say we’re good for a decent run. A couple corrections sprinkled in will keep it as chill as can be expected.


  20. Consumer confidence is HIGH…

    Well I spent My yesterday afternoon….
    At the car STEALERSHIP….

    I bought Me one of these…

    More folks, *Tire Kickers* were on the Lot..

    Job signs every where..
    Many “service/retail Jobs* but it is a indictor of the Local underlying Economy…Living by the State port, I seeing/watching MOR Trucks enter/exit the State port..
    Lots of Rolled Steel, Steel beam stock moving..

    I watched several trucks going into the State port EXPORTING Rail Box car Chassis /Wheel Assemblies ..
    Construction *everywhere*…

    Roads being repaired….

    Wages? I’m not keen on…
    But the things is, It is FALL…
    Here in the Coastal communities we are *Supposed* to slow down here… (Winter @ the beach)
    It’s NOT..

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    • Oh and were deporting/exporting Invaders.. cough cough..
      (ALOT of them Here)…
      I meant ILLEGALS …
      Cough cough..
      I meant, Un-documented persons….
      cough cough…
      I meant *Victims* of Drumps meaney Policy.. (being PC correct) 😦

      GOOD TIMES!!!! 😉

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    • Kalena says:

      I got a new 2017 Ford Transport Connect today. I tried to MAGA and get a model assembled in the USA but I needed this model to accommodate special changes for me. My car will be ready later this week. They are assembled in Turkey of all
      places. Also I was rehired at a former employer with a 40% increase over what I earned at that office 2 years ago. So I am fully participating in our Lion economy.


  21. chooseamerica says:

    You can feel the energy in the air. People are more animated and happier everywhere I go..

    Just went to the grocery store where we can’t use plastic bags. They asked me if I wanted to purchase paper bags and I told them no to just put the groceries directly into my cart. Then, I told them that I wasnt going to participate in government trying to put the plastics industry out of business like the’d been doing to businesses for years.Even a very young bagger said,” I’m with you.” Tells me that even liberals in the state of Washinton are catching on to where we’ve been before MAGA.

    Go Trump!!!

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  22. Oldschool says:

    Wait until Christmas sales start being reported. I am already shopping!

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  23. Howie says:

    Best thread in months!!! Hot damn. Let your mind run. Go Go Go….

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  24. Howie says:

    Alright….here we go….

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  25. Maquis says:


    Sing it with me, Peeps:


    One more time, LOUDER:


    That’s Good! Don’t you feel better now?


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    • FreeLayerOK says:

      I’ve been so more productive and creative lately. Finding work I enjoy has been much better, enthusiasm about doing it, and confidence in my own life and those around me is surging. It feels great to be a part of the MAGA movement!


      • Maquis says:

        Indeed. Can’t wait for my own projects to take off. I have no doubt this is to be a truly Golden Age.

        So nice to know my young have the greatest of opportunities before them. Generation Z is learning at the hands of a Master Economic Guru, a genuinely Moral Leader, and will seek to pattern their lives and elevate their hopes and expectations accordingly. It doesn’t hurt that Faith has returned to the Public Square.


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  26. Monadnock says:

    Finally, we managed to elect a smart businessman and look what happens….. EXACTLY WHAT WE KNEW WOULD HAPPEN!


    Thank you Mister President!

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  27. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Wages up: frankly I really would prefer to deal with some general price inflation rather than deal with tax increases and societal unrest that comes with a government-benefits-based economy.


  28. Eks Mann says:

    >>>Trump’s MAGAnomics is now entering a phase of self-fulfillment. Drive down energy prices;… which keep costs down for high consumables;… while simultaneously increasing overall middle America economic development;… which drives up wages; ….which facilitates the American worker’s ability to spend;… which drives GDP growth.

    ^ ^ ^ AWESOME ^ ^ ^

    Thank you Sundance.

    Thank you Mr. President.


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  29. Consumer confidence has been up for a while.
    I know because home owners are paying contractors for exterior maintenance, remodels, etc.
    This means more jobs, more taxes paid, more money spent at local retail, entertainment.

    … almost forgot another economic stimulus …
    Cash in pockets of those disaffected by the No Fans Left is getting spent locally too. 😉


  30. Sanj says:

    I remember someone named Sundance modeling this economic reaction from transforming the economy from Wall Street to Main Street. I’m in finance and am struck that some positive talk, plus executive action has triggered this growth. I always assumed Congress would have to play a bigger role, but it turns out, Americans will produce exceptional results if you let us.

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  31. Stringy theory says:

    Wonderful news. Where we live in VA there are help wanted signs everywhere and these are for manufacturing, service, and construction jobs…not hamburger flippers. MAGA President Trump, it’s working.

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  32. StanH says:

    Keep on rocken Mr. President!!



  33. I had 10 times more trick or treaters this year than anytime during the eight years of BO. No joke.

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  34. Just wait until we get that Tax Cut bill passed!

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    • Maquis says:

      Just wait ’til we kill Obamacare!


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      • With the opening to allowing association multi-state group coverage I think it just withers away.


        • Maquis says:

          That may well be the only way, govern it to death. But it does need to be fully terminated lest brain dead liberals gain power and breathe life into an Undead Obamacare.

          It is an Abomination.

          Much like the Congress that refuses to kill it.

          Remember when McCain, after casting the vote killing our hopes of ending that monstrosity crowed “let’s see Trump Make America Great now!” to his Communist buddies?

          Well, when we bury that hateful Fraud of a “Hero,” Fraud of a Human Being, then America will breathe a great sigh of relief, and MAGA.


  35. H&HC, 2nd-16th says:

    I’m glad everyone is upbeat about the economy. But, we should not let our guard down. There’s evil people still out there determined to take down our President by any means – legal or not. These people do not care about the economy, jobs, Christmas or Christians. They hate us; they hate our President and our way of life. Stand guard; be vigilant; be prepared to defend our President.

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  36. LBB says:

    Maganomics has been one of the best subjects to follow. Measurable winning.

    Dow 24K by end of year? That would be golden. : )


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