President Trump Calls Out Senator Bob Corker – Participating Member of the Senate GOP ‘Shameful Seven’ Caucus…

CTH personally prefers the term “The Big Ugly“.  We’ve never tried to hide our desire to see the right-side of the DC UniParty apparatus destroyed. CTH has advocated or a common sense insurgency to take over the republican party for almost a decade.

So whether it is called “The Big Ugly”, or “The Storm”, it matters not.  The important aspect is the result.  To wit President Trump has our steadfast support.

The Ben Cardin and Bob Corker UniParty agreement to support and pass the 2015 Iran Deal, a centerpiece of Obama’s foreign policy legacy, showed yet again that only one political ideology runs through the halls of congress in Washington DC.


(Big Ugly)

There is an expression:

“I will leave you naked before your enemies”…

…A proactive assertion essentially stating: if you chose to engage in war with me – not only do I promise your defeat against my interests, but I will lay you open to exposure from all adversaries who will then take advantage of your new vulnerability.

President Donald J Trump has done a remarkable job filling the role behind this proclamation.  In a seismic political shift Trump has gone far beyond drawing a line in the sand.  He has openly dug a trench on his pre-selected battle space within encampments.

Without any apology or hidden motive, Trump has filled the trench with a highly explosive electorate fuel (the result from years of Republican lies and deceit) and he is openly standing behind his formation twirling a Zippo while looking toward the deceivers.

As a direct result our enemies inside the wire are being forced to expose themselves. The various “Robert’s-The Bruce”, per se’, are in a precarious position of attacking in vain effort to retain the necessary ruse. Consequently, they are exposing their alignment with usurping powers of Machiavellian intent.  CTH Admin Menagerie took notice:

[…] Spent a few minutes reading a bunch of comments from counting their chickens before they are hatched Trump haters who went off on a tangent that Trump is next going to declare all out war on Congress and then they joyously slapped each others backs at the thought of him being so stupid as to do that to the very people who are waiting to impeach him because they have the real power.

These fruit fly maniacs are seriously deluding each other in their country clubs and on their golf carts. Frankly, in my business I have worked with just a few of them, and many are insufferably ignorant, just exactly as they seem.

Never have I seen so many people who live their lives in a tiny little bubble think they know so much about what is going on in the world. For God’s sake, they live in a gold plated petri dish.

I believe that the American people who elected President Trump are more committed than ever. After the election, seeing the putridity is even more deep and wide than we thought, and we knew it was bad, I happen to believe we have been validated, and that my fellow citizens do too.

Those of us who struggle every day, who work for a living, who either experience ourselves, or watch loved ones slowly sinking, knowing they are going under soon, from the final burden of Obamacare on a budget that had maybe a couple hundred extra dollars on a good month, those of us who lost good jobs during the Obama reign of terror, those of us who are watching the hordes of migrants kill and steal, drain and demand, and many of whom pay more in taxes than the median wage, we aren’t backing down. They will face a total rage sweeping across this land if they dare to try to take away the leader we chose. I will NOT be denied. I am not alone, not by a long shot.

The trouble is, they believe their own shit. Jonah Goldberg and all that crowd have not once looked around and said “Damn, we ain’t been right about anything for two years now. Maybe we should look around and see what’s going on.” No, they just keep believing in themselves because they still have their money, their select medical plans, their country clubs, and their isolated gated lifestyle.

Talking heads like Goldberg, and insert about twenty more here, are truthfully only pissed because we the unwashed people are not listening to them. They still cannot believe we have dared to not bow to the thinking of our betters. Then, we dared to not believe the lies of our political overlords. Then, we dared to ask them to make good on their rallying cries. We dared. How dare we.

I think that the election of President Trump might be a result of the changes they missed while drinking martinis and screwing us over again and again. People loathe Obamacare. We are fed up with paying for illegal immigrants to get care we can’t afford. We are watching every single development in Europe and seeing the writing they can’t read.

We really are almost at the point of nothing to lose.

I voted not for Republicans but for Trump. I swore never to vote Republican again. Now I face the age old dupe from them again. Can I bear to turn Congress over to the Democrats again with Trump in office? I don’t know, but what the hell are they giving me? I am probably going to violate my own oath and vote for Republicans while Trump remains in office, but the minute he is out, I want them dead. I want to see the party destroyed and I believe with all my heart and my pretty damned intelligent head that it has got to happen for us to win.

We are on the Republican plantation just like the poor inner city people who live in the projects are on the Democrat one. Same same. And they are getting a better fricking deal.

This country is boiling and they cannot see it. I want the blood of the Republican oligarchs.

~ Menagerie.

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208 Responses to President Trump Calls Out Senator Bob Corker – Participating Member of the Senate GOP ‘Shameful Seven’ Caucus…

  1. jennib33 says:

    Please fill me in on Ken Buck, everything I’m seeing in Colorado makes him seem pro-Trump.


  2. David Hamelech says:

    Menagerie’s observation is incredibly spot-on. I will have to make a point of reading his articles more often.

    Liked by 1 person

    • carrierh says:

      David, they in Congress think they have the power to do whatever. WRONG! We elected/hired them to REPRESENT US and we are THE POWER OF THE REPUBLIC. We are going to kick them out of this 2 parties in 1 Congress and start fresh with true patriot candidates and this will be before the 2018 election. Yes, they have taken donor dollars to do what those dollars buy and ignore us, and they continue insider trader which is illegal and so we must step up, take back the reins and kick butt! We have had enough of these traitors not representing us and blocking us and Trump from MAGA. They will be removed with no benefits/perks which we did vote for nor authorize for these greedy so n sos. Like Corker, who knew he better leave now with those benefits/perks for LIFE because the writing is on the wall and Trump will stay and this current 95% of Congress will be removed. If they think not, they will see Americans in the millions removing them bodily because there is so much anger at them and allowing protesters/rioters, etc. having more freedom than we.


  3. Tejas Rob says:

    “I cannot spare this man. He fights.”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kaco says:

    I think it’s important to remain a Republican voter in order to primary these people with a better candidate.


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