President Trump Hints At Timing of “Big Ugly” – Everyone, Except McConnell/Ryan, Misses The Signal Flare…

Prior to last nights intensely enjoyable MAGA rally in Phoenix Arizona CTH was wondering if President Trump would trigger “The Big Ugly“; the looming and necessary battle with the professional republican DC apparatus.

All the key ingredients were there: A challenger for Senator Jeff Flake; prior statements from both Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan in opposition to the President; the perfect geography to highlight the GOPe’s 800lb open-border agenda; the failure to repeal Obamacare because of an Arizona senator; the border wall, etc.

The righteous list is long and the timing looked about right.

The Arizona stage was almost perfect for President Trump to begin the final conflict, the direct battle against the corrupt decepticons within the republican party. The goal would be fulfillment of a destiny we all know has to happen: To destroy the Professional Republican Party apparatus and every non-MAGA Republican politician within it.

But he didn’t.

Oh sure, President Trump came closer to launching the Big Ugly political MOAB than ever before.  He walked right up to the line, flipped open the Zippo; with a glint in his eye Trump knelt down grinning at the fuse, winking at the audience…. but he didn’t ignite it.

Nope, the timing wasn’t just right yet.

So what gives?

Why not just do it now?

Like many I had to think on this. I also knew that if we waited a half-day we’d see why President Trump paused.

President Trump has a plan, but President Trump is also working on instinct.

You see, ever since Donald Trump entered into politics there is a key element he needs to keep at the forefront.  To continue succeeding he needs all of his adversaries, our adversaries, to drop their masks.

Donald Trump has done a remarkable job at drawing-out the enemy behind the wire.  No-one would argue they hold the same perspectives on the Republican apparatus, and the GOPe punditry, they previously held prior to Businessman Trump becoming Politician Trump.

As both a candidate and a president Donald Trump has exposed a jaw-dropping number of political deceivers. He’s also single-handily exposed their hidden agenda(s), and proved beyond a shadow’s doubt that Republican’s were lying about policy and principle for years.

When President Trump speaks, he’s always highlighting these issues. He is also speaking on these issues, repeatedly, to draw out the hidden truth and create a larger awakening.  It is really, really, important to see that Trump is always trying to engage that larger awakening.

Many people, myself included, would argue there’s enough other people awakened now and it’s time to just go ahead and rip that band-aid off; quit nibbling around the edges.  Let’s call the baby ugly and get down to business.

War.  Bring it on.  Many of us have been awake for a long time and Donald Trump is the man we’ve been waiting for to wage all out thermonuclear war against the GOPe and the crony-corruption within the Republican party apparatus.

So, last night seemed like the perfect moment.  Trump got close, really close, but then stopped.  Why?

Well, if you go back to his ‘off-prompter’ remarks, it’s right there in that moment when President Trump said:

…“If we have to close down our government, we’re building that wall.”…

Right there, is our answer.

Right there, President Trump tells the “Big Ugly” trigger.

And when you know the goal is the biggest awakening possible at the exact moment when the “Big Ugly” is detonated, it makes perfect, absolutely perfect, sense.

The media obviously went bananas.

Lordy, there’s a bazillion articles about how horrible Mr. Trump threatened to shut down the government, etc. etc. etc.  However, what’s missing in every-single-one of those articles is how incredibly unnecessary it would be. That’s the awakening moment Trump is working toward.

Why unnecessary?   Why is that issue such a moment to create a greater awakening?

Simple, because not a single democrat vote is needed to raise the debt ceiling, avoid a shutdown, and/or fund the border wall.

Republicans are in control of the House and Senate.  They don’t need a single Democrat vote to raise the debt ceiling, cleanly.  Nor do they need a single democrat vote to fund a singular bill to fund the border wall.  Not a single Democrat vote is needed, not one.

So ask yourself, why would Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell be struggling with a clean raising of the debt ceiling, and a singular bill to fund the border wall?

Within that answer you find the great awakening.

Within that answer you also discover the Big Ugly trigger moment.

There is no need to shut down government, when Republicans control the House, Senate and White House.  Obviously, if it comes to that point Trump is simply highlighting how there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans in office.

All President Trump needs to do to detonate the Big Ugly MOAB is simply to make everyone aware, publicly, that Republicans can fund the border wall and raise the debt ceiling entirely on their own.

At that very specific moment even more people will realize the UniParty nature of DC, and be understanding of President Trump’s need to destroy the Republican Party and the attached leadership.

President Trump already gave them a budget that reduces a trillion in spending; the republicans in congress have balked, and said reducing spending is not their goal.  Those same republicans are now suing President Trump and trying to force the State Department to spend on USaid and NGO’s.  Those same republicans supported Omnibus spending bills. Those same republicans will not support removing ObamaCare.  Those same republicans are fighting renegotiated trade deals. Those same republicans supported launching ridiculous Russian conspiracy investigations; and the list goes on, including senate republicans using a strategic maneuver to block their own President from recess appointments…

Oh, and don’t think Paul Ryan (link) and Mitch McConnell (link) are not acutely aware of the possibility of President Trump launching the Big Ugly:

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508 Responses to President Trump Hints At Timing of “Big Ugly” – Everyone, Except McConnell/Ryan, Misses The Signal Flare…

  1. Please says:

    One particular beatiful thing of President Trump being a 24/7 workaholic is that when his enemies are resting, President Trump is moving and positioning himself.

    This forces his enemies to either keep moving themselves or rest and allow President Trump to outmaneuver them.

    “Go ahead, Capital Hill. Go on break. Take a nice long summer vacation. Enjoy yourselves. I’ll be here when you get back. And I’ll be in an even better position to deal with you.”

    Bless our President Trump!

    Liked by 19 people

    • jdondet says:

      I would also add to your last line not only bless the President but also, “Please oh Lord look out after him”.

      Liked by 9 people

      • accurite1 says:

        Here is a great scripture to pray over President Trump
        Isaiah 54:17
        No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD

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  2. Kroesus says:

    something I saw raised by another is since there has been no legal budget for nearly a decade as required by law can Congress really insist money they have “deemed” to be spent is necessary under the law they passed under Nixon and the resulting ruling from SCOTUS on the matter….that dealt with budgetary appropriations and technically Congress has been in unlawful operation since the last legitimate budget because the law requires them to enact a budget every year

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  3. Glenn E Stehle says:

    Uniparty Republicans = “the great Oz”


  4. Glenn E Stehle says:

    SUNDANCE said: “The goal would be fulfillment of a destiny we all know has to happen: To destroy the Professional Republican Party apparatus and every non-MAGA Republican politician within it.”

    Scott Adams drinks coffee and tells you how President Trump is doing in the demolition phase of the project

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  5. jeans2nd says:

    You want the GOPe destroyed. I want the GOPe destroyed. We all want the GOPe destroyed.

    At this point in time, Our POTUS has none of his legislation pased. Zip, zero, nada. Our POTUS needs the GOPe to pass some of his (our) legislation. We need a few legislative victories, and burning down the GOPe right now is not the the wisest course of action, imo.

    Recall Our POTUS ran on being a negotiator. Our POTUS’ objective is for both sides to achieve some part of a win, imo, with the American People coming out on top as the ultimate winners. It seems to me that a builder likes to build things, not destroy things, and for Our POTUS especially not destroy people.

    Except for the Democrat party. The Democrats are no longer mere obstructionists, someone with whom to negotiate. The Democrats are not even Democratic Socialists. The Democrats are Socialistic Communists, ruled by the fascisistic antifa and the destructive alt-left. The Democrats are the ones who, at present, are the greatest threat and danger to this country. The Democrats are the ones who need to be destroyed. imo

    Besides, what better than to have a Harry-Reid-inspired Christmas Eve all-nighter with Tax Reform for We The People being our Christmas present?
    just some thoughts of a raving lunatic…


  6. Jimmy Jack says:

    I noticed that too but didn’t get I didn’t attach the same gravity to it that you did. I was too tied up in frustration over our GOPe Uniparty.

    You’re absolutely right.


    • shallbe4 says:

      Uniparty for me means one thing–a one world Government. I don’t care how many bills Trump has passed. He stands with the people for a strong America while the others want the USA to be just one more country to rip off.


  7. David R. Graham says:

    True. A life-long habit makes me drill into scenes and conditions searching for the one — there always is just one! — facet of them through which all other facets are visible. I was doing that with the AZ rally, during and since. What made me pay most attention as definitely and decisively new and meant as what in the Army is called a “warning order?” It has kept coming to two possibilities: abandonment of NAFTA and acceptance of USG shutdown. Of those two, the latter pressed upon me the most. Now I see why.

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    • David R. Graham says:

      Abandoning NAFTA would hurt UniParty economically. But being seen as resisting the border wall will destroy them politically, which means also economically. The wall is greater leverage to expose the UniParty to political recompense than truck and remittance traffic are. POTUS Trump has seen and seized the hinge of operations to undo said UniParty.

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  8. Ditch Mitch says:

    Sarah…”we had enough on that subject (The Wall) lets move on”


  9. kmilt16 says:

    My favorite pic of President Trump.


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