The Zippo Lid is Open – A Message From Menagerie…

There is an expression:

“I will leave you naked before your enemies”…

…A proactive assertion essentially stating: if you chose to engage in war with me – not only do I promise your defeat against my interests, but I will lay you open to exposure from all adversaries who will then take advantage of your new vulnerability.

President Donald J Trump has done a remarkable job filling the role behind this proclamation.  In a seismic political shift Trump has gone far beyond drawing a line in the sand.  He has openly dug a trench on his pre-selected battle space within encampments.

Without any apology or hidden motive, Trump has filled the trench with a highly explosive electorate fuel (the result from years of Republican lies and deceit) and he is openly standing behind his formation twirling a Zippo while looking toward the deceivers.

As a direct result our enemies inside the wire are being forced to expose themselves. The various “Robert’s-The Bruce”, per se’, are in a precarious position of attacking in vain effort to retain the necessary ruse. Consequently, they are exposing their alignment with usurping powers of Machiavellian intent.  CTH Admin Menagerie takes notice:

One of the notifications I got in the email today from Twitter included a Jonah Goldberg tweet that President Trump’s next step was to get single payer.

I’m not Twitter wise, and thought he might be linking an interesting article so I clicked. Spent a few minutes reading a bunch of comments from counting their chickens before they are hatched Trump haters who went off on a tangent that Trump is next going to declare all out war on Congress and then they joyously slapped each others backs at the thought of him being so stupid as to do that to the very people who are waiting to impeach him because they have the real power.

These fruit fly maniacs are seriously deluding each other in their country clubs and on their golf carts. Frankly, in my business I have worked with just a few of them, and many are insufferably ignorant, just exactly as they seem.

Never have I seen so many people who live their lives in a tiny little bubble think they know so much about what is going on in the world. For God’s sake, they live in a gold plated petri dish.

I believe that the American people who elected President Trump are more committed than ever. After the election, seeing the putridity is even more deep and wide than we thought, and we knew it was bad, I happen to believe we have been validated, and that my fellow citizens do too.

Those of us who struggle every day, who work for a living, who either experience ourselves, or watch loved ones slowly sinking, knowing they are going under soon, from the final burden of Obamacare on a budget that had maybe a couple hundred extra dollars on a good month, those of us who lost good jobs during the Obama reign of terror, those of us who are watching the hordes of migrants kill and steal, drain and demand, and many of whom pay more in taxes than the median wage, we aren’t backing down. They will face a total rage sweeping across this land if they dare to try to take away the leader we chose. I will NOT be denied. I am not alone, not by a long shot.

The trouble is, they believe their own shit. Jonah Goldberg and all that crowd have not once looked around and said “Damn, we ain’t been right about anything for two years now. Maybe we should look around and see what’s going on.” No, they just keep believing in themselves because they still have their money, their select medical plans, their country clubs, and their isolated gated lifestyle.

Talking heads like Goldberg, and insert about twenty more here, are truthfully only pissed because we the unwashed people are not listening to them. They still cannot believe we have dared to not bow to the thinking of our betters. Then, we dared to not believe the lies of our political overlords. Then, we dared to ask them to make good on their rallying cries. We dared. How dare we.

I think that the election of President Trump might be a result of the changes they missed while drinking martinis and screwing us over again and again. People loathe Obamacare. We are fed up with paying for illegal immigrants to get care we can’t afford. We are watching every single development in Europe and seeing the writing they can’t read.

We really are almost at the point of nothing to lose.

I voted not for Republicans but for Trump. I swore never to vote Republican again. Now I face the age old dupe from them again. Can I bear to turn Congress over to the Democrats again with Trump in office? I don’t know, but what the hell are they giving me? I am probably going to violate my own oath and vote for Republicans while Trump remains in office, but the minute he is out, I want them dead. I want to see the party destroyed and I believe with all my heart and my pretty damned intelligent head that it has got to happen for us to win.

We are on the Republican plantation just like the poor inner city people who live in the projects are on the Democrat one. Same same. And they are getting a better fricking deal.

This country is boiling and they cannot see it. I want the blood of the Republican oligarchs.

~ Menagerie.

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  1. Oldschool says:


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    • Larry Bucar says:

      I relate to everything Menagerie says, E V E R Y T H I N G

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      • xyzlatin says:

        Including the bit where Menagerie says he/she will vote Democrat? What fool would ever vote for a party that wants to put men into women’s restrooms, boys into school girls’ sports showers, men into women’s sport so women don’t have a chance? Let alone abortion.

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        • Betty says:

          I am not sure I can ever vote democrat but I can’t vote republican either. I voted for Donald Trump, I only donated to Donald Trump. But as soon as the primaries start I am going to donate and volunteer for every Trump candidate across this whole country – starting with Paul Nehlen in Wisconsin’s 1 Congressional District. As much money early on as I can afford, then telephoning and finally remember in 2016 when his friend and supporters in Wisconsin opened their homes to anyone who would come and work – well when the time comes he can count on me for that too.

          The only thing is we have to be so careful who we support, we have been bamboozled so many times by lying candidates. And if a truly good candidates arises to challenge one of the entrenched liars, I expect the GOPe will field at least 5 decoy candidates, so weeding through them will make our jobs tougher. But we must get ready, we must gird our loins, I just thought of that and had to write it – I am not sure how to gird anything, but but we must get ready to fight.

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          • MM says:

            This is my game plan also. PDJT will signal us as who to support. I will be donating on an individual basis not through the RNC, the RNC gets a cut of the money but it’s much smaller than if we get give it to them to screw our pick out of it. I canceled cable and cell in 2015, all the money I saved by cutting those 2 things I put back for donations to TRUMP and others that will be running in 2018. You’d be amazed at how much money I’ve saved by my self imposed boycotts of any company that speaks ill of Our PRESIDENT.

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            • CleanhouseinDC says:

              The issue is incumbency, not party. The system is rigged to reward, advantage and benefit incumbency. If you presume (and you should) that it is a Uniparty, the ONLY way to break the Uniparty is to put in term limits, and eliminate the ability for them to get too entrenched. The Party’s will still own an organizational/funding advantage (at least for some time), but the field is substantially leveled when an incumbent is no longer on the ticket.

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            • ladypenquin says:

              I’m looking forward to whom Trump stumps for and who he does not. He will signal us, no doubt about it. We said in 2010, 2012, 2014…”We will remember in November” – it should be our rallying cry. In fact, I’ve got to work on writing about that concept.

              It’s clear the Republicans have gone back to thinking they can be “campaign conservatives” and then betray us once again the day after the election. Remember what Boehner did after the 2014 election was done – turned it over to snake, Paul Ryan. At least Boehner cried when he was shafting the people, Ryan is smirking.


          • Dallas Gal says:

            Totally agree! We have to stay involved nationally and locally– Tea Party meetings are a must for me as Soros has his dirty hands involved in local Texas politics and is attempting to usurp city, state and county offices… I continue to call and write my senators and congressmen in DC and the phones are ringing off the hook… cold anger!!

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        • Let alone their desire to destroy the country with hordes of illegals.

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        • FrenchNail says:

          The only way we can regain control of the country is by controlling the primaries. Understanding that the Republican party (Dem too) is a private corporation functioning according to rules which can be changed privately at anytime is crucial. Most of the principals of each state parties are operating in the backgrounds, rarely in the limelight. Can you name the guys managing the Rep Party in your state? What about the ones delegated/chosen by them at your district level? The reason why McCain is elected over and over again is because ahead of the elections all the district manager positions in the districts he could loose are given to his trusted people. They control the schedule of all the candidates, the funds etc.

          The only leverage the people have is that to function this private corporation relies heavily on public money. It is the State which pays for organizing the elections. This is where the point of attack is.

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        • Kaco says:

          Not to mention Muslim refugees, though, it is in the Republican party as well.

          GOP is bad but Democrat is worse. Common Core, Marxism, liberal Supreme Court, anti-Christianity.

          No way, no how! I’ll suffer under a RINO first, at least we’re halfway there with them.

          Bitterness and feelings of betrayal is speaking here, we must keep a level head.


        • Menagerie says:

          I repeat, yet again, I did not say I would vote Democrat. What fool doesn’t read what is posted before calling someone else a fool?

          Hell will freeze over before I vote for a Democrat, but I will vote Libertarian. I’m sick and tired of being held hostage by Republicans who threaten me with the same old Democrat wins if I don’t bow down.

          It’s foolish to keep buying the same line when Republicans have lied time and again.

          We can disagree, and that is fine, but I take extreme exception to being called a fool.

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          • This reply and the post that prompted it point out another problem for those of us not insanely marching in goosestep with the private political entity that claims to represent us. We are individuals with our own thoughts and ideas unlike sycophantic “democrats” and often we don’t clearly see the page another presents while in our own state of anxiety that is purposely being created for us by the very politicians in office that want to retain power.

            Our nation is in the stranglehold of man, the multi headed beast. The things that matter most to us are the things they seek to destroy and profit from. One of those things is our ability to interact and communicate on the same page and coalesce. Their Kabuki Theater helps keep that from happening, as even those who KNOW we are being duped by a UniParty cabal of globalist puppets somehow “forget” that quite often.

            The message must be simplified with extreme clarity and repeated all the time… It gets lost in the mix over and over again. It must be shared at each and every opportunity, shouted from the rooftops every morning and softly spoken in the quiet of night. Until that simple truth of UniParty is elevated above the din of “big media” and millions more of us listen to bought and paid for politicians with the contempt they deserve for being known liars while learning to trust one another again instead.

            Until many millions of us are twirling our own zippos from a safe distance ready to light up the gasses coming from the swamp, little- if anything, will change.

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          • LULU says:

            Didn’t see this, Menagerie, before I posted Reply. What fool? The kind who comes here and relies on our not reading, that kind. Doesn’t work.

            Troll alert, bigly…


        • Old Codger says:

          Is reading comprehension here so low due to public school education????

          Menagerie clearly said he would “likely break his oath and vote Republican”! How did anyone miss that?

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          • ladypenquin says:

            It was clear, and it’s the decision we face every election, and bitterly vote GOP because the alternative is worse. Fascist Left Democrats, who have annihilated our culture, and destroying America from within her social institutions.

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            • G. Combs says:

              The choice is
              Communists = DemonRats
              Fabian Socialists = ReBooblicans.

              Unfortunately those are the ONLY real choices because the system is very very much RIGGED to keep any outsiders OUT.


        • maiingankwe says:

          Please, where did they write that declaration because I can’t find it? I did read they would never vote republican again, but that is different from what you are accusing. It could simply mean libertarian or Independent. Heck, maybe even the Green Party, but I sincerely doubt it.

          The post was exceptionally well written and definitely one I can stand by since I feel a lot of the same way too. I think maybe that is why I did not read it the way you did. I know I would never ever vote democrat.

          Please be more careful next time, calling them a fool and chastising them for the very things they are more likely against wasn’t…well, it wasn’t very nice or very Treeper like.

          Please don’t take this as yelling, it is not my intention. I just wanted to point out what I had read and how I feel about what you had said.
          Take care,

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        • 100% YOOPER says:

          Xyz, she didn’t say she would vote democrat.

          “I voted not for Republicans but for Trump. I swore never to vote Republican again. Now I face the age old dupe from them again. Can I bear to turn Congress over to the Democrats again with Trump in office? I don’t know, but what the hell are they giving me? I am probably going to violate my own oath and vote for Republicans while Trump remains in office…”

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        • USMCLt says:

          Republicans will lose on social issues every single time, regardless of the position taken. The debate surrounding social issues in federal policy was fabricated years ago by socialists, aka Democrats. And the GOPe latched onto the scam at the same time as a way to assure the continued movement of the country to the left. Think professional wrestling. Their matches are carefully scripted in advance. The winner is known to the insiders before the match begins. If you weren’t so blinkered by your single issue conservatism you would have understood Menagerie’s comment.


          • ladypenquin says:

            Millions of Trump voters aren’t “single issue conservatives” yet we’re quite conservative and that’s why Donald Trump got our vote. It was clear from the start that President Trump represented the traditional American values and foundation that this country was founded on. There are liberals, but not of the Left. Maybe still a few Democrats who aren’t Leftists, but there are millions of Americans who are conservative in their thinking about preserving the country, so we actually should be acknowledge as more than “single issue conservatives.”

            Jonah Goldberg, and his sanctimonious cohorts may be who you’re thinking about – but they aren’t true conservatives. They’re just beard stroking pseudo-intellectuals who think they know what conservatism is and like to preach to the rest of us.

            True Conservatism are the principles behind the entire Constitution. No more, no less.


        • LULU says:

          Where is that? I didn’t see her saying she’d vote Democrat. ?????


        • SonFlower says:

          Never EVER vote Demoncrat.. They have proven they are lost. I pray the Republicans will wake up. If not, the Independents will increase. OK with me…


    • deqwik2 says:

      My 1st thought too. BRAVO Menagerie !!

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    • MM says:

      Took the words right out of my mouth.
      BRAVO Menagerie you are not standing alone, I will stand with you because at this point we have nothing to lose!

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  2. Janice says:

    I stand with Trump! I stand with like minded people. Whatever it takes to burn DC to the ground count me in!

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  3. Reaganite says:

    I’ve had enough of the GOP farce. Trump needs to start exposing them methodically.

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  4. jojo says:

    I love when our CITIZEN SELECTED & ELECTED PRESIDENT flicks that zippo and drives ’em nuts. He knows exactly who he is setting up when he sets the torch and it just keeps getting better. THANKS for the great read.

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  5. Laurie Noonan says:

    Well said! AMEN. If it takes scorched earth to destroy Republicans….so be it.

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  6. Alexsandra says:

    It is startling how effete most (all? I’ll have to think about that) the Never-Trumpers seem? Are they not only anti-Trump but anti bringing strength and masculinity back to America again? Weak, weak … and in their pseudo-intellectualism they fear that strength.

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    • starfcker says:

      I love to needle little pencilneck psuedo-intellectuals. Okay, so you think your smart. Well I think I’m smart, but I can also change a tire. We’re all equal, until somebody has to unload the truck. I tell every young person I encounter, get strong, mentally, and physically. Learn the skills to run a household. I’m in my fifties. I can still sprint. Not that it matters, but it means I can physically do a range of other useful things. As a country, we are going to get another shot at it, looks like to me. Get as healthy as you can, so you can participate. We need strong healthy men and women to make America great again. Get ready to work, to do your part.

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  7. TimeIsNow says:

    Within 10 days after PDJT came down that escalator to run, I had checked out everything I could, and even found CTH. My decision was, “This guy’s amazing, and is everything we could hope for,” and I have not budged even once from that position.

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    • Payday says:

      I didn’t see it then, but I sure see it now.

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    • Add me to the list. I signed on the moment he talked about removing illegals at the end of his ride down the escalator with his lovely wife. It was about the same time I stumbled across CTH found my branch and have signed for life.

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    • FrenchNail says:

      I remember listening to him announcing in my car on the parking lot of my warehouse in Florida. I was boiling hot but so fascinated that I did not want to shut the radio off and go in. After I thought I just listened to something which is going to change the world. Like DeGaulle call for resistance in June 18, 1940.

      If they touch one hair on his head, there will be hell to pay.

      Even if 10% of us who voted for him descend on DC (that’s 6.5 million), i won’t be for taking in the scenery.

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  8. GracieD says:

    Well done Menagerie! I feel the same way!

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  9. Sandra-VA says:

    Bravo, Menagarie!!! You have captured the way my family, and everyone I know, thinks at this point in time.

    We really are at the boiling point.

    Well written, well observed and DAMN RIGHT!

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  10. Sam says:

    I always did like Menagerie. I totally agree.

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  11. velvetfoot says:

    What I can’t stand is all the spam and junk mail I get from the RNC. I contributed to Trump during the runup to the election, not the RNC.

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  12. Steele81 says:

    I am a very small fish, but I know where the real power is. My calling is to be a prayer warrior. If God is for us who can be against us. Believing treepers, let’s double down on the prayers for our country and our President Trump. In my lifetime I have seen some pretty incredible miracles happen because people asked in faith.

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  13. MaryfromMarin says:

    Excellent comments by Menagerie. The tipping point approaches very quickly.

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  14. Not Ideal says:

    Just as an aside, when was the last time Jonah Goldberg won at anything?

    This guy gets paid to convince people and he’s always on the losing side of every issue.

    It’s awesome in a way. He’s built a career out of never being right.

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  15. woohoowee says:

    Trump45 – The People’s President twirling his zippo 🙂

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  16. M33 says:

    “I voted not for Republicans but for Trump.”


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  17. MAGADJT says:

    I would love to put NRO out of business. I quit reading them when they did the big never-Trump salvo with all front page articles trying to convince folks not to vote for Trump. Haven’t loaded their page since then. There is no way they have many readers left. It’s a bunch of snarky wannabe-elites that are angry that people have decided to think for themselves.

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  18. littlebird160 says:

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  19. GrouchonotKarl says:

    Pres Trump has two armies. The US military and a civilian Army of millions who at his signal will put it all on the line. As we and most of the western world are being invaded by a civilian army of inbred Muslims who know their mission is to destroy western man and bring upon our world another Dark Age our civilian Army is growing in size, strength and restlessness. Restless because we want to personally stop the decay. Restless and poised like the Minutemen. If our blessed experiment is going to crash from the weight of corruption and dishonesty Trump’s civilian Army wants to go down fighting; appeasing, ignoring is the formula for defeat. It is better to fight now, force the issue and have manifest destiny over victory or defeat than allow our children and grandchildren to acquiesce to globalist enslavement and surrender this demi paradise to a culture of barbaric Muslim inhumanity.

    10,000 civilian army patriots on 10,000 chrome steeds should surrounded the residence wherein the Muslim usurper who had been illegally installed as our Commander in Chief is undermining this republic’s legally elected leader. The civilian Army is at the ready.

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  20. mitrom says:

    Great post! Most Trump voters still strongly support him and are disgusted with what is going on. We need to keep contacting the Republicans in Congress (especially the Judiciary and Intel Committees) and the DOJ and tell them (1) we know the Russia story and investigations are a witch hunt and a political hit job and stop them, (2) we will not tolerate the swamp derailing Trump, and (3) support Trump and the people’s agenda and keep your promises or you can kiss your political career good-bye. The more they know the people are behind Trump, the less likely they are to try to railroad him.

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  21. littlebird160 says:

    Substitute POTUS for Leonidas and your favorite Democrat, or RINO “Never Trumper” for the Persian emissary and it fits perfectly.

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  22. jmclever says:

    Menagerie said that the elites were furious because we refuse to bow to them. Interestingly, this rage at a refusal to bow is the same thing that undid Haman who in the end was hanged from the very gallows he had prepared for the one who refused to bow before him. There truly is nothing new under the sun. There is an irony of biblical proportions in play here.

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  23. Kathleen Rady says:

    This was so exactly how I feel I read this out to my husband and we are in one accord. Excellent!

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  24. Dan Morgan says:

    Wow!! This girl is really Xxx xxxjust many Americans including myself. Very good article !

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  25. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Let the globalist political elites be furious.
    They work for us . . . we the people.
    We elected President Trump.

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  26. Ips Prez says:

    Wow!! Right on the money.

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  27. Lanna says:

    Wow, Menagerie. Just — WOW!

    Okay to share? With full attribution, of course. I’m thinking snail mail copies to the RNC, state level Republicans, my elected Republican idiots, local papers . . . I need to make a list.

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  28. Mike diamond says:

    Right on Sundance! President Trump is doing a great job,he has great respect for our military and the USA !!!!

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  29. ladyliberty11 says:

    Visiting with a very far-left, but intelligent and well-off neighbor, one of the elites of the elite, whose children have, despite every advantage, struggled to make their way as young adults in the Obama economy (and who are, by every visible measure, as confused and indoctrinated as their parents), tell me that she could not understand it, but the young people were strangely optimistic about the future (immediately after she expressed her devout opinion that the world was falling apart). I just smiled and said, “Why wouldn’t they be?” as I thought to myself, there is hope yet! She doesn’t know it and maybe her children don’t know either, but it’s our hero, PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!

    Do you hear us now, Deep State, neverTrumpers, GOPe and Democrat obstructionists, we, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, are OPTIMISTIC, and we will not be stopped, not now, not again, not ever! We have a champion in President Trump, He has given us the courage to stand up, to protect and to defend our heritage, our country – the greatest country on earth, blessed by God. We are blessed to be a blessing and we will not turn back. Not now, not ever.

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  30. Theo West says:

    “Republican plantation.” Galling. Just galling. But Menagerie is right. I hate Dems and won’t vote for them. But my hatred for the lying, perfidious, self-serving hypocrite Republicans is far more intense and deep, and growing. And I speak as a member of the GOP, a state delegate and early Trump supporter in NeverTrump Colorado. My fury at what they did here did not end with the election, it has only worsened as the true extent of their perfidy has unfolded before our eyes. Hanging is too good for them. Slave ships and public stocks better suit my feelings these days. I am glad there is a God, and I pray every day He expose these lying wretches for what they are, and bring them down into ignominy. “I will leave you naked before your enemies”…indeed. Make it so!

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    • FrenchNail says:

      Please, please write a detailed post explaining to the rest of us how the Rep party is structured in your State, with names and dates and means to infiltrate. The Only way we are going to get rid of that vermin is by fighting them on their grounds.

      May be Sundance could make a headline out of it?

      We need to educate ourselves ahead of the next primaries, specially in Wisconsin to get rid of Ryan.

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  31. SeekerOfTruth says:

    The right moves coming soon? rumors and speculative August hope…
    Sessions moves to DHS. He is strong on immigration and a better fit there.

    the full good plan – hope in the wind. By end of August?
    1) Sessions fires Rossenstein – first.
    2) Sessions moves to DHS
    3) Bland now third at DOJ takes charge and also takes charge of the Russia investigation.
    4) Mueller does not need to be fired, just that Bland would take the lead on the investigation and have Mueller reporting directly to her.

    This gets around the Senate swamp trying to lever Trump by saying no new AG appointment before year end. Just move or fire people all the way down to get a Trump loyalist with no Trump campaign Russia ties. Done.

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  32. At this point, there is only one peaceful way to leave the Uniparty plantation and that is to Make GOP Primaries Great Again and then Make Congress Great Again in Nov ’18. A grand threading of the needle.

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  33. Sayit2016 says:

    Simply put— she nailed it.

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  34. O.F. says:

    “They will face a total rage sweeping across this land if they dare to try to take away the leader we chose. I will NOT be denied. I am not alone, not by a long shot.”
    Right on. I pledge to wholeheartedly support President Trump and his mission to restore and fortify America.

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  35. Contrarymary says:

    Well said. The repukes just think this is business as usual in Washington and they don’t care what the lowly citizens want. They don’t realize this is a whole new era and we are fighting for the very soul of our country. I note the repukes more than I do the dems. A snake is a snake and we all know the dems are global communist snakes. The repukes however lie, cheat connive and manipulate to get your vote and shiv you in the back with their back room deals. Weasels. Ryan with his smirk and McConnell who looks like a child molester with cornyn always at his backside. Slimed bunch.

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  36. Donna in Oregon says:

    Agree with Menagerie. What we all keep forgetting is that the Democratic and Republican party are just companies. They are not part of the government.

    The DNC is being sued in court for not keeping their commitments. This begs of the question of every shocked, disappointment, upset Republican that is lied to by the Republican party.

    2 Questions: Did GOP sell us a bill of goods? Do we have the b@lls to sue them?

    It is really that simple, just because they have all these ceremonies about Patriotism doesn’t mean for one minute that they cannot be sued. They, like the Democratic party are just another company.

    Do we have the government we deserve?

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    • Menagerie says:

      Do we have the government we deserve?

      Taken as a whole nation, sometimes I think we do. The welfare bunch, the thugs, the liberal idiots, the absolutely idiotic college kids, these people make me crazy.

      But the ones I loathe the most are the low info voters who follow the sheep dogs, the people who never vote, the people who are the so called “swing vote” at the bitter end because they can’t make up their minds. The people who are willing to decide by listening to late night shows and hearing talking points in the Starbucks.

      And most of all, the people who never knew about, or who have forgotten, the Thad Cochran election.

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      • Donna in Oregon says:

        There are many variables. First, the importation of Democrat Socialist voters from foreign countries. President Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission is a step in the right direction. Hope they look into the recent 1 million driver’s licenses issued to illegals in California.

        When I voted in 2008 in Arizona, (coincidentally McCain’s state) the long line I was in…1 out of 10 were English speaking. Did I live in a illegal alien voting district? No, I did not. Where did these people come from? IDK…..

        My point is, my vote was cancelled. The list is endless how the American voter has been diminished. I could go on and on. Dumb people are a special category, every family has them. If your family doesn’t have dumb people in it, count yourself lucky.

        Cheating and fraud is considered a main premise of the lawsuit by Bernie voters and the Dems. Why can’t Republicans do the same thing? I support taking action.

        John McCain and the entire Republican party ran on repeal and replace Obamacare. The Republican party failed when it came to a vote. Republican voters should sue them.

        It is fraud. It is cheating. We should sue.


  37. Binkser1 says:

    Beautifully stated and I could not agree more. My support of President Trump grows stronger with each insult they direct toward him because in reality, every insult is not only directed at our great president but at us, his supporters, too. Come hell or high water I am with President Trump and my fellow Trump supporters. And I truly believe God is on our side! God bless you all.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Kaco says:

    It was done at least once with Eric Cantor, it can be done again. The Republican Party needs to be reformed. Heck, there are some unions that are talking about not going with a particular party but by policies, i.e. America First. Trump broke the blue wall!

    We all need to get involved with the primaries, figure out the America First candidates in the Republican party.

    Realize also, “moderates” are now more left than they were 20 years ago. Everybody has been going left. What was moderate is now considered far right.

    Democrats are bad news all the way around. Liberalism is why we are at where we are now.


  39. positron1352 says:

    Menagerie has the pulse of those of us who voted for Trump. Feels good to see that someone else is so completely fed up with the GOP. I couldn’t understand why our Republican Presidents kept selling us out as well as the Senate and House GOP through the years. They are totally hopeless and without an iota of courage. But we have to pray for God’s divine intervention. He’s the One who saves.

    Liked by 2 people

  40. Will Janoschka says:

    Can someone please elaborate on this?
    “I’m not Twitter wise, and thought he might be linking an interesting article so I clicked. Spent a few minutes reading a bunch of comments from counting their chickens before they are hatched Trump haters who went off on a tangent that Trump is next going to declare all out war on Congress and then they joyously slapped each others backs at the thought of him being so stupid as to do that to the very people who are waiting to impeach him because they have the real power.”
    P45 makes mistakes often, not impeachable as no provable intent. AG Sessions seems to provide P45 with firm identity of what, and what not, shall be considered criminal by congress.
    As long as that lasts; Congress has no power except to delay P45 decisions, frustrating yes, impeachable no!


    • Menagerie says:

      The whole point of the post was that WE have the power, and I believe we the people will finally exercise it. Did you stop reading after that paragraph?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Will Janoschka says:



    • Will Janoschka says:

      “The whole point of the post was that WE have the power, and I believe we the people will finally exercise it. Did you stop reading after that paragraph?”

      OK but I disagree! We the people do not yet have the power over the sewer
      \swamp varmints throughout all three branches of the US government.
      I hope that we the people that do love the promise of the USA; will boldly destroy those against us, with whatever it takes! That ‘promise’ depends on lawful progress. That is why P45 so much needs AG Sessions who is one of the few that both know the law; and has personal experience with the efforts of such sewer/swamp varmints.
      Kelly has the discipline required to fix the WH rats, and most congressional rats but not the power need to fix the rats in the DOJ and spook agencies. For that I hope we get Sr. R. Giuliani on board to help P45 and the AG. High, hi time for all to stop addressing some rat as ‘The Honorable’!!


  41. M. Mueller says:

    Well, then, I guess the President will have to start the “American Party,” so we all know who to vote for in the future. He can add any rules he wants, like term limits and benefits, etc And we’ll screen the hell out of anyone running in it! 🙂


    • jmbuck says:

      We need to shine a little light on our Representatives. A little transparency please.

      We know they are bought. 1st-they only get money from the GOPe if they vote as they are told, and 2nd-the large donors to their compaign ensure they vote for these cronies priorities, not ours.

      How do I found out who the big donors are to my Represetives and Senators both state and federal? FEC? Then how do we get this known.

      Has someone done this nation wide? Is there a data base? I would love to see this crossreferenced with their voting record.


    • Will Janoschka says:

      No one person can ever create a workable political party; however, now that mid America has elected P45. It will take the combined effort of mid Americans and all of their neighbors to create such political power, be that be called American or MAGA. How much effort do you offer?

      Liked by 1 person

  42. SSI01 says:

    How about some Republican heads on a silver platter, to boot?

    These GOPe elitists had better be paying attention to what’s going on in Venezuela. Down there the electorate can plainly see there isn’t a whit of difference among the various candidates that were running in a parliamentary election a short time ago. The public just boycotted the election. If those phony politicians, who are actually serving as enablers for the strongman in the wings to move in and declare himself dictator, think the electorate in Venezuela is just going to sit back for that, they’d better buckle in and hang on because it’s looking like open civil war, and quickly.

    Yes, the people are partly to blame because they voted socialists in to begin with. However, the government then swiftly made a grab for all the remaining political power and this fighting we’re seeing is the end result.

    If we’re not careful here, the same thing is eventually going to happen – people will boycott a mid-term or four-year election because they don’t see any choice in what the DC uniparty has given them. We’re rapidly approaching that point now. We have a find POTUS who is doing his best to keep his campaign promises. He’s being opposed by a government that is at least fifty per cent in rebellion against him, being encourage and enabled by a MSM that is in the thrall of the opposition plus more extreme political elements. The electorate can see how isolated Trump is and the viciousness with which he is being met within the beltway. The Democrats and GOPe continue this resistance at their peril. One day soon, the electorate may boycott an election HERE because they are fed up. No one’s ever done anything like that before, and no one will know what to do. That’s a dangerous position in which to find ourselves; revolutions start in a state like that.

    Our establishment figures who live in such splendid isolation have no idea what they’re playing with. There is a truly immense anger building out here in the REAL world.


  43. heldnmut says:

    Excellent post overall but totally agree with the following: “I am probably going to violate my own oath and vote for Republicans while Trump remains in office, but the minute he is out, I want them dead.” ONLY good reason to vote Republican us to save our Happy Warrior Presidegrom the folly of Dem impeachment efforts!


  44. Robert says:

    It isn’t just the republican oligarchs to bleed though. It is democrat oligarchs mostly. It is the unified rep/dem uni-party oligarchs to recognize. Conservative republicans are the backbone of America. We have wolves in sheep’s clothing with us. The democrat party are 100% full of crap. They simply don’t try to hide it. Stating you vowed never to vote republican, OK. But, if you ever vote democrat the past 30 years, you’re worse in my opinion.


  45. Tea Party and Drain the Swamp says:


    Could you please offer a suggestion as to who the “true” Trump supporter would be in the upcoming Senatorial election to replace Jeff Sessions in the state of Alabama would be? Would be very interested in hearing your take on this election.

    Keeping in mind the Thad Cochran election in Mississippi, and the shenanigans the RNC and the GOPe were up to in that election, I don’t know who to believe anymore.

    Luther Strange sounds too good to be true, and I hear rumors that he is getting establishment GOPe funding, Mo Brooks was a never-Trumper, but claims he has changed and now supports Trump, Roy Moore is another outside possibility, can’t see any one else with the organization and money to successfully compete, but willing to donate time and money to anyone supporting Trump, and willing to “drain the swamp”.

    Please, Sundance, provide us some research we can trust.


    Concerned Alabama Tea Party voter


  46. Donna VanJahnke says:

    You are so right, my thoughts exactly! God Bless & guide President Donald Trump! May he continue to #DrainTheSwamp in both parties. It is such an enormous undertaking, draining the Swamp. There are so many scum sucking bottom dwellers in Congress, hiding in Government agencies nationwide, and in mega conglomerates. #DrainTheDemons #MakeAmericaGreatAgain… Freedom, Prosperity, God, & Country.


  47. 5haircut says:

    The globalists have been trying to take over America since her beginning! We all recognize their names- they are the ones who print all the money for the civilized world. Andrew Jackson Jackson kicked them out in 1832 but the Traitors in congress let them back in 1913! Congress can vote the bankers out but there is just too much dirty money for them to give up. Everybody who has taken dirty money are traitors to the American people. All the uni-party and never Trumpers are traitors to this country. All of them should bear the shame for as long as they live. MAGA!!


  48. 5haircut says:

    The globalists have been trying to take over America since her beginning! We all recognize their names- they are the ones who print all the money for the civilized world. Andrew Jackson kicked them out in 1832 but the Traitors in congress let them back in 1913! Congress can vote the bankers out but there is just too much dirty money for them to give up. Everybody who has taken dirty money are traitors to the American people. All the uni-party and never Trumpers are traitors to this country. All of them should bear the shame for as long as they live. MAGA!!


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