President Trump Discusses Puerto Rico Relief and Recovery: “Some Very Serious Decisions Need To Be Made”…

President Donald Trump discusses the short-term (relief) and long-term (recovery) efforts for Puerto Rico.    As everyone is aware, even before the storm the island territory was under financial collapse as a result of Democrat mismanagement and generational political agendas’ creating a culture of dependency.

Hurricane Maria has exacerbated Puerto Rico’s problems and is showcasing a governmental structure incapable of governing during crisis.  The media hypes the suffering, yet omits the Island’s inept systems of governance and the culture of dependency.  The only way the U.S. federal government can assist effectively is by taking over almost every aspect of state and local government.

As President Trump points out in this impromptu press conference, congress has some decisions to make on the long-term future of Puerto Rico.  Throwing money at the problem is futile when the recipient systems are fraught with ineptitude and corruption.


After several conversations with dozens of relief and recovery workers the message to CTH from boots-on-the-ground is the same: the culture of dependency is jaw-dropping. Watch the raw background footage from Western media on the island and see if you can spot any native Puerto Rican residents doing much, if anything, to help themselves.


Even in the short-term President Trump is going to have to put a parallel system of government in charge of the Island recovery; most likely a U.S. military general and an entire command system to take over every state and municipal agency.

It is going to cost hundreds of billions; if not, trillions. Then, in the longer-term, congress is going to have to decide how compensation for the largest financial bailout in U.S. history is going to be paid back to U.S. taxpayers.


See anything wrong with this picture?


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394 Responses to President Trump Discusses Puerto Rico Relief and Recovery: “Some Very Serious Decisions Need To Be Made”…

  1. H&HC, 2nd-16th ('69 to '71) says:

    Can President Trump declare “martial law” in P.R. and have a Mattis “look alike” take over?


  2. angusmcgeef says:

    Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico,
    It is difficult for me to understand why you heap scorn and criticisms on those that are helping your people in a time of need!

    Is it because your socio-political philosophy has failed you and the constituents you serve?

    Have you discovered that making big promises to get elected are not enough and that it takes hard work, costly resources and inspired effort to improve a situation?

    Have you found that since you cannot perform in or accept this reality, you try to shift the focus of attention from your own leadership ineptitude so as to help your political survival?

    Do you think no one sees this?

    What fantasy world do you and your cohorts live in that decisions don’t have any consequences?

    Please wake up and return to reality.


    • kate says:

      She sounds like so many of our politicians both democrats and republicans who have been in office too long, they all live in a fantasy world or bubble, love to spend someone elses hard earned money and I for one am sick of it.


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