WaPo Pushes Propaganda Narrative Surrounding Puerto Rico Relief Efforts…

After the devastation created by Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is in crisis – everyone agrees with that overall sentiment.  However, as we noted last weekend, the media reporting on the recovery issue is ridiculously politicized.

Hillary Clinton, her crew of sycophants, the democrats and their ideological leftist media cohorts are working earnestly to turn the Puerto Rico crisis into an anti-Trump false narrative.  The media are exhausting themselves on propaganda instead of focusing on real issues of helping the people of Puerto Rico.

Today the Washington Post pushes a story of the U.S.N.S Comfort being ordered to Puerto Rico and claiming it was Hillary Clinton who forced the issue:

We saw this “narrative” coming last weekend and shared the ridiculous nature of it.  The propaganda writer for the story, Dan Lamothe, needed to be challenged because it’s just false; and he even admits he knows he’s written a BS story.

The USNS Comfort is a 900′ (length) x 100′ (width) hospital.  It was built by modifying a 1970’s era oil tanker (old hull design – non bulbous bow), and it weighs approximately 67,000 tons.    It’s essentially still an old oil tanker in water placement design; meaning it needs a port to receive it on arrival.

Additionally, it takes approximately five days to activate Comfort into service.  Fueling, supplying, and the engineering to prepare for ocean passage of a massive vessel is a lengthy process.  She also needs personnel to arrive and stage etc.  All said, the logistics and engineering takes five days prep time.

When CTH challenged the WaPo author, Dan Lamothe, about this factual “spin-up” time, and how Comfort was ordered to prepare PRIOR to Clinton’s tweeting about it, Lamothe admits Clinton didn’t have anything to do with Comfort’s activation.

 “And stood down over the weekend rather than sent. Confirmed.” (link)

USNS Comfort’s activation was put on hold (“stand down”) because: A) there was no port that survived the storm in a capacity able to receive her; and B) the governor of Puerto Rico requested she not be sent.

Despite the misleading WaPo headline the author Dan Lamothe admits Comfort was activated prior to Clinton.

Then things just get silly:

That last response from Dan Lamothe tells you everything you need to know about journalists in general and WaPo writers specifically.

Notice how he intentionally left out the fact that USS Iwo-Jima and USS New York were on the Puerto Rico rescue mission: “because they returned to port in Mayport, Florida.”

Well, how exactly do supply missions work?

There comes a point where leftist propaganda just becomes silly.

Puerto Rico is an island.  The first job is to get the ports open.  Every single aspect of relief and recovery is dependent on getting all ports operational.   Nothing matters more.

That is exactly what FEMA, Homeland Security (coast guard), and the U.S. Navy understood even before the hurricane hit the island.   All assets were staged to ensure the first job was to get the ports open.

The relief lag, and any supply deficiency, is specifically related to the time it took (and takes) to open the ports.

Clueless Clinton Tweets about Hurricane Maria HERE

Navy and Coast Guard Amazing Work to Open Ports HERE



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181 Responses to WaPo Pushes Propaganda Narrative Surrounding Puerto Rico Relief Efforts…

  1. PDQ says:

    So, so sad.
    She will be president, one way or another…what a joke, especially in light of what she and her I’ll did to Haiti. Me

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    • PDQ says:

      I will add that I bet PR is glad DT is president…at.least they will get the aid and it won’t be used to personally fund one’s nest egg.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      I respectfully disagree. The hag will never become our president. For one, she does not have the health to sustain her even if limiting her campaigning even more the next time around.

      In addition, she can have as much makeup as she thinks is needed to cover up her ill health, but it’s not enough and time will only make it worse. This thing is dying and she knows it.

      Campaigning takes a great deal of energy and she knows from experience. This last one even had her keel over and we saw more than a few instances there are some serious medical problems she is having, especially with her eyes, balance and speech.

      Why don’t we see where she is at in two years? Will she be hiding behind twit or will she come out and make regular public appearances? The appearances she is making now have been scheduled far enough apart for her rest times, but she knows in order for her to get her presidency her voters will need to see her out and about before they forget her. However, I will concede this, I really cannot put it past her to just have selective, short appearances and will do her best to campaign behind a computer and camera.

      Time will tell, but I seriously doubt she will make it for much longer. I wouldn’t put it past Satan for him wanting her to pay up and to do that would be to join him for eternal hell.

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    • Bouchart says:

      She can barely walk.

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  2. Bob Thoms says:

    Symbolic. The people of PR need electricity, fuel and other re-building materials, not sterile gauze and penicillin.

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    • chiefworm says:

      Bob, I beg to differ. In survival situations and where clean water is hard to find, a small cut can quickly fester and go septic. AND KILL. That’s right, a small cut or even abrasion can lead to a serious health crisis in unsanitary conditions. Electricity, clean water and medical treatment are the big three (and not necessarily in that order).

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      • Kent says:

        I think BOTH of you are absolutely correct.


        • Kent says:

          A couple of days before Harvey REALLY got around to dumping rain on Port Arthur TX I managed to cut my little toe on my left foot…just a scratch, really….and it wasn’t a problem until 3 days later….I kept my feet dry until terrible Tuesday and then some folks needed help…the water was over my boots but that didn’t matter…I’m an old school guy….waded in and two days later half of my foot was in pain…hydrogen peroxide didn’t even dent it…broke out the bleach……owwww-WUH!…..kept dousing and cleaning and maybe five days ago the last of the soreness went away…..my situation could have turned out real bad…PR needs everything we all need in a modern civilization…my prayers are with them…..

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        • armie says:

          The thing is, there’s medical care available on the navy ships, and I haven’t seen any reports of them being overwhelmed with need. The other need for Comfort would be wide-spread destruction of hospitals, and those seem to be intact though running on generators. If the facilities are intact, then personnel and supply problems are the important issue and those are better served by flying in what’s needed. Fuel for the generator’s is also important, but transporting it on a big hospital ship that’ll take a week to get there, tie up port facilities (once they get into one), and get very little use doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s great for grandstanding, though, and the left is all about that.


          • Kent says:

            agreed…political mileage vs real results….


            • Kent says:

              It’s been a long time since I was in the Navy…minesweeper sailor, east coast….basically amphib…..”where the fleet goes we have been”….I think the US military has it nailed…if anyone needs med attention it’s available…transportation and communication no doubt an issue….water, electricity…just knowing someone has your back…our men and women of the armed forces and their leadership are no doubt way ahead of us.


  3. paulraven1 says:

    The real story is the bogus “First Amendment” narrative about NFL. I hope someone does a search on lexus/nexus as to how many times MSM even mentioned words “1st Amendment” under Obama while he was running roughshod all over it?

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  4. You are my hero Sundance! Thanks for doing this and confronting the idiot “journalist”. Did he respond to your last tweet?

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  5. wheatietoo says:

    Way to go, Sundance!
    Thanks for pushing back on the lies being told about our President’s response to PR’s disaster.

    The lying leftist media don’t like to be confronted with facts.
    They’re like feral dogs with a piece of meat in their jaws, when they’ve got a false narrative to protect.
    They don’t want to turn loose of it.

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  6. Sandra-VA says:

    Also, saw a tweet from a reporter on the ground that there are currently 3,000 containers at a shipyard with medicine, supplies etc that have been sitting since Saturday. Apparently, there is a huge problem getting stuff from ports to destination.

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  7. georgiafl says:

    CNN is trying to turn Maria into Trump’s Katrina:

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    • georgiafl says:


    • The Boss says:

      Fox News is no better.

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    • **Stand-out** Comment(s)..
      [Quote] Puerto Rico’s governor. What especially stands out is Rosselló’s praise for the administration’s pro-active pre-planning, and the island’s Resident Commission informing us that Puerto Rico has never received this kind of coordination before:[/quote]

      **[quote]Rosselló and other officials praised the federal government for planning its response in detail before the storm hit, a contrast with what Puerto Rico has long seen as the neglect of 3.4 million Americans living in a territory without a vote in Congress or the electoral college.
      “This is the first time we get this type of federal coordination,” said Resident Commission Jenniffer Gonzalez, Puerto Rico’s non-voting representative in Washington[/quote]**

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  8. georgiafl says:

    Uhmhhm……there’s a little something brewing south of Cuba – 20% chance of development:


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  9. Calbear84 says:

    No doubt Hillary will be at the helm as the Comfort docks in Puerto Rico under sniper fire.

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  10. JAS says:

    What’s left of the NOAA weather radar in PR. And what it looked like – that’s a LOT of wind:
    Note – not the same radar but the setup is identical:

    PR’s Radar:

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  11. Kaco says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for schooling this guy and handing him his rear end!

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  12. Please says:

    It won’t be long before hillary puts the PR rescue/restoration on her resume’…right next to Haiti!


  13. beefrank says:

    The MSM underestimates Trump again and embarrasses themselves with their false narratives to gain political points.


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