Secretary Rex Tillerson Announces Travel to China Sept 28th – October 1st…

Well, well, well…. According to a breaking State Department release T-Rex will be headed to Beijing the day after tomorrow (Thursday) through Sunday.   Yup, everything proceeding swimmingly.  A very predictable plan, for an intensely smart geopolitical strategy.  Walking in a Winner Wonderland !

STATE DEPT – U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will travel to Beijing September 28 – October 1 to meet with senior Chinese leaders. Secretary Tillerson will discuss a range of issues, including the President’s planned travel to the region, the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and trade and investment. Secretary Tillerson’s visit to China reaffirms the Administration’s commitment to further broaden and enhance U.S. economic and security interests in the Asia-Pacific region.

Follow Secretary Tillerson’s travel via @StateDept on Twitter and go to the Department’s Flickr account for the latest trip photos. Stay connected at, and keep track of all of the Secretary’s travels at (link)

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

China doesn’t want to own the DPRK outcome.  They want plausible deniability in any confrontation.  However, N-Korea is a de-facto economic province of China under the guiding control and authority of communist Beijing.

In order to create the outcome where China accepts ownership of the DPRK, and leads negotiations therein, there has to be a value for Beijing, a carrot, toward the larger international community.  Considering the decades-long Chinese obfuscation of that role and responsibility, Trump needs to keep narrowing the diplomatic space until China has no options.  That’s where the magnanimous panda strategy comes into play.

Trump will never use the U.S. military to solve this regional issue.

The “Trump Doctrine” national security strategy is based on economics and diplomacy.

President Trump’s words and rhetoric against Kim Jong-un, and the response from Jong-un in kind toward President Trump, creates the foundation of a need for magnanimous panda to step in.

This year Beijing is holding it’s communist party national referendum, the Communist Party Congress, mid October.   This ‘Old Guard’ meeting happens every five years.

Beijing (AsiaNews) – The Central Committee’s Political Bureau (Politburo) yesterday chose 18 October for the opening of the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress.

The 200-strong Central Committee is expected to ratify the date when it meets for its last plenum on 11 October.

“[The congress] will formulate an action plan and set out major policy direction that will meet the demands of the era,” the Politburo said in a statement.

The congress, which is held every five years, is expected to re-elect Xi Jinping as party general secretary for a second five-year term. Xi is likely to get his own political philosophy included in the party’s constitution, placing him on a par with Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, and others. (read more)

It is widely anticipated that Xi Jinping will gain more control and power over the affairs of China on economics and domestic policy.

Remember, it would be against Trump’s interests if the entire global and geopolitical community understood what was happening, as he attempts to create an outcome where China takes responsibility for North Korea.

So the question becomes, how will we know when President Trump has won in the economic and national security challenge?   Well, first let’s look at the geopolitical landscape and the known and identified calendar to view the goal timeline:

♦We know President Trump is planning to attend an ASEAN meeting in November.

♦We also know that President Trump is planning to visit China later this year.  Most likely that trip will be part of the ASEAN engagement.

So it makes sense that President Trump would like to conclude the outline of the economic diplomacy by the time of the ASEAN and China visit – such that: A.) President Trump can outline the agreement and stroke the panda’s ego on his turf; and B.) President Xi Jinping can announce his magnanimous victory on behalf of great Panda’s incredible achievement in providing great security to the world.



Meanwhile, just prior to the ASEAN/China meetup, President Trump’s secret weapon, Ivanka, who happens to be the most beloved American in China, is deployed to India to capture the world’s attention with Narendra Modi hugs.

President Modi is the “Trump Card” in the geopolitical economic gamesmanship.  China is currently at odds with India’s rise to economic power; Ballywood is very hot in the U.S. right now; and a warm Modi – Trump economic relationship is a foil against China’s heavy-handed extortion of their economic partners.

Whoopsie sounds like the makings of a fork in China’s One Road/One Belt plan.


::::still smiling::::

So, if this strategy works, and there’s every indication everything is falling into place, we can safely predict that sometime in late fall, most likely before the ASEAN visit timeline in November, President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be engaged in a new round of Six Party Talks, initiated by request of the increasingly boxed-in China.

China will structure the DPRK talking points to set up the meetings.  This is a part of how China is allowed to save face, against a backdrop of Trump/Mnuchin economic pressure, and sets up the magnanimous Panda narrative.

The six party talks will be essentially a Marshall Plan of sorts for North Korea.

Japan, South Korea, The United States, China, Russia and North Korea will enter into a set of negotiations publicly sold as engaging in diplomacy and reducing tension.  That tension is what President Trump is currently stimulating to keep the pressure on Beijing ahead of the Communist Congress.

With success, President Trump (or T-Rex) will sit on the patio complimenting Xi Jinping (or deputy), and Russian, Japanese and South Korean emissaries.

Meanwhile, well behind the scenes, in the conference room, Secretary Wilbur Ross, USTR Robert Lighthizer and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will play the role of Willy Wonka handing out the golden economic tickets to representatives who all line up with their requests for terms of economic discussion.

President Trump’s golf partner Shinzo Abe will already have his ticket, but he’ll play along.  South Korea and partnered ASEAN nations will also see a benefit. The only real negotiations will be between the U.S. Russia and China.  Russia will be negotiating for higher regional energy prices to get their GDP growing again (affluence) and increase their geopolitical influence; While China will be negotiating to retain as much of the $350 billion trade surplus as possible, and retain their one-road/one-belt viability.

The end result will be Kim Jong-un giving up his nuclear ambitions for good; China accepts responsibility to denuclearize under carefully negotiated terms, and against the backdrop of economic punishment for duplicity, and publicly Big Panda promises to the world to be the magnanimous insurance policy therein.

Everything between now and that outcome is optically chaff and countermeasures.

♦SHORT TERM – When the denuclearization terms are finalized; only then will President Trump outline the broad parameters of a U.S./China trade relationship based on new renegotiated trade policies.  The mood of that stage within the strategy will be based on the cooperative behavior of China in the next 60 days.

♦MEDIUM TERM – Also, when Trump gets to that latter stage, China will be facing a different global economic landscape because President Trump and India’s Prime-Minister Modi have already formulated the outlines of a joint economic partnership.

♦LONG TERM – Economic leverage against communist China to remove the larger geopolitical threat they represent to the U.S. (and the international community) is gained by positioning India as a replacement for U.S. trade/commerce, and ASEAN partners as continental benefactors, with favorable access to the U.S. market, within bi-lateral trade deals.

Readers will note this bi-lateral strategic approach, in economic depth and breadth, also significantly reduces the internal economic benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) amid partner nations.

That diluted regional trade outcome is not accidental.

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61 Responses to Secretary Rex Tillerson Announces Travel to China Sept 28th – October 1st…

  1. Sedanka says:

    “A very predictable plan” which the MSM is totally, utterly, completely clueless about.

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    • FofBW says:

      The MSM has one broken plan to “destroy” PT that they keep playing over and over again, getting the same nothing burger results……..isn’t that like insanity?!


    • rsanchez1990 says:

      Maybe we’re just biased here because SD explains it clear as day, but *why* doesn’t the media see this plan? Is it just plain bias against President Trump (something like “no way he’s that brilliant”)? Is it being censored by the media? Or is SD just really *that* brilliant compared to the mouthpieces in the media?

      More importantly, why do so many other people not see this plan? One prominent example I read recently was an article by Ron Paul claiming he knew how to end the “Korea crisis”. Either Ron Paul just plain doesn’t like President Trump, is suffering from Battered Conservative Syndrome, or just isn’t as smart as people thought he was (or he could just be getting old). I just want to tell him (OK, maybe *yell* at him) that President Trump and his team got this! There’s no need for scare mongering. Ron Paul is as helpful as his son Rand (that is, not very helpful at all).

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    • vfm#7634 says:

      Thinking with their emotions is making them literally retarded.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Actually, someone here used the word shallow to describe the media and I thought that was the best word to use….it really does seem to fit them. I can’t remember who used that word, but thanks, because it really resonated with me. Yes, they are so shallow, which does make it difficult to have a mature discussion with them.

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    • volintn says:

      Ha Ha Sedanka, they are too busy kneeling!


  2. Stuffed pandas for Christmas, Winner Wonderland! YAY!! 🐼🐼🐼

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  3. indiamaria2of u020 says:

    My goodness. 3 Hurricanes. Democrats. GOPe. MSM. “CON-servatives” and their Punditry. Russia. ISIS. Highest Tax rates in the world. Obamacare. Jerry Jones. AND China/NorKo…..all with skill and aplomb. Wow.

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  4. I love that photo of Rex and Xi. Make no mistake about it our loveable huggable Rex is a stone cold killer and tough as nails and with Mnuchin looming large in the background it is not hard to imagine Rex gets what he wants.

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  5. fleporeblog says:

    I absolutely agree SD! I also think their One Belt, One Road Initiative is critical to China’s survival both economically and more importantly to save the lives of the 1.7 billion Chinese that live in their country. China is in a terrible situation in terms of natural resources especially clean water. How can the Chinese push their One Road, One Belt Initiative throughout Asia, Africa and the ME if they are seen to be the hand that holds the trigger in NK. No one will trust them for one minute.

    Also the fact that India and Japan are considering countering the One Road, One Belt Initiative must be scaring China to DEATH! They realize that our President and President Modi of India are really good friends that have a deep admiration for each other. They also realize that the Indians have the capacity to create new products the same way the US can. The last thing they want to see is our President turn his entire focus towards India to cut off China. Their economy will crumble within a year or so.

    Ivanka’s visit to India at the end of November is HUGE! The fact her and Jared cancelled their visit to China in September is also HUGE. I truly believe that we will see the end of the NK issue begin in a few weeks and be done with by the beginning of the New Year.

    At that point, our President will turn his full and undivided attention towards IRAN!

    Another fellow Treeper by the name of Chojun shared the following with me:

    It’s interesting to note that the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which is set up to finance the One Belt/One Road Initiative, has a huge membership among European nations. The One Belt/One Road is to become a Globalist mega-logistics network ultimately aggregating all downstream products and services as they funnel into the EU and the United States, 2 of the largest economies in the World, with China originating many of these products and services.

    Trump’s America First doctrine is *LITERALLY* (yes, I’m screaming here) a *NATIONAL SECURITY IMPERATIVE*.

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  6. emet says:

    Tillerson= Zhu Ge Liang

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  7. LBB says:

    Praying this all falls into it’s best primo spot (timeline). Also praying Rocket Man doesn’t go rogue.


    • chbailey says:

      North Korean rhetoric at the UN didn’t sound like they were paying obeisance to China; speeches gave the impression that the NK leader was indeed an independent terrorist state. But maybe that is what it was, an impression. I’m looking forward to a Chinese affirmation of a NK proxy developing. CHT says follow the money, that here, NK is a proven Chinese proxy. The rogue part imo is that this NK leader is a man full of fierce hatred for the free West…not a trait in common with the more pragmatic China.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Brant says:

    As noted various places here, MSM not able to see things going on. Several thoughts and wonderings. Is it better to let the MSM know every step so they sabotage or all of the sudden a signing ceremony of a world changing event? Could perhaps Trumps tweets and “energetic” speeches be the laser lights for the media? Perhaps in secret one on ones (without wire taps), he has told them, “I’m going to be sending out “crazy” tweets to bait the media. Don’t mind the tweets. We are working towards a goal without the media interference.”?


    • G. Combs says:

      President Trump and the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzō Abe are GOLF partners. It is really hard to wire tap a golf course that Trump owns. 😜

      Second, everyone forgets that 50% of the population has an IQ BELOW 100! 84% of the population has an IQ below 115.

      So yes the Media is really that shallow. (The 16% with IQs above 115 are going to gravitate towards the sciences or business link )


    • G. Combs says:

      I would also like to point out another rather interesting tidbit having to do with IQ. I ran across an interesting discussion about trying to communicate. … the theory supposedly states that decent communication is not possible when you have 30 IQ points difference….

      This is a point where President Trump really excels. He can easily communicate with ordinary people on their level and get rather complex ideas boiled down so they can understand them and yet he can also communicate with the Highbrow types.

      I read science papers in geology and biology as a hobby, so the one thing I really noticed is that the books I have read by President Trump are specifically tailored to communicate to ordinary people and NOT the Highbrow types. Second, President Trump really hates the party circuit so I think this has lead those who know him but have not done business with him to underestimate him and undervalue him. I really think they do not think he is that smart.

      See: “Bafflegab Pays” by J. Scott Armstrong (Dr Armstrong is an entertaining writer. I wish the original long version was still available.)


      “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.” Simply put, this is the advice that J. Scott Armstrong, a marketing professor at the Wharton School, coolly gives his fellow academics these days. It is based on his studies confirming what he calls the Dr. Fox hypothesis: “An unintelligible communication from a legitimate source in the recipient’s area of expertise will increase the recipient’s rating of the author’s competence.”


      • Alligator Gar says:

        I saw this very thing while studying for my PhD. “Neologisms” were continually created in the “peer-reviewed” publications to signify something that regular speech could express perfectly well. At first I thought it was just my own ignorance that kept me from understanding. Then it dawned on me. The publish or perish types had to “sound smart” to their peers in order to get published. Yep. “Baffle them with BS.”


  9. MK Wood says:

    When you said this:
    “Walking in a Winner Wonderland !”
    Did you mean this:


  10. It’s like domino’s being lined up for the last 9 months and the slow motion of them falling is picking up speed. Oh, and the lighter, never forget our favorite Bic lighter.


  11. Matt says:

    I still want to see the reaction on the Chinese President’s face when Secretary Tillerson tells him if he doesn’t reign in rocket man, Japan will now be remilitarized, and return to Bushido, the culture that conquered almost all of Asia, some 75 or 80 years ago.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. jeans2nd says:

    This post concerns China, and rightly so. Best strategery evah.
    Quietly, unnoticed, U.S.-India-Japan work together.

    26 Sep 2017
    India, US hit out at ‘terror safe haven’ Pakistan in joint statement
    “he two sides issued the joint statement following a meeting between Mattis, who is the first high-ranking official from the Donald Trump administration to have arrived in India, with Sitharaman here.”

    “Jim Mattis will later meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and NSA Ajit Doval, and hold talks to explore ways to boost the bilateral strategic ties.”

    17 Sep 2017
    India And Japan Encircle China
    “Thursday, Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe met his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, in Gandhinagar, the capital of Modi’s home state of Gujarat. The meeting highlighted how Asia’s second-largest and third-largest economies anchor the ends of an arc encircling the continent’s first-largest.”

    “Beijing is upset at the emerging tie-up between Tokyo and New Delhi, but there is nothing the Chinese can do. And, undercutting their own interests, they seem determined to give Abe and Modi every incentive to work together.”


  13. Mike diamond says:

    Right on T- Rex ! We are with you!


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