Kneelers Booed: Patriots Fans Rain Down Boo’s Upon 20 Hate-filled Players (video)…

Approximately 20 New England Patriots football players decided to showcase their hatred for America and took a knee during the National Anthem.  The Foxborough Massachusetts crowd rained down a chorus of angry boos. Watch:


As many people are observing, this expressed and visible hatred for the USA is not going to end with a good outcome for the NFL. The league and liberal idiots in charge can try and hide from this, and the media will do everything possible to avoid reality, but the backlash is only going to get much worse and the NFL has only itself to blame.

The financial value of the NFL is dropping quickly.

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736 Responses to Kneelers Booed: Patriots Fans Rain Down Boo’s Upon 20 Hate-filled Players (video)…

  1. itsy_bitsy says:

    Our mission in life should be to remove those multi-million dollar contracts off of the backs of all those kneeling players. The weight of all that money is such a burden they find it impossible to stand and honor the country that has made it happen!

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    • Ellen says:

      Does anyone have a comprehensive list of companies who advertise on NFL games? Turning off or switching channels is great with regards to the NFL, but it would be even more effective if we learn who their sponsors are and hit them where it really hurts. The Left has been playing this game for years and I have not, in the past, been a big fan of boycotts, but this is war. Time to cowboy-up folks!


      • Harley81 says:

        Ia am walking this in the easy way, one at a time. The easiest way to remember and from the easiest to replace. Much like Target and Kellogs.
        Ia am starting with Papa Johns, far to many Pizza joints available to actually miss this low grade dog food. Nation Wide insrance is next, too many better options anyway. Quaker oats, like Kellogs is a saturated market. Most of the others, I do not patronize anyway. Who in their right mind would drink Budweiser anyway!


    • Gary Miles says:

      True cowards. The NFL should realize only a coward kneels in the face of the enemy. For the most part this really describes those that take a knee in the NFL.


  2. moe ham head says:

    most of the defense was kneeling and it seems like they were kneeling during the game as well since they couldnt stop anything maybe they should focus on football and leaving the crying to black lies matter
    they completely disrespected belichick and take numbers those players will slowly be purged from the team


    • BobinFL says:

      Patriots have been my team since I was a kid and I really was dissapointed in Kraft’s comments and the team today. Would not watch any of the games today but checked in to NFL channel to see the scores – said to my wife – I wonder why they are not showing the Patriots National Anthem – they were taking such pleasure in showing other teams standing up for their so called rights – I said something must have happened – and there it is – bless the fans!
      Had hopes I would at least be able to watch the Patriots – guess that is out the window too.

      My wife, who never watches football, became a fan last week of the Chiefs due to their owners stance on this nonsense….guess that is the only team that will be allowed on TV this year – unless they cave too!


  3. unconqueredone says:

    Prediction: the NFL will declare themselves to be an “international” sport and discontinue the playing of the National Anthem in an effort to diffuse this situation without appearing to do so. Sad part, is that for the majority of American fans it will work in spite of the reason.


  4. Greenmirror says:

    Holding to belief in fake news is shattering the glass world they live in.


  5. zucccchini says:

    They can claim Trump divisive all they want but at the least these issues the REAL American people are concerned with….Immigration, Taxes, healthcare, and PC rhetoric gone simple, are all coming to light and being mauled about. Everything is out in the open including the RINOs we didn’t realize were there before. The can of worms is open and they are all crawling out.

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  6. Patriots…how ironic.


  7. Trump will next hammer the owners on all the public ‘assistance’ they get for their stadiums…not going to end pretty for the owners!


  8. Nunya Bidness says:

    This weekend demonstrates all too clearly that the ravages of concussion injuries have extended to entire team, their coaches, and owners. Its time for the NFL to pay reparations and close up shop.


  9. Invisible Man says:

    I saw Midshipmen from the Coast Guard Academy play a Home Game. That was real American football, played by real American Athletes. They played for their Team, their Academy, and their Country. I haven’t watched an NFL game on television in over 20 years, and I don’t miss it at all. Don’t waste your time and money on these overpaid idiots, who couldn’t find their heads with both hands.


  10. SharkFL says:

    Today, I un-liked zuckerboy fakebook pages for the following > NFL, ESPN, NFL on Fox, CBS Sports, FS1, NBC Sunday Night Football, NFL Network, NFLPA, MNF.

    If it has NFL showing on the page, I am un-liking it.

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  11. Jimmy Jack says:

    Life long Steeler’s fan here and while I am disgusted they tried to sit it out by staying in the locker room I am incredibly thankful to Villanueva for his service, patriotism and bravery. We need more men like him.


    • Harley81 says:

      The only man the Kneelers, and Many other teams have. Lets face it, there are not too many triple digit IQ’s in the NFL, and those who once qualified, have had their brains bounced around enough to have lost the necessary gray matter to qualify. He has traveled a different path than his fellow travelers, and we as a nation are blessed to have Captain Villanueva to hold up as a good example, Tomlin on the other hand has exposed himself to be an incompetent leader of men.


    • NickD says:




  12. John says:

    I was a life long Pittsburgh Steelers fan grow up in Pittsburgh and love that team but, after this weekend they are dead to me. The NFL will not reappear on any TV in my house until they start acting like Americans and not Nazis.
    Let the NFL die and then the no talent other than football morons can take the crying and whining back to the hood and complain how whitey caused them to live like that. Millionaires standing on the sideline p^ssing on my countries flag deserve nothing from me. To those who do honor America I am sorry for your association with the scum of America.


  13. TheLastDemocrat says:

    At, Villanueva t-shirts come up first when you click on “t-shirts.”

    They are really caught between a rock and a hard place.

    They are watching themselves make money off of their plummeting popularity.


  14. Bugsdaddy says:

    My 13 year old gets it. He told me on Sunday….” Dad, I really like football. alot!. But me and my friends agreed we can’t watch any games until the players stop this stupidness (sic)”

    This group of 5 boys ages 13 and 14, also sent an e-mail to Xbox telling them they were not going to buy Madden 18, until the stupidity stopped.

    All I can say and with a tear in my eye is “Semper Fi, boys…..Semper Fi…..

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  15. daughnworks247 says:

    The day the “Patriots” became un-American.
    And all that “certified logo” NFL stuff I usually buy for Christmas…., not happening this year.


  16. Tegan says:

    Saw one of the posts earlier about the stats…70% blacks in NFL, 83% Fanbase is white. Very liberal friend emailed me that before “Trump opened his big fat mouth” only 6 players had “taken a knee.” Does anyone have some information about that? I don’t think he’s correct (not that it will change his “big fat hatred for POTUS.”)


  17. Deadbeat says:

    Marxist Football League.


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